From July 13th to 16th 

The location at Lake Bohinj was chosen for several reasons:

  • In the landscape temple of Slovenia, the lake of Bohinj represents the archetypal landscape of transformation which corresponds to the present epoch of basic planetary and civilization changes.
  • The waterfall of Savica, lake Bohinj, the lake of Bled and the Triglav mountain, all of them part of the Julian Alps, are places of beauty and of great creative potentials that can be used in these dramatic moments of change to initiate healing initiatives.
  • The Gathering takes place right next to the lithopucture stone that Marko and Marika carved in 1997 as part of a large composition called “Star of the Alps” with stones and cosmograms positioned in various places in Italy, Austria, Germany and Slovenia and it represents a network that can be used to spread the message of the Gathering into the world.