Die wöchentlichen Übungen sollen uns eine Gelegenheit geben, sich stärker mit dem eigenen inneren Selbst, mit Gaia und ihren elementaren Welten zu verbinden.

Weiters sollen sie die Gelegenheit bieten, uns als Gruppe stärker zu verbinden.

Führe die Übung täglich zu einem Zeitpunkt aus, der für Dich angenehm ist. Beginne, indem Du Dich mit unserer Gruppe verbindest und unsere gemeinsame Raum- und Zeitstruktur wieder herstellst, wie wir es bei den telepathischen Workshops machen.

Jede der wöchentlichen Übungen wird sich aus einer Nachricht von Gaia zusammensetzen, die Andrea Rosslan-Brandt von der Geomantiegruppe Ruhrgebiet während des letzten Monats empfangen hat, und einer dazugehörenden imaginativen Übung, die Marko Pogačnik aus Slowenien geschaffen hat.

Du kannst jeden Donnerstag ein neues Paket auf https://www.lifenet.si/category/weekly/ herunterladen. Bitte registriere Dich für die Übungen, damit wir wissen, mit wem wir zusammenarbeiten.

Du kannst Dich unter https://www.lifenet.si/weekly-exercises anmelden.

Wenn Du Dich angemeldet hast, kannst Du auf https://www.lifenet.si/category/weekly/ Dein persönliches Login erstellen.

Nach der Anmeldung hast Du dann Zugriff auf die Unterlagen für die wöchentliche Übung.

Wenn Du beim Herunterladen der Pakete Probleme hast, kannst Du Dich an Jana Rieger unter der E-Mail Adresse meditation@lebensnetz-geomantie.de melden. Teile ihr mit, in welcher Sprache Du die Unterlagen benötigst und sie wird sie Dir per E-Mail zusenden.

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lea hennessy

Looking forward to Saturday.
Many thanks


Thank you for your invitation into the lightfull circle. May the blessings be. Looking forward creating with you. May all be well and free. Carola


Dear Marco, dear friends of earth and kosmos!
Thank you for this very deep meditation. For me we had many beeings of the elements and of the kosmos who accompanied us.
And at the end I really had the feeling to be connected to the whole world and cosmos on a higher level.
It was important to work with water element on different levels of existance and heart. Our world is too heated in sense of human acitvity. Virus attacs the human lungs so as the humans attac the lungs of gaia.
May we all work on a changing human living world and may the light of easter lightens this way:

yael shifman

In the common circle, I have sometimes seen and been present in their entirety and sometimes in only part of the membrane, and have experienced the energy inherent in it. In grading over Bohini Lake with the four place scores – I experienced different energies in the four different place scores. In the center of the lake, I experienced shadow clouds that felt like sources of contamination and were difficult to dislodge, there was heavy energy and a sense of damage. In the waterfall area, I experienced a rejection from nature, which finds it difficult to accept the closeness of the work cycle, but that has changed little while. In the area of the Slava River coming out of the lake, I have experienced the desire of the natural and powerful beings of water, in connection with humanity, but humanity’s compassion and understanding is required for this closeness and reciprocity to occur.

Ayala rothenberg

Thank you very much, Marko and the whole group , for this wonderful workshop and opportunity to do this work of support in the life-net changes that accrues now

krystyna szredel

Großartig, ich schreibe bald mehr.

Brigitte Krausch

Lake Bohinj
At river Sava as well as at the peninsula, I experienced strong loss of energy, at the waterfall I felt strong materialistic feelings. The water does not seem to reach the lake and the lake falls dry.

Transformation of the hell pattern: This was a very painful experience which shattered the basis of my identity.

Release the “virus”: At Lake Bohinj, it was almost impossible to gather the gold coins and I did not find any support from outside to receive the pattern, but I had to carry it to the space by myself. Then I repeated the exercise at a lake in the Rocky Mountains which I know and there it was very easy and many helpers already were waiting for me.

All the best to all participants

Martin Krausch

Hello to all the participants,
I had some interesting experiences and insights I want to share.

When gathering the group, most important when creating the spherical membrane was to make sure, it is permeable and not locking anything in or out.

About the “tour” of Lake Bohinj.
The waterfall appeared to be very string to me. However, I was not able to get any distance to it and felt being drawn in. The shore of the lake was peaceful, but there was a brown, dry area around it. The river Sava felt like a waterfall drawing everything out.

When doing the gesture of detachment from the pattern of the Earth being at the disposal of mankind, I was taken on a tour around the globe (most interesting only the northern hemisphere) where I experienced different forms of that pattern. It started in Asia, where the majority does not seem to be aware that something is wrong. I would call it the naïve approach. America showed me armed force being sure to do the right thing. And Europe built strong castles and churches.

When transforming the pattern of hell, I experienced strong resistance. It was important not only to reach into the lithosphere, but to immerse myself in it. It took a very long time until I succeeded to form the ball. And most important was to clean my hands and body after the exercise. Hell seems still to be very sticky.

During the exercise to renew the heart connection to Gaia, when sending out the impulse at the end, my tour around the world repeated. It was like the old patterns now were about to be replaced by this heart connection.

Most difficult was the balancing afterwards. Maybe, my concentration was already deteriorating. Or there was something that wanted to undermine success. Maybe, I should try again later.

Best wishes to all of you, have a good time, success and looking forward to meeting you at LifeNet gathering.


When we first met in the circle a very huge raven spread its wings across the entire lake. There was a dark shadow on the sea and the raven said.. I deepen the water energy? or the sea mind? with my energy. The message was loud but i didn´t understand. At first I thought, oh that’s not a good thing now, but a voice sounded warning me not to show prejudice for this symbol. So when i first tried to remove the raven it was like as if it were solid installed in that area. Then it became a black Hand and then an arm appeared what holds its hand over the sea. I was still not completely happy with it but I had to accept it. Then the green and violet web was woven and when we built the dome the raven/hand tried to slip in our circle. But it was like kidding me. After i begged him/it to go out it hovered above the dome and watched us weaving. But it wasn’t finished with its jokes. The hand pressed lightly on the dome from above, as if testing the statics. Our net was slightly stuck to the hand. But the hand/crow didn’t want to harm us it just wanted to test our stability and annoy us a little.

Nelly Gluzman

Greetings from Israel!
Many thanks for Marko and Drustvo Vitaa for the possibility to connect and create together!!
Here are some feedbacks.
1. The circle energy created easily and felt gently and pleasantly present till all the work.
The lake is so beautiful and vivid! Made a great desire to visit it physically. And to join the Lifenet meeting in its physical place!

3 -transformation of hell pattern. When i formed a ball from it and raised the ball up to the sky asking for transformation, a powerful Angelic figure appeared (looking like Michael the Archangel) with a sword and touched the ball with the tip of his sword, creating bright white flame with sparks , similar to electric welding. Then there appeared already 4 similar angels, they stood at four sides of the ball, each with same sword and keeping all the four sword tips in the middle, on the ball, creating big white and then violet flame with sparks. That lasted joyfully quite a long time.

4-under the lake. When asked for the key, gentle light appeared which took me down by spiral staircase to the space filled with an amazing light -like full moon light which was light and water at the same time. It was very pleasant realm of the Water of life.
Below it there were halls with a few gold-coloured minerals, maybe gold bars. The coins appeared also, by demand (-:
After transformation of the gold coins, in the underneath level also appeared such waterly light but in more golden colour, balanced silver and gold coloured. Very beautiful.
5. In the heart system, felt a block in the throat chakra. My back heart chakra was badly damaged with hard experiences of the past. The front heart chakra was filled with gentle golden light of possible future, whether the throat block would be transformed.

6. Connecting and merging the Feminine and Masculine in the heart felt creating like ying-yang sign in silver and golden light but in volume of three and more dimentions. It was pleasant to feel its balanced vibration.

Great thanks for all the participants!! looking forward to next meetings in the Heart space!

Agnes Hodel

Frohe Ostern wünsche ich allen und herzlichen Dank für die akribische Vorbereitung der Workshop-Meditationen für heute Karsamstag.
Ich bin heute Morgen aufgestanden und habe kurz geweint.
Bei der Einstimmung habe ich ebenfalls kurz geweint.
Beim Savica Wasserfall vollkommene Ruhe und Frieden wahrgenommen (nicht das fallende Wasser selber), eine gewisse Schwärze wie einen Wandlungsaspekt der schwarzen Göttin? (= Interpretation der Schwärze, die einen leichten nebligen Schimmer/ Dunst/ Aufhellung hatte)
Das Ufer des Bohinj-Sees habe ich sozusagen als stets schnell kreisendes Element wahrgenommen nach links kreisend, so ein kreisender Energiekreis.
Bei den Meditationen „Ausbalancierung unserer Körper-Dimensionen, um die neue Stabilität der Erde zu unterstützen“ war es ein erleichterndes Gefühl, die Qualität der Versöhnung von Mond und Sonne im Herzzentrum zu erleben.
Die neue Qualität des Friedens strahlte aus der Kehle in alle vier Himmelsrichtungen wie neblig-weisse gerade Linien.
Zur Balance des Herzmuskels mit dem sogenannten „fünften Stigma Christi“: Beim präsent sein in meinem Herzmuskel habe ich wahrgenommen, dass ich offen sein darf und stets Vertrauen haben darf. Am Tor des Chakras des „fünften Stigma“ sind mir die Worte Trauer, Schmerz, Wut in den Sinn gekommen (vielleicht schon transformiere Wut, Trauer Schmerz?).
Nun lasse ich vorübergehend wieder los in Friede und Freude.


Thank you Marko, Drustvo Vitaaa team and all the participants. This is a very intriguing way to work together.

Connecting to the others, our circle formed an interesting new element, it was like liquid light with pieces of rainbow prisms inside it. I was surprised to sense these solid prism pieces suspended within the energy of the group.

I thank you for the suggestion to ground into a place. I felt we were floating and it was a relief to ground into lake Bohinj. I felt very much the mineral qualities of the shore, particularly in the sand. There was a deep sense of impulses from the heart of the lake which continually releases into the river. Something about Naklova Glava intrigued me, it appeared to me like a volcano with purple smoke. It had a fiery energy present within it, and kept releasing this energy as purple smoke.

In transforming the patterns, the first pattern felt to me like a misplaced hunger. It was as though the humans were hungry for something and they didn’t know what to eat so they ‚ate‘ the earth. After that pattern was transformed there was love and a desire to fill that hunger from a place of true identity. The hell pattern was like crumbling bones, dried leaves and sticks, when it was transformed it was like crystalline sand dropping back into the lake.

In releasing the virus from the earth I was again helped by the minerals and sand from the lake. After the releasing the gold coins and dry room, they became crystalline sand and which settled peacefully into the bed of the lake. However when I first went into the bottom of the lake I saw a few murky doorways in the water. They were not solid but like swirls of smoke which made the shape of closed doorways. It felt like they did not belong in the lake and may be something which needs to be cleared.

In renewing the connection to Gaia I felt very much the support and joy of the animals and insects to feel human beings renewing this connection.

During the exercise on balancing the body dimensions, my body started to make spontaneous movements, one of them was like my torso spinning on an axis. I felt a sense of playfulness and creativity during this spinning. The spiritual and earth qualities started to spin together like a spindle, it was like both dense and fine energies mixing together, but then they had to settle back into their respective spaces in order for a wide soft blanket of peace to emerge.

The elemental heart was a challenge, I felt I could only perceive it more when I felt the qualities of the renewed connection to Gaia from the earlier exercise. It appeared like a tree in a constant process of birth and dying, I was aware of the parts of this tree which wanted to fall off and become earth again, like a cycle. The fifth stigmata appeared to me as a large golden beam, and it was like a teleportation slide. I remain with the feeling that this axis was tricky to perceive.

I thank you for this opportunity to collaborate and I wish everyone a good Easter.


It was funny to sit next to a very hairy creature from whom you can only see ist big upper arm. Fortunately there is a human being on my left, with female energy. In front of me one or two slim, translucent beings.

Waterfall: Cleaned my entire system and felt a connection to the peninsula. Opposite the peninsula on the shore of Lake Bohinj, I was drawn next and slide deep under the lake. A little too early? At the outflow of the SAVA I felt uncomfortable, restlessly and it was loud.

I found decoupling to be really powerful.

The Pattern of Hell: Hope Gaia can transform it with the help of elemental and angelic beings.

Virus: Back on the banks of the Bohinj Lake, I slide deep under the lake again. I shape every single heap of gold that I can find into a ball. In the end I have a bunch of balls. I now shape it into one ball and hand it over to the angelic world.

Balancing our body dimensions was the most valuable of all exercises for me. Freedom is good, being free is better, but FREE to BE ……. (FREI im SEIN)
And for me to feel how important it is that every one lives as consciously as possible the connection from above and below, from heaven to EARTH and from earth to HEAVEN always in both directions at the same time.

Maria Cristina Borselli

11 April report:
1) Rooting in places, ok:
Savica waterfall: I was on the shore looking at the waterfall, I saw a silver trout that drove forming a circle that also went under the water.
On the shore of Lake Bohinj: I was on my knees in the meadow, in my right hand I had a drop of water that grew bigger and mirrored Life. With my left hand I played with the grass drawing an ever larger spiral. Then I always saw myself kneeling in the lake up to the navel.
In Naklova Glava: I was on the bank and I looked at the landscape, I saw a thin rainbow put like a bridge from one bank to another, then it disturbed me coming toward me and also a shadow of a giant ant. I got scared and I reacted by sending blinding light and the rainbow rose to the sky and became normal and vanished, the ant came back small, I put a finger on it and I blessed it, in its nature without interference.
2) the network of ignorance was a bit painful, then it broke away and dissolved for everyone in purple, which enveloped the whole world. Around the world there was also the membrane of violet and green threads.
3) transformation of the patterns of the hell
I made a deep hole using sound. I arrived in the dark of hell, there was a black pearl floating in the air on my hand. I saw her and recognized as a representative of hell for each of us. It rose more and more in the sky becoming smaller and smaller, until it was sucked into an Angelic channel of light, where it became small as a grain of sand and then only light.
4) I went to the bottom of Lake Boinj, I managed to get there by going down with two somersaults, then sending a very bright white light from the Heart, I went deep. I saw a room with many gold coins, I took many, and as I took them I melded them in gold and named all the powerful companies and people in the world, shareholders and places of destructive power. Tears of pain came down. It has become a very heavy „Golden World Map“; I offered it to Heaven, stretching out my arms as much as I could as rubber, then the Elementals of the air and the Angels came to get it; I saw the clouds opened by the angels very far away, there was another blue sky, the „golden world of power“ went to a place where it could be transformed or where there was a need for energy, without any return wave. White light fell, I remained on my knees and then prostrated on the ground tears of gratitude fell. Emerald green water came from the river which covered me gently. Then I went back to sit.
5) I saw a world of luxuriant Nature in which there were wide-open doors made of bushes and trees. All closed doors of limitations were opened to bring about awakening, now! People could come true. I kept repeating it: Awakening and Realization Now!
6) Balancing:
The synthesis of freedom was: the possibility for everyone to live relationships passionately „.

