Letter on the crossroads

Letter on the crossroads

Dear friends, known and unknown, co-creators of the telepathic workshops,

I hope you are not tired of the telepathic kind of work, born under the (continuing) Covid lockdown situations of 2020!

From my experience of the socialist Yugoslavia I know that those awful decisions that concern the wellbeing of citizens were often made in the month of August when people were on holidays, not being attentive. Something similar happens now.

My intuition, my dreams and my close co-workers tell me that right now the humanity stands on a decisive crossroads. One road leads towards a complete robotisation of our society and control over the individual. The other road leads towards co-creation with the beings of this wonderful Earth, those visible and invisible, and towards peace among peoples of the human race. 

It needs a relative large group to express the decision which of the two paths we want to walk in the next years and onward towards the future.

It is not enough to express the decision mentally. The decision needs to be expressed through different languages and in a multidimensional way. I firmly believe that the language of the telepathic workshops is a proper way to express such a decision.

I am aware that some of you are on holidays but would still like to cooperate. So I propose to do the telepathic workshop (to decide which of the two paths we want to take) in the evening time, on Saturday, 8 August at 8pm with the repetition (for those who can not do it on Saturday or who want to repeat it) on Sunday, 9 August the same time.

Do not worry about the time differences. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at 8pm according to your time zone.

You will find the workshop program in different languages on Friday, August 7th on the LifeNet website, those of you who attend Cyclic workshops can ask Iveta to send you the program.

Another theme that needs to be addressed is perception and sharing of perceptions after the telepathic workshops. Do not hesitate to share your perceptions even if they are totally different from all others. The shared experiences of the last few months show that perceptions are almost always different. This is a decisive evolutionary step to detach from the arbitrary idea that the reality of life is an objective thing. No! Each moment of life is different and so we as well are different from each other. Reality is a fusion of the “objective” presence of a landscape, a being etc. and the subjective, co-creative perception of the individual.

All the different perceptions add something valuable to the multifaceted reality of the given place or being. Places and beings are part of the elemental consciousness of Gaia and can decide by themselves what of the material perceived by the workshop group can help them to become more free and whole – and what should be left to us as individuals because it is important for our personal experience and evolution.

When I read the reports I feel the sincerity of the author’s presence behind the written text and this is what matters.

Regarding the enthusiastic response to different telepathic projects and relating to my own experience I believe that we are doing a valuable work for now and for the future.

Love and thanks, Marko Pogačnik UNESCO Artist for Peace, UN Goodwill Ambassador, Šempas, Slovenia, 3.8.2020

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