Findhorn Telepathic Workshop

Findhorn Telepathic Workshop

Sunday, July 11th 2021 at 9.00 in the morning, and

Repeated on Tuesday July 27th in the evening at 20.00.

Prepared by Marko Pogačnik UNESCO Artist for Peace and UNO Goodwill Ambassador, who has collaborated with the Findhorn Community since 1971.

During the “Zoom session” with the Findhorn Community on June 25th 2021 Marko proposed to prepare and lead a telepathic workshop for those who are interested to experience the inner dimensions of the larger Findhorn landscape and to help transform and transcend the situation after the spring fires in which the original Sanctuary and Community Centre were burned down. The proposal was accepted and here is the program for the workshop.

As you participate in the telepathic workshop you are free to choose the place from where you work. To follow the workshops rhythm print the workshop plan or have it visible on the screen of your computer or phone.

Concerning the time frame we relate to the course of the Sun. So regardless of which time zone you are located, start at the given day at 9.00 in the morning – or when the workshop is repeated, start at 20.00 in the evening.

If you are participating alone it is important that you are aware of the workshop as a group creation spread in space and time.

9.00 – 9.10 Attunement

  1. Be grounded in your heart and body and feel the presence of our group, which includes elemental, angelic and spiritual beings who support us. Although we are spread widely around the world, we come together in our love for Gaia and our sense of shared responsibility for the life of Earth.
  2. Next we create our workshop space, which is composed of fine spherical membranes that allow us to co-create together and be protected. Feel love and gratitude in your heart as you hold the intention that these membranes exclude any counter forces that may try to block the path of peace and Earthly creation.
  3. Imagine a spiral coming out of the ground and turning inside our workshop space, lifting us to the level of the creative time where we are free from linear constraints.
  4. During the course of the workshop if you become stuck or are unable to connect, you can use the toning of vowels and other sounds to overcome any blocks, and you can also return to the circle we have created. Remember that you are supported by our group and all the beings that support and co-create with us.

9.10 – 9.30 Experiencing the area of the Findhorn Lagoon

The so-called Findhorn Bay is a typical lagoon where the sweet water of the Findhorn River mixes with the salty water from the North Atlantic as it enters entering through a narrow passage. At a deeper level of existence the elemental and sub-elemental (dragon) beings of the Findhorn River communicate here with the elemental and dragon powers inherent in the mineral memory of the Findhorn Dunes. The Findhorn Community is positioned upon a more ancient layer of the Dunes. Elemental and sub-elemental beings represent the primeval creative powers and beings of Gaia. (See the drawings and explanations included at the end of the plan.)

  1. Imagine that the water of the Lagoon is high and peaceful. Position yourself upon the surface of the water at the center of the Lagoon. Cautiously make a few steps upon the surface of the water. Feel the subtle presence of water under your feet. (Do not worry, your feet will not get wet!)
  2. Then turn towards the outflow of the Findhorn River and allow yourself to feel the elemental power of the river touching your heart area.
  3. Still standing upon the Lagoon water, do not turn around. Feel the presence of the primeval and elemental powers stored in the Dunes touching your back.
  4. For a period of time span embody the meeting point of both elemental (dragon) powers. Over the course of time they have lost the memory of each other and their creative dance ceased to exist.
  5. If needed, make sounds or dance upon the water to enhance the creative intercourse of both powers and beings. The creative dance of their elemental energy makes the Findhorn area a place of bliss and feminine power – be aware that both the river and the ocean are creations of the Water element!
  6. Be aware that the Cluny Hills that appear in the distance are aligned with the center of the Lagoon.
  7. Feel the lines of exchange flowing back and forth between these two sacred places.

9.30 – 9.50 Supporting the planetary role of the Cluny Hills

The Cluny Hills are composed of seven hills positioned around the so-called “Helga’s Hollow”, a large depression. Helga, or Helle, is a Nordic name for Gaia or Gea, the Earth Goddess. The depression is the place of the outpouring of her creative ideas and creative powers. Each of the seven Hills is the focus of specific cosmic inspiration that can be symbolized with the seven classical planets including Sun and Moon. The Cluny Hills are a place where the wisdom of Gaia blends with seven types of cosmic inspiration. Originally having the exact form of semi-spheres Cluny Hills, are supposed to be a Sidhe creation, positioned at the place of a large planetary equilibrium system.  

