PART 23 (10th of June 2021). Weekly Exercises to connect with Gaia

PART 23 (10th of June 2021). Weekly Exercises to connect with Gaia


(Text by Andrea)

Human beings – if you turn the eye of your heart

more frequently towards me,

I awaken deeper into my own presence.

Your heart’s perspective, free and courageous,

enables my journey towards healing.

Simultaneously the chance for healing opens up to you.

Together we discover

the potential of this path.

It is in your freedom

to walk this path.


(Exercise by Marko)

  • Become aware that the earth is not under your feet, but that it breathes all around you, for it is above all a cosmic consciousness.
  • Take the time to sense this image deep within you.
  • Experience your heart space as a centre point around which Gaia has expanded her creation.
  • Then invite Gaia to enter this centre and, from your heart space, animate her creation.
  • Let your inner gaze wander around the space that surrounds you, to see what the rest of the world feels like when Gaia is present in your heart centre.
  • She may stay there, for the heart space is wide enough for both of you.
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