Cari abitanti e amici di Findhorn,

Cari abitanti e amici di Findhorn,

I recenti incendi nella Comunità di Findhorn, che hanno distrutto il santuario originale e il centro comunale, richiedono un cambiamento e un nuovo inizio. In risposta a questa sfida, Marko Pogačnik e la rete di LifeNet offrono il loro sostegno: stanno preparando un laboratorio telepatico. Il tema è l’approfondimento del rapporto tra la Comunità di Findhorn e le dimensioni geomantiche del paesaggio nella quale la comunità si ê sviluppata dal 1962. Il laboratorio si svolgerà domenica, 11 luglio al mattino e verrà ripetuto martedì, 27 luglio alla sera.

Nell’ambito della rete LifeNet, dopo il lock-down dovuto alla pandemia in primavera del 2020, Marko ha sviluppato una forma di lavoro telepatico. Il concetto e lo scopo è di continuare a lavorare sui temi dell’ecologia olistica (geomanzia) oltre l’uso dei mezzi cibernetici. Usiamo la capacità della coscienza e dell’intuizione umana per lavorare come gruppo attraverso grande distanze del tempo e dello spazio: un concetto di base nella visione del mondo della Comunità di Findhorn fin dalla sua nascita. In questo modo, i mondi e le dimensioni di Gaia, così come il mondo spirituale, sono liberi di collaborare – cosa che nel caso dell’utilizzo dei media elettronici sarebbe quasi impossibile.

Questo laboratorio è stato creato da Marko Pogačnik in collaborazione con Simona Čudovan dell’associazione slovena VITAA, con l’ex membro di Findhorn Leslie Luchonok e con Thomas Miller, membro odierno della Fondazione Findhorn. Marko è artista per la Pace dell’UNESCO e Ambasciatore della Buona Volontà dell’ONU (è al suo terzo mandato 2020-2022). Lui ha collaborato con la comunità di Findhorn a partire dalla primavera del 1971. Dal 1993, insieme alle sue figlie Ajra e Ana, e a Katherina Brocke della Comunità di Findhorn. ha condotto diversi laboratori riguardanti il paesaggio sacro di Findhorn, Cluny Hills e Morayshire.

Il programma del laboratorio – che è la base e fa da guida nel laboratorio telepatico – verrà comunicato tramite la rete della Comunità di Findhorn e sarà postato sul sito di LifeNet:

Il primo laboratorio è programmato per l’11 luglio ( e verrà ripetuto, come scritto sopra, il 27 luglio)

Fin dagli anni ‘60, il progetto e la Comunità di Findhorn sono stati strumentali e pionieristici nel portare avanti l’ispirazione di cominciare a collaborare con i livelli sottili della natura, con il mondo elementare e con il mondo dei Deva. Per decenni ha ispirato la comunità degli amanti di Gaia e di innumerevole persone aperte ai diversi livelli dell’ecologia olistica, a pensare e ad agire per il futuro della Terra e dell’umanità. Siete quindi pregati di trovare il tempo e la volontà a collaborare al laboratorio telepatico proposto e ad altri progetti pronti in sostegno della comunità di Findhorn,

La squadra organizzativa di LifeNet e la Comunità di Findhorn

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Marie Lejon

Thank you, Gelda, for sharing. What an experience.
Incredible that the thunderstorm started simultaneously as the workshop repetition began. I am hoping that noone came to any harm during the storm, and that the buildings affected by the flooding are back to their normal state.
Beautiful to hear about the rebalancing theme, sounds promising.
Interesting what you perceived, or what was approaching you, regarding one new building in The Park. Personally I am enthused about a place where you can take in the beautiful scenery in the surroundings, and at the same time looking towards Cluny Hills and the Forres area and working with the connections. It would be a great thing with a telescope, wouldn’t it?
So you are also feeling that yet another repetition would be good? That agrees well with how I am feeling, or rather, my intuition is in tune with doing this exercise a third time.

Gelda MacGregor

Gelda MacGregor
Findhorn/Cluny hills telepathic workshop on Tuesday July 27th 8-10.30pm.In Forres.
I found this an extraordinary experience,doing it in Forres town,as exactly when we started,an enormous thunderstorm began overhead at 3 mins to 8pm.It felt to me that the first workshop on July 11 was creating on the etheric,now this began to land more on the elemental and physical realms,with a direct impact.The whole theme was about a massive rebalancing taking place in many different dimensions and time cycles
Felt the group gathering and sensing my heart connection with certain individuals and ancestors I know,participating.At the centre of the Bay/lagoon,I felt huge relief, from natural forces, that the heavy thunderous vibration of the Nimrod planes taking off had stopped,as in 2005-9 I sensed an energetic/vibrational “crack” opening there,under the bay.It seemed to me that now the Fire and Water dragon forces were trying to rebalance that,and sometimes that could feel like a wild battle…the resolution seemed to be on Cluny hills,between Earth and Air…
From the centre of the lagoon I felt pulled towards the Cluny hills from the point of my elemental heart.Noticing as I moved,looking left,a possible central form for a new sanctuary/CC would be a beautiful light filled spiral staircase on 3 levels,with a sanctuary at the top, looking out over the bay and whole Moray landscape,looking OUT to sea and sky,as well as IN!! Incorporating a view of the whole ecovillage,dunes,sea,Cluny hills and the wider Scottish landscape.Maybe a telescope and “star temple” at the top?CC/public rooms at the bottom.This was held together like the column at the centre of the group energy field…
Easy for me to travel to Cluny,as I am physically on the hill every week,connecting with the Cluny bees.In/moving around Helga`s hollow I had an extraordinarily powerful image of Gaia arising.The image to human scale was like an ancient Greek goddess,with similarities to a tiny human at the foot of the US statue of liberty…but in her right hand extended she held the scales,Libra,and the communication was a massive rebalancing of which humans were a very tiny part.The other hand at one point repelled the “dark thorn” and returned it to the sea…Justice now,for the Earth and her creatures was very much part of this image…beyond humanity.Above her head were 7 stars.At various points around her body were circles of beings…the Sidhe,the elementals,the fairies/ devic presences,animals,birds, and a galloping circle of radiant white unicorns,other circles of insects,bees,butterflies,angelic beings.Each one was in its own specific time cycle,some short,some very long,some infinite,and every so often they would intersect creatively in a figure of 8 making the infinity cycle.I have never witnessed so many different time cycles going on simultaneously,to assist Gaia in her renewal.Humans could witness and influence through our love and consciousness but the rebalancing would go on anyway.To some extent,the Cluny woods and ancient trees could draw down the vitality of this and distribute it to ancient forests around the world….who could anchor it…..It was an extraordinary vibrational dance where I could see all these interacting time dimensions in a cosmic dance,spiralling up to the cosmos and back down again…
The cleansing of old patterns and thought forms had an extraordinary physical manifestation here in Forres….heavy vertical raindrops,instant flooding,and literally an electric power outage from about 9.30-11pm…all phones,computers,lights went out.restored by midnight.Reminder of how frail our modern devices are, relative to nature.
Quite a cosmic dance!! Thanks to Marko and all the participants in all realms, for designing a remarkable workshop…images staying with me very powerfully….V. tired next day…
I wonder if the workshop could benefit by being repeated a third time? for integration?

