Invitation April telepathic LifeNet workshop

Invitation April telepathic LifeNet workshop

Dear and precious collaborators!

We invite you to participate in the April 2022 telepathic LifeNet workshop which will take place on Tuesday April 12th at 20.00 in the evening and on Saturday April 16th at 9.00 in the morning,

The theme of the workshop is connected to the meditations for Ukraine that we have been doing these past weeks – the title is We Create Peace

  • Peace can be created only by starting with peace within.
  • How do we engage ancestors who, having pressed for past wars and who are now free to support and serve peace, to help create peace now?
  • How do we remove the obstacles that prevent the fairy beings of the White Dove of Peace from acting now?

The workshop program in different languages can be found few days earlier at

With love,

LifeNet translators and organizing team

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