Barbara Buttinger-Förster

Thank you very much dear Marko, for your experiences and the shaping of the meditations. I also wanted to propose repetitions, as I foumd some parts quite complex and also demanding, and I am sure that they will open their full potential only by bring practised more frequently, similar to the monthly meditations. Thanks for all the experiences written here!


Yes, I think this would be a good idea!

Rahel Enzler

I am up for more work and as you suggest a shorter version, would be a good Idea.

Nancy Kay Anderson

I am thankful that Marianne Giosa sent me the link to the meditation..I do not have as much feedback as the other comments but what was poignant were the heart exercises. I was shown many closed doors in my heart with one slightly ajar and then I said it was time to open and in each room their was an image of earth, air, fire, water and one room was a light as a shining sun. There were also beautiful gardens in the distance. With the elemental heart and the heart muscle, there began the movement of a lemniscate uniting the two together, working in rhythm and when the 5th stigma was entered the 3 became shining suns that began to move, grow and unite into one. I also felt constriction in the throat .I was unable to feel that relax and open. Moving, breathing colors of green, violet and gold were continually pulsing, expanding and contracting and images of faces, not frightening but unfamiliar, were coming forth. I let it happen and did not go further to identify them. While going deeper into the water of the lake when I was about to enter the deeper realm and vortex of water began to stir and grow stronger and pulled me lower to the dry walls and gold coins. This was not very clear though i continued with the exercise and offered the ball of coins to be taken by the Holy Ones. If you do continue with these, i would love to be notified and thank you for bringing this meditation at such a Holy Time for the earth and Humanity.. Easter blessings to all…Much love, Nancy
A beautiful Resurrection for all living beings….


Tuning in and formning the circle made me feel happy – my heart started to vibrate at a higher level – the little ‘tschi’ who jumped into my heart from a big stone at the Imatra waterfall in Finland during the workshop there in 2018 wanted to join the circle. A deep longing is released. Inviting the elemental beings the energy moves from the heart into arms and hands and I imagine that we are all holding hands. Now the energy in my heart feels more powerful. Building up the membrane gives a feeling of safeness and I can allow the energy from the heart to get even more powerful
Suddenly an inner sight arises – the Sun Pyramid in Visoko.
Savica waterfall – we are all standing in the huge waterfall, very vivid water running down over us purifying us totally. I feel like going into trance and someone/something seems to be working with at a very deep level – I cannot resist it.
Then further on the lake shore looking on the surface of the lake. Beautiful and calm – bringing a new balance into the group.
The peninsula is a very unknown universe and again I feel like falling into trance.
Sava – the water is running forcefully here whirling the energy around and purifying the energy of the group ever more deeply.
Working with expressing will to cooperate lovingly I sense a great relief – the elemental world has been longing for this! My feet have “a love affair” with Gaia – a fine subtle energy flows between us.
From my heart and the little tschi the energy flows into my arms and out in my hands which unpurposely are hold together at my thighs – thus forming a heart with the finger tips pointing downwards.
Suddenly I feel a heavy energy pushing my right leg outwards. After a while with a stucked energy and resistance I am able to let go of this pain. Then pain in in the right side of the edge of the ribbons and upper right arm.
Diving into the lake I perceive the second layer as very playful and joyous.
The third layer – the little ball bears a sign unknown to me – a sign not belonging to our planet. The power is pleased to be carried on to a star system where it can work constructively.
Now a strong, shimmering golden light – I feel pain and activity in my pubic bone and then balance.
I am sitting in my apartment doing this work and all of a sudden a fresh wind passes through our living room!
Renewal of the connection with Gaia – the pain at the edge of the right ribbons returns before the body dimensions is balanced and I can send peace, love and health out on the planet. Peace go to the Arctic first, the Africa, then Russia and finally the USA.

I am amazed of todays’ workshop and grateful to all of you fellow workers.
Love Anne

Margaret Lange

Thank you Marko, Drustvo Vitaaa and all the wonderful beings of the circle. Such a special time and so readily accessed with all your preparation thanks.
Would love some more working towards gathering time. Shorter would be good now I know I have the hang of it thanks, though amazing how well the energetic connection was sustained through that time – and space. I did get such beautiful support.
Every blessing of renewal and love this Easter from Tasmania.


I like to add:

Working with the „virus“
I had the intuition that I should practice the Gaia Touch Exercise „universal water“ (37) during the group work. After a while of practice I was told to rest my hands. Then magic happened. The universal water begun to „rain“ like a blessing that reaches everything and everybody.

I had to change the places of moon and sun (maybe we are different) .
The diagonal axis feels incomplete for me. I was searching for help and found it by including my hands.

Dear members of life net .after saterdays work shope I feel that ther is so mutch to do … now is the time ! and we have the power to do it . It was ameizing to feel the aeteric place bildd with sutch a worm and strong feeling .
it is their to conect and continu the work together at any time ..
thank you marco and the teem for make it happend . all the love from all 5 part of my hart . meet you soon in the green perpel place .

Wir haben für die Teilnahme den Quarzpfahl (Abschnitt Antoniuspfahl) im vorderen bayrischen Wald gewählt. An diesem wunderbaren Kraftort haben wir gemeinsam mit Marco und 33 Teilnehmern im Oktober 2019 eine intensive geomantische Werkstatt durchgeführt.
Bei der Gruppenverbindung mit euch hat Johannes berührt erlebt wie besonders es ist, wenn Menschen, Ahnen, Elementarwesen und Engel in einem Kreis sitzen. Wir werden einander bewusst und empfinden tiefe Ehrfrucht, Dankbarkeit, Glück und Potential.
Am Bohinjsee hat Anja den gemeinsamen Kreis als so groß erlebt, dass er um den ganzen See gereicht hat. Der Savica-Wasserfall war ein wundervoller Tanz in allen Farben glänzender Wassertropfen. Das mit Informationen der Landschaft aufgeladene Wasser vereinigt sich mit kosmischen Energien und dem Element Luft (Bewusstsein). Diese orgastische Aufladung mündet in der Ruhe und tiefen Erfüllung des See.
In Kontrast dazu hat sich Anja am Ufer des See verloren gefühlt. Es war als könne das Ufer dem See keinen Halt geben oder es besteht aus irgendeinem Grund eine schwache Verbindung.
Auf der Halbinsel Naklova Glava war Klarheit und präsentes Sein zu spüren.
Der Fluss Sava trägt eine außerordentlich heile Matrix der Erfüllung in das angrenzende Land. Wie ein, aus der Quelle genährter Schöpfer, mit Freude erfüllt und voller Tatendrang, verbunden mit Erde und Kosmos.
Wir haben uns mit euch bei der Durchführung der drei Heldenprüfungen zur Transformation der jeweiligen Blockaden verbunden und getragen gefühlt. Es hat sich wunderbar angefühlt, dies gemeinsam zu tun.
Herzensgrüße und vielen Dank an dich Marco und alle Teilnehmer
Anja und Johannes

Jana & Dieter

We are very grateful for this connection with all of you. We were in the little mountains „Müggelberge“ and experienced the connection to the Bohinj lake in a large presence. I love being led to the places of the lake by Slovenian friends. It was very empathetic. Thank you for the steps on the way to consciously perceive the 3 challenges and to let beauty and peace become conscious again. And that we can enter the open spaces of our future and be sure of our way.
It is difficult for me to translate the small poetic text.


Liebendes Auge
ruht und schaut.
Und schaut mich an.
Überrascht mich die Schönheit?
Ale hop!
Kitzelt ein Sonnenstrahl
den Buchenkeimling
im trocken Laub.
Und knisternd
weckt mich liebevoll
der Geruch welker Blätter.
Blühendes Wiedererwecken.
Und mittendrin
ich, ein Menschenkind
verwundernd liebkosend
die Schönheit
der Schöpfung.
Mit großem Dank
in meinem Herzen.

Ruža Smrček

Dragi prijatelji, željela bih produžiti iscjeljujuču nit naše delavnice.
Noć prije, sanjala sam da će taj rad izliječiti i naše ganglije.
Nakon oslobođenja od virusa, kad se kupaš u blistavo zlatnoj kozmičkoj vodi i sam postaneš kanal da ta kozmička voda izlazi i širi se.
Za vrijeme povezivanja s Gajom i širenja impulsa iz svog srca, vidjela sam da je to viši nivo srčane energije. Kao cvijet koji to iz sebe stalno emitira i tako postaje kolijevka u kojoj se rađa novi čovjek, i iz koje će stati na svoje noge u novoj stvarnosti. To daje uzemljenje novom biću koje lebdi i zrači bijelu svijetlost koja se pretvara u dugine boje.
Uravnotežujući nivoe našeg tijela kao potporu novoj stabilnosti zemlje, vidjela sam:
– horizontalno ženska energija daje blagost a muška poljubac, impuls, i nastaje novi život
– vertikalno, elementarni svijet daje strukturu, tijelo, a duhovni svijetlo, i to omogućava da veliki brod na jedra plovi naprijed.
– dijagonalno, od srca prema Kristovoj stigmi, prvo se pojavila ključanica a onda se otvorio pulsirajući portal. Kad to digneš u elementarno srce, vidiš raj na zemlji.
Namjeravam nastaviti raditi ove dvije meditacije u suradnji s drugima.
Noćas sam sanjala da se s prijateljicom penjem na brdo i na vrhu nailazimo na kuću u kojoj traže nekoga tko bi se brinuo o zaštiti na radu. Ja sam se odlučila da ću prihvatiti taj posao jer ja to znam raditi…
Nastavljamo, hvala svima za čudovit rad a Marku za vodstvo.
Pozdrav iz srca Ruža

Rahel Enzler

I did this workshop in my mother‘s garden in Rheinfelden Switzerland. The Savica waterfall I experienced full, of dancing Sylphs and Angels coming down in the waterfall, they were very pleased that we focused us there. The second place I stood on the shore of Bohinj lake and it seemed, as if some beings pushed the surface of the water up from within the lake , it looked like Geysirs in Iceland, standing there I was also sprayed with the water from the lake. On the Naklova Glava half Island I perceived beings from an other culture, who live in the earth, they came to the surface, I wandered, if it was lemurians or Atlantisists, they were wondering what we were doing there, they seem to say they were the protectors of the Bohinj lake. At the Sava river, who is leaving the lake I perceived the physical river, peacefully running over stones but also a spiritual river above it who did the same movement like mirroring the physical flow.
When I finished the exercise with the gold ball, the hall was slowly filling with cosmic water, my larinxs felt really strong, the organ of co-creating with Gaia. Also with the exercises (virtual, horizontal and diagonal) my larinxs felt very strongly, and to see them as the crown of the heart filled me with great Awe. I haven’t understood yet the fifth stigmata and the signification of it,
I still have to work it out.
Marko thank you so much for the Workshop and lots of thanks to all fellow workers.

lea hennessy

Thank you Marko and all your colleagues. Around the waterfall I had a sense that humans had not respected it and that the elves were forced to go deep underground, Bohinj Lake radiates a wonderful energy, the penninsula I felt had experienced huge conflict and along the river i visualised the presence of an abundance of nature. It was challenging trying to ground the energy at the lake and I kept visualising the membrane and calling in the colours all the time. . I found it hard working on my heart and visualising the various parts.During the meditation I looked up at my curtains which are floral and felt as if i was being watched by numerous eyes. It was disconcerting. Linking the elemental heart to the 5th Stigma was difficult because I did not fully understand what the elemental heart was. Some images and words came of being patted by an elf and Gaia saying “ Know I am with you always“ . Beautiful and challenging meditations. I would spend a whole morning just doing meditations on the heart. Can we practise some of these meditations at home. It was a great privilege to attend and to be of service in these extraordinary times. Thank you !

Anne Stuart

Thank you Marko and your team for a wonderful experience.
I had lots of images of lake Bohinj being a womb to birth a new human,seeded from the seminal waters of Savica. Gia would no longer birth in fright being protected by violet light and the black snake I saw under Sava river was banished in the black ball ,to be trasmuted. Humanity freed from slavery. The virus eating at man’s heart was banished and the new human could satisfy himself from springs of living water, his true identity reclaimed. The Elemental heart was in embryo, beating in unision in Gai’s womb, heart to heart.Naklova Slava was birth canal and new human was safely delivered into Sava river to joyous beings. The amniotic fluid was carried by Sava river to the sea to repattern the new humans of the future. The sun and the moon meet mid summer sky when god and goddess are one. Peace now reigns on earth , felt by a stirring in the hearts of all men. The Second Coming has begun. All Nature responds. A shower of white petals fell outside my window and some birds flew by.
This is my experience.
Thanks, Anne Stuart Ireland.

Alice Weibull

Thank-you for a deep and connected workshop.
I became aware of the importance of using the purple light to wash my hands and my body as well as with soap and water. After the lifting the ball in the transformation visualizations I felt a need to immerse my hands in the purple light as well as my solar plexus.
While renewing the connection to Gaia my friend from the Sidhe world appeared and stayed by my side. It was obvious that the Sidhe world was involved in our activity and also part of our deeper connection with Gaia


Many thanks to Marko and the Slovenian team for the great tour.

We, a small group from Kiel, met and were led to a union place of male and female energy. Right from the beginning of the meditation, we immediately felt connected to the life network, felt the presence of the current group and the sacred places from the workshop 2012 showed themselves, they expanded energetically across Europe. We were accompanied by high energies (Christ and Mary). The circle created around the group was supported by our breath in harmony with the breath of the earth, which kept the connection to the large membrane all the time.

The Savica waterfall felt like the birth of the ether that comes into being through the spray of the falling water.
For me, Bohinj lake shore was a place of creation of the physical body, accompanied with a lot of heart energy.
On the Naklova Glava peninsula, my heart broadened and everything began to flood all around.
The Sava was there as a lifeline and as a feed for the network with the information, so was the river we were standing next to and which carried the information into the Baltic Sea.

The pattern of the terrible hell were very present and very confused in the underground. It was hard to catch them, but there were great helpers to hand them over to the light beings.

The three levels of water, each of them had a different quality. In the water itself the emotional world reacted very strongly and my inner child jumped into the water and felt very comfortable, on the second level there was a quality of trust and the knowledge everything is here. On the last level I got thirsty immediately and felt dry and dying. With the help of called elementals, I could pick up some gold coins and form it into a small ball, the transformation was easy and afterwards the cave was flooded with soft, bright light.

When sending the heart to heart energy I saw the little fairies, who supported our membrane all the time, multiplied the impulse of waking up and the connection again and distributed them globally as fine waves.

Marko: I would like a small unit as repetition and stabilization.


Thank you Marko and VITAAA team and all participants.
Grounding by Bohinj Lake: The waterfall was like a spiritual source. At the shore I looked over the lake and saw a shimmering golden mist in the surface of the lake and the whole lake felt like a very magical lake. The outflow of river Sava felt like a great power flowing out to the world.
Work 1: In the end I felt that there are great potentials for humans to positiv collaboration with many different worlds/beings here on Earth. I sat as a fractal of humanity, for this insight to flow out to all humans.
Work 2: After the black ball was given to the temple for transformation, I looked again inside the Earth and saw much light and love inside of Gaia, her inner spirit. I still sat as a fractal of humanity .
Work 3: I chosed a swedish lake Waettern for this. In the third layer, yes it is like a foreign power that hold humanity in suffering and despair etc. When I lifted this ball uppwards I got a heavy pressure in my head, untill I gave the ball to the angelic helpers, then this pressure disapeared. And I saw and felt that in the dry hall there began to come this new shimmering golden water.
Renewing connection to Gaia: Oh soooo wonderful to sit there and have this heart to heart conversation with Gaia, nice small tears. A strong experience.
Balancing: Yin-Yang, was not so easy for me. Like the Yin wanted to be behind, so it was. But not like to connect it to the moon.
Taking the masculine into heart not easy, pain.
Second: when both came to throat; song.
Third: When looking through the window of „fifth stigma“ came a very strong light, and it showed to be a very differentiated light like it was connected with many different dimensions..