Christel Meissner

Findhorn Workshop July 11, and July 27, 2021

It took quite an effort for me on July 11, and the imaging during the repeat July 27, was so much easier!
I take it that the work from the first workshop had already opened “doors” and the effect was quite palpable. And… it will take more conscious effort to have the lost memory of the primeval and elemental powers do their crative dance again. At least this is how I felt it.
In the hollow of “Helga” the vertical column coming from the core of Gaia was a joy to stand in. It was then a wondrous experience to “lift” the 7 semi-spheres of the Cluny Hills jointly together with the “mighty beings of the parallel worlds” and to “spread a layer of water from the Lagoon” underneath, before pulling back our hands! It felt indeed, as if they had become dancing light spheres. My 3rd-eye-region was activated and I could “see” less diffused. Which continued with the “clearing of foreign powers and mental projections”… A great exercise to also help in personal ways!
The following breathing exercise in figure-8-modus plus toning opened my back space and finally it felt like cyclical time and linear time melted into no time.
Connecting the Findhorn Lagoon with the landscape sanctuary of Cluny Hills, on the personal level the belly with the head and third eye, was a sacred march. At the end my heart was wide open and strong, which lasted throughout hours beyond.
“Rejoice” is the right expression…
Trusting that our joint efforts will continue to have an impact on the healing of the Findhorn landscape and that a suitable place and form will emerge, I wish to emphasize again that it was a great honor to be participating with you, dear Marko, the Team, us all and the Beings of the parallel worlds in this sacred work, thanks!

Christel Meissner

Findhorn Telepathic Workshop, July, 2021
It took quite an effort for me on July 11, and the imaging during the repeat July 27, was so much easier!
I take it that the work from the first workshop had already opened “doors” and the effect was quite palpable. And… it will take more conscious effort to have the lost memory of the primeval and elemental powers do their crative dance again. At least this is how I felt it.
In the hollow of “Helga” the vertical column coming from the core of Gaia was a joy to stand in. It was then a wondrous experience to “lift” the 7 semi-spheres of the Cluny Hills jointly together with the “mighty beings of the parallel worlds” and to “spread a layer of water from the Lagoon” underneath, before pulling back our hands! It felt indeed, as if they had become dancing light spheres. My 3rd-eye-region was activated and I could “see” less diffused. Which continued with the “clearing of foreign powers and mental projections”… A great exercise to also help in personal ways!
The following breathing exercise in figure-8-modus plus toning opened my back space and finally it felt like cyclical time and linear time melted into no time.
Connecting the Findhorn Lagoon with the landscape sanctuary of Cluny Hills, on the personal level the belly with the head and third eye, was a sacred march. At the end my heart was wide open and strong, which lasted throughout hours beyond.
“Rejoice” is the right expression…
Trusting that our joint efforts will continue to have an impact on the healing of the Findhorn landscape and that a suitable place and form will emerge, I wish to emphasize again that it was a great honor to be participating with you, dear Marko, the Team, us all and the Beings of the parallel worlds in this sacred work, thanks!


Findhorn Telepathische Werkstatt: 11. Juli
Notizen von Farah
Die Drachen des Süßwassers sind sehr zögerlich, während die Drachen des salzigen Minerals mit Wucht gegen meinen Rücken anrollen.
Ich stehe auf und singe ein rhythmisches Lied, sodass die kleinen Drachen des Süßwassers sich – durch mein Herzchakra angezogen – nähern. Anfangs noch schüchtern nehmen sie schließlich die Hand der großen Drachen an und tanzen gemeinsam einen freudevollen wilden Tanz.
Cluny Hills – wir heben die Hügel hoch und lassen sie in ihrem neuen Wasserbett sinken: Die Oberfläche der sandigen Hügel beginnt zu fluorizieren, dann kommen Strahlen aus den einzelnen Hügeln. 
Jupiter: regenbogenfarbig
Sonne: golden
Mond: silber
Mars: rot / feurig
Venus: blau
Merkur: changierend zwischen silber und gold
Saturn: dunkelgrau

