Invitation to Findhorn Telephatic Workshop

Invitation to Findhorn Telephatic Workshop

Dear Findhornians and Dear Friends of Findhorn!

The recent fires in the Findhorn Community, in which the original Sanctuary and the Community Center were destroyed, call for change and a new beginning. In response to this challenge Marko Pogačnik and the LifeNet Network offer support by preparing a telepathic workshop on the theme of deepening the relationship of the Findhorn Community to the geomantic dimensions of the landscape in which the Community has developed since 1962. The workshop will be held on Sunday, July 11th in the morning and repeated on Tuesday July 27th in the evening.

Within the framework of LifeNet Marko developed the format of telepathic work after the pandemic lock-down began in the spring of 2020. The concept and goal is to continue to work with the themes of holistic ecology (geomancy) beyond the use of cybernetic media. We use the capacity of the human consciousness and intuition to work as a group over great distances of space and time – a basic concept of the Findhorn worldview since the founding of the community. In this way beings of other worlds and dimensions of Gaia and the spiritual world are also free to collaborate – which in the case of electronic media is scarcely possible.

This workshop was created by Marko Pogačnik in collaboration with Simona Čudovan from the Slovenian VITAAA Association, former Findhorn member Leslie Luchonok, and Thomas Miller, a current member of the Findhorn Foundation. Marko is a UNESCO Artist for Peace and a UNO Goodwill Ambassador (with his third mandate 2020-2022). He has collaborated with the Findhorn Community since the spring 1971. Since 1993, with his daughters Ajra and Ana and Katharina Brocke from the Findhorn Community, he has led several workshops concerning the sacred landscape of Findhorn, Cluny Hills and Morayshire.

The workshop plan – which is the basis and provides a guide for the telepathic workshop – will be communicated through the Findhorn Community networks and will be posted on few days before the first scheduled workshop on July 11 (as mentioned above, the workshop will be repeated on July 27).

Dating back to the 1960s the Findhorn project and community have been instrumental and a pioneer in bringing forth the inspiration to begin cooperating with the subtle levels of nature, the elemental world and the world of devas. Over decades it has inspired the international community of lovers of Gaia and countless people open to the different levels of holistic ecology to think and to act for the future of the Earth and humanity. So please find time and the willingness to collaborate with the proposed telepathic workshop and with other projects ready to support the Findhorn Community.

LifeNet organizing team and Findhorn Community

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