Peter Zwick

Lieber Marko und liebes Vorbereitungsteam,
mein Herz sprang vor lauter Freude. Ich möchte meinen innigsten Dank für dieses intensive Erlebnis und die tiefe Verbundenheit aussprechen.

Marie Agnès Gauthier

11 April 2020
I don’t speak very good english, so I choosed to express what seemed to me the main images that occured to me throughout this workshop on April the 11th.

10h-1Oh10: Remind human beings that they are called to become collaborators of Gaïa.
1 I saw an iron net all around the earth.
2 After the Gaïa touch of detachment appeared a lightful goblet from which rose up a luminous host.
My coronal chakra was present+++
10h10-10h20: To transform the pattern of the Hell
1 For the pattern of the hell, I saw an iron bullet then I felt a tremendous feel of relief when I asked the elemental and angelic beings to take the ball and lead it to the etheric temple. A great relief to feel the real link between us and the elemental and angelic beings. Great relief not to have to do this task alone.
Then a vast net was created, a vast LIGHT-NET that came from the heart energy of each of us and I felt that at each breathing, it was pulsing just like an ebb and flow.
10h-10h20: To release from the earth the little powerful virus
1 Entering the lake: I felt the lake as a thick, heavy water.
My key was a fish or a siren.
At the first layer below, the water was luminous, emerald-coloured. It was a very fluid water that spread all around like an etheric water.
Twice layer: The golden coins
– I feld my heat becoming tightened
– After having thrown the little ball up to the galaxy, a very lightful fire(like the olympic flame) appeared. And only after that, the water began to flow up very, very slowly.
11h-11h20: To renew the connection with Gaïa
In my belly, my breathing and the breathing of Gaïa became the same and at the same time I saw a big, wide-opened eye.
At this moment I felt that the only thing I had to do, was to breathe without any expectation.

11h-11h20: Balancing our body dimensions to support te new stability of the earth.
1 the feminine principle: It was a very subtle, etheric matter and it created a great expansion. I saw this picture:
The shape of an egg with one side emerged and one side immersed. I tried to draw it but it does’nt appear in this text????

2 the masculine principle: concentrates, structures, gives shapes. I felt that this principle was very important because it created an anchorage point in my heart at the backside.
3 When feminine and masculine principle get married this figure occured to me
A circle which is penetrated by an horizontal line.
Then, after a while, it became a potters wheel or a lathe which finally created a lot of different things.
The „fifth stigma chakra“;
When I tried to look through the window it was like a dark canon from which rushed out a very strongful light, a nearly violent light. Little by little everything got quieter and then appeared all sorts of geometric forms.

This Saturday morning was intense, surprising and…exhausting. But it was so sweet to feel the link between all of us.
Thanks to Marko, thanks to all of us visible and invisible
Marie Agnès Troyes (France)

Sandi Churchward

Thank you Marko and all the Vitaaa team who offered us this meditation. It was a wonderful experience to be sharing with the Lifenet group.
I appreciated the coloured threads that embraced the group as I often reached behind my back to touch them and stay connected while I was working.
When I went to Bohinj Lake and stood on the shore, I experienced a vital abundant life, of daylight quality, gentle yet strong. This differed greatly from the far side of the lake on the other side of the peninsula.
Here I felt a quality of night, a moon like mood, mysterious and still.
Where the river flowed out of the lake I could feel it bringing a perpetual renewing life force, to the land it flowed through. recreating it moment by moment .

In the projection of hell into Gaia i could feel this as a violent rape. Everywhere it touched it left a black tar like substance, like a cancer, burned into her. As I removed this tar to create a ball, I could see abundant life return with bubbles of joy.

When I looked into the stigmata it was as if I was looking down a long line of ancestors, but also of past lives and all that evolved over time to bring us into the present moment.
here and now.
It would be good to continue this if possible

dear sandl, i am deeply touched by your very clear and substantial descriptions, thank you!


Connection with the group: participation of the stone people together with us. Strong network in the group, it seems the veins of the human body, green and purple.
Visit to the lake: I feel cold, the smell of moss and mud, stones. During the break I lie in the sun on the lawn by the lake, I warm up, I hear that some Slovenians tell of when they went there as children, beautiful memories. Many birds reach me. The circle is rooted in the lake.
Gaia touch: many butterflies fly in the sky and in the universe, each butterfly is the ignorance of each of us, the purple wind cleans the earth. Let’s pray.
Hell scheme: it becomes a black seed, carried with the breath up into the sky, up into the sun, up into the universe. Angels transform it into dust of Light that descends to earth.
Virus release: a lot of suffering, the coins suffocate. The compressed ball of coins arrives at the blue / purple galaxy, through a channel started by my hands and assisted by the Angels in the ascent. I have entrusted the information and genes to the stars and planets of this galaxy, to share the pattern, perhaps better not to copy it. They give me back information from the same channel to release malice, selfishness, to bring back the water of Light, which has memory and will keep this information. It is the consciousness of this galaxy that gives it to us, genetic information from one of its planet, it has already helped in the past with healing, and I was there too. We love it, it is an unconditional relationship of consciousness.
Connection with Gaia: a heart united to ours
Balancing: Reconciliation: end of violence, Freedom of words, works and omissions. Bal-ance and lots of love.

Michal Yakir

we are going to do a repeat on the 18. april… connect also if you will

Christel Meissner

A week ago we all gathered and since I had not found the workshop instructions until afterwards, I sat for an hour an a half connecting with you, Marko, Ana, Anja and the circle of people at the workshop in October in the Bavarian Forest…
Almost right from the beginning, I have been practising the Gaia Touch exercise of „placing myself into the mandorla of the New World“, and of the stone sphere in Zavidovici, I could sense the quality of a unifying principle between Mother Earth and the Heavens, communicating in balancing exchange. I felt it running up and down through my body system and from the third eye the communication with our circle. Heat indicated a burning process and as I sat in full presence in the basin a membrane with the pattern of the flower of life appeared above like a big sheet that was attached at the four corners to the Earth. As I read later in the instructions it corresponded to the points at Lake Bohinji.
From the Antakarana golden light spread through the skull and flowed down the spine, opening the tightness of the bones into open vastness. After practicing the Gaia Touch Open Heart exercise, a Light Cross appeared in Heaven and a GoldenLight Mermaid shaped fish hang on it (Faronica?) Staying with the image and having the insight of „Redemption to the Redeemer“ Faronica glides into a new sun that is open like a bowl and she sits on it like on a huge sunflower, with rays shinging upwards. It feels like having entered the cauldron of transformation.
This is where I stopped…
The images have been working in me ever since and I feel very connected to our circle. After having read the instructions, I was very disappointed to not have been assisting during the latter part, which was the most important healing part. But, since there is always a reason for this, I am now tuning in with you all and look forward to more…
Thank you, Marko, the organizing team and the circle of friends around the world, for this amazing work!
With great appreciation,

liza japelj carone

The group’s energy was there and comforting, and the green-violet membrane beautiful.
Grounding in Bohinj, I felt there were plenty of fairy tale’s beings (Skrlatica, Prisank, Kosobrin…) that are dwelling up in the Triglav mountains, as if this lake was a link between their worlds and ours, and that this is why Bohinj has this special „wild“ quality.
The feeling at Savica and on the Naklova glava was full of very strong watery and earthly forces.
While transforming the hell pattern, my hands went deep, deep down through the rocks till the edge of the inner fire of Gaya, and there my fingers pulled infinities of elastic black spider web threads, to form a tiny black ball. But when I offered it to the sky, there was the blue earth angel of Mont Cesar that took it and put it into the fire of the Gaya’s inner sun!
To release the virus/money was challenging : my golden crumble lifted to the sky was taken by the rapid gestures of invisible hands and repeatedly put away like 100 of times. But then the black smoke started to swirl from the lake, a giant pillar of black smoke, and was headed behind my back. I called the whole group and angels to help push the smoke to the sky with our hands emitting white and violet light so as it leaves the Gaya’s atmosphere. We succeeded in doing so and afterward, the golden cosmic water irrigated the veins of the earth.
The reconnection of my heart with Gaya was great, full of joy
but the feminine-masculine reconciliation was not easy, my sun in the back was way to hot and the moon instable.
The 5th stigma was not clear to me, maybe it has to do with the intuition, but I am not sure.
At the end, when we said goodbye to each other, our delicate green-violet sphere opened up like a flower to form a beautiful rug under our feet, it stays there for our future work.

My heart gratitude to everybody, specially to Marko for his visionary inspirations and his guiding, and to people from Vitaa for organizing us for this unusual way of work.

Liza (Paris)

Jean Paul Leclerc

9:15 a.m .:
Connection: first with the group Hagia Chora then with Marko then I now feel other presences. The circle did not form immediately but rather formed a meandering human chain. The circle has finally formed and is very large. After the call, the elementary beings, the souls / animals are there too: eagle, bear, wolf, bees … But also, elves / fairies, hents (?). Then the ancestors and finally angelic beings, few for the latter. I feel a united force in our differences for a goal of peace, harmony and respect.
9:30 am:
I see a waterfall, it doesn’t seem very high to me. I especially see its tumult. I see a peaceful, huge lake with reflections of the sun. On the peninsula, I am parasitized, I feel as in a disconnection trap. I am in a dilapidated cottage and then in a very old house where an old man wants to train me. All followed by personal memories.
Re-connection with the lake again.
River-lake area: I see water flowing which gives me a feeling of strength and eternity.
10:10 am:
I’m having trouble concentrating on getting the homeopathic black ball. After a while, extraction and ascent to angelic beings. I have an itchy scalp at this time.
10:20 am:
I’m in the lake, lost in the middle of the dark. I’m asking for help, an access key. A huge prehistoric turtle tows me to the bottom where there is an entrance in the shape of a black mandorla. I enter alone, it’s narrow. I find it hard to move forward. There is like a black jellyfish whose filaments are made of sharp steel in front of me but which recedes as I move forward. I arrived but I don’t know it yet. A little white turtle swims next to me. I am in the light and in the shade at the same time. Other light turtles pass by. I am calm, peaceful and feel a lot of sweetness.
I go into the third layer through a black hole without realizing it, I look up and see that I went through a hole like a volcano upside down. I am in a huge cave. I see chaotic landslides and a bunch of gold gravels. But I search for coins so I keep going on. I see a huge woman / statue, she has no face, just dense black curly hair that falls on her shoulders. I go down near his feet, the cave continues. I find another pile of gold gravels. I make it a compressed dumpling and I make it go through the reverse path then in space, and then in the galaxy. I see it moving away like a mushroom or rather a jellyfish that has only one foot / filament.
It is impossible to me to describe precisely. I have memories like an expulsion with kindness. I return by taking the path taken to the shore of the lake.
11:00 :
The word Respect reasons once more inside me. I feel the intense presence of the heart organ then of the Chakras, feeling of plenitude of Love with Gaia.
11.20 am:
Horizontal shot: Sensation of respect, fusion with complementarity, love / reconciliation.
Vertical shot: Feeling of respect of differences, to work all in the same direction and to be yourself in the right place.
Diagonal: I feel that the heart (muscle) is getting bigger. Arrived at the elementary heart, I have very medical visions as inside the heart but this interior changes shape. The inside takes the successive shapes of a hexagon, a pentagon, a square and then a smaller circle to finish at a point. I look through the window of the fifth stigma and I see a horizon made of clouds, a little like a sea of clouds seen from an airplane. I send this experience to the elemental heart and I instantly find myself in what could be a dolmen.
Jean Paul (Troyes – FRANCE)

Orit Loyter

Gratitude for the people of Vitaa for carrying this new exciting and powerful impulse and to Marko for this visionary workshop!!
I would like to share that a group of us in Israel did the workshop and had some form of sharing between us. We then decided to „repeat“ the workshop yesterday (Sat) and might continue. As we all had a very strong experience of the power and potential of this work.
Yesterday we worked with the lake of Galilee instead of Bohinj. As it rained a lot this year the lake is filled with water and life. A few of us felt the blockage at the exit of the Jordan river (a place we worked together with Marko a few years ago). I felt I could bring the joyous quality of the Sava river as a healing.
Waiting for the continuation of the work, with love and healing to all beings, Orit

Mary McNerney

I was also guided to do blessing for the water element at Biddeford Pool, Maine in USA; this is a place where many people in our group from US & Canada have gathered to do geomancy work together. It is an important place on North American continent for water element, the only place on the planet where fresh water pools exist so very close to salt water (6 fresh water ponds on one side of a narrow sandy beach, Atlantic Ocean on the other side, a small convent for nuns in the middle). I did water blessing meditation by one of the ponds, and I saw a Goddess/Madonna figure rise out of the water. I remained present with that pond, and a few moments later what arose was a vibrant, sparkling, healthy, living green dragon. I know there was some very deep meaning to this particular dragon image, it holds deep symbolism….though I don’t know exactly what the meaning is.


Bin dabei

Maarja Joost Thorsén

Thank you Marko for giving us this opportunity to work together with Gaia. For me it was very strong and powerful. Inside the Triglaw mountain there was lots of activity going on, all in agolden red atmosphere. There was a kind of cermony given to us. We were empowered with some kind of knowledge and energy from the inner of Triglaw. This we will transmit to the world by being our true selves. It will happen without us being aware, just to carry on being truthful, loving human being. So beautiful!
Gaia forgives us! She did so showing us all the beauty there is created in the world! But – she asked us to always listen to her. She gives us messages and we will know what to do. But always LISTEN!
Try constantly to increase your Flow of LOVING energy. You know how to do it! This is the key to all locks!
Being inside the mandorla was fascinating. The strength of my creative part was surprisingly strong and active. It felt so good and happy to work with Italy in this way. I think we could do the same work with many countries!
The Eart mandorla, so powerful and strong. I felt the good strength increase by pulsating the three mandorlas together.
Thanks and love to you all!

Barbara Buttinger-Förster

I enter its inner world through a pulsating vulva, a wavelike suction, there are enourmous spaces with myriads of little beings. A female giant looks at me over her shoulder, backwards. A tall old king is sitting half sleeping on his throne and there are many other tall beings like him, probably Sidhe.
There is solemnity and vitality in one.
It is an interesting experience to perceive the world of viruses as an autonomous layer of Gaia and to set it free from human projections by the request for forgiving. Indeed this process is followed by a deepened appreciation of Gaias wisdom.
Through our collective focus this intimate touch of many living beings happens very easily and lightly and permeates creation like a big wave. I can feel the deep tragedy oft he actual situation.
I feel the radiant (body-)consciousness of my own creativity. The transfer to Italy turns out quite easy by our common effort. Its creative center (Assisi-Gubbio-Trasimeno) is shown as its absolute anchor, in my perception also Monte Amiata is part of it. The rotation is possible by our common effort and sets free Italys creative mandorla.
The creative mandorla of Earth is very sublime and directly connects with Gaias consciousness.
In the beginning I experience its center blocked and dull, with bubbles coming up. Finally a wreath of dolphins appear, who open it up from underneath … it reminds me of Brians cosmogram for the vitality of water in Vstis (CZ). I can see the connection of this point with the center of Earth and also a highly rising fountain of water/energy.
It is already much stronger and clearer since last time with a very distinct focus/direction and big support for it from the other worlds. THANK YOU!