Die Strahlen vereinen sich zu einem gemeinsamen Tanz, bis sich oben am Himmel ein riesengroßes violettes Auge öffnet.
Ich sehe dicke schwarze Dornen, die tief in der Spitze der Hügel stecken. Alleine kann ich sie nicht entfernen. Über mir sehe ich einen Ring von Engeln erscheinen, die schon warten, die Dornen entgegenzunehmen. Aus der Erde kommen kleine Wesen – in Märchen oft als Zwerge bezeichnet; sie haben eine große Zange geschmiedet, die sie mir überreichen.
Ich nehme die Zange und beginne mit Saturn – es ist eine große Anstrengung, doch der Dorn löst sich und sofort wird er von dem großen Engelkreis wie von einem Magneten angezogen.
Bei Merkur lässt sich der Dorn schon leichter lösen, auch der Dorn im Mond gibt leicht nach, ebenso der Dorn im Venushügel. Der Dorn im Marshügel sitzt sehr fest, ich kann ihn nicht entfernen. Die Zwerge kommen mir zur Hilfe; sie binden ein geknüpftes Seil um den Dorn und bilden eine Linie; sie ziehen gemeinsam mit mir, der Dorn gibt nach. Der Sonnendorn ist leicht zu lösen, noch leichter der Jupiterdorn.

Die Hügelkuppen bluten – die Regentropfen steigen aus der Erde und beim Zurückfallen nehmen sie das Blut und den Schmerz mit in die Erde. 
Mein Körper, der sich die ganze Zeit angestrengt bewegt hat, wird ganz still, Ruhe breitet sich aus. Die Engel sind mit den Dornen verschwunden, die Zwerge in ihr Erdreich zurückgekehrt. Frieden und Stille rundum die Lagune.

An dieser Stelle wird meine Aufmerksamkeit auf mein Zimmer gelenkt – ich nehme wahr, dass dieses Zimmer im Krieg ausgebombt wurde, eine Außenwand wurde zerstört – auch läuft ein unterirdischer Strom von Wasser mitten durch das Zimmer – parallel zur Ameisenautobahn. In meiner Imagination befinde ich mich im Zentrum eines Wirbels, der immer größer wird und erst das Zimmer, dann die ganze Wohnung, das ganze Haus umschließt, um die störenden Energien, die sich hier verfangen haben, herauszukatapultieren. In mir entsteht ein Lied der Dankbarkeit.
Ich atme die zyklische Zeit durch meinen Rücken ein und atme sie wieder aus – durch das untere Ende des Brustbeins nach vorne. Wieder entsteht ein kraftvoller Gesang wie bei der Vereinigung der Süßwasserdrachen mit den Drachen der Salzmineralien.
Wir stehen wieder auf der Lagune und wandern zu Cluny Hills. Ich spüre die Anwesenheit der Gründer von Findhorn (Eileen und Peter Caddy und Dorothy Maclean) und anderer Elementarwesen, die helfen wollen, wieder eine Verbindung herzustellen. Mein Kopf bewegt sich spontan nach links und rechts und ich falle fast um – verliere das Gleichgewicht. In mir entsteht der Impuls den Elemente Atem durchzuführen: Erde, Wasser, Feuer, Luft und Äther.
Die spirituellen Grundlagen der Gemeinschaft, die durch die Brände des Sanctuary zerstört werden sollten sind wieder hergestellt. Dank an alle!!!

Wiederholung am 27.7.2021
Süß- und Salzwasserdrachen treffen sich zu meinen Tönen im Herzen – die süßen Drachen klingen hell, die salzigen Drachen bilden ein dunkles Echo, sie singen und tanzen gemeinsam, große Freude.
Cluny Hills: Dieses Mal geht das Anheben der Hügel schon sehr viel leichter. Sie leuchten hell auf und als ich das dritte Auge in seinem geografischen Kontext visualisiere – sehe ich ihn als violetten Amethysten und ich spüre, dass auch die anderen geografischen Zentren energetisiert werden.
Auch die Dornen sind dieses Mal leichter zu entfernen – wieder mit der Zange der kleinen Wesen.
Tönend verbinde ich die zyklische mit der linearen Zeit.
Wieder marschieren wir gemeinsam von der Lagune nach Cluny Hills – die Gründerinnen und ätherisch aussehende Wesen begleiten uns. Dort angekommen spüre ich die Verbindung von Bauch, Kopf, drittes Auge und Herz. Etwas Neues wird entstehen. Danke!!!

