Workshop Nr. 1 in the process of LIFENET Gathering 2020

Workshop Nr. 1 in the process of LIFENET Gathering 2020

Prepared by Marko Pogačnik and VITAAA Association team

Easter Saturday, April 11th 2020 from 9 am to 12 am

The Workshop is based on telepathic communication so you are free to choose the place from which you collaborate.

It is not allowed to distribute this Workshop plan on networks like Facebook but you are allowed to invite to the work your friends or collaborators to whom you trust by distributing the Workshop plan via e-mail. The quantity of people collaborating is not so important as the quality of our togetherness.

Do not worry about the time differences. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at 9.15 according to your time scheme.

Have the Workshop plan printed with you or have it on your computer or phone ready so that you can follow the time table.


9.15 – 9.30 am: Connection and attunement of the group

  1. We take time to feel each other’s presence and start to form the circle. Feel how it is if sitting together in a circle.
  2. Then we invite to join our circle the elemental beings that are ready to help us in this work and also our friends from ancestral and angelic realms. Feel how it is sitting together with all those beings in the circle.
  3. Now we need to create the etheric space in which our Workshop will take place. Imagine creating around our circle a spherical membrane composed of thin threads coloured green and violet. Time to time during the workshop remember our common space that enables us to work together in the present situation of the global quarantine.

9.30 – 9.50 am: Grounding of the circle at the Bohinj Lake where the LifeNet Gathering 2020 takes place

  1. The purpose of this point is to prevent the circle to float around and rather to be grounded at the inspiring place of the Bohinj Lake.
  2. The 20 members of Slovene preparation group who know the places will lead you around 4 places and you have approximately 5 minutes for each place to feel it and to discover its qualities.
  3. These places are: Savica waterfall, Bohinj lake shore, Naklova Glava peninsula in the middle of the lake and the place where river Sava flows out of the lake.

9.50 – 10.00 short pause to write down the experiences and to rest

As told in the fairy tales, to be able to do good works, the hero needs to meet three challenges first. So as next we shall work on transforming three kinds of blockades that block the heartfelt connection between the human culture and the Earth planet. Each one of them is positioned one layer deeper in the subconsciousness of the Earth.

10.00 – 10.10 to remind human beings that we are called to become collaborators of Gaia and not destructors of the Earth

  1. We need to transform the pattern that says that the Earth is at disposal to human beings to fulfil their selfish purposes.
  2. Make the Gaia Touch gesture of detachment from this pattern and then let the wind of violet colour transform the pattern of ignorance that is spread like a web among peoples of the Earth at their plexus level. (For the gesture of detachment see Appendix 1)
  3. Instead we express in the name of humanity our will to cooperate lovingly with all beings belonging to the cluster of Gaia worlds. Listen to the possible feed back form the elemental world.

10.10 – 10.20  to transform the pattern of the terrible hell that patriarchal religions project since millennia into the depth of the Earth

  1. The pattern of hell does block the pure and joyous relationship to the core of the Earth and Gaia, its consciousness, for millions of people.
  2. Imagine reaching with your hands deep down into the mineral Earth (lithosphere) where the religious pattern of the hell is positioned.
  3. There down you should gather with your hands that pattern to form a ball out of it. Make it small to become a black homeopathic ball in which the information of the hell’s pattern is compressed.
  4. Then lift the ball out of the Earth and towards the sky.
  5. Open hands and ask the elemental beings of the Air and angelic beings of transmutation to take the ball and carry it to the etheric temples of transformation that Gaia has installed in meanwhile.

10.20 – 10.40 to release from the Earth the powerful little creature (virus) that seduces human beings to become hostile towards freedom and beauty

  1. This “virus” is hidden in the underground of the element Water three layers deeper than its surface.
  2. Imagine standing at the shore of a lake (it could be Bohinj Lake that we have visited previously).
  3. Take courage and enter the depth of the lake till arriving down to its bottom. Take a moment to feel the watery body of the lake.
  4. Then look for a narrow entrance leading to the space under the lake.
  5. If needed, ask for the key. Then enter the space below the lake. It is the realm of the Water of Life, lying pure and peaceful under the lake.
  6. Stay there for a while to be bathed in its quality.
  7. Now we need to go even one layer deeper to enter the third underwater layer.
  8. There we find to our surprise dry halls with heaps of gold coins here and there.
  9. Do not be blinded by the light of gold! In effect it is false gold, the essence of the cosmic element Water turned dry with the help of human suffering and despair: suffering in constant wars and conflicts under patriarchal rule.  
  10. Grab a handful of gold coins. Press them together to create a little ball in which the information is coded with the name of the foreign power that rules over human suffering and the loss of human identity.
  11. Lift it high towards the sky (make the corresponding gesture) and ask our angelic helpers to carry it to that star system in the galaxy where its presence can be useful.
  12. Then look around. The previously dry halls are now filled with golden shimmering archetype of the cosmic Water. Enjoy its presence. Give thanks.

