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About LifeNet

LifeNet is a joyous and creative international community connected by common creative projects, despite living geographical far apart, mostly in Europe and America. We celebrate all the individuals who, during the different phases of our network, have co-created our history and our work for the web of life – and all those who are cooperating and collaborating in this present of challenge, change and transformation.


LifeNet is based upon current and evolving geomantic knowledge, which is knowledge of the Earth’s multidimensional body and its elemental beings that belong to the different dimensions that keep our planet alive and imbued with Gaia consciousness. With our human consciousness, body and creative capacities we are a substantial and essential part of the network of life upon Earth.


Work In Progress:

פרויקט LIFENET לחידוש מחזור העונות

סדנת טלפתית ליום שיוויון הסתיו 2021 • יום שלישי, 21 בספטמבר בערב בשעה 20.00 • חזרה  ביום ראשון, 3 באוקטובר בבוקר בשעה 9.00 תרגום על ידי אורית ומיכל, טקסט באנגלית אחרי העברית אם עדיין לא הגשתם בקשה להשתתף וברצונכם להיות חלק מהיוזמה, אנא שלחו דוא"ל ל- Iveta לכתובת ואמרו לה מה השפה שאתם רוצים לקבל את הסדנה מהשפות השונות המוצעות ב- LifeNet; איווטה תשלח את הטקסטים של הסדנה למשתתפים. סדנה זו היא טלפתית ואנו מכוונים את עצמנו בהתאם למהלך השמש. כלומר, לא משנה היכן אתם, הסדנה תמיד מתחילה בזמן הנתון בהתאם לאזור הזמן המקומי. מכיוון שלכולנו יש מקצבים שונים של האופן שבו אנו עוסקים בעבודה הרוחנית שלנו, הפסקנו להציע מסגרות זמן ספציפיות לכל תרגיל של הסדנה. קחו את הזמן שאתם צריכים לכל רצף.  כיוונון קבוצתי היו מקורקעים בליבכם ובגופכם והרגישו את נוכחות הקבוצה שלנו, הכוללת ישויות אלמנטריות, מלאכיות ורוחניות התומכות בנו. למרות שאנו פזורים ברחבי העולם, אנו מתאחדים באהבתנו

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Gaia Culture Manifesto
Humanity is intimately connected to Gaia, the Earth’s subtle body and consciousness. We are embedded in her streams of life. In a sense we share the same bed with her. Are we aware of this sacred relationship, do we acknowledge our close connection – do we express and cultivate our love for her?
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Who We Are

LifeNet/Lebensnetz was founded by representatives of different geomantic groups from Europe in the year 2000, at the threshold of the third millennium. We met at the home of Marika and Marko Pogačnik in Šempas, Slovenia. Over the past 20 years the LifeNet community has cooperated through organizing geomantic and Earth healing workshops, creating Geopuncture and Lithopuncture installations with cosmograms cut in stone, and sponsoring and distributing Monthly meditations, Gaia Touch body exercises, and telepathic workshops. Since 2008 every other year one of the LifeNet groups has organized an international creative LifeNet meeting. Presently we are:

Organizing Team

Irina from Russia, Jana, Theresia and Peter from Germany, Ying from Hong Kong and England, Leslie from North America, and Tea and Marko from Slovenia.

LifeNet members

We are over 2000 people
from all parts of the world!

Team of Translators

Iveta, Dorian & Mei, Michal, Kati, Kata,
Orit, Irina, Eyvo, Martin, Dagmar, Sara, Urša, Susanne, Ann-Kathrin, Agnes
and Sara.

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LifeNet comprises connected individuals, groups, projects and initiatives on the most continents worldwide.

As diverse as the people and groups are, as diverse is the form in which they practise the common concern.

In the respective regions, they organise their activities independently and work in parallel
on the development of their own personality and on the care of the Earth.

Our Main Activities

At that time we understood that the Earth had entered its cycle of far and deep reaching changes, inevitably connected to the transformation processes within human beings. We decided to create a network that would help human beings to understand the approaching epoch of cosmic change – and to find ways to cooperate with Gaia and her elemental worlds in their efforts to sustain and promote life in the forthcoming time of dramatic change and transformation that is today’s reality.


Even as different ecological associations, initiatives and networks endeavor to address our current planetary challenges and changes, we firmly believe that our engagement is needed for the safe transformation of the Earth and humankind. These different efforts usually do not touch upon the subtle levels of causal (archetypal, etheric) reality where these changes primarily take place before they manifest in material, day-to-day life.


Our work for the good of the Earth and humankind evolves at this causal level and can and must be included and addressed in the whole picture! Since modern geomancy is the base of our network, our work is well grounded, even if the practice of geomancy is no longer our primary focus.

The purpose of LifeNet Weekly Exercises is to establish a stronger link between Gaia and humankind over the course of a one-year process.

Telepathic Workshops are planned to take place once a month to address the actual impulses or blockages upon the path of Earth and human changes.

The Cyclic Telepathic Workshops take place at the four cardinal points of the year to support and strengthen the cycle of life so that it will not be broken down by the linear logics of the present civilization.

Silent Manifestations 2021 is a work that we do together each Friday at 5pm to collectively support archetypal qualities at the causal levels that are important for human civilization to continue upon the path of freedom and change.

Geopuncture Installations

During the last decade our LifeNet art team has created 27 Geopuncture installations comprised of several hundred stones with carved cosmograms standing in different countries: Canada (1), the USA (3), on the Canary Islands (2), in Portugal (1), in the Czech Republic (5), in Austria (2), Bosnia and Herzegovina (2), Croatia (4), and Slovenia (7).

The knowledge basic for the LifeNet vision and work can be found in the books of Marko Pogačnik and his daughter Ana Pogačnik and other LifeNet authors published in different languages – also through videos of Marko’s talks published on Vimeo.