  1. Position yourself deep down into the center of Helga’s Hollow. You are standing in the middle of the vertical column originating at the core of the Earth. (Look at the diagram of the Cluny Hills attached at the end.)
  2. Be aware of the flow of energies, information and love travelling up and down the column of Gaia’s powerful presence.
  3. Then become aware that you are surrounded by Cluny Hills, which had a semi- spherical form before thousands of years of erosion distorted them. To restore their original form we will make a joint effort to lift these seven semi-spheres of Cluny Hills. They have sunk so deeply into physical matter that their intended purpose and activity do not fully function.
  4. Make gestures with your hands to place them under the composition of the seven semi-spheres, and imagine lifting them a bit out of the ground. Ask the mighty beings of the parallel worlds cooperating in our telepathic workshop for help.
  5. Observe and feel how the semi-spheres take on forms of perfect light spheres and begin to move and possibly to dance around the central column within which you are standing.
  6. Imagine spreading a layer of water from the Lagoon under the seven spheres so that they settle softly as you lower them into their appropriate places. (And do not forget to pull your hands out and back to your body!)
  7. Be aware that the Cluny Hills, together with the Findhorn Lagoon and the surrounding Morayshire landscape, represent the central portion of the geomantic Third Eye system for the organism of Europe. Spread the treasury of messages, ideas and inspiration birthed and manifested over the last 60 years by the Findhorn community around the globe – because such is the function of Europa’s Third Eye.

9.50 – 10.00  Take a short pause

10.00 – 10.10 Clearing the Cluny Hills and Findhorn Community area of foreign powers and mental projections

Through decades of service to the Earth and humanity many different ideas and expectations have been projected upon Cluny Hills and the Findhorn Community. They may not be in alignment with the deeper purpose of these places and the ongoing process of creation by the Community, thus representing an obstacle to entering to a new phase of Findhorn’s development.

  1. Imagine a great multitude of raindrops appearing out of the ground as a cleansing rain originating from the inner worlds of Gaia. Observe and feel their upward surge all over the area.
  2. When the raindrops fall back to the ground they carry with them all these false projections and ideas and transport them into the depths of the Earth to be cleansed in the mineral layers of the planet.
  3. Now become aware of a black thorn approaching from the Lagoon area piercing the Cluny Hills to obstruct and block their service to Gaia and humanity. Imagine taking that thorn out and handing it over to the angels of transmutation so that the energy frozen in the thorn can be released and returned to the universal storage of life power.

10.10 – 10.30 This spring the original Findhorn Sanctuary and the Findhorn Community Center were destroyed through fires

The Earth with all its worlds and dimensions is involved in a cosmic process of change. As in all transforming processes two major powers are at work. There are powers of vision and the will to reach a new evolutionary level. Simultaneously counter-forces are at work holding to the past and trying to stop the emergence of the new. As long as the majority of the human race has not awakened to the call for transformation, it is not possible to exclude the counter-forces from the process of change. But it is possible to close the gates through which those forces can enter to destroy places sacred to life, as they did at Findhorn this spring. The loss of alignment with the ongoing cycles of planetary change can create the condition for such destruction to enter.

  1. Be aware of the cycles of linear time that turn around in front of you. Seconds are followed by minutes, minutes by hours, hours by days and years… Be aware that this is an artificial time circle that has lost connection with living reality.
  2. Then become aware of cyclical time that is inspiring and guiding the ongoing Earth changes and human transformation. Feel its rhythms in the invisible realm behind your back.
  3. Be aware that in the present moment the connection with the cyclical time and consequently with the Earth transformation process is vanishing. The gap between the cyclic time and its manifestation in the everyday reality is widening.
  4. The interdimensional portal through which the two aspects of time could be connected is located at the point of your elemental heart. (The elemental heart is positioned at the lower peak of the breastbone and is the seat of the personal elemental being.)
  5. Now make the effort to connect both aspects of time through the point at the end of your breastbone. Imagine that a figure-8 as a symbol of infinity runs horizontally through that point.
  6. The figure-8 connects the movement of the cyclic time behind your back with the circle of the linear time in front of you.
  7. With back-front breathing (inhale the infinity at your back and exhale into the space in front of you) help reconstruct the lost intercourse of manifested time with infinity. You can also use toning (vocal sounds) of vowels.
  8. As we work on restoring the lost connection with the cycles of planetary transformation, be aware to work also for restoring that connection within yourself, or within your own place and within the place of the Findhorn community.