10.40 – 11.00: have 20 minutes pause to drink coffee, eat a piece of chocolate, have some rest etc.

11.00 – 11.20 as next we need to renew the connection to Gaia, the divine consciousness and creator of the Earthly universe

  1. Stand upright and imagine the vertical connection to the core of the Earth by following the gravitational pull. This is the old level of connection which is hierarchical in its essence: Gaia below and human beings above.
  2. As next we need to create the new heart to heart relationship with Gaia, the Mother of Life. You can sit down now.
  3. Be present in your heart centre and imagine looking around. All around you see the beauty of Gaia’s creation. Call from your memory different aspects of natural beauties stored in your memory and look at them with awe.
  4. Now feel the reflection of Gaia’s creation in the space of your heart. Feel the rays of her love playing upon different dimensions of your heart system.
  5. Look what she wants you to become aware of relating to the micro universe of your heart system. Check the quality of the heart muscle, of the heart centre, the back and the front chakra of your heart system, the elemental heart at the lower end of the breast bone, the throat as the crown of the heart system…
  6. Send the impulse from your heart into the world as a call to humanity to awake now to the new heart to heart relationship with the Earth Goddess.

11.20 – 11.50  balancing our body dimensions to support the new stability of the Earth

For the purpose of balancing we use our body and its three axes, the horizontal, the vertical and the diagonal one. (see the drawing in the Appendix 2)

  1. First we shall work on the new feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang) balance.
  2. Imagine the feminine principle positioned in front of your body radiating with the quality of the Moon. Take it into your heart centre. How does it feel?
  3. Then imagine the masculine energy at a distance behind your back radiating with the light of the Sun.
  4. Take it also into your heart centre to create together with the feminine energy the quality of reconciliation that you should share with the fellow human beings and the beings of the Earth.
  5. As next we balance the relationship between the spiritual dimensions and the embodied life. Feel the Earth and its elemental worlds under your feet and bring this quality to the region of your throat.
  6. Then feel the vast regions of spiritual worlds above you and bring its subtle quality also to your throat. In the space of your throat both polarities merge to create a new quality of peace. Radiate it into all four directions of the world.

As next we will work on balancing the diagonal axis connecting our heart muscle and the so-called “fifth stigma of the Christ”. This is especially important for two reasons. (1) The workshop is placed in the middle of Easter which is the festival of the true human self-resurrection. (2) The diagonal axis of the earthly creation is neglected in human consciousness. The heart muscle makes possible that the spiritual treasury of the individual can be present in the given incarnation. The fifth stigma is positioned in the opposite right lower corner of the abdomen. It represents the door into different dimensions of the Earthly universe. So now we continue with the work.

  1. Be present within and around your heart muscle. It is important to get this experience for our present and future.
  2. Then bring this experience to your elemental heart positioned at the lower end of the breastbone.
  3. Be present at the door of the “fifth stigma” chakra and look through its window. What do you experience?
  4. Then bring your experience of the “fifth stigma” portal to your elemental heart.
  5. Both qualities create a synthesis there called freedom of the humans to be embodied beings and yet be free to navigate between the worlds of the multidimensional Earth.

11.50 – 12.00 Conclusion of the workshop

We thank each other for mutual support in this work and give thanks to beings of other dimension of reality that cooperated.

We ask the elemental and angelic beings that collaborated to continue to support us while we move towards our LifeNet Gathering July 13-16th 2020 at the Bohinj Lake, asking the same the ancestors from the spiritual world.

We give thanks to each other and release our circle temporarily.

The experiences can be shared on the above given LifeNet Gathering web site.


Gaia Touch exercise of detachment:

  1. Hold your hands horizontally in front of your body, powerfully squeezed together, having the purpose of the detachment in your mind.
  2. Then pull your hands apart with the optimum power to annihilate the given attachment.
  3. Send violet light from the palms of your hands to transmute the energy rests of the attachment.

APPENDIX 2 (drawing)

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