Vidar Vetterfalk

Thank you very much for preparing this and for this possibility to collaborate.
As I was about to sit down in the circle and opened myself to feel who were there it just got wider and wider, surrounding the Earth and including it.
When I invited the Elemental beings they were there immediately in an instance and with very strong presence and very active. It was as if they had been waiting for this and were totally ready. I was surprised. Also happy and deeply touched. I have not seen them this clearly before.
I entered the inner world of Triglav Mountain only a minute before 9.50 so I only opened myself for a very short time to experience its qualities and beings: I experienced bright white light and that everything I saw in there was bright white, almost dazzling. A huge white high open hall or sphere with sacred activities, calm and present and firm and effective in the deepest sense. There was a quality of limestone (Is there lime in the mountain?)
Thank you for the possibility to ask Gaia and myself to forgive humanity (including myself) for projecting fears and hostility towards the kingdom of viruses instead of accepting Gaia´s message. It opened up new possibilities for healing and moving forward.
Touching with heart and hand I felt safe and open to connect with plants, animals, places in nature and then found myself wanting to/need to also connect with persons I had blocked away, to forgive and connect with them. Persons like Bolsonaro, Trump and other persons like them and also persons who are closer to me (including also myself) that I had given the power to hinder me from developing work for humanity and the Earth. Thank you for the help in breaking down the wall that separates humanity (including myself) from the breath of life.
In the work with the mandorlas I sensed a joyful relief of the blockage of Italy. Curious to read what others experienced.

Looking very much forward to continue this work together.

Warm regards
Vidar Vetterfalk

Martin Krausch

Hello everybody,
first of all thank you Marko and the preparation group for preparing and inspiring us to do this work.
I have to admit that today it was extremely difficult for me to stay focussed. It went well with the gathering of the group but then my thought started to wander.
Inside of Triglav, it appeared very calm to me, but I could not decide if it is the old ways fading or if there is somethin new under development.
During the appreciation of the virus, my thoughts went back to my time as a student of ecomomics. It was in the 1980s and even at that time, we were alredy dicussing concepts of an economic system that does not need growth. I think tis is one of the central messages: be content with what we have. All the longing for more and the greed lead to the situation of mankind destroying nature. In past times, it was always a major war which caused the „reset“. So we can be really grateful that now, it is „only“ a relatively harmless virus (imagine, Ebola would spread at the same rate). And not word war 3.
Working with the mandorlas:
It was not easy to find the creative centre of my own mandorla (maybe that is my weak spot). When going on to Italy, I felt a disturbance north of the centre, inthe area of Firenze (I realized that later when looking again at the drawing). By rotating anti-clockwise, I could be partly dissolve the diturbance.
When trying to transfer thid to the global mandorla, I was thrown back with a big bang.
That reminded me, that I forgot the most important principle of healing work (and to me, this is healing work): to ask for permission first – never heal anybody or anything without it’s consent.
After apologizing, I coud get direct contact with the global mandorla, not entering it, but it reached out with hands and invited me to dance – just the two of us. Italy was sitting timidly in a corner. After some time, Italy joined carefulle and in the end, it was a dance of the three of us – the Atlantic, Italy and myself.
Upon closing, it was important to bring down the sphere we created in the beginning, so the effect of our work could be spread. The sphere almost felt like another quarantaine container.
All the best to yoe from Austria

Renate Hansen

Our circle of angels, ancestors, elemental and human beings belongs together. We belong together. The unvisible world is full of joy being invited.
The green colour sparkles in intensive yellowgreen.

We have to carry the cristalline potential inside of us until the glacier „comes back“.
We descend from the pure down to the busy world.
The surface of the lake forces us to balance in every second. We are directly connected with gaia.
The goddess of Triglav leeds me into an inner hall: huge dimension, high serious atmosphere. On the floor there is business of transformation from the room beneath the bottom to the room above. The elementary power is busy like bees.
This is the space of the unvisible beings. Like in a zoom I am being drawn nearer and nearer.

The virus: similiar bustling activity like at the inner bottom of Triglav.
Human beings grow silent, and the virus become louder.
Gaia says: I send love and life to you. Stop acting. I will send you a new source. Trust in joy. I deliver myself from a crusty casing.
We are all one. I exemplify life to you through my own life.
Again: green –violett colours.
Thanks for the intensity.

We all shake our hands with our neighbours in the circle. We protect the way to follow Gaia and her beings. Is is our own breath, our own spirit.
When we open the windows the whole room starts to change. He also increases. And he doesn´t lock himself up from the surrounding any longer.
I went to several people of my surrounding. Some of them didn´t realize what I did or refused it. I started to just form a field of power of the breath of life for them.
But most of the people were happy for turning down the walls. Old scars disappered into animated texture.

My own creative center is blocked if the creativity of the earth is blocked. It belongs together.
Creativity comes out of my heart.
The Italian Mandorla turns clockwise, very agile.
The creative vulva of the earth / Atlantis is like a strong and constant source but the water around is very muddy. The source has to get energy from the deepest point. The source is located in the abdomen. I can hear a canorous deep sound.
When I put the three Mandorlas above each other I could hear a triple accord, like unisono. Full of love. And very firm.
The elementary heart sounds in divine harmony/triad: creativity from the heart and throat of human beings , through the heart of the country and through the belly of the earth.
The highest voice (human beings) can unfold itself only with the resonance of the other deeper voices.
But what is with the back side of the earth?
I created a huge cosmic Mandorla with the earth as the heart. I heard a great orchestra of joy.

Thank you to all of you!
I sensed the huge graveness of all of you together in this circle. The spiritual world was very grateful for our invitation and they will continue our rituals with pleasure. But we have to do our work in the manifested world, thats OUR job!
We felt very invigorated and we are grateful for this wonderful collective place for all beings prepared with love from Marko and VITAAA. We love the cosmogram of our meeting. We can fill the free space inside with our love.
Thank you so much, Marko and all of you!

Anne Denmark

1-3. today’s tuning into the circle takes a while and sometimes I tune into the entire humanity until the palm of my left hand wants to turn upwards and the right one opposite then I sense the pulsation of our group passing through my heart which gets full of gratitude! The elemental beings contributes with a beautiful airy energy, the ancestors with a very powerful “earthy” energy working in my root chakra/sacrum strengthening me and transferring wisdom. From the angelic realms I experience a veil dropping down over the consciousness while they are doing some “let go” work with the group. The established membrane surrounds us and offering max. safety and comfort releasing some of the blockage in my root chakra/sacrum.

Triglav Glacier – sensing a shift between sorrow and light energy until finally a very subtle eteric energy slips into my pineal – seemingly it is an eternal energy which we must take care of.
High plateau – amazingly beautiful energy – everything vibrating and pulsating releasing a very deep longing in me opening my throat, and my heart is melting in gratitude letting the tears fill my eyes.
Slavica waterfall – empowers and grounds me even more in the landscape
The inner worlds of Triglav – easily allowance. At first meeting a huge power followed by absolutely nothing! I experience myself as if staying in a minor tunnel leading towards the center of the mountain. I get a picture of the Ravne tunnel in Visoko. Arriving at the inner part I perceive a very soft, strong and peaceful vibration pulsating outwards in the direction of Medjugorje and Assisi.

The virus : it is difficult for me to perceive the bridge – I have to let go of my intellect, cannot feel the lower part of my body then I get in contact with Gaia’s immune system and I see inner pictures of earth quakes, volcano eruptions, tornados etc.
Turning to Gaia for forgiveness on behalf of humanity a kind of lightning occurs in my sacrum. Gaia accepts and my heart opens sending gratitude downwards through the lower part of my power towards the kingdom of viruses and the entire creation of Gaia.
(This part of the exercise is very much connected with the vision I had around March 1st which I shared with you, Marko)
The quarantine – I get exhausted from breaking down the walls especially from the many unknown fearful people around me. Gaia supports me with renewed energy.
The mandorla – a safe shield around me. Seemingly hard to perceive my axis and the center. My pelvis starts rocking to and fro releasing a lot of energy and I get an experience of the chakras before centering in the lower belly. Joining in with the mandorla of Italy I land at the gulf of Taranto. My entire body starts moving, my arms want to whirl around like wings from a mill. The Italian mandorla gets into motion by this energy reviving the point at Assisi. The vulva is a very comfortable place and the uniting of the three mandorlas brings harmony to the planet.
Thanks to everybody<3 love Anne

Agnes Hodel

Guten Tag liebe Freunde des „Workshop Nr. 2 im Prozess des Lebensnetz-Treffens 2020“, ich hoffe, ihr seit alle gesund. Hier meine Rückmeldungen.
Triglav-Gletscher: Lichtsphäre wahrgenommen.
Hochplateau: kurz ein Feen-Gesicht erblickt.
Auf Bohinj-See stehend rotierende Energie-Bewegung wahrgenommen, ruhig, stets abwechseln zweimal rechtsdrehend, zweimal linksdrehend u.s.f.
Die weisse Schlange trug ein weisses Dreispitzkrönchen Auf ihrem Haupte und führte mich zum Grund des Sees; da sie mich nicht an der Hand führen konnte, umschlang ihr Leibeshinterteil meine linke Wade, sie tauchte voraus und zog mich sozusagen mit.
Als sich das Tor des Berges nach innen öffnete, zeigte sich ein warm vielfarbiger Raum wie das Bild aus einem Märchen; ich konnte eher das Innere der Bergwelt fühlen, das Bild zeigte sich eher verschwommen als klar, mir war als seien dort die Elementarwesen der Zwerge wohlgeborgen zu Hause.
Viren/Virus: ohne die Viren als Brücke würden wir versteinert werden – da dachte ich gleich an Dornröschen.
Der starke Aspekt von Gaias Immunität zeigte sich als hohe vertikale Wandfläche, Barrikade.
Beim Gefühl der Wertschätzung für Gaias Weisheit und der Bitte an sie, der Menschheit zu vergeben, die ihre Ängste und Feindseligkeiten auf das Reich der Viren projiziert anstatt Gaias Botschaft zu akzeptieren, die in der erhöhten Aktivität der Viren enthalten ist, sah ich, wie unverzüglich einige Viren in unseren Meditationskreis aufgenommen wurden, willkommen geheissen mit aller Liebe, sie kamen in Gestalt des kugeligen Covid-19 und haben physischen Abstand gewahrt. Dabei sind mir Tränen der Freude, Trauer, Erleichterung übers Gesicht geronnen (physisch, nicht telepathisch). Es war für mich ein sehr erlösendes Erlebnis.
[Seit dem Start der Coronapandemie bin ich weiterhin täglich zu Fuss zur Arbeit gegangen und sonntags auf den Spaziergang entlang des Aare-Flusses und habe auch kürzlich einen Baum umarmt. In einer Quarantäne-Massnahme, wie zum Beispiel die spanische Bevölkerung sie verordnet bekommen hat, wäre mir dies nicht möglich gewesen…]
Kollektive Quarantäne: Fenster öffnen – den Hauch des verkörperten Lebens berühren. Spontan liessen sich die unterschiedlichsten Tiere von meinem Herzensgefühl berühren und meiner Hand streicheln: Vögel, Gänse, Enten, Rehe, der Triglav-Steinbock Zlatorog; am Schluss tauchte ein rotbraunes keckes Eichhörnchen auf und wollte auch noch berührt werden – dieses aufmerksame flinke Squirrel!
Mandorla-Rotationen: Die Rotation der Mandorla Italiens kam gut in Schwung, immer wieder ein- oder zweimal hin und zurück.
Mitten im Atlantik in der kreativen Vulva der Erde zu stehen, war ein besonderes Gefühl. Ich schwankte leicht hin und her, beinahe meerwellenförmig mit dem Eindruck, gleichzeitig eine horizontale Lemniskate unter meinen Füssen gedanklich abzuschreiten /mitzuschwingen.
Herzlichen Dank für diesen gut vorbereiteten telepathischen Workshop. Liebe Grüsse an alle Mitwirkenden.

Marinka Špodnjak

Greetings to everyone taking part in this gathering! Amazing circle of people, ancestors, elemental beings. Present was mutual surpris-interest in so different kind of beings: big eyes surfing everywhere, and excitement about what will preceed At the end of gathering – it was extrem-joy circle.

Mountain of Triglav
Glacier: appeared as the plane structure made of white light beams streaming form the centarl spot to which is coming the light from the heaven perpedicually to the plane, It was laying on the body of the mountain, in some mountain chalice below the mountainn peaks. Life-line is coming down to Lakes which cascaded one after the other. In the hearth region was deep chalice of freash, dark greenish water, clearly connected to the Planet interiors. In the water appeared delicate white serpent with the crown at the head. It led me down to the bottom of the Chalice . From there connection to the Goddess of Triglav. The key I got was like a shiny tread of light, laying horizontaly as some connection, small concavity in the middle (middle of the mountain). For the short moment I had picture of Aquarious who is pouring water into the surrounding. This picture aks me to concentrate to Goddess head and surprisingly seen was there dark cloudy vortex with the peak in the head of the mountain. It was black. Like parasit vortex. What is that? I tried to lower the darknes with the pray (to Christ). The darkness lowered. Than were seen two dark beams comming together to one spot (to glacier). Where it came from? I could not see but came understanding. It is artificial, coming from artificial satelites. They are bombarding the third Eye of the mountain. Behind it are humanlike beings in dark with serious gaze a bit redish, with no simpyty , and empaty, they turned back when triing to connect them with Christ. No cooperation. What could hel? Came up image of mirrors which will reflect back the dark light, Scatering of light is not so efficent. So, the task is to avoid arrival of dark light to the glacier. When I made those mirrors imaginatively, appeared the glacier at the top of the Triglav.
Triglav also manifested as a part of the team mountains , holding each other, connected by shoulders and really triing hard to hold , to stand, to oppose pressure. Really not giving up. Similar to our ancestors/angels participants who were holding/supporting during the proces.
So that light line, which I received as the key from the Goddess, I understand as twofold:: hoorisontaly (team of mountains), and vertical (connecting the lightly center of the Planet and the spiritual hights). This vertical part is corrupted, and I understand that this cause unability to spread around the new existence coming from below, from the Earth’s center, to Bohinj Lake.

Strange: viruses make easiness in Earth’s structure. Recognizing their such function on the Planet and asking for forgiveness for ignorance, attacks on them, and fear made the conversion of their action: from aggressive attack radially from the center of the Earth into a slightly radially harmless pulse.

