Addition to the LifeNet telepathic workshop Saturday, 7.11.2020

Addition to the LifeNet telepathic workshop Saturday, 7.11.2020

Experiences of the last telepathic workshop show that it is needed to create an autonomous time frame for the workshop as we do create the space for it. Otherwise disconnections can appear among us since we are to close to the internet levels and foreign powers can affect our work.

Starting from the linear time of our clocks (1) we move to the cyclic time (2) as we orientate at the sun regardless of the time zones. But there exists also the third layer of time called »creative time« (3). At this level there is so much time as it is needed to accomplish a task – and all that time is not linear but centered in a spherical form.

Please add to the attunement sequence (9.00 – 9.10) at the point 4:

Then imagine a spiral turning inside the created space, representing the time that we are about to create. While the spiral is turning around, it lifts us as a group together with our autonomous space higher up to the desired frequency level. Be aware that the same process is taking place outside and inside of you simultaneously, so as to be free from linear logics.

Hope to co-create with you on Saturday! Marko

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Maarja Joost Thorsén

Seems very logic and right;

Andrea (Cologne)

It was fine to get the opportunity to repeat the workshop as the second time I could do the exercises more profound and with greater easiness.
Exactly with the beginning of our attuning two squirrels whisked through the fig tree (standing before the window) down in the garden and exactly while dissolving our circle at the end they returned through the fig tree upwards.

To breathe through the horizontal light channel was easier than the first time whereby breathing backwards needed more concentration and I began sounding for support.

For the lake exercise I chose a lake nearby in the park but standing on it I got stomach pain
– perhaps because it is an artificial lake – and I preferred to step to Lake Bohinj which I visited in the summer holidays. Moving about the layers of ice felt quite natural as being ice skating. Looking up I got aware that around the lake there was standing a circle of
grandmothers ( from the council of grandmothers from the upper world). They waved at me happily and encouraged me to even jump upon the ice and while doing it I sensed that the layers felt unbreakable, flexible and very elastic as jumping on a trampolin. It was much fun. And then I noticed that the layers stretched over the lake borders into the whole environment of Lake Bohinj. Each of my tiniest movements send out a vibration
in the surrounding – it was the first time I really felt my connection to the web of life and the effects my movements / vibrations have for the whole. It deeply touched me to get aware of how much impacts I have on the web and how much I can strengthen it with
light thoughts and peace- and joyful actions.

To sense the connection with my original atom of life I drummed and drummed in my hand but got not in touch. First when starting to sound I felt a golden pea like thing lying enclosed in a rose bud amidst my heart area. It was lying there sheltered and unnoticed slumbering in secrecy. I had to drum and breathe it awake, to nurture it with warm light. Gradually it came awake from his state of Sleeping Beauty and I at last could feel the connection to it.

I built one temple on a lawn in the park of “Schloß Türnich” and a second in a close by park near a wonderful old elm.

The mingling with the microbiome of life feels so natural that I could be lost in that condition but then it proves that it is easy to integrate my body again.

At the end one of the squirrels I already told you plucked a fig from the tree settled on a
branch before the window and nibbled delightfully as saying enjoy the fruits of your work.

I send my gratitude to you and all other beings for sharing and holding this space, to Marco, his team and all supporters of lifenet.
May all the beings in all the worlds be happy !
Heartfelt wishes,

Uschi (Germany)

Thank you Marco for your great work, for the lifenet and the LifeNet with all its loving beings. I am extremely happy that I can get to know you and be part of this wonderful network.

to the above-mentioned present beings numerous “ancestors” have joined, all the indigenous people, ascended masters, former cultures (Atlantis?, Lemurs?), extraterrestrials (including spiritual brothers and sisters who are not entangled in physical matter like us?) and high angels or light beings.
I had my difficulties with the spiral even after reading it several times and repeating the exercise. I see the group room as a complex network around the earth, which is most comparable to a variable plasma, which has larger distances in some places and can also become very dense. Nevertheless it is connected everywhere (similar to the extensions of dendrites) and works dynamically by exits and entries (of the participants). The latter I can perceive spirally. Remarkable is, that even when leaving, “placeholders” (the experiences in form of information?) are preserved. According to my perception, the network + shelter is already permanently present and is correspondingly more strongly activated with increasing awareness and in the connection.

I have integrated this helpful breathing exercise into my daily ritual for the time being.

walking on the surface of water feels good: light, flexible and full of joy.

