INVITATION to the July LifeNet Telepathic Workshop entitled: LOVE WINS

INVITATION to the July LifeNet Telepathic Workshop entitled: LOVE WINS

On Saturday July 23rd 2022 in the morningat 09.00 local time and Wednesday, July 27th in the eveningat 20.00

Parallel to the tragically insane war in Ukraine, Gaia has started to reveal a new multidimensional love system that enables us, beings of the Earthly universe, to hold peace in any situation that may appear now or in the future. The new telepathic workshop continues to introduce elements of the new heart system together with tools needed to implement them.

The Workshop concept will be posted in different languages at

LifeNet organizing team

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Gail Elizabeth England

I’m really looking forward to this event! Thank you to everyone involved in organizing this. Blessings to you all!

Sally Zito

I am beyond grateful to read yet again that Gaia has created a special dimensional space so that anyone May access peace immediately as needed. My focus has been on the non-human Animal Kingdom who are right now experiencing unimaginable suffering every minute in the human farmed food system known as factory farming, as I have visited slaughterhouses and understand how this works. There are so many right this moment experiencing Horrors we cannot imagine, and they need peace instantly. Additionally, the future of our loving Evolution and collaboration will necessarily no longer include the killing of other sentient beings, but for now in this moment, peace and Freedom are what I am focusing all of my attention on as it pertains to non-human animals at the mercy of unawakened human beings. I will focus my attention in this new space that Gaia has created, claiming Peace and Freedom for those right now. I welcome anyone to join me in this space as well for our non-human animals in their time of need.
With love, peace, and freedom,

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