Collective quarantine
It appeard like a red/dark-red planet encapsuled in itself very difficult to open the window anywhere. The planet is seen from outside. Very very big fiery planet. It was big because existed only it in it’s perception. No nature, no the Planet, no others, when the consciousness of the Nature was there, the Red Encapsuled Planet became smaller. The only way to open windows is by opening the window by myself in my connections to different persons and groups in present life and before. Different relations , proccesses, and ashievements. During few hours changes are seen in relations with my relatives (in better). I’ll repeat this exercise from time to time.

My personal mandorla was not in harmony. NOw is better. Powerfull exercise. When appling rotation to Italian mandorla it seemd efficient, but inspecting the shape of Italian mandorla, you could see the lower corner (in Taranto Bay) as moving to the center giving impression of ?something isn’t in order. Who is responsible for that, what is happening? The ruler of the underground of thet region was not good. He was troubled, coild not mantain the preassure of surrounding. Holding him ears with hands as wanting not the hear noise, turmoil from around. What is couse of the turmoil? No answer.
I have asked the ruler of the underworld for the help, whom I have recently known, to help if he can. I explained who have to be contacted. He quickly made his way through the numerous districts to reach him, in the Taranto underground. I asked him to ask his comrades to help him, because the Taranto rulerr did not want to open his eyes, nor ears, he was so horrified. When they made a circle around him and were very close, he agreed to open his eyes and look. It was clear then that it was about people in the depths of the sea.
Many souls of dead people floating or diving around their bodies in sea depths. The souls of drowned refugees who have not reached the mainland of Italy. Souls have not found their peace on the right path in the afterlife.
I turned to souls who could hear me, and said that their bodies had died, but that their souls were alive, that they were immortal, and let search for the light of Christ with their spiritual eyes. Several responded. I asked them to look for others, their relatives, relatives. And so began the rain of lights from the depths of the sea to the spiritual world. It took a long time.
The lower corner of Italian mandorla than turned back to the proper position.
Nothern part of Italian mandorla seemed bright but with some inflamation. Again many souls who were not properly escorted into the soul-spiritual world. There are also souls who have died in the last few months without adequate accompaniment and in abnormal conditions, have not been adequately forgiven of earthly life. I repeated the same procedure as with the souls from the Mediterranean Sea. and had the impression that this was okay now.
The mapping to the Atlantic mandorla went fast. As soon as was focus to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, appeared a huge vortex into the depths of the ocean, a plug popped out of it after the edges of the Atlantic madorle shone as I painted the previous two mandorles (mine and Italy). Tthe lively and beautiful light-blue power of the earth’s center began to emerge – something new. It walks toward the Sargasso Sea, then folowing the Golf Current across the North Atlantic Ocean to Europe. It crossed Gibraltar, too, and reached the Adriatic Seaand the bay on island not far from my house. Woof. Through the southern part of the Atlantic Grade, this almost automatically expanded.

Our circle is full of excitement and joy, we were all joyful. Our ancestors and elemental beings promised to be supportive. Great event. Warm thankfulness to Marko and colleagues for inventing and preparing this even.


Dear Friends,
I was very touched by our collaboration and wonderfully protected within the green-violet membrane.
It was deepest in meditation with the virus and encounter with Gaia’s immune system.
Perceiving the viruses as Gaia’s creation, which help her to remind us of what is needed, was essential. Appreciating Gaia’s wisdom and respecting her immune system has given me respect and appreciation for my own immune system. „As in the big, so in the small“.
To respect what is happening and to recognize the wisdom behind it was a key to let go, to entrust myself to life and to open up. I realized that at that moment I could open the doors. I experienced a deep feeling of peace. At the end of the meditation I painted a picture like a reverberation of my experiences. It is completely dipped in turquoise and purple.
Greetings from berlin

Anne Stuart

I felt grateful and emotional and honoured to be with the group. I felt a great sense of belonging and homecoming.
Beings from the other realms were about. I could feel soft air about my knees and hips. When creating protective cocoon. I saw streams of green and violet light coming through ancient arches in the sky. My heart chraka was woven with spititual threads of violet.
Winged fairies like fireflies flew about me dressed in blue. They led me on. Gnomes robed in red were at ground level.
Under the surface of Bohinj lake I could see the face of Giaia. It was reflected in the clouds. Again I was in her womb, my heart in her heart, beating as one. Mother and child reunion.
The white snake was the umbilical cord ,
attached to Giaia passing on all the knowledge of aeons.
Going deep into Triglav, I entered a passage which opened into a hugh cave that had two chambers just shaped as a heart. White light came down through large white aorta. Tubes like passages red and blue ran through the cave.
I was reminded of “Newgrange”, a sacred megalithic passage tomb near where I live in Ireland. The capstone has three sets of triple spirals engraved on it. I see it as a place of rebirth, just like the heart of Triglav. Connecting Triglav with pelvic area of Giaia, a great love affair. Energy was strong and I wanted to stay there.
I appreciate the hard work Giaia is doing for humanity creating a strong immune system. She is getting rid of what is not essential to life, showing us her great love for us and our dependence on her.
I can breathe more easily. I am full of gratitude for the grace of her abundance in all things, her blessings and her beauty. We come from her and go back to her. I ask forgiveness of her, for mine and humanity’s neglect of her.
Opening the window, I touch the fresh green spines of a Larch and feel the little brown buds. She gives me strenght.
I ask all family members for forgiveness . I recognise God and Goddess is the love in which I forgive.
My centre of creation was in my heart.
I sent healing to Italy and the earth. Felt connected to all of the world’s family. We are all one.
Thank you Marko and your team. I feel blessed to have participated.
Anne Stuart.

Cinzia Mundula

Nella visualizzazione del ghiacciaio del Monte Triglav sento che risplende nella giandola pinealecon mille luci bianche.Ho la sensazione che sia molto attivo.Avverto molta energia come piccoli movimenti veloci ,scintille.
I sette laghi mi appaiono come sette cristalli uniti da una doppia elica.Le fate del luogo mi conducono all’acqua a toccarla e a berla.Sento che c’è attività ,l’acqua viene raccolta per farla bere a tutti per i suoi poteri di guarigione.
Il lago Bohinj mi appare grande ed agitato.Inizialmente le acque sono agitate e scure.Ho un pò di paura ad immergermi perchè non si vede il fondo.Una volta sott’acqua tutto si chiarisce.Grossi pesci si avvicinano e sembrano minacciosi ma in realtà non lo sono e mi accompagnano sul fondo del lago che diventa limpido e cristallino.La mia gola è presente danzano le fate.
Dal fondo del lago chiedo il permesso di salire sul monte Triglav che mi appare con tre cime.Alla mia preghiera di entrare nella profondità del monte si apre una grotta.Entro ed è un’ampia caverna illuminata da stalattiti e stalagmiti cristalline ,qui gli gnomi sono presenti nella costruzione di questi cristalli.E‘ una camera energetica molto potente.Ad un certo punto incontro un unicorno bianco che cerca l’uscita ed io gliela indico e lui vola via.
L’incontro con il virus,gli chiedo perchè è qui:“Io sono sempre stato qui ma oggi sono diventato più virulento perchè i corpi mi trattengono e non mi fanno passare e così si infiammano.Sarò così dannoso fino a che non imparerete a convivere e lasciando andare la paura.Allora non sarò più così infettivo.“
Nella visualizzazione delle mandorle ,la mia,l’Italia ,il mondo o visto che la sfera di gocce d’acqua,visualizzata all’inizio , è tornata presente ed ho sentito che le gocce nutrono la parte creativa della mandorla.
grazie grazie


Dank an Marco und die Gruppe vor Ort💗

Kiel: Seit dem Lesen der Meditation am Tag zuvor, fing es in mir zu arbeiten an. In der Nacht Traum von Schnee in den Strassen der Stadt.

Jede arbeitete heute von verschiedenen Plätzen: Nordsee, Ostsee/Kiel,

Ich Alter Botanischer Garten inmitten Kiels. Der Weg gesäumt von der Frühlingszärtlichkeit der Natur. Bank mit Blick auf Förde, direkt dahinter die Uniklinik mit tausenden Patienten…

Einstimmen über den Traum und die Eiskristalle/Gletscher in Slowenien. Verankern über den Atem. Verbinden über die Membrane . Diese wird im Verlauf immer weiter, je mehr Wesenheiten det Landschaft vor Ort mit reingenommen werden. Innehalten an den Stationen, and denen ich mir nicht der Energien von KI EL bewussst bin ( Endmoränenhügel, Landschaftstempel Ostsee|Kieler Förde, Baum-Klang-Kristallwesen KI EL.) und die Resonanz über meinen Körper herstelle
An allen Statioen durchtönen….Innerer Dialog verliert sich stattdessen überwiegende Chakrenresonanz. Stirnchakra: ein weites Feld öffnet sich, Wärme und Liebe bei fleiczeitigen Regenschauern vor Ort. Wasserfall: kann gut mitgehen. Herzchakra: Blockade. Komm nicht runter. Jsus und Maria Magdalen zeigen sich auf dem Bohinj See, dann gehts in die Tiefe.

Weisse Schlange: Blockade: will gewürdigt werden. Was ist sie auch: Sexualkraft/Sekhem. Tönen Basischakra. Dann nimmt sie mich mit. Alles energetisiert sich. Der BodenseeEngel erscheint, der ganze Landschaftstempelüber KI EL ist integriert. Vor dem inneren Auge ein blauweisses Hohes Himmelszelt. Werde zu den WächterInnen unten im See am Fels geführt. Atem. Freude., Segen, Dankbarkeit, Frei-Sein in Verbundenheit. Die Viren freuen sich. Segnen aller mir Liebsten, hinter mich zum Klinikum…

Mandorla: visualisiert bis hin zur Mandorla der Nord- und Ostsee mit der Schwanenlinie in der Mitte. Ausgleich.

Ankommen und Integration.

Die Kräfte vor Ort wollten beteiligt sein, so kann sich auch hier etwas wandeln, das war sehr deutlich als Auftrag.Und auch geerdeter und autentischer durch die Arbeit über das eigene Energie/Körpersystem.

lea hennessy

Many thanks to Marko and his team for all their hard work to make this day possible.
Today our circle was full of all types of beings and the energy was pulsating throughout the meditation. There was a powerful connection with our ancestors today I felt. Triglav: as I dove in to the lake the wonderful presence of a giant white snake prepared my for the trip in to the mountain. There I face a pure white wall and to the right a large imperial woman who berated me and said you bring us nothing. I sensed behind the wall hundreds of beings. She pointed to the right and there was a piano rough hewn out of a tree trunk. Play she said and bring your music. I played and the athmosphere became happy and I felt accepted. The meditations of the mandorlos were moving. In the first stage I saw my own creative mandorlo which was around my heart. My heart was divided in to squares which fell away revealing a human heart . I ran to the Italian mandorlo which moved easily and taking this and my own mandorlo I jumped in the centre of the mandorlo of Gaia. I felt I was coming home and was welcomed. I could have stayed all day there.

Christel Meissner

Tuning in with our circle after having experienced a fresh spring morning with nature breathing in the raindroplets from the night. Birds singing, nature rejoicing in the reigning peace, almost immediately after having invited the beings in assistance from the spiritual/ancestral plane – „Shakyamuni Buddha“ appeared briefly and the green „Tara“ = bodhisattva – a globe of crystalline transparent droplets showed in the pattern of the flower of life. This beautifully structured globe formed itself around our circle!
Concentrating on the crystalline light at the height of the 3rd eye,
I could sense dryness. Moving my focus down to the throat area, my left throat felt tight, as if scar tissue had tightened. Moving further down with the help of the waterfall, joy started to come into my heart about the beauty of the manifested world in the landscape of Bohinj.
The white snake turned out to be a plumed serpent, taking me down in her opened mouth (me having transformed into a mermaid) into the depth of the lake.
Approaching the mountain of Triglav and standing in front of the gate, the power of our joined group having asked permission to enter, the goddess opened her mantle, layer by layer, until we could enter into the sacredness of her heart.
Thus prepared, I felt at first a distancing of Gaia with hardened, separate tight structures in the energy field. With our group’s attention and humbling pleas for forgiveness, the energy field started to open, got softer and expansive again.
In this field, individuals, groups of my friends and greater family appeared. Touching them with my heart, my hands started to glow and pulse, it was very beautiful and lasted for quite a while…
Sketching the mandorla around me and then overlaying it on Italy, I had Italy at my back (the swirling seemed to have worked, since the field had losened) Also I had the mandorla overlaying Antartica to Canada at my back. A very powerful feeling and the layers corresponded to the flower of life structure of the ethereal globe our group was situated in.
An amazing experience, and I thank you all for this opportunity to participate in such a group of Beings! Especially you, dear Marko and the Organization Team…
Christel, Berlin

Märta Uggla

Workshop 2
The workshop was extremely interesting. I participated from Finland with my elemental friends. I will share with you one patricular picture that came up because it surprised me.
Inside Triglav I came into a huge empty hall. In the middle of it sat a dark silent figure on a chair, a black hood over his head, arms tied up behind him.
Meanwhile I hesitated my fellow friends lifted him out of the chair and put him down on the
floor. He did not move att all. They untied him and draw away the black material that covered him.
Now I could see who or what it was. A very beautiful young man with long blond hair and white skin was in deep sleep in front of me, a fairytaleprince dressed in blue and white. A sleeping innocent male beauty, He was completely unaware of me standing at his side looking down to him. I blessed him and continued on my way.

Barbara Buttinger-Förster

look at my report – i also saw the sleeping king inside triglav! kind regards to finland!

Eva Mílková

Liebe Grüsse an alle, die mitgemacht haben oder die sich fü „unsere“ Mediatation interressieren.
Meine Erfahrung, könnte ich sagen, das stärkste Erlebniss:
BErg Triglav – ich darf in den Berg herein kommen, eine kleine Tür öffnnet sich. In dem Moment beginnt mein Körper sich zusammenzurollen ( in der Wirklichkeit sitzend auf einem Stuhl rollte sich tatsächlich mein Rückrad ein) und ich werde eine Metalspirale , sehr dicht, prezis ausgearbeitet, aber ohne Möglichhkeit sich zu bewegen. Ichh werde star. Meine Frage: „Nun, und was jetzt? ICh möchte nicht ohne Bewegung bleiben.“ Dei Antwort: “ Du musst geduldig sein. Bleibe erstmal noch in dieser Position und löse alles was zu lösen ist, verlasse Deine alte Mustern deines Handelns. Erst dann, wenn du alles verarbeitet hast, kannst du eine neue Bewegung anfangen. Dann wirst du in die Welt richtig mit Kraft und Knalle „hineinschiessen“. Ich muss zugeben – es war mir nicht leit diese Botscchaft anzunehmen.

Liebe Grüsse an alle sende ich aus Tschechien Eva

Constance Strecke

Dear All,
I feel deeply grateful for having the opportunity to be part of these three workshops.
My heart is overflowing and my body even can still feel the places we were visiting, it was such a blissful experience!
The connectedness of all of us the group of human beings together with all other beings was extremely powerful and heartwarming and therefore I’m so much looking forward to meeting all of you in “physical reality” in July!
(I set this as a clear intention, more so than just a wish:))
Thank you Marko, thank you to VITAA team for preparing the workshop and conducting us!!

Lots of greetings from Athens


Thank you Marko and the VITAAA team for this workshop. I experienced it as follows:

Inviting the elementals and beings from the other realms to join our circle, the earth space appeared to me as green and violet fractal layers shifting.

