Gaia Culture Manifesto

Humanity is intimately connected to Gaia, the Earth’s subtle body and consciousness. We are embedded in her streams of life. In a sense we share the same bed with her. Are we aware of this sacred relationship, do we acknowledge our close connection – do we express and cultivate our love for her?

The knowledge how intimately our multidimensional human body is related to the body of the Earth is nearly lost. Our present civilization is largely ignorant of the consciousness and multiplicity of life of which we are part. Are we aware that the vital energy systems of the Earth’s landscapes permeate the human body as well? Are we aware that the elemental intelligence of Gaia enables us to think, to express emotion and be creative within the environment of the manifested world?

It is clear that the relationship between the Earth and human culture is so profound that it cannot be “managed” exclusively by rationally based measures. For example, current scientific and ecological approaches attempting to address the climate change crisis do not comprehend the wholistic and inter-dependent nature of our planet and its life. In order to develop a culture of co-existence and collaboration with Gaia we need to transform one-sided and distorted concepts about who the Earth is and who we are as human beings – and to change our cultural norms and practices accordingly.

1. Who is Gaia?

  • Gaia, first of all, represents the consciousness of the planet Earth. This consciousness permeates all beings of the Earthly bio-sphere, be it landscapes, animals, elemental beings, atoms, mountains, human beings, microbes, oceans, drops of water ….
  • According to the ancient Greek tradition, Gaia or Gea is acknowledged and known as a Goddess in order to make clear that she represents the divine principle working permanently inside the embodied and archetypal worlds – to create ideal conditions for all beings, at all levels of existence, and to develop their potentials and express and enjoy the beauty of life.

2. The Community of All Beings

It is not possible to live in harmony, peace and creativity with the Earth as long as we relate to and manage other beings of Gaia as inferior, as inanimate or without consciousness.

  • The manifested forms of life on our planet – plants, animals, and minerals – are not destined to be our slaves, to be manipulated or suppressed as if they have no intrinsic value for the complexity of the living Earth.
  • All Gaia’s beings including the invisible ones represent the senses and portals of Gaia’s elemental consciousness through which she communicates with her manifested creation and with the new emerging human culture.
  • Instead of institutions and conventions that function only among humans, we are faced with the challenge of creating new supporting attitudes and practices to re-discover and embrace our larger family, composed of all beings present within the Earthly universe. Each member of the emerging Gaia Culture requires a respected and protected place within the new global community.

3. Self-knowledge

We understand that it is not possible to develop a new and mutually fulfilling partnership between human culture and the living Earth if we human beings do not know our true selves in relationship to our core essence.

  • The path to self-knowledge is the first step – exploring and experiencing who we are as human beings, as a nexus of different worlds and extensions of life, as an intrinsic part of the evolving multidimensional planetary consciousness and body.
  • The next step is learning to cultivate, hold and maintain one’s inner peace, and being centered and grounded in our core essence.
  • A third endeavour – without hesitation, developing an ethically-based personal practice to guide us in meeting the daily challenges of our planetary world in transition – in relationship to the worlds of Gaia, to our human companions, seen and unseen.

4. The Abundance of Life

The Earth is a planet of extraordinary beauty, fertility and vital abundance. Today we see a great part of humanity in poverty, diminished and starving. The resources of the Earth are being exploited and managed wastefully and destructively. To address and change this tragic situation we must transform the principles upon which the planetary economy functions.

  • We must restore the cycle of continuous, ongoing exchange between humankind and the worlds of the Earth and nature. The present culture takes from the Earth what it thinks it needs, then consumes these resources and discards what is left. This is not a cycle of exchange but a one-way path leading to the spiritual impoverishment of human beings and the plundering and destruction of the Earth.
  • To create Gaia Culture we must restore a cycle of exchange between the manifested and causal or archetypal dimensions of the multidimensional Earth – which includes the presently ignored dimensions of Gaia. These dimensions represent inexhaustible sources and reserves of life force that can renew our exhausted planetary resources drained by the current materialistic and linear one-way economy.
  • To undertake this task we must overcome and transform rational and dismissive prejudices regarding the so-called “causal or archetypal” dimensions of reality. Let us support efforts to establish a new paradigm that honours the multidimensionality of nature, the Earth and human beings.