– Perception of the original atom:
1st resonance: my hand sinks towards the ground. I feel the strongest energy currents about 10-15 cm in front of my heart. 2. resonance: my hands with the palms upwards start “dancing”, distributing the energies outwards. 3. resonance: my hands form a meditation or prayer posture

-Temple building:
The first place that showed itself to me is in the „Small Meinau“, a park on a south-facing hill near the city limits of Fürth / Nuremberg. On top of the hill is a small (freshwater) pond with water lilies. Above a salty healing spring was enclosed in a pavilion, which is orange (iron oxide) winding down the hill through a meadow. All around are footpaths with benches, which are heavily frequented by humans and animals.
I lay the foundation at the first bend of the spring, so that the footpath and the spring cross it.
A real challenge; because I cannot clearly see the structure, as it appears both variable, on at least 3 different levels and even more complicated than the drawing of the „Renewed Matrix of Life“. After several vain attempts to visualize the foundation I give up. Then I simply place my hands in different positions on the earth and behold, the foundation with the temple emerges by itself.
At first I see the foundation as a 5-corner, in further attempts I also see rhombs, 6-corner and nested pyramids. Each level is surrounded by 12 light-columns or rays, (so at least 3 x 12) and a column in the middle like an axis. The temple most closely resembles an icosahedron in a sphere with rays. Since the foundation is built on several levels, the temple is not stuck in the hill, but can move a few meters in all directions. The outer cover in form of a sphere consists of rainbow-colored mirror scales (similar to fish scales of the rainbow trout). The individual scales are also movable in all directions and can regulate access to the inside of the temple by opening in a coordinated direction. They only react to “heart opening and – warmth”. Only beings with heart warmth can be given access to the inside of the temple. When entering the temple, one believes oneself to be in a labyrinth or in a kaleidoscope, always new rooms in form of flowers will open. Actually the temple is an image of the atom inside. Trust and devotion lead to the interior and the “golden ball in the water (!!)”. Synonym of lost femininity? Frog King?. Beings without an opening of the heart only see mirror images, they glide through or past without entering the interior.

-embodiment through microbiom
My body can expand in any direction, dissolve in the environment and integrate there and is body again at the same time or immediately. All that remains is a small “heart” sphere with Elua, my elemental being. All elements are wonderfully experienced with the help of the senses and become part of myself. Thanks to Elua I enjoy life to the fullest, e.g. swimming in the river, sunbathing, when the wind is blowing around my ears, etc.
Then there is only love and joy!

Many thanks and all imaginable love for Marco, all helpers, the wonderful LifeNet and our common creations!

Mei Kadic

My experiences during the Telepathic workshop with the atom of life:
I will try to share what I lived in the repetition and in the first workshop.

In the tuning with the group I could perceive how the new space time created in the repetition sustained me in a lighter way. In the first meeting the space to which I returned was more difficult to feel the presence of the other incarnated humans, I felt it more empty, full of beings from other dimensions, but in relation to the group, it was presented to me as a space that had been inhabited and a safe place but that was not being so inhabited by humans at that moment. In the repetition, each time I returned to space time, the other humans were there forming a huge round, the space was more colorful and luminous. Each one brought something from their own land, ice from the winter north and birds from the spring, rivers and forests. It was as if, by creating a time together, our linear times were mixing and coexisting until they became experiences of colors and qualities.

Protection for the telepathic working method:
Breathing through the focus of concentration of my elemental being rooted me, not only to the earth, but to my surrounding space. I repeated this exercise during the other moments of the workshop and I feel that it allowed me to stay healthy.

Tuning in to Gaia’s transformation process:
Entering the reality of the Air-Water space I take my body to a state of vital and awake presence but not heavy. I begin to dance with the space and perceive the matter as something alive. As a later resonance, it brought certainties to my heart. I connect with the bodily experience I have when doing Eurythmy and I reorient my goal. It also gave me a deeper meaning to my artistic work.

The primordial atom of life must be returned to Gaia:
I did the tapping with two fingers in the center of the palm in an energetic way. The first workshop I did a short and a long stroke repeatedly. In the second workshop I percussed in quavers without stopping. The second time was more powerful, as if the tapping started to make the matter vibrate and a portal started to open in the palm of my hands.
The breathing through it cleared and illuminated my palms and then the ball was very substantial. When I placed it in my heart, I noticed that I had to open my back so that I had more space. I did it with tapping and with the breath of the elemental being.

I forgot to kiss my palms.