Connecting to Triglav Mountain, I was drawn to the energy under the mountain, which rises into the mountain body and its peaks like purple and white stalagmites. The glacier made a strong presence at the level of the eyes and third eye. The glacier seemed to hold a hologram of the mountain. The seven lakes formed a soft ring in the shape of a crown. I noticed my head and throat inside the crown. I also noticed the tip of my nose and a sensation of water running behind my ears. Savica waterfall and the elemental heart brought a feeling of immense love which felt physically warm. The waterfall flowed into a pool in my pelvic cavity. The white snake disappeared into these waters but I felt its body like a golden pulse inside my heart. Entering the inner worlds of the mountain, I experienced the mountain as a being in a deep listening with Gaia, like the mountain is part of a birthing process. The glacier, lakes, waterfall and landscapes of the mountain formed an oval curve at the front of my body and the back of this oval is behind my body with water flowing along the curve.

Facing the challenge of the virus and connecting with Gaia in appreciation and asking for forgiveness, I experienced a feeling of deep sadness from Gaia and at that moment I heard a siren outside my window as though she wished to say ‚emergency‘.

Opening the windows to touch with the feeling from the hands and heart, I am reminded of the feelings from the meditation proposal for this month to make daily visits to places with our imagination. I reached my hands and heart across London city and I was taken to the Middle East, in particular to connect with the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. I felt the stagnation of the Dead Sea as it is losing its waters. I connected with the impulse of life and creation within the Red Sea. I felt these places in the embrace with the hands and heart and the urge to reconnect with them further.

The mandorla around the body felt energising, full of life and regeneration. Connecting to the mandorla of Italy I see green grass rising from one side of this mandorla and I feel the sensation of this grass growing. From the other side of the mandorla there appeared to be small sparks flying into the air, like a small firecracker ignited. I experience the centre of the earth mandorla like fairy realms, a small golden geometrically shaped window with sand and sea beyond it. When the personal, Italian and Earth mandorlas pulsate together, I realise the oval around my body from the Triglav landscape becomes this mandorla. I feel the water running behind my body being dispersed into the space around me. I feel I am being asked to disperse this water into the green and violet fractal layers of the earth which appeared to me at the start of the meditation.

Thank you for this opportunity to collaborate. I am grateful for the proposals from this workshop.


I also wish to share there was a water problem at home in the morning when I began the meditation and after the meditation I opened the tap and the water came back flowing strongly.

Barbara Castellani

Barbara Castellani-seminary 2-1 may.
Connection with the group: light rain of purple and green droplets. Angels, thunder beings, arrive in the group, and the virus presents itself as a small loving organism, it wants to help.
Triglav glacier: wind and ice crystals, very intense light, Babaji reaches us from Nepal. Wisdom, inner peace, white light, Holy Spirit.
Seven lakes: fairies play and laugh with many colorful butterflies. I feel my elementary heart very connected to the center of the earth, fire magma, I breathe very deeply. The white snake takes me to the gates of Mount Triglav, where I find a lot of moss, humidity, very pleasant, a perfect ecosystem in balance that does not change with time. Wisdom
We face the challenge of the virus: respect, forgiveness, I apologize. I feel I am making a connection from above to the universe with the violet ray and I ask the consciousness and memory of the universe, to those who have already gone through a similar situation to help the men of this earth to have wisdom, consciousness and respect for Gaia. Then a red ray starts in the center of the earth, I am very sorry, I apologize, she loves us very much.
We protect freedom: I feel in my hands a well-defined ball of the earth with white, yellow light and with defined continents. I’m going to say goodbye to many friends and family, to some I say „thank you for making me grow, I’ll set you free.“
Free the creative blocks: I stand up to unlock, the gears slowly unlock and the almond ro-tates. I feel a lot of energy at the height of the throat and mentally position Atlantis, now submerged, then it will return.

Barbara Buttinger-Förster

3. 5. 2020

It is a touching experience to meet with all the co-creators, physical and non-physical ones! Especially very many little people!

Above I perceive a floating pattern of soft colours – rose, lightblue, gold
Underneath a mandala of dark-glowing colours, more geometrical
Both can be connected in the physical mineral-body, I feel clearly how strong our common work is now and the Geopuncture is making a tiny tug and so gainig its full power and dignity.

A very interesting experience to feel the space of the former mountains and the identity of the Bohemian plate that results of it. Living here by myself, having chosen it, now i feel really happy to know the true reason. I feel so thankful to the creators of this meditation and to all those, who made the Geopunctures possible exactly in this unique space. The deep reason shows itself to me only now.
Our excuse for forgetting restores the true power and significance of this invisible space that now feels like a huge etheric cathedral representing the core of Europe.

The streams through the tunnel of Pecnov becomes at a certain point kind of a whirlewind with all those uncountable letters which then are brought to the whole world. As they touch the hearts of the people, they start to dance like little children.

I strongly feel the counterforces and it is not easy to establish the glass tube. I have to put also myself into a protection sphere before.
The atmosphere in the tube gets luminous of vitaity and beauty by the emerging primeval water, pure abundance. The stones turn like plants themselves as they reach out to connect water with their messages. I see in front of my eyes every single one of the cosmograms with tenderness and immense gratitude. The fine blessing rain that falls on the landscapes of Earth is so much needed, it is like chasing away death and agony, bringing release, hope and new life.

To get aware of the quality oft he new way Gaia creates life is like a very sacred ceremony in middle of this huge cathedral of „European Tibet“. I see a new trinity in form of a triangle, first there is the well known eye in ist center, but then the eye turns into a never stopping fountain. Deep happiness is filling my heart. As the white brids fly out, i see people opening their windows and waving joyfully, and the plants and trees also waving with their branches and leaves and the elemental beings getting very awake and joyful.

I remember that the cosmogram for the snake shows it like broken in the middle. I always was so connected to the snake and painted it so often. Restoring its archetype in the violet light first seemes unnecessary to me, but then, however, needs quite long time and in the end it is shining in white light.
When all the other animals come (very willingly) into our circle, I get a quite indigenous feeling, the word „animal council“ comes into my mind, and I feel them as part of our family and that once there were marriages between us. Only now, together with them, we are complete. All this time the white snake stays in the center of our circle, sometimes it stands up and it reminds me of the erected snake of Moses and Aron.

It feels very appropriate to put the installation with the three tall stones and the glass-cosmogram into the center of the spirals.
But then I get a really bad pain in my breast and my stomache. I have to get up and to open the door to outside.
While connecting the „European“ stones with those for the other continents, I have the picture of the flat Earth. I can feel the density of Europe, which with its dominance was able to impose its own culture and colonialism to the rest of the world. The process of balancing brings more space to Europe and more dignity to the other continents. True balance turns out possible only by Europes readyness to respect and perhaps incorporate also the life-archetypes and main values of the other continents. During all this process I always see the glass-cosmogram, and the axis of the three stones gets the axis of the world in the cathedral of „European Tibet“. Afterwards I have a look to the book for the dedication of this central cosmogram: It is for the peaceful coexistence of the civilisation of the Sidhe (Elemental Beings) and the humans. So I understand that this is also the key for the balance between different human cultures and peoples.

Having been part of the creation of almost all of these Geopunctures and having looked forward to our physical inauguration journey, I am now very impressed by the truth that lies in the course of events, which restricted us to meet in this telepathic form. I feel that like this we were able to connect with our essences, and perhaps this is what this special time is opening and offering. We met in a very pure space of Soul to achieve a great work. For my part I can say, that now I got an even bigger vision of what we created on the Bohemian plate (by the way, I see also the Bavarian Forest as a part of it), and I am so grateful for all the efforts of Marko, Bojan, Annette, Simona and Bernard to make this kind of conclusion possible, also in form of the book.
Nevertheless I look very much forward to meet you again in a hugging way!

Ruža Smrček

Dragi svi, pozdravljam vas od srca
Evo mog izvješća:
– kod povezivanja “ Matrice života“, iznad kamene instalacije su se pojavili delfini ( već ranije su pokazali suradnju sa bićima kamena ) a ispod se digla zlatna voda.
– ulazeći u Češku granitnu ploču vidi se snažan kozmički impuls koji omogućava rađanje. Nakon isprike, njeno biće je pokazalo da ima snažno korijenje povezano sa zmajem koji je budan i širom otvorenih očiju pokreće transformaciju. To biće je kanal koji povezuje zemlju i nebo…na kraju je postalo gejzir zlatne Gajine energije iz koje se rađa novo.
– kad smo poslali ljudima Gajina pisma, i ja sam pročitala jedno: “ U svom tijelu daje nam dom. Ona je Boginja koja svojom sviješću mjenja atmosferu života na zemlji. Ta promjena zahvaća glavu i svijest ljudi“.
– kod instalacije “ Voljena voda“, pojavila se voda ispunjena zlatnim kapljicama. Ona otvara kanal davanja i primanja. Onaj koji primi, rađa i daje dalje.
– Novi princip stvaranja: Boginja zemlje i Boginja neba stvaraju mandorlu kroz koju prolaze biljke. One otvaraju kanal da mogu i drugi proći. Vidi se veliko drvo života koje u krošnji zrači energiju promjene a kroz korijenje omogućava da staro odlazi. Čovjek živi između dva svijeta, u starom i novom punom svijetla, radosti, bića … To novo se kao atmosfera širi preko starog koje postaje sve manje.
– životinje drže vertikalni ljubičasti kanal između zemlje i neba. Kad se desi horizontalno povezivanje ( preko biljaka), otvaraju se slapovi kozmičke vode a zlatna voda diže se iz zemlje. Proces promjene nosi ženska energija. Životinje su već u svojoj novoj kući, na drugoj razini, zaštićene.
Kod instalacije “ Planetarna ravnoteža“ vidi se poremećena ravnoteža kod ljudi: grč oko usta, ne mogu spavati, mačji rep daje im ravnotežu. Vidjela sam Zemljin sistem ravnoteže preko vrtnje, te energiju promjene koja izlazi na polovima i širi se po zemlji. Pojavili su se veliki anđeli Zemlje, boginja Gaja sa širokim plaštem drži nas da smo istovremeno u preobrazbi i u novom.
– prilikom povezivanja sa geopunkturnim instalacijama širom svijeta, pojavio se i Brač, Solarni pleksus E. i litopunktura Zagreba na eteričkom nivou.
Hvala svim bićima, dušama i ljudima koji su pripremili i sudjelovali u ovom značajnom radu.
Pozdrav od srca i doviđenja , Ruža

Jan Vaňura

Cesta do srdce českého masivu, do srdce země a srdce člověka
Děkuji za širokou – dalekou, hluboce očistnou transformační a velmi přínosnou telepaticko – imaginativní cestu novými portály země a okny do vesmírů vnitřních i vnějších – čili inauguraci 6 geomantických instalací. Sešli jsme se v „Matrixu života“ – kamenném kruhu v horno-rakouských lesích na velikém sněmu lidí ze všech koutů zeměkoule s elementárními bytostmi a duchy také z různých koutů Země / Gaie, abychom se učili nové komunikaci a tvoření, naslouchali, ale též mluvili, zpívali a tančili – spolu s našimi předky, anděly i duchovními učiteli.
Vydali jsme se na magickou pouť do hlubin českého masivu – do srdce kdysi vysokánských hor, snad jakéhosi někdejšího „evropského himáláje“. Setkal jsem se zde v hlubokých podzemních žulových štolách a slujích i v křišťálových dómech nejen s gnómy a trpaslíky, ale i prastarými draky a bytostmi, který se zde ukryly a stále skrývají před často slepýma lidskýma očima. Nakonec jsem dostal i audienci u samotného krále podzemí onoho „českého tibetu“ a omluvil se mu, za všechna příkoří, které naši předkové i my ve své nevědomosti často pácháme vůči přírodě. Král mi mimo jiné sdělil, že nadešel čas odpuštění, vyrovnání a tvoření Nové země – a právě jedním z jeho součástí je i tato geomantická práce, a to nejen její duchovně – materiální utváření, ale i její následné snění a prožívání.
Jakou radostí pak byla spoluúčast na rozsévání a rozesílání „Dopisů Gaii“ – které se rozlétly nesené vzdušnými anděly a elementály jako chmýří pampelišek z Pěčnova po celé české kotlině i dál. A podobně jako poselství zakódovaná do kosmogramů, též každá naše myšlenka, záměr a dobrý čin – které navzájem vytváří nádherné vzory na tkanivu života. Vzpoměl jsem si s vděčností i na mé malé geomantické pokusy a počiny – vztyčené stélky a menhiry, očištěná místa a otevřené studánky – a pocítil velký vděk k Markovi a ostatním, kteří mi pomohli a pomáhají otevírat citlivost vůči neviditelným dimenzím života.
Zásadním tématem je potom jistě element vody a jeho ochrana a správa. Ve vstíšské instalaci „Milovaná voda“ jsem kromě lásky a vděčnosti k nektaru života pocítil během budování vodního ochranného štítu i negativní zájmy sobeckých a temných sil, které by rády vodu a vodní zdroje uzmuly a ovládly. A též význam jakéhokoliv rituálu, činu a práce k znovu – aktivovaní koloběhu vody v přírodě a na zemi – ať už jde o prosby, modlitby, bubnování a jiné způsoby přivolávání deště, tak o očistu a otevírání studánek až po vodohospodářskou inženýrskou práci, ale především úctu a vděčnost každé kapce vody.
Další dvě zastávky na cestě touto spirálou bylo setkání s říšemi elementálů, rostlin a zvířat, jimž patří další omluvy a díkuvzdání, jelikož jsou nerozlučnými společníky a spolupracovníky lidí. V Horní Bělé se opakovala krásná představa pampeliškovitě se rozlétajících bílých ptáků nesoucích do světa ratolesti nových komunikačních kódů a způsobů tvořivosti – nejprve je však třeba očistit nejen krční, ale i srdeční a všechny ostatní čakry. Ve Zdoňově to byla vize archaického hada, jenž byl dán do klatby a nyní znovu očištěn, aby mohl opět roztáhnout křídla a svolat všechny duchy zvířat do velikého kruhu usmíření, komunikace a spolupráce.
A nakonec – a nový začátek, čaro-krásné propojení všech spirál v adršpašském „Ekvilibriu“, odkud je pomyslně možné tkát i nové ornamenty. Vnímal jsem i silné napojení na celý pražský holon a ostatní energetická místa po celém světě, nejprve pochopitelně ta, která jsem navštívil a znám. Zajímavé by samozřejmě bylo i poznat souvislosti dvou vytyčených spirál a učit se propojovat Čechy, Evropu a svět. Což se už vlastně děje – také díky této úžasné práci, za kterou srdečně děkuji Markovi Pogačnikovi, Janu Tajbošovi, Ivetě Šugárkové i všem ostatním geomantům, umělcům, donátorům a vizionářům.
S úctou, láskou a vděčností
Jan Vaňura

Kerstin Mertens

Thank you so much, Marko and Vitaaa! Thank you Triglav and Lake Bohinji! I felt real at home while being with the powerful presence of the group and the landscape.
Viruses have been around since the beginning of the earth, they are the language of Gaia, they change the biom and genome to transform life. They help us in the human family to have common experiences and to have the same information. They are always and everywhere around and within us, in great number and variety of forms. They are part of the great Gaia community, not our enemies. We fed peace and love with them into the Matrix, which Gaia smiled lovingly and proudly about.

