Meet the elves in an interesting town

Anytime before or after the LifeNet meeting in Bohinj

Maribor is a city of heart-felt warmth. There is an invaluable treasure that hides in and around it. Would you like to step into the deep and experience this town? At the workshop, we will touch on the model of a large and deep heart system created here by the elves and intended for the future development of Earth and humans. This system is an inspiration and support for us to grow into a new, harmonious civilization full of loving relationships, interwoven with all the worlds and beings of the Earth’s universe. We will visit the cliffs above Maribor, where we’ll be able to feel the presence of the elves, in a place that is like a button that holds heaven and Earth together and at the same time takes us beyond space and time. The workshop will finish at the geopuncture circle in the park of Maribor, dedicated to the elementary heart of Europe.

Languages: SLO/ENG

Katja Majer, +386 31 39 10 20