5. Education

An essential part of Gaia Culture is to creatively engage in transforming existing systems of education.

  • We must understand, protect and nurture the natural sensibility of the child in relationship to all different beings and levels of existence. Human beings whose sensitivity towards different facets of life have been encouraged and supported can naturally become loving partners of the Earth and co-creative inhabitants of Gaia’s worlds.
  • Next, the education system should help young people recognize that they are multidimensional beings playing and creating within an environment that is equally rich on many different dimensions of existence.
  • Children can be empowered to distinguish what is true and what is not true, to discriminate and navigate a world where powers of illusion and manipulation separate human beings from their true essence. These powers of illusion and manipulation can become increasingly dangerous with the advancement of electronic media and communications.
  • A primary goal of the education system is to help human beings discover and know their purpose and their creative place within the enlarged planetary family, to be in and with nature, so that in the course of their lives they can contribute to the beauty and richness of life.

6. The Art and Practice of Geomancy

Geomancy represents an evolving knowledge and practice about the streams, energy centers and circulations of vital forces and elemental consciousness that occur in landscapes throughout the planet. To sustain life upon Earth Gaia needs these vital forces free to breathe and function according to their planetary design. Our present civilization’s ignorance regarding these essential aspects of the Earth all too often blocks and weakens the proper functioning and vitality of Earth’s vital organs.

  • The task of today’s geomancy is to develop approaches that can help human culture gain insights into and knowledge and understanding of the crucial importance of the vital-energy organism of the Earth, its elemental consciousness, and its sacred dimensions.
  • We can participate in the unfolding Gaia Culture by developing and practicing our sensibility and perception of the essence of nature and its elemental and spiritual beings.
  • The acknowledged and respected results of such deeper perceptions of nature, places and landscapes can be incorporated into urban and landscape planning and other related disciplines in universities, into centers and programs of learning worldwide, and into the innumerable activities that characterize our modern culture.
  • We must develop the political, social and economic means to protect and support those places upon the Earth that are of decisive and critical importance to the health and vitality of the planet and its inhabitants.
  •  As traditional societies have done over millennia, we can and should create ritual and artistic forms through which the sacredness of these places and the Earth can be recognized and celebrated.

7. The New Space of Reality

Gaia, the Earth consciousness, is a dynamic being permanently evolving and creating new conditions for life, renewing space and time structures, so that all her beings that exist at different levels of life can develop and evolve accordingly.

  • Under the pressure and threat that contemporary civilization and life systems upon the planet could collapse, Gaia recently began to create new space and time foundations for the planet to adapt to our present circumstances and to sustain our future development.
  • This new space and time framework transcends the boundaries of traditional perception and can be understood as a multidimensional structure and process that provides space and opportunity to all beings, visible and invisible, to live in peaceful and creative interaction.
  • The new space is, first of all, an ethical imperative. It is based upon loving, conscious and co-creative relationships between all beings involved in the web of life upon the Earth and within its subtle places and dimensions.
  • The new space of reality is already supporting life on Earth but we ordinarily do not perceive and recognize it until and unless we dedicate and cultivate conscious attention to its presence.

The Earth, Gaia, with all her beings, visible and invisible, has offered humankind the wonderful opportunity to live and breathe within the world of physical matter, to enjoy and celebrate its beauty and creative potentials. To an extent we have transformed her hospitality into valuable experiences and creative deeds. However, at the same time we humans have also unconsciously exploited the Earth without regard to consequences and without regard to other beings of life.

The time to decide which of these two paths we will take into the future has arrived. The only path that makes sense is to reconnect with the essence of life and embrace a loving partnership with Gaia, the Earth. This path involves a challenging transformation of our current cultures and may provoke changes in many aspects of the embodied world as we know it as we continue to evolve into the future.

Marko Pogačnik UNESCO Artist for Peace


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