Edit”International LifeNet Gathering 2020″

LifeNet Gathering 2020 in Slovenia at the Bohinj lake at the foot of the Julian Alps from July 13th to 16th  and the travel to Bosnia in the days before the Gathering  from July 7th to 13th

The Slovenian VITAAA Association, based in Ljubljana, has decided to organize the 2020 LifeNet (Lebensnetz) Gathering.

The LifeNetwork was called into existence in the year 2000, at the threshold of the third millennium, after it became clear that the Earth as a cosmic consciousness decided to take its own path to avoid the destruction of the planet through our ever more destructive civilization. We created the Life Network to find ways how to support the Earth transformation process through words and deeds not just on the individual basis but also by working in local and regional groups.

In this sense, we see the purpose of the 2020 Gathering in enabling those individuals and representatives of geomantic and geocultural groups who are engaged in the processes of change to meet and to consult on how to create our common activities in this moment and in the future. Also we intend to prepare some geomantic and ritual work that we will do together during the Gathering for the benefit of the planet and its dimensions of life.

Also, we need to consult about the way we would like to be organized in the future to be able to continue our work efficiently and for the highest good of the Earth and all its beings, visible and invisible. We need to decide who will take responsibility for the tasks in the Network that are inevitably needed so that we can be operational also in the future.

We are grateful to all of you for your enthusiastic response to our invitation: more then 180 of you showed the interest. For the Bosnia travel we could have filled three buses. At the final registration the number sunk to 100 participants at the lake Bohinj and a full bus for the Bosnia travel.

The location at Lake Bohinj was chosen for several reasons:

  • In the landscape temple of Slovenia, the lake of Bohinj represents the archetypal landscape of transformation which corresponds to the present epoch of basic planetary and civilization changes.
  • The waterfall of Savica, lake Bohinj, the lake of Bled and the Triglav mountain, all of them part of the Julian Alps, are places of beauty and of great creative potentials that can be used in these dramatic moments of change to initiate healing initiatives.
  • The Gathering takes place right next to the lithopucture stone that Marko and Marika carved in 1997 as part of a large composition called “Star of the Alps” with stones and cosmograms positioned in various places in Italy, Austria, Germany and Slovenia and it represents a network that can be used to spread the message of the Gathering into the world.

The complete plan of the Gathering is composed of three parts:

Prior to the gathering we are organizing a travelling workshop with Marko Pogačnik to chosen places in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The trip will start in Ljubljana on Tuesday, 7th of July 2020 in the morning to arrive at the Gathering at Lake Bohinj on Monday, 13th of July, in the afternoon – just before the Gathering starts.

The idea is to integrate the core of the Balkans into the body of Europe. The Balkans represent the primordial (dragon) region of Europe, a treasury of those powers and the wisdom that is inevitably needed in the processes of change and transformation to secure a safe journey through such rough periods in the evolution as the one that we are moving through just now. Also, during the last decade, highly valuable connections to the primordial cultures of the Earth appeared there, known as the Bosnian Pyramids Culture and the Culture of the Zavidovići Stone Spheres.

The second part is the Gathering itself with meetings and one-day geocultural work with different places in the larger region of Lake Bohinj. A detailed plan will be ready soon and we’ll post it on our website.

The third part is a possibility to visit places in Slovenia after the Gathering in order to experience them in their power and beauty, guided by members of the VITAAA Association. In this case you will be free to arrange your stay personally with one of the people in the preparation group. (See the Additional workshops)

Also, we will prepare a concept of participation at the Gathering from the distance for those who will not able to participate in any of these places.

We joyfully look forward to the Gathering, to meeting you and to creating together with you!