21-12-21 Letter to the Network for Life

21-12-21 Letter to the Network for Life

Dear friends and co-creators!

It is not by chance that the day of equilibrium between night and day is marked with numbers that emphasize its relevance for this moment. Both doors are opened today. We can continue under the stress of powers align to the Earth and the beauty of life. Or we can decide in the name of humanity to follow the path of light and communion among all beings visible and invisible.

We propose for today and for the following days to carry within your heart what is sacred to you and is also sacred to the Earth and Cosmos. Take several moments during the day and hold within your heart some of the worlds of light that we have experienced or collaborated with during the two years of LifeNet telepathic workshops. Do not allow that powers that do not care about the qualities of love and truth could touch upon them. Let us hold a ring of light around the sources of life and their diversity.

Have inspiring Holy days and blessed New Year,

LifeNet organizing team,
Jana, Irina, Ying, Theresia, Tea, Leslie, Peter, Marko

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