Walks with plants
Any date after the LifeNet meeting in Bohin

Intuitive water walks from the Flower garden to the natural temples by The Kolpa river, an area that has been explored with geomancy. Natural sanctuaries such as The Nežica Waterfall, Kotnice in Gorenja Žaga, Cave Kobilja, Bilpa and other have been defined with 40 healing points on both sides of the river. There’s also a lithopunctural system with 27 lithopuncture stones distributed in a 100 km area from the inhale part on the river Čabranka and Kolpa sources, the heart of the area Kuželj – Brod na Kupi – Fara and the exhale part in the area of Špeharjevo. The spiritual dimensions of the aspect of life can be felt in Sveta Gora through the power of transformation, the creativity of the abundance of life on the hill of Sv. Ana and Joachim and the aspect of wholeness at
Fara. The energies of space offer a huge potential for a deep healing of the body, soul and spirit. It is a well preserved part of Slovenia with a rich biodiversity. The forests in the Kočevsko region and Gorski kotar on the Croatian side form the largest compact natural forest complex in Europe.
Experiences: 3 or 5+ hours long – Forest & Water treasures for the soul, Breathing with the Forest, Art & Forest, Wild & Free with wolves/bears.

Languages: slovene, english, german

Accomodation: You’re invited in the flower heaven in the middle of the forest by The river Kolpa, in the embrace of a 500 years old house with 5 beds in an authentic atmosphere. You’ll sleep in a house with a bread oven. There is also a room in the garden, arranged as a studio for 2 persons, with a terrace that expands in the atrium garden. You’ll have the chance to pick up season vegetables, old sorts of grapes and herbs for tea making from the garden. A hostel accomodation with 25 beds, known as The Giant’s house, will be available soon. Here you can also find a mentor for your meditative walks or for the preparation of a healing garden.

Contact: Ljuba Južnič, ljuba.juznic@gmail.com , 0038631423848, www.roznivrt.com