The support of the spiritual world is needed:
First Workshop: I built the temple on the Perito Moreno Glacier, in Patagonia. This temple was very powerful and began to radiate towards the Andes Mountains as far as North America, replicating itself five times. These temples radiated luminous red threads that touched the hearts of the people and surrounded the earth. One of these temples located in Uspallata, Argentina, was constantly besieged by a dark shadow. So I tried to protect it with more protective membranes but it was not possible. I wonder what happened.

Repetition: I set up the temple in the middle of the Rio de la Plata. The waters opened up and on the muddy bottom of the river I placed the matrix. As a flower it began to shine and take on colors and a larger size. As I raised the pillars of light and placed the atom of life, I noticed that the souls of the thousands of people who had been thrown into the river during the time of the military government, rose with the help of the ancestors. It was a reunion of souls and the light became extremely powerful. Veins of light expanded under the earth, under the Atlantic Ocean and the continent that were growing upwards from the earth touching all mankind and non-humans.

Holy Grail:
As the particles and microbes separated, I merged into Gaia’s body. both times it was an experience of wholeness. of feeling the reality of the union that I have with Gaia’s entire body.
First Workshop: In this melted body, the animals and the forms appear and disappear, being all an experience of Gaia.

In the repetition I felt blessed by the force of Christ.

Thank you very much to all those who make the workshops, to those who organize them, to the translators, to Marko and to all the beings of different dimensions and states of incarnation who accompany us. I feel the magnitude of these workshops and their healing force and that makes me deeply happy and gives me a lot of hope.

Marinka Špodnjak

Tuning of the group
There were not so many people in the workshop, as perceived. I recogized two, one is known to me. Ancestors- many of them, some friends from spiritual world, and some being from elemental and archetip world. When the spiral is involved, suddenly appeared many colleagues. Friedly noisy group.
Protection for the telepathic method of work
The light line in fromt of the brathbone was more shiny, and aftre few brething in/out, appered a vivid, beautiful multicoloured elemental world- friedly noisy group, which filled whole space in front of me, evene going deeply into my body. But the spaca behind was not so bright, so the line behind, In the begining it was mixed: light and no-light: perceived is siluet tall and as high as me, moving closer to the back side of mine, like hiding. But when I imagined it to move more behind in order to see who is that, this siluethe leaved the line behind me, nervously The treath!. Continuing breathing alog this line, appeared after some time free space. To repeat/exercise.
Tuning to the Earth transformation process
When water is mixed with the air, light appeared in space above the watre surface. It was airly, sunny, floral, clearness (brightness), joy. Ice was very tiny , fragile. Bringing more clarity and beeter view. Feeling of stability and poewr of reflection. Yes onla air brings potential to not break the ice. Nice feeling of lightness and consciousness in the body, mildness and understanding all and everithing with empathy To repeat/exercise.

The primeval Atom of Life should be returned to Gaia
NOt easy to sence the Atom in the Hearth. But slightly apperaed something warm and active what when is cinnected to me give me power to express who I am (I got understandable picture of me generaly. ) imagiing that this Atom of live separate from me, than I am becoming idea of me, leaving the Earth exsitence going to the new phase of life. Each stepo f the exercise brings more streading of that feeling of Atom of Life: in teh Hearth, in the breast, in the hand, on teh face and head. To repeat/exercise.
Support from the spiritual world is needed
Ancestors wanted enthusiastically to protect Atom of Life in the Temple. Grandpa helped organize those souls,. Some of them I know. There are two Temles: one in the mountain , one on the island. There are different colours of protective anvelops. Interesting! I’ll revisit these temples and see how are functionig these extensions for meeting others. More taples will be built.
Wounderfull world of Earth’s microbiom! Iti s living system. There are particles, but in different directions , diferent shapes of processes are there. I percieve some sinusoidal line penetrating this layer . moving diagonaly to the Eeart’s parallels. The thought about lay lines appeared.
Being part of this world of Gaia’s microbiom is feeling of Awe ….Maybe some deep feeling of touching longing which I felt from time to time, . is connected to this feeling being connected to this Life. Or going back to spiritual world. Maybe it is the same. I don’t know.
My elemental being in connection to Microbiom is a small light sphere in front of (arround the) breathbone. With two light eyes on lines, as head of the holon taking in my body. Like some big tall snail, with the head in the middle. Two eyes on light lines aboove light-head-sphere. Strange. Wellcome Microbiom to my consciousness.
All souls involved into workshop are overwellmed and joyfull congratulating each other. Very happy is lady, nieghbour, who recently moved from this world. Happy for her.
Thank you dear Marko, Jelka and other colleagues !!!

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