Telepathic workshop: Challenges 2021 Invitation

Telepathic workshop: Challenges 2021 Invitation

Hello LifeNet co-creators,  

We invite you to a new telepathic workshop. This workshop is part of a renewed impulse that we feel is needed. Going forward our proposal is to prepare telepathic Lifenet workshops (monthly, or as needed?) in addition to the Weekly Exercises so not to lose contact with ongoing Earth changes. 

The first telepathic workshop is entitled “Challenges 2021“ and will take place on:
SaturdayJanuary 30th at 9.00 – 10.20 in the morning and will be repeated on WednesdayFebruary 3rd at 20.00 – 21.20 in the evening

The day before you will find workshop plan in the different languages here
at or at Please join us!

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Daniela Gabrielová

Please, where can I find the workshop program on this site? Thank you.

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