10.30 – 10.50 Connecting the Findhorn Lagoon with the landscape sanctuary of Cluny Hills

The Findhorn Lagoon and the Findhorn Community positioned in the Dunes adjacent to its shore represent the elemental and sub-elemental levels of Gaia. The Cluny Hills with the Cluny College stand for the spiritual dimensions of Gaia and the Universe. In relationship to the human being, the Findhorn Lagoon represents the belly region and Cluny Hills the head and the Third Eye. We will walk between the two to connect the belly with the head.

  1. Imagine we all stand again upon the surface of the water at the center of the Findhorn Lagoon. The founders of Findhorn community and its members abiding now in the spiritual world of ancestors and descendants join us.
  2. Be aware of the presence of innumerable beings of the elemental worlds, nature and angelic kingdoms, and other beings of the Earth and the Universe who have used the etheric spaces of the original Findhorn Sanctuary for their meditations.
  3. As you stand upon the water of the Lagoon feel the fantastic sphere of the space created over the Lagoon through the interaction of the elemental powers of the river and the ocean. Draw this quality into your heart and bring it with you to the Cluny Hills.
  4. Now imagine all of us walking toward the Cluny Hills. During the “walk” you should do some walking in place (lifting your feet without moving forward). During the walk you may stop or sit down for a few moments to feel the cosmic quality of the Morayshire landscape – then continue walking to our destination.
  5. As you arrive at Helga’s (Gaia’s) Hollow at the center of the Cluny Hills enlarge the elemental quality that you have brought within your heart space and enlarge it to the width of the Cluny Hills. Ask the beings of the Earth and the Universe to use the now restored Cluny Hills once again as a place of their meditation and service to humanity and the planet.
  6. Rejoice because the spiritual quality of the head is again connected to the elemental quality of the belly – both in the human being and upon the planet. Give thanks and celebrate with toning sounds.
  7. Ask Sidhe as heralds of the Cluny Hills to create the matrix of a baby sanctuary inheriting the quality of elemental and spiritual synthesis we have achieved to be built at the site of the Findhorn Community. Also ask them to inspire the community, architects and designers to find the proper form and place for it.

10.50-11.00 Conclusion

  • Give thanks to each other and to our guests from the parallel worlds including our ancestors and descendants.
  • Hold the Findhorn landscape in your heart space as one of the places where Gaia starts to manifest her new reality.
  • Also – participate and collaborate once again when the workshop is repeated to make its message strong and clear.

Post your experiences at so that they can be shared thus deepening our collective experience.


Imagination is the capacity of the human consciousness to create. In the case of telepathic workshops we use this capacity with the help of images and ideas of which the workshop is composed.

Telepathic workshop means that the creative potentials of human consciousness, imagination and feeling are used to create as a group across great distances of space and time. Telepathic workshops give space for beings of other dimensions to collaborate including ancestors and descendants of the human race.

Dunes are large heaps of pebbles and sand heaped through millennia by the ocean waves. Each pebble or sand corn has stored inside the complete power of the ocean. This is why Dunes function as a gigantic storage of primeval powers of the ocean that primordial cultures call “the Ocean Dragon”. Findhorn community developed upon a more ancient layer of Dunes.

Dragon is the traditional expression for sub-elemental beings and power that constantly create the basic framework of creation. Science calls them “atomic power”.

Interdimensional portals are openings beyond space and time that make the communication between different dimensions and evolutions of the Earth and the Universe possible.

Sidhe is the Celtic name of an evolution that together with the human race and other synchronic worlds develops upon the multidimensional Earth

Elemental heart is a fractal of the heart of Gaia positioned in the human being behind the lower end of the breastbone. It is also the focus of the personal elemental being.

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