It was clearly felt that the original full power of the creative force is blocked: by blocking the femininity and female elementary power of human civilization, which has imprinted itself in Gaia’s body. I was able to track down some of the beliefs that underlie this and notice how they were transformed by my witnessing and by all of us being connected and turning to the Mandorlas:
„Creation is male“ (il creatione di Adamo, construction, architecture, engineering …)
„male god“
„creation has only happened once (in the past, in the beginning) and it is only necessary to preserve it“
„I’m not creative, just passive-receptive (vulva, female role, feminine images!)“
„my will and desire does not count“
„I may be creative and strong and creative only in service to others“
„my creative power is only seen when I use it to produce (superficial) aesthetics / beauty, within the permitted framework“.
„I must be good“
„I must continue the creation/the ideas of my parents/of my ancestors“
„I am defeated. I am broken.“
„Gaia is creator“
„we are their creatures“
„Creation is constant and ever new in all which is“
„I, too, am a creator and I bind myself to the elemental creative power of Gaia“
„Everything- that- is is my fellow creatures.“

Today I have again felt the Mandorlas moving and radiating in different colours and vibrations, with much more power and coherence than on Friday and growing further… and me personally being much more connected to my center…
Thank us all for those deep experiences and being together!


Once upon a time….

It happened one rainy august, many years ago, ….

My friends and I were mountain trekking along Triglav Lakes region. We were climbing from Trenta valley up to Triglav,and midways up,a heavy storm started pouring down, so we stopped by a nearby shelter. It was raining for hours.

When the rain finally stopped, the daylight was already going down. So, we have decided to stay here for the night. We needed more water for dinner and drinking. A friend and I went down the glacier slope till the lower end where a small stream was flowing out of it, to fetch some pristine water…

I remember your coldness and a touch of your ice on my cheeks.
My throat still remembers your pristine clear water.
I imagine putting my face on your whiteness…

I remeber you! Says Icy Granny of the Glacier.

A being appeared in front of me. A being of the glacier made of translucent ice, small and round, but of a warm heart and wide smile. We hugged like old pals.
And we sat down talking about the old times.
At the end, she retreived back into the rock, waving goodby, saying: We will meet again soon!



Von Herzen Dank für diese wunderbare Möglichkeit des gemeinsamen Tuns! Gaja erwartete uns schon und mit den WEsen der anderen Ebenen bildeten wir, wie mir schien eine Kuppel. Was ich ansonsten noch teilen möchte, ist mein Eindruck, dass Italien noch mehr braucht!? Es scheint mir ein tieferes Problem zu sein und immer noch von Bedeutung für die Gesamtlage, in der wir jetzt sind.
Wird ein weiteres solches Treffen im Geiste stattfinden?

Ingrid Tasch

May 3rd 2020

I connected the three levels and than the underground water which was the third level transformed the stonecircle into a vessel of water which was nourishing the cosmos and also the inner Earth. Over the stonecircle emerged a rosegolden mandala. The guardian of the stonecircle showed us than with its hand the way to the next place.

In one moment the „Tibet of Europe“ showed itself as a silhouette of mountains and at the same time this silhouette were us, holding hands in a circle („Tibet of Europe“ mirroring us). As I turned around I was in front of a high and tall black door that was just opening. Inside there was only black. I heard a gigantic heart beating. Than musik started playing.

There I had problems with a black layer upon the installation. Intuitiv I was thinking of Black Madonna/Goddess. I tried to uncover but I couldnt alone, just with help from the group, only together. Than all went as proposed in the meditation, the letters to Gaia flew into the world and fell as snowflakes upon the Earth.

Creating the tube of glass went well but sometime it got cracks which we had to mend. A big Gaia-Mermaid appeard in the middle of the stonecircle, she was so gigantic and extreme dynamic. Atmosphere was very delightful and sensual. A ray of water connected first with the cosmos and than with the water outside the stonecircle (everywhere in the world) and than the rain fell smooth and soft.

A huge black basalt column with white transcriptions on it came from the core of the earth to the surface. Around the column were different elemental beings in strange nearly geometric shapes, they where always moving and also changing shape, circling the basalt column while itself and also the transcriptions on it stood static, without movement. A big dwarf with wings like an angel was playing near the column flute and I understood that the throat is key to creation.

To transform the curse of the snake I hold it up to the sun and imagined violet light on it. Than the body of the snake shapeshifted and became an egg. I understood that this was the rebirth of it and I brought it back to the ground where it emerged with the soil as a golden fluid. Different animals were coming now and gathering around us and that changing of the atmosphere when they arrived was very touching, it felt like home. Than I saw that we were alltogether, humans and animals, in the body (feminine human shape) of Gaia and she herself could experience now how it is to be part of the animal circle.

As I was concentrating on the axis as proposed the high axis melted down but without losing any power or stability. It became now kind of a horizontal axis. It trasformed a second time and now I saw humans. As if we as humans have also the capacity to operate to balance this equilibrium. To do this we must find the zero point in us, I felt.


Dear members of the Vitaaa Association, dear Marko,
a thousand thanks for all the preparation work and the inspiring and profound meditations you shared with us.
And hearty thanks to all the participants of the meditation –
humans and all the other helpful beings- I felt very connected, safe and well guarded the whole meditation time.
Triglav / Virus
A portal opened into the interior of the mountain.
I sensed the presence of a great being, saw a warm glowing
red light in the distance. Approaching it there was laying a huge
circular stone in front of me – looking like an over-dimensional
millstone. It had a carved or painted six- pointed star on it.
Immediately I had to think of Leonardo da Vincis famous drawing
of the Vitruvian human. I remembered seeing a copy of it in a book about the flower of life written by Drunvalo Melchisedek
a few years ago. He copied Leonardo’s drawing in a star tetraeder.
This picture I had on my mind, hearing an inner voice with the
word „dedication“. I got the impulse to lay down on the stone inside the star with extended arms and legs.
I had to stay there even as the next meditation sequence started.
Then I turned from my back on my belly, my arms growing over the edges of the stone deep into the earth. And suddenly I was capable to communicate with mother earth by talking with my
hands. I begged her pardon. She let me know that she bears no grudge against the humans but is full of love and forgiveness.
But she intends to initiate a change in human minds towards
sister and brotherhood among one and another and towards all
other beings. She used the expression „Geschwisterlichkeit“
which does not exist neither in German nor in English language.
Then I got the impulse to push open the portals of Triglav
and stepped out. The wonderful red light streamed out and was pouring in the surroundings.
I met some people I am familiar with, touching them with my hands and communicating by heart.
Suddenly I found myself at the edges of the Hambacher Forest.
My arms began to grow again and I could embrace the whole forest until the edges of the vast hole the coal mining has eaten in the earth. Roseate light was flowing out of my hands and heart
into this gigantic wound. It was difficult for me to come to an end
with this meditation and switch to the mandorla by time.

The work with you all brought me great pleasure and I am looking
forward to the next opportunity.
Heartfelt greetings,


01.05.2020 Lifenet 2020 (Workshop Nr. 2 des Lebensnetz-Treffens)

Diesmal war ich auf dem Schulgelände/ Hiberniaschule (in Herne) und in meinem Büro, wo ich seit dem 15.03.2020 täglich zum Herzchakra des Geländes meditiere.

Morgens noch vor dem meditieren des Workshops:

Ich sehe einen Strudel der nach unten geht – eine umgedrehte Windhose. In mir höre ich die Aufforderung: Spring. Ich zögere. Dann tu ich es. Dabei versuche ich mit meinen Händen/ Armen mein Herz zu halten/ zu schützen. Es geht schnell in die Tiefe. Immer wieder empfinde ich es so, dass ich versuchen möchte das Fallen aufzuhalten/ zu bremsen. Worte in mir: lass los. Vertraue.
Ich spüre eine Angst in mir. Mit links:

Schau sie dir an, die Angst.
(in mir: ich habe Angst schutzlos zu sein. Angst verletzt zu werden. Angst zu fallen, fallen gelassen zu werden, sobald ich vertraue, mich anvertraue). Mit links:

Hier bei mir- sei. Mit Allem. Zeig dich. Ich bin da. Ich bin ein Teil von dir und du bist ein Teil von mir.
Deine irdischen Erfahrungen bringen die Ängste immer wieder hervor. Nimm sie an, übergehe sie nicht mehr-
doch lass sie nicht bestimmen deinen weiteren Weg.
Durch sie hindurch kommst du zurück in dein wahrhaftiges Sein –
der Sprung , den du wagtest ist ein Bild dafür.
Ihr Menschen seit mehr,
als eure Erfahrungen in den Körpern.
Erkennet dies,
durch den Sprung ins Ungewisse.
Ich habe in dieser Meditation gemerkt, dass dadurch das ich etwas was da war, wahrgenommen und ausgesprochen habe (meine Angst) sich etwas weiterentwickeln konnte. Durch mein Zulassen des inneren Dialoges konnte Gaia, die geistige Welt mit mir in Kommunikation kommen und dadurch bekam ich das Geschenk in Form einer Erkenntnis. Und damit so etwas wie eine Anleitung für den nächsten Schritt.

Ab 09.15 Uhr
Am Boden des Sees erlebe ich eine Waschung mit kristallfarbenen Licht/ Energie und ich fühle mich, als würde ich gereinigt werden.
Ich nehme mich anschließend wie einen ungeschliffenen Diamanten wahr.
Um durch das Tor des Berges zu gehen gebe ich aus meinem Herzen einen kleinen Diamanten ab – als Schlüssel.
Ich gehe tiefer hinunter, es wird dunkel denke ich und sehe ich (mein Verstand) doch ich empfinde es wird heller und lichtvoller (mein fühlen/ meine Empfindung)
es ist als würde in mir ein Kampf stattfinden zwischen dem, was ich mir denke, was geschehen müsste und dem was wirklich geschieht.
Das ist als zerreiße es mich innerlich in zwei Hälften, in meiner Mitte, durch, durch alle Chakren wie ein Schnitt. In meinem Kopf ist es ganz laut, mir werden die Ohren zugehalten. Dann mit links:
Erschaffet die Einheit in Euch
und ihr fühlet die Einheit von uns-
Mensch und Erde auf dem gemeinsamen Schöpfungsweg,
in dieser Zeit- friedvoll im Miteinander sein.

09.50 Uhr – Wir stellen uns der Herausforderung des Virus.
(Das Gefühl der Wertschätzung Gaia‘s Weisheit und um Vergebung der Menschheit gegenüber bitten, dass sie ihre Ängste und Feindseligkeit auf das Reich der Viren projiziert hat anstatt Gaia‘s Botschaft zu akzeptieren, die in der erhöhten Aktivität der Viren enthalten ist.)
Bild: Ich sehe mich und neben mir und hinter mir Menschen aus meinem Umfeld, um Vergebung bittend stehen und warten. Mit links:
Ihr Menschen,
jederzeit besteht die Möglichkeit eines Neuanfang‘s-
an jedem neuen Tag,
zu jeder Stunde, in jeglicher Minute –
sobald nur die Entscheidung dazu,
ihr in Euch trefft.
Wir können gemeinsam
einen neuen, kreativen Weg gehen.
Ich reiche Euch meine Hand.
Das Ergreifen –
liegt in Euch, in Eurer Freiheit.
Ich sehe Euer Ringen –
abnehmen kann und werde ich es Euch nicht.
Euer Ja,
zum Weg zurück in die Einheit,
begleitet von mir,
liegt in Eurer Freiheit.
Ich bin da.
Noch immer.

10.10 Uhr- Wir schützen die Freiheit der Menschen, unserem Pfad hin zu einer liebevollen Zusammenarbeit mit Gaia und ihren Lebewesen zu folgen.
(Nun: Wesen und Situationen, die ich mit dem Gefühl meines Herzens und meiner Hände berühren möchte vorstellen und innerlich zu jedem gehen und sie mit der Qualität meines Herzens und meiner Hände berühren, um Mauern einzureißen, die die Menschheit vom Atem des Lebens trennt.)

Ich öffne mich innerlich komplett der Energie Gaia‘s. Ich gebe mich hin. Zuerst empfinde ich mich wie ein Saugnapf an Gaia‘s Energie. Nach kurzer Zeit wandelt sich dies und ich habe das Bild/ Imagination, als würde ich von Gaia eine Impfe erhalten. Ich werde mit der Liebe Gaia‘s zu den Menschen geimpft. Nun stelle ich mir, geimpft mit dieser Impfe Gaia‘s, Wesen/ Situationen vor meinem inneren Auge vor. Dank dieser Impfe, kann ich frei in jegliche Begegnung gehen und diese friedvoll und versöhnlich, um Vergebung bittend und Vergebung schenkend ansehen und fühlen und somit freilassend, friedvoll in mir werden und annehmend Ja in mir sagen. Ich sage Ja zu mir und kann jede Seele und jede Situation segnend und dankend, freilassend stehen lassen ohne jegliche Beurteilung oder Verurteilung. Sowohl in mir, als auch im Außen. Wie Innen so Außen. Ich empfinde eine friedvolle Harmonie in mir. Mit links: gesegnet seist du Andrea.

1) Mandorla um meinen Körper
mein Punkt an dem meine kreative Mandorla fokussiert ist:
– Es ist meine linke Hand, mein linker Arm und es weitet sich aus Richtung Schulter und Brust- Herzbereich. Bild: ich halte eine Sonnenblume in der Hand (spontan in mir der Satz: mach es wie die Sonnenuhr, zähl die heiteren Stunden nur)

2), 3) Mandorla rotieren lassen
– Während des Prozesses mit der Vision der Mandorla zeigt sich mir jetzt deutlich der Ausgangspunkt meiner Mandorla, und zwar an der unteren Spitze meines Herzen
und von dort nun verteilt sich die Kraft in mir. Andersherum wie zuvor wahrgenommen. Also, Ausbreitung in den Herz- Brustbereich, linke Schulter, Arm und Hand.
Bild: es entsteht vom Punkt des Herzens ausgehend ein goldenes Spinnennetz, welches größer wird. (Ich erinnere mich sogleich an ein inneres Bild von vor einigen Tagen in einer Meditation, wo eine große schwarze Spinne ein großes schwarzes Spinnennetz gesponnen hat.)


Eine Hand streckt sich mir entgegen, ich ergreife sie, ich gehe eine Wendeltreppe hinunter, es ist dunkel. Worte: danke für dein Vertrauen. In mir: Angst, Angst davor, dass mein Vertrauen missbraucht wird. Ich merke, dass ich hier in diesem Moment die angst nicht haben muss. Jedoch ist dies eine tiefe Wunde in mir, was mir hierdurch noch einmal sehr bewusst wird. Ich bin dankbar für dies Bild. Ich gehe weiter. Mit links:
Hier bei mir, kannst du einfach sein.
Ja, ich bitte dich sogar darum-
sei einfach du.
Du, in deiner Einzigartigkeit.
Sag ja, zu deiner Einzigartigkeit,
für mich, für Gaia-
damit wirst du zu meinem Werkzeug.
Fühle in dich- entdecke dich
und lebe,
lebe deine Einzigartigkeit-
mache mir dies Geschenk.
Komm zurück in die Einheit.
ganz in reinem unschuldigen Sein.
Kind des Himmels und der Erde.

