Einladung zur HERBSTNACHTGLEICHE- zyklisches telepathisches Seminar 2021

Einladung zur HERBSTNACHTGLEICHE- zyklisches telepathisches Seminar 2021

DIENSTAG, am 21. September ABENDS um 20.00

Wiederholung am SONNTAG, den 3. Oktober MORGENS um 9.00

Diese Zyklische Werkstatt ist anders als sonst, sie enthält Übungen zur Verbindung mit Bäumen, Bergen und Flüssen.

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Lea Hennessy

Dear Team I cannot find any instructions for this meditation. Will you be posting it again please.
Best Wishes


Hello Fransje,
I saw that nobody replayed, so i suggest my interpretation.
Individualy, you make the exercises with Tree/Water and Moutain as preparation before the collective Work.
During our Session together you tune in with your personal experiences. (Look up the lines: "During our collective group session…")
I saw it as (3 times) a Gift you offer into the group. So no "steps" but an inner attitude, a lifenet creating for Gaia…

Fransje FM

Dear Ones, Happy Equinox! This time I didn't see any instructions or exercises? Where do I find these for the following up possibility on Sunday October 3rd? In Love, Fransje FM

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