Resia Valley as the multidimensional space: Following the paths of folk-tales and legends

18 July–19 July

The purpose of the workshop: Searching for the massages for the present and the future transformations of the Earth through connecting with the fairy creatures. They are the human interpretations of the variety of beings, which are representing the Earth consciousness. The folk-tales in Resia are still vital and the linkage with the fairy creatures has not yet been broken. Those beings are eager to enhance communications with humans and have a lot of wisdom to share with us. The workshop is intended to strengthen this bondage or establish it anew in order to simultaneously build a bridge with the past and pave new grounds for the future cohabitation on Earth.

We will visit different locations in the valley, which are all accompanied with legends and myths. There, we will attune to each other and based on individual impressions, we will forge new narratives of transformations and possible ways of cooperation on the new Earth.

Languages: SLO/ENG

Location: Resia Valley

Contact: Tea Golob,, 00386 31 523 588