11.04.2020 Lifenet 2020 (Workshop Nr. 1 des Lebensnetz-Treffens)
Ich war im Gysenbergwald in Herne.
Meine Wahrnehmung zur Bildung des Kreises war so, dass sich aus einem Kreis eine größer werdende Spirale entwickelte und dieser Spirale schlossen sich immer mehr Wesen der geistigen Welt an und die Wesen, die dazu kamen webten mit, an der Membran aus dünnen grünen und violetten Fäden, die sich dadurch immer mehr vergrößerte.

Erdung des Kreises
1) Salvica Wasserfall Ich nehme dort für mich eine stark aufrichtende Kraft wahr. Mit links:
Aufrichtigkeit im Miteinander,
durch das eigene Aufrichten ins „Ich bin“
2) das Ufer des Bohinj Sees Ich nehme dort das Empfinden von angekommen sein wahr. Und dann loslassen von Anspannung. Mit links:
Dieser Moment ist Alles.
Unendlich Jetzt.
3) Halbinsel Naklova Glava in der Mitte des Sees Ich nehme dort eine Kraft wahr, wie die Strahlen einer Sonne, verbunden mit einer immensen Lebendigkeit. Mit links:
lebt das Miteinander.
Wärmend und dadurch nährend,
untereinander und der Erde schenkend.
4) der Ort, an dem der Fluss Sava aus dem See herausfließt Ich nehme dort eine in die weite gehende, sich auströmende liebevolle Geste wahr. Mit links:
schau um dich-
wo kannst du geben dein Licht,
deine Wärme,
deine Liebe-
frei und selbstlos,
aus dem reinen : „Ich bin“
öffne dein Herz und du wirst finden-
Möglichkeiten zuhauf.
aus deinem offenen Herzen.
Ich bin bei dir Menschenkind.

Zusammengefügt von Ort 1 bis Ort 4:

Aufrichtigkeit im Miteinander,
durch das eigene Aufrichten ins „Ich bin“

Dieser Moment ist Alles.
Unendlich Jetzt.

lebt das Miteinander.
Wärmend und dadurch nährend,
untereinander und der Erde schenkend.

schau um dich-
wo kannst du geben dein Licht,
deine Wärme,
deine Liebe-
frei und selbstlos,
aus dem reinen : „Ich bin“
öffne dein Herz und du wirst finden-
Möglichkeiten zuhauf.
aus deinem offenen Herzen.
Ich bin bei dir Menschenkind.

Entkoppelung des Musters, das besagt, das die Erde den Menschen zur Verfügung steht, um ihre selbstsüchtigen Ziele zu verfolgen und dann anschließend im Namen der Menschheit unseren Willen ausdrücken, in Liebe mit allen Wesen, die dem Cluster von Gaias Welten angehören, zusammenzuarbeiten. Feedback:
Ich nehme ein farbiges Empfinden wahr, die Farben violett und grün in verschiedenen Nuancen. Sie durchweben graue Wolkenfronten. Außerdem empfinde ich mehr Leichtigkeit (Elfenhaft). Mit links:
Ihr kommt zurück ins Miteinander-
seht, wo es nichts zu sehen gibt-
wie ihr bisher glaubtet.
was sich Euch offenbart-
durch euer Ja zu mir.

Entlassen des kraftvollen kleinen Wesens (Virus), dass die Menschen dazu verführt, feindselig gegenüber Freiheit und Schönheit zu werden.
Mein Abschlussbild in der Halle: mehrere kleine sprudelnde Goldquellen.

Erneuern der Verbindung zu Gaia, dem göttlichen Bewusstsein und dem Schöpfer des irdischen Universums.
Ich empfinde die Herz- zu – Herz Verbindung mit der Erdgöttin, als würde ich einen Stoß mit einem Defibrillator erhalten und erst dadurch nun, wahrhaft in mir lebendig werden. D.h. meine Lebendigkeit wahrnehmen können, Leben leben, statt nur wie maschinell funktionieren. Mit links:

Mein Lebensimpulsgeber ist Gaia,
Mutter allen Seins.
Nehme ich diesen Impuls auf,
durch mein mich öffnen-
dem Öffnen meines Herzens,
meines sich immer wieder verschließenden Herzens,
so wird es in mir lebendig und bunt.
Vielfältigkeit meines Sein‘s erwacht.
Ehrfürchtig und Demütig, bin ich,
dem Moment gegenüber-
diesem Moment, des fühlenden Erkennens.
Erkennendes Fühlen:
„Gaia ist mein Lebensimpulsgeber“
Danke Gaia.

Ausbalancieren unserer Körper-Dimensionen, um die neue Stabilität der Erde zu unterstützen
Balance zwischen dem Weiblichen (Yin) und dem Männlichen (Yang)
– Beide Qualitäten zusammen in meinem Herzraum lassen mich weich und milde und zugleich kräftig mich in meinem Körper wahrnehmen. Mit links:
Mann und Frau in dir,
achte sie gleichermaßen,
auf deinem Erdenweg.
In dir,
Frau und Mann achtend,
begegne allem Lebendigen,
der sichtbaren und der unsichtbaren Welten.
Deine Einheit im Innen.
Dein Achten der Einheit in deinem Innen,
spiegelt sich in den Welten.
Friede in dir.
Friede um dich.
Friede dir.
Gaia im Friedensaufbau.

? Ich glaube, durch das erste Ausbalancieren wurde das zweite wie eingeleitet oder eingeladen. Für mich persönlich ist dies nun schon mit enthalten.

Die diagonale Achse
– den Herzmuskel und das sogenannte fünfte Stigma Christi verbinden
meine Erfahrung im Herzmuskel: umarmt zu werden und auch selber zu umarmen

– Tor des fünften Stigma, durch sein Fenster blicken, was erlebe ich?
Kapitulation, Opferung, Läuterung, Selbstaufgabe. Herr, dein Wille geschehe,
mach mich zu deinem Werkzeug.

Beides zusammenfügen:
Ich empfinde ein Friedensgefühl.
Bild: Ich stehe auf einer großen Brücke. Mit links:

Dort stehst du nun,
was wirst du tun?
Deine Entscheidung- mein Kind.

lea hennessy

Dear Everyone, It was a great privilege to be with you all for the meditation on the 1.5.20.
I found it difficult to concentrate and hold space in this meditation unlike the other 2.
I saw a huge black crow which told me it was part of the team.

In the Beloved water meditation as i connected with the water and the land I heard an incredible hum and felt a vibration which I felt was from another level. Water came from all over the world
and sprinkled down . There was a sense of respectful silence.
During the meditation I felt I had to walk around the group to hold the energy together by focusing on holding the space.
During the Zdonov meditation I saw a huge white snake arrive . I danced with it and we sat down in a circle of animals. As I took my place i changed in to a cobra.
Many thanks
Lea Hennessy

Margaret Lange

Oh my comments all disappeared as they did last time I wrote. I didn’t actually resonate with the last one but participated fully in the other two. Again I felt there were many beings waiting to join the circle from here in a Taroona, Tasmania, Australia. A very powerful violet sparkling sphere was made with them all.
Briefly now We worked across the Atlantic from the Orkney islands with divine creative energy blessing and transforming each handful of sparkling ocean until we dumped with loads of rubbish and plastics on the Brazilian shore. The elementals joined us amidst tears and laughter and much singing and dancing using the megaliths to focus and refocus and retouch many a sacred site. The Amazonian goddess was readily met and embraced in the throng. It was a struggle to get through the portal and a cold dark hush when we hit the coast. Happy to speed off to Tibet and the light of day. Even though temperature was warmer, it was easier to rug up and be there. Ready for hot toast and a cuppa.
Easily dropped from there into the heart of Gaia and expand into her welcoming being. The Amazonian Goddess joined us there and again we all seemed to struggle with the portal in Brasilia and finding our way to the coast. It was very emotional. Mine or there?!?At one stage I asked permission to leave the group – brushed my teeth and watered pot plants until I regained my own sovereignty and grounding then rejoined the violet sparkling droplets and pushed through the murk to be met by the crashing waves, the quiet sea molluscs and dolphins.
The ancestors didn’t need any inviting. Asked to be acknowledged, accepted and acclaimed and met each in our full powers to find the mutual path forward supporting and releasing the current caretakers, people, animals and trees to continue their work.
Much rejoicing in accomplishments and leaving the group in gratitude.
Thank you all

Alix Bernard

Hello 🙂 This was my first time. What splendid work, thank you all! Alix, Luxembourg

Rosmarie, Vienna, Austria

Dear Marko, dear friends,
thank you from deepest heart for this meditation.
Even before we started to Chinese Man appeared like gueardians: we should not speak about Tibet.
*Connection with the group: it was not easy but it worked after a time. I had a feeling that the circle was open
*Coast of Sao Paulo and Rio d. Janeiro:
It was quite hard to connect with it. There was no remembrance of unity and knowing. Personally I was very confused and could barely concentrate. And suddenly after going deeper in a black space I saw indigenous people whith spears standing opposite some clerical christian man of powers. They where in confrontation.
And there was a picture of the political powers in Brasil which are not connected with the land, with the people: they still are in the colonial mode in the mode of exploitation.

*Amazon rainforest:
There was a very good connection with the cosmogram Circuiato dos Aguas. It was vivid and alife and helps to rebirth the remembrance of former life net. It dived deep into the earth:

*Reconnection with the nature/essence of Amazon with the mineral part of Brasil:
To me the essence of Amazon appeared as a permanent cycle of water systems: both physically and energetically. There is a very ancient presence, watery and airy. This being is a water system with a cosmic dimension. It is a whole cosmos of knowledge of the cycle of water (clouds, sea, underground water, energetic water, water of life), the forest is in the heart as part of the cycle without separation from the water system. And I saw the connection wiht another part of the world, could not see which one. Only later did I read the role of Tibet.

*Yin/Yang of Earth:
When I moved Tibet through my heart to connect with Brasil, China was very connected and I could not seperate it. I had to move Tibet and China and reconnect with Amazon basin. There arose a moving circle kind of a cosmic galaxy. It was really like a wedding.
The union gave birth to a peaceful presence, there was a collective sigh of relief and I feeled lighter, brighter and better. I could breath deeply. I do not know if I have reached peoples heart. It was not easy.
*Ancestors of indigenous people:
They where listening but they are quite sceptical if they should trust my words. But after a time the began a ritual and brought wunderful flowers and holy smoke to a new opended ritual place.

The dark wall on the coastline was energetically still there although int was clearing. I had to free a warrior of the indigenious ancestors and a man of power of the european political and clerical power system.
And there was Tibet and China arising again. And I whish to work with this countries, maybe in the next telepatic workshop:

Alice Weibull, Sweden

When connecting with us as a group I sensed grief and a heaviness.

The elemental, angelic and ancestral beings of Brazil were for me huge and very powerful. I saw big eagles flying above the coast.

The block was not so difficult for us to lift as we joined together.

Connecting the mineral kingdoms to the Amazonas was the deeply challenging part of this workshop. I saw the minerals being protected by giants but the Amazonas was bleeding. It was like a war zone on the frequency I tuned into. It was like a huge wound and there was so much pain I could hardly bear it. There was a lot of angelic presence but in my perception only we as humans can restore the land. To be able to stay with the exercise I brought in my soul light and I was no longer drowned in pain.

I have never been in Brazil or South America but have connected on the inner during my life. I have during the last years felt a deep concern for Brazil.
I now experienced Rio de Janeiro as a magnet with a lot of love.
It was more difficult connecting with Brasilia.

Connecting Tibet and the Amazons was a very powerful experience
They felt for me to have a lot of closeness. Once they were connected through my heart they clicked and did not want to move. It was the magnetic quality of Rio that could make the connection move.

The energy in my skull was at first too big to sink into my heart. I needed to unfocus and just relax to allow the energy of the skull to connect in my heart. The belly energy had no problem connecting in the heart and they then formed a grid like horizontal pattern that fitted perfectly together in my heart that was very extended.

At the conclusion when asking for forgiveness I felt an extreme vulnerability and also humility in me. Only love can restore the land of the Amazonia.
I have a practice of connecting with Gaia and the immense love of the being that is our planet. But I have not done work on connecting different parts of the earth. I truly experienced the great potential we have of cooperating with the light presences around and inside Gaia. Thank-you Marko and your team!

Anne Stuart

A great welcome, drumming, happy faces, clothes woven in geometric designs of black, red, white , citrine and blue.
Sun rays shine down. Black smoke along edge of sea wased out in waves leaving glittering sand. Pillar of white light in the ocean turns into white cross assisted by the angel of Atlantic ocean. The four elements combine to assist work of transformation. light infused air spread over the land and sea. Big image of red sacred heart surtounded by golden flames.

Stood with back to lithopuncture and saw veins of light spread over land. Veils of gauze lifted off granite rockface. Saw triangle from mouth of Amazon river to Rio and across to border with Peru.
Goddess exhausted. She looked like a big bellied brown Buddha.

Big drop of green wisdom fell from third eye down into heart and on into sitting belly of Amazonian goddess. Mirror image , Amozon Buddha below as Buddha Tara above, Abundance and joy. A parade of Tibetan monks marched to heart met by tribal people.All hold hands in circle of light around heart sending peace throughout earth.
Sad at forgivness of ancestors and ask their help to preserve lungs of the planet.


Telepathischer Workshop Nr. 3 – für Brasilien 31. Mai 2020
Notizen: Farah

Verbindung und Einstimmung auf die Gruppe

1. Ich habe ein wenig Probleme unsere große Gruppe aus vielen Ländern zu lokalisieren; sehe uns dann als Kreis über dem Amazonasbecken kreisen.
2. Als erstes kommt eine Göttin aus dem Yoruba-Universum, des afrobrasilanischen Raums, zu uns – Yansã oder auch Oya genannt , eine anti-autoritäre Göttin: Eine Geschichte über sie besagt, dass ein habgieriger Gott des Yoruba-Himmels alles Wissen, das auf Baumblättern niedergeschrieben war, in großen Säcken einsammelte, um es für sich zu behalten und Yansã mit ihren wehenden Röcken einen solchen Sturm entfachte, dass alle Säcke durch die Lüfte wirbelten, aufgingen und sich die Blätter und das Wissen darauf wieder überall verteilten. Yansã kann aber hier erst einmal nicht viel ausrichten; sie versucht die starre Energie über dem Amazonasbecken, in dem auch unser Kreis stagniert, aufzubrechen; doch diese seltsame Erstarrtheit hält an. Plötzlich eröffnet sich unter uns eine riesige Fontäne – Wasser schießt in die Atmosphäre – unser Kreis wird angehoben bis in den Weltraum hinein.
3. Die Kuppel der violetten-wässrigen Membran wird zu einer Kugel und wir bewegen uns – getragen von der Energie der riesigen Wasserfontäne ins All hinein.

Die Küste zwischen Sao Paulo und Rio de Janeiro ist blockiert.

Unser Space-Shuttle bewegt sich Richtung Atlantischer Ozean – dort sinkt es langsam