John Abdey

Marko’s Telepathy Meditation for the Findhorn Community 27th July 2021 at 8pm

The weather has been ‘close’ through the day with some humidity. This developed into torrential rain with thunder and lightning for most of the meditation. I am meditating in my upstairs room with a viewto the Cluny Hills and Nelson’s Tower.
8pm. I found it easy to move into the group energy field and could tone with a full, rich sound. I had a sense that the whole of this part of Moray being within this protective membrane – perhaps the whole radius of the ‘Equilibrium Organ of the Planet Centred at Cluny Hills’ as per Marko’s chart.
I felt moved to sing the song ‘The Spirit of the Plants she came to me…’.
Much thunder and lightning. I sense that this rain is a part of the cleansing energy as we prepare.
8.10pm. The Findhorn Lagoon is solid enough for me to stand on. It has some ‘give’ but I do not sink. I look at the land around the Lagoon. Interesting to see it from this position.
I am moved to sing various songs including, ‘The river is flowing’, ‘Mother Ocean’ and ‘Water spirits, water spirits round my head’, which seem appropriate. While I am doing this the rain has become so heavy that there are streams of water running down the lanes both in front of and behind my home.
As I do the exercise I have a taste of sweet water and then of salt. There is a sense of a flow both ways between the Lagoon and the Cluny Hills, first under and over and then over and under.
Much thunder during which I toned like a didjeridoo.
8.30. The rain intensified. As I became aware of the flow of energies my focus was on my 3rd eye. Quite intense.
A sense of the 7 energies flowing into the 7 Hills. A strong sensation in my hands as we raised the semi-spheres. Visualised 7 perfect semi-sphere. The rain slowed. Visualised the central column and the 7 light spheres.
Had a reminder that the community is here because of the 3rd eye system and not the other way around. Another touch of thunder.
My awareness was taken to Wright’s Hill, which is to the left of the road on the way to Rafford.
Had another sense that the dome surrounding our work covers the whole of the radius of the Equilibrium system centred at the Cluny Hills and covering much of Moray. This is much more than just the Findhorn Community. Much more.
A sense that what is happening this evening is a start of the Pilgimage that I am making to many of the sacred sites of the Isle of Britain over the next couple of months.
More thunder. Toning and singing with rain and thunder beings. Sang ‘Water spitirs, water spirits round my head’ and ‘fly like an eagle’.
9pm. Rain got heavier. It seemed though that there was a smog over the Clunh Hills and Lagoon. Visualised the raindrops. Rain got heavier. I couldn’t visualise the black thorn. Instead I sensed an old, dead tree root in the Cluny Hills. Very deep. Manged to remove it with the help of a lever  and there were long troots with snake heads. More thunder. Had a sense of theland healing over.
9.10. Sense of Marko assisting this work. More thunder at elemental heart. More toning. Rain dies down. Sky gets less dark.
9.30. Energy especially strong in 3rd eye centre. I had a tingling in my feet. Saw a large number of humans and other beings at the Lagoon, including Peter, Eileen, Dorothy, Roc, Sir George.
There is now a dome over the Lagoon. Interesting. Something has happened. A picture of the red and white springs at Glastonbury and how the water tastes best to me when they are merged.
On the walk I had a sense of the Mosset Burn leading to Wright’s Hill and that there is a connection. Something that I have not sense before.
There was a last flash of lightning as I concluded this part.
A sense of the relationships between Findhorn, Iona and Glastonbury that I have had before. They all have a Hill, a Meditation space and a Water space.
Glastonbury – Tor – Abbey – Red and White Springs at Chalice Well.
Iona – Dun I – Traigh Bhan Sanctuary (which I sense has replaced the Abbey) – Columba’s Bay.
Findhorn – Cluny Hills – Park Sanctuary (which I sense has replaced Kinloss Abbey) – The Findhorn Lagoon.

Marie Lejon

Did you do the repeated exercise on July 27th? If you did, then how was it? What was your experience in compare? Just the same or quite different?
Much love and blessings,

Johannes Waldbauer

Telepathische Werkstatt Findhorn
Einstimmung: Ich spüre ein inniges Gefühl für die Liebe der Feenwelt. Die Spirale, die uns in die kreative Zeit hebt bewegt sich zauberhaft still und wie ohne Reibung.
Das Gebiet der Findhorn-Lagune erleben: Das Wasser des Flusses begegnet mir weich, fließend und rhythmisch hervorquellend. Es entsteht eine Verbindung zum Pulsieren meines Herzens. Ich spüre eine tiefe Lebendigkeit. Die Dünen im Rückenraum nehme ich kristallin, glitzernd wahr. Sie schwingen mit hoher Frequenz. Die Dünen haben Durst nach der Begegnung mit dem Wasser. Ich tanze um die Verbindung wiederherzustellen und zu erneuern. Die Dünen baden in den Wellen des Wassers und das Wasser nimmt das Funkeln und Glitzer der Sandkristalle auf. An dieser Stelle tauche ich tief unter das Geschehen und bewege und bewundere den Schöpfungstanz von tief aus der Erde. Die energetische Verbindung zu Helga`s Hollow und den Cluny Hills sehe ich zart- silbrig.
Unterstützung der planetarischen Rolle der Cluny Hills: Wir heben die 7 Halbkugeln, stellen ihre ursprüngliche Form wieder her und betten sie auf einer Schicht Wasser aus der Lagune. An dieser Stelle nehme ich eine Lichtkugel in der Mitte meines Schädels wahr. Sie hat die Größe eines Hühnereis und will durch feine Bewegungen eingerichtet werden. Jetzt spüre ich eine intensive Verbindung zu dem Ort und seinen Wesenheiten, die ich bisher nur von Erzählungen gekannt habe. Es überwältigt, an so einem heiligen Platz mitwirken zu dürfen.

Säuberung des Gebiets der Cluny Hills und Findhorn Community von fremden Mächten und mentalen Projektionen: Nach der Reinigung mit Regen von unten aufwärts entnehme ich den schwarzen Dorn. Seine Größe passt zu meiner Tragekraft. Als ich ihn helfenden Geistwesen übergebe sehe ich das Ausmaß seiner Größe und bin dankbar um die Hilfe aus der Engelswelt.

Die verlorene Verbindung mit den planetaren Zyklen der Wandlung wiederherstellen: Ich erinnere die telepathische Werkstatt der Sommersonnenwende und eine Stelle in Markos Buch über Kosmogramme an der er über die verlorene Beziehung zu den elementaren Wesen des Feuers und der Wandlung spricht. Es macht Mut und Vertrauen sich dieser Energie zu öffnen.

Verbindung der Findhorn-Lagune mit dem Landschaftsschutzgebiet der Cluny Hills: Es ist ein großes Treffen in der Lagune. Wir pilgern und tragen die Bauchqualität im Herzen zu den geistigen Dimensionen des Kopfes und bitten die Wesenheiten der elementaren und spirituellen Dimensionen ihren Dienst an der Schöpfung wiederaufzunehmen. Das ist ein sehr feierlicher Moment.

Danke für die wunderbare Arbeit und Erfahrung


Findhorn 11.7.21

  1. Unangenehmes Gefühl. Mir kam sehr viel Druck, Gier, Wollen, Ziehen entgegen.
  2. Im Herzbereich gut spürbar. Die Kraft, die aus dieser Richtung kommt ist immens. Man muss das aushalten können, sonst haut es einen um.
  3. Die Kräfte sind zu spüren, kommen aber nicht sehr nah.
  4. Nicht so einfach: Der Drache der Lagune schleicht um mich herum, während der Drache des Flusses sehr offen und zutraulich ist, sehr schnell nahe kommt.
  5. Durch das Tönen fliessen die elementaren Kräfte durch das Steissbein in meinem Körper nach oben zum Herzbereich hin. Aber sehr zögerlich.
  6. + 7. für mich nur schwach spürbar.

2. Ich empfinde nur ein ständiges ausatmen
Nichts besonderes
Sehr viel Ruhe und Gelassenheit kehrt ein. Angenehm.
Oben auf dem Hügel, ein kurzes Bild von einem Wesen, das nicht eins war, von vorn sah es sehr nett und menschlich aus, aber von hinten alienhaft wirkte.
Ich bin gespannt auf die Wiederholung am 27.7.21.

Nagako Cooper

Thank you so much, Marko & the Lifenet team, for this Findhorn Telepathic Workshop. It felt like a deep healing home coming experience to me, especially after the devastating fire on the main sanctuary and the Community Centre this spring.
Through the exercises, I really felt re-united with the landscape – the beautiful Findhorn bay/lagoon, the Dunes, the Park and the Cluny Hills. Using movements with vowel sounds and living imagination, it was powerful experience to feel the purposes and essential qualities of the Cluny Hills and the Dunes/the Park, and the Bay directly within my body. It allowed me to reconnect with the origin of my life in Scotland as well as life purposes which led me from Japan to here.
I’m looking forward to seeing the unfolding processes of a new baby sanctuary manifesting in the best possible way. As Eileen always used to say, “All is very very well!”
With deep gratitude and warmest greetings.

Thomas Miller

11JUL21 Telepathic Workshop Notes – Thomas Miller

*** Huge gratitude to Marko and all collaborators!

9 – 9:10

  • I had the sense that the elementals of the ‘new school’ who are interested in translating thought energy into physical manifestation were present. Also, the sidhe seemed very strongly present. 

9.10 – 9.30 Findhorn Lagoon

  • I had a feeling that the river was bringing a lived experience of passion and strong, whole-person emotional energy. Earthly passion united with the ocean’s Wholeness – the passionate personal connection with the greater whole.
  • I sensed a sidhe city above the lagoon
  • Blending the River with the dunes: a feeling of an abundant flow of life, with passion, emotion, full embodiment. I turned in a circle, and this seemed very powerful. I felt like I was whirling together the river and the dune dragons, providing a point where they met. It felt difficult! But also, after a certain point I felt like the whirling was sustaining itself – that I had set a pattern into motion. 

9.30 – 9.50 Cluny Hills

  • I had a sense of restoring ‘Gaian time’ – that time could compress and elongate: go faster or slower
  • I had a sense of dissolving the mental projections of people about what is ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’ in order to make a clearer space where Gaia’s other realms would be more perceptible. 
  • I felt the powerful passion of the Findhorn River here as well, and how this passion is wild and yet is healthy. Once the restrictions of the human projections and the layer of human thoughts, people will be freer to sense their ‘wild’ nature and the unique, passionate gifts they bring into incarnation. They won’t feel the need to control so much – they’ll be freer to be wild and torrential, like the river. 

10 – 10.10 The cleansing rain

  • Again, a sense of cleansing away the human encrustations of ‘normalcy’, fears, reluctance to engage passionately, etc. 
  • I sensed how Gaia’s other realms are becoming more accessible and present with us through this process of cleansing. The different realms felt like they were merging
  • I felt deeply touched and moved by this process. I felt innocence being restored. 

10.10 – 10.30 Findhorn Sanctuary and CC tragedy

  • I felt myself changing, becoming more blended with other Gaian realms, and whole. A sense of magic came. I imagine this is very relevant for the FF as well: this sense of blended realms. Also, of being in tune with Gaia’s fluctuating time cycles. 
  • The sidhe ‘artisans’ present seemed to be in agreement with the idea of crafting a new sanctuary, but there was something a little strange in their demeanor. I sensed that the humans need to be clear about our request with them: otherwise, we will get something that works very well for the sidhe, but perhaps something that is not absolutely ideal for the humans…

10.30 – 10.50 Walking to the Cluny Hills

  • A feeling of uniting the passion, emotion and drive of the River with the starry wisdom of the Hill. A sense of offering out wisdom and this connection with Gaia’s many realms to the Ur-Human: the presence of humanity that holds and fosters all humans. A sense that it was instantly available to all the humans on the earth. 

Attunement: The Findhorn river resonated in me like a big stream through my heart and throat. I was very touched by it during the workshop with Marko at Findhorn many years ago. I experienced the presence of Gaia connected to Findhorn like an Earthly star being which seemed to to gently say: Let this place be transformed and be a place of transformation. And what a huge sense of elemental love in this place like sprinkles of laughter, joy and creativity. They seemed to join with us to create the spherical membranes of the workshop space. I felt deep peace as we were lifted to creative time and the presence of what seemed to be the archangels like cherubim, seraphim, thrones.

Findhorn lagoon: The lagoon was crystalline and seemed connected with the core of the Earth. I felt the dragon presence coming from the Atlantic Ocean. But there was also some kind of false dragon that tried to enter. The exchanges between the waters of the lagoon and river did not easily come together. It seemed that assistance from the consciousness of humans was appreciated here. I felt my body like a conduit between the lagoon and river. However I struggled to bring the true dragon presence into this conduit and the elementals seemed to be held in a very tight lattice, like thin sparkling spider threads. I noted this as I proceeded to the next sequence.

Planetary role of Cluny Hills: I experienced Helga’s Hollow as a place of deep warmth, fertility amd nurturing, like a big womb space. The semi-spheres seemed to exist in a parallel level in the fairy realm. Then the true dragon presence arrived and seemed to interact with the elementals- there was a tingling sensation at the back of my head. Water seemed to be the connector between the hills and Helga’s hollow. The semi-spheres appeared to have a star within each of them, a portal to aspects of the cosmos.

Clearing Cluny Hills and Findhorn: The rain felt refreshing, renewing. It brought the feeling of freedom to be and expression of true identity. The thorn in the lake appeared like some kind of Loch Ness creature, a mythical apparition but it did not exist on the levels connected with Gaia, only some kind of foreign force tried to hold it in place. That false layer seemed to be dissolving with our efforts.

Sanctuary and Community Centre Fires: The cyclical time felt infinite, abundant, as though everything was created anew in each moment. The linear time in front of me to be pinned down, unable fo connect. First I felt the urge for protection before proceeding. I performed the Gaia Touch detachment gesture. Then I felt the presence of my personal elemental being in aiding the connection to cyclical time. I sensed the beauty of the life forms which humans tend to see as small- insects and microorganisms. I was very touched to perceive the parallel reality of their life span (eg days or weeks) which is no shorter than ours if experienced from cyclical time.

Connecting Findhorn lagoon with Cluny Hills: Standing on the waters, I felt very moved by our group, all the beings connected with Findhorn and all the wonderful possibilities of our cooperation. But as I walked towards Cluny Hill, an old female face (possibly a disguise) with a stern look of disapproval flashed before me. She had a giant hand with Cluny hills in her grip, as though to say ‘If I cannot hold on, I will burn.’ I felt the urge to sound. As all the beings supporting Findhorn joined together in sound, the foreign face and hand seemed to be pulled out with no strength to remain. I felt that song and music is important for Cluny Hills. Sacred music also felt like a way to develop the Sidhe collaboration- such is their deep love and commitment to this place.

Thank you very much to Marko and the Findhorn friends on all dimensions! With much love and gratitude.

Marie Lejon

Interesting to hear your experiences. I enjoy hearing what you are saying about spiralling of creative energy rather than ponder on how to solve things in the material world.
I also got a bit dizzy at one point, and actually, before going towards Cluny I perceived a change of seasons for a moment before it went back to the present season.

Marie Lejon

Unity in diversity, and together miracles and wonderful co-creations take place.
That is a summary I would make of today’s telepathic workshop.
Thank you so very much, Marko, for providing us these lovely step-by-step-exercises
I started at 9am UK time and one of the reasons is that Findhorn and Forres is what I call home – besides where I live now – and as I have been living longterm in The Park and at Cluny, it’s easy for me to visualise when connecting to the area.
Before attunement I listened to an audio link in preparation for this workshop, which I find really supportive.
During the attunement I realised that I have a spray mist from the Findhorn Flower Essences, so I got up and sprayed here and there on my balcony, where I was sitting, and in my apartment before continuing.
When tuning into the Lagoon/Bay and its passage out to the sea, I felt an energy of ease and just being, and not having to do anything than just be there. Then, going further on the Lagoon where the Bay connects with the river, I noticed how many have turned up; beings seen and unseen of many different kinds were there, eager to “do the work”. It also felt good that locals, not (yet) involved in the Findhorn Foundation & Community had turned up with curious looks on their faces.
The qualities of kindness, love and light came to me from within.
There were dancing, spiralling movements and a decisive feel of togetherness. I noticed how the seasons changed somewhat before going back to being summer.
Beings from Randolph’s Leap joined in before focusing on the next part: Supporting the planetary roll of the Cluny Hills. Before we began that section, I had to go and pee (excuse my openness) which I also had to do later during this workshop, and that is in fact a good sign for me – when that happens during and/or after a workshop – since I have learnt it means cleansing (in good ways) for me.
The semi-spherical forms sort of uplifted themselves – or with the help of non-seen beings – and all at once, as if by commando, so it was easy to dance around and sprinkle water from the Lagoon/Bay and whilst doing so I said “Sacred Earth. Sacred Universe. Balance. Love and Light” around each and everyone of them. The principles and essence of the Findhorn Foundation & Community (please visit should you like to know more if not already) was something that I focused on and sent out, together with so many humans and non-humans, to the rest of the world.
Before the next part of this workshop, Clearing the Cluny Hills and Findhorn Community area of foreign powers and mental projections, I went back to listen to the audio link again, in order to prepare myself better and to focus anew.
Raindrops coming out of the ground happened automatically (I reckon unseen beings including the Sidhe did it) before I even was focusing on that part, and it could be because where I was sitting on the balcony outdoors it started to rain, first very light showers and then all of a sudden heavy showers, so much so that I had to get up and bring in blankets from the railings. And this during the cleansing part! And the whole time there were blue skies here and there! So well, it felt particularly easy to see raindrops falling back to the ground, and with them all false projections and ideas transported into the depths of the Earth to be cleansed in the mineral layers of the planet. Just to be on the safe side, I made sure to express it out loud.
It goes without saying, I suppose, that we were provided with so much help, so many efforts were made to make this happen, so I believe that’s why I felt it was so easy.
Next, I was standing – together with many beings seen and unseen – when I noticed the black thorn coming. And again, without feeling it was forced or a challenge I just grabbed the thorn with my right hand and handed it over to the angels of transmutation and I stated out loud: “This thorn can now be released and returned to the universal storage of life power.” I had a strong sense of the black thorn wanted to come and be transformed.
And do you know what? After that, the rain (whilst sitting on my balcony) stopped! Yes, it really did! It was like turning on a tap and then swiftly turning it off again! And this is not what I usually experience overhere, not like that.
Afterwards I felt just a wee bit dizzy (still in the Cluny area), and had to take a short break, and what happened was that I was drawn to go the nearby loch (perhaps it’s smaller than that?) to bathe for a while.
Then back to the Lagoon to connect with all the others, where the Bay meets the river, and immensely thankful how many had turned up (not certain, but there might have been even more than when we started) and it was a sheer joy to walk together. I could see us first standing in a semicircle and then taking on a ʌ-formation (have no idea why) before walking towards the Cluny Hills. We made a stop in Forres, some went to the Transition Town and others at the beginning of the High Street (near Gordon Str and Cumming Str) where you can pick vegetables for free (growing outside of a big building). We gathered again near the Grant Park and were singing and dancing, mainly well-known Findhorn songs, and locals happily joined in.
When we turned left to walk up to Cluny’s road it was a pleasant surprise to see Sidhe beings on both sides of the road – I was quite astounded, really – and they were leading us up on the spiral path, and whilst walking on the spiral we all went silent and focused.
Up on the top it was very crowded, I must say, and a very celebratory feel, and the mix of different kin made me so humble, it was so touching. There was still singing and dancing going on, but also beings sitting down and laying on the ground. All felt and looked relieved and excited.
I could hear “Good job”, “Well done” and other positive feedback comments, how wonderful that miracles do happen!
One male Sidhe pulled my arm and wanted me to sit by a tree whilst he was half-sitting, bending down a bit. He looked at me intensely and at the same time with such calmness and it took me a while before realising we had a conversation going on.
Those kind of conversations I perceive them using very few words, and more info coming in other ways. Anyway, since I had began the exercise of “asking Sidhe creating the matrix of a baby sanctuary”, I got really taken by surprise when he asked me whether I would consider helping out building it! I was a bit distracted and I went all logical wondering whether it was more of a spiritual support rather than a practical one, and my mind went on “Oh, I have a part-time job where I live now and have no idea how to…” and so on, however, this male being didn’t seem interested to hear my excuses (understandable). And I still haven’t got a clue what it means exactly, have to wait and see, I suppose. Having said that, I naturally support a new sanctuary and its process, that goes without saying, it’s just that I got stuck in practical details for a moment.
Again, to Marko and everyone involved in making this workshop coming true, I’m just feeling immensely thankful for all the efforts made.
Lots of love and blessings!

Marie Lejon

Thank you for sharing, what a wonderful read. So interesting to hear your experiences and also your thoughts of the covid period about the real values of existence.


Thank you to all the Beings who have made Findhorn so special in this Lifetime and for the connections we’ve made with so many other lives and lifetimes through this beautiful work. Thank you Marko for outlining this morning’s workshop. It’s such a privilege to be brought into the company of so many exhalted and wonderful Beings and creatures. There was such dancing in the joining of the river and the ocean and such depth of relief and emotion in releasing the wisdom of the lagoon into that dancing. The rising of the semi spheres of the hills was wonderful with the sense of myriads of Sidhe keen to engage our help in meeting the different aspects of each hill and its value in protecting and beaming in the Grail forces through the Hollow. I experienced amazing Light and lightness from that exercise and needed toning and stamping to stop my dizziness. The work with time continues with me I feel. Much easier to get it in the spiral of creative energy than trying to figure it out in the material world. I did feel the appreciation of the Deva of Winter here in recognising and allowing their unique role with each Season. I look forward to hearing more about the new Sanctuary – and continuing to dance the Findhorn dances. Love and great appreciation to all organisers and participants thanks.

Lea Hennessy

Thank you again. . Using the geometry of the spiral helps the connection with other levels of consciousness. This is the universal connection to all things. The Sidhe came and blessed my hands and as they did a beautiful blue light rose from my left hand. I am now at peace. I feel the new Findhorn will not be in its original setting but will be some distance from the site. Many thanks for such a humbling and enlightening experience.

Maureen McSweeney

Thank you Alice. I had a similar vision regarding the Sanctuary. It was round, spherical, and water was one aspect of it – containing water, or being surrounded by water. Also, Light and color were aspects of it. May the Sidhe weave the form that is naturally flowing from this place.

Judith Da Silva

Thank you Alice. Your description of your Vision of a round sanctuary in the original garden. I found tears of joy spring up into my eyes. I trust in the Sidhe to form the right matrix. And Christ is in all.

Maarja Joost Thorsén

Thank you Alice for this moving addition to our meditation. !!

Agnes Hodel

Liebe Teilnehmende an der „Findhorn Telepathische Werkstatt“ 
Vorgeschichte: Im Mai 2021 habe ich an Findhorn gedacht (ahnungslos über die Feuer-Brände dort) und gegoogelt, dabei stiess ich auf einen Ort in der Ostschweiz, wo am Wochenende Ende Mai das Angebot zur Teilnahme am „Spiel der Wandlung“ publiziert war. Dort habe ich mich angemeldet und daran teilgenommen (dieser Wunsch hatte sich erstmals vor etwa 19 Jahren manifestiert und ging nun in Erfüllung). Erleben durften wir Teilnehmer eine Runde der Wunder. Mein innerer Kritiker hat mich eine Nacht unruhig schlafen lassen. Nebst den Engelkarten hat mich die zauberhafte Abschlusskarte beglückt.
Bei der Teilnahme am Workshop heute Sonntag, 11. Juli 2021 hat mein Körper beim Erleben des Gebietes der Findhorn-Lagune aus der Mitte des Hüft-Becken-Bereichs lemniskatenmässig (in der Form der Acht) hin und her mitgeschwungen; anschliessend Tanzbewegungen unter Zuhilfenahme der Arme, die frei schwingend über dem Kopf die Herzform zeichneten mit Ausfliessen in die Landschaft.
Muskelkater empfand ich in der linken Wade während der Befreiung von fremden Mächten und mentalen Projektionen.
Bei der Verbindung der Findhorn-Lagune mit dem Landschaftsheiligtum Cluny Hills kam mir zuerst noch der Spruch: „Es gibt nichts Gutes, ausser man tut es“ in den Sinn. Nach Abschluss dieses letzten Teils der Werkstatt empfand ich ein inneres Jauchzen und Freude darüber.
Herzlichen Dank für Markos Zeichnung der „Findhorn Community Sacred Landscape“, was mir die Teilnahme ermöglicht hat. Ebenso herzlichen Dank dem ganzen Workshop-Vorbereitungs-Team Marko Pogacnik in Zusammenarbeit mit Simona Cudovan (VITAAA), Leslie Luchonok (ehemaliges Findhorn-Mitglied) und Thomas Miller (aktuelles Findhorn-Mitglied).
Herzliche Grüsse
Agnes Hodel, CH-5200 Brugg

Maarja Joost Thorsén

-Standing on the Lagoon, I felt a warm homecoming feeling. This area I know and feel deeply for, although I have never seen it in my present physical life. The primeval and elementary forces were sensed as “petrified” forms in the beginning. However, discovering our group´s presence and sincere love, they started to move. They asked our help to energize their forces again, which I saw grew constantly during the merry dance.
-Standing deep down the center of Helga´s Hollow, produced almost a a sacred feeling inside me. Strong energies were flowing in from the Universe. And the cermony of revigorating the seven Hills around was very beautiful and felt true. I can well believe that this place functions as Europe´s Third Eye. So overwhelmingly interesting!!!!!
-The idea of recycling bad energies into positive, useful ones, struck me as a wonderful solution. The rain cleaning the false projections and ideas, the black thorn, which has successfully diminished the positive energies of the Cluny Hills and their systems. Thank you Universe that there are possibilities for us to save the good systems of Earth, if we cooperate with the universal and earthly positive forces.
-The time aspect is an interesting question. I have felt very strongly the duality between them and many times asked for help to “expand” the linear time, which often have been granted to me. As I see it, the linear time perception helps us to some extent to give us a kind of secure feeling of life. But becoming a slave to it, is suffocating and almost lethal to humanity. It is an intricant question and I feel that the pandemic somehow, has helped us to see the real values of existence, For those who are mature enough to do so and who has not found it before. Exercising on this matter is vital, so we and the world can losen up this bondage more.
Such a splendid and powerful cermony of restitution of the positive forces and systems of communication of the Findhorn Lagoon and the Cluny Hills!!!I am certain that the Findhorn landscape again starts to assist Gaia in manifesting her new reality!
Thank you Marko and other participants creating this useful and necessary meditation.

Alice Weibull

Having lived at Findhorn for several years I had long before the fires released the impulse of change to the people now living at Findhorn. During this workshop it was clear that we can all contribute on the inner plane. I have the advantage of knowing the area as it has been my home.
When I visited Findhorn last attending the conference of Co-creative Spirituality in the autumn of 2018 I met a Sidhe person in the Cluny Hills between Nelson Tower and the graveyard. His name was Farlei and he was mostly green in my perception. He was a custodian together with others of the Cluny Hills.
During the workshop I contacted him and his group to aid us in the process of transformation and restructuring of Cluny Hills. I appreciated the ease of all of the process of the workshop until we came to connecting cyclical time with linear time. Where I live now in Sweden it was a thick wall and I had to release that process. At Findhorn the gap is not at all so big and the different time dimensions were for me closest in the original garden.
I believe I have some work myself of integrating the different dimensions of time as I feel so much more at home in the cyclical time of freedom in my backspace.
The final exercise of the workshop was very important in gathering all the energy of past, present and future. So many beings joined us and the walk toward Helgas Hollow took quite some time. The hollow became a huge chalice of vibrant light with the shape of petals all around. My vision became that of a round sanctuary in the original garden.
I released my vision and asked the Sidhe to form a matrix. It was put in a box and transported to the site of the old sanctuary, which has been such an important part of my life.
Deep gratitude to you Marko, your team and all sisters and brothers working together to heal and be part of the change in love.

Veronika Draijer

Es war dieses Mal sehr herzbewegend für mich.
Viele Tränen der Liebe und Dankbarkeit sind geflossen.
Ich musste mich bei der Übung von Zeit und Rhythmus sehr disziplinieren, denn der Fokus wollte immer wieder verschwunden. Letztendlich war ich und die Welt im natürlichen Rhythmus und Einklang der Zeit verbunden.
Es waren viele Wesen und mächtige Wesen aus der feinstofflichen Welt wunderbar in ihrem Wirken mit uns. Der Tanz der Wasserelemente kraftvoll und wunderbar und die Verbindung mit den Sternenenergien der Cluny Hills. All diese machtvolle Verbundenheit mit dem Samen des Neuen kann über die ganze Welt die Menschen wieder neu inspirieren. Ich spürte es im eigenen Kopf, sowie um die Köpfe der Mitmenschen und mein drittes Auge war total aktiv. Aber da war auch soviel Liebe im Feld, was zutiefst mein Herz berührte.
Es wurde auch von Gaias reinigenden Wasser spürbar alle hinderliche an Projektionen weggespült und gewandelt. Die Cluny Hills strahlen wieder und kosmische und irdische Kommunikation fließt in die Welt.

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