Workshop: LAND ART on Karst

17 or 18 July 2020, from 10am to 5pm

The hilly Mediterranean region of Karst (Kras) in south-western Slovenia, with its little villages, built on white limestone, and its green vegetation, has something very original and archaic about it.

As we tune into this landscape, resonance and inspiration resound within us as an expression of Earth’s creative power. This dialogue enables us to transform the landscape into an artistic-poetic creation. With existing natural materials (stones, wood, earth, flowers, leaves…) we are reinventing a place that tells us about itself as well as ourselves.
The purpose of this workshop is to feel and listen to the landscape, and to experience the joy of creative expression.

Languages: SLO/ENG/DE

Location: Škrbina, 6223 Komen

Accommodation: available close-by

Contact: Maja Pogačnik   00386-(0)40 363163 or