„The New is still unknown to us, but yet already so close”

Seminar with Ana Pogacnik & Thomas von Rottenburg

19th (in the evening) – 24th July (at noon) 2020 by the biggest stone Sphere on the planet in Zavidovici (Bosnia) and one day at the pyramids in Visoko

The stone sphere is a real wonder (it’s huge: 3,20 m). This place is embodies the New – it carries the knowledge about the path into the New and can accompany us step by step on this path. The being of the sphere rejoices over everyone who is willing to open up and allow the miracle to happen deep within. And this is a place of miracles – incredible inner changes that one can only marvel at. Once we get the opportunity to experience the New within us, our inner path becomes much clearer.
This place is strongly connected to the Visoko pyramids, that are also carrying an important impulse for us for the New Time.
The messages of this two places, that Ana received will be the frame for this seminar.

With guided meditations, sounding, inner work with the beings of the essential oils and the beings of the zodiac we will go into deep inner processes and transformations towards the New.

Accommodation with full board: from 18 to 40 per day (depending on the category: single room, double room, a tend etc.)
Seminar: 200 – 300 € (depending on which country you come from).
Registration: ana.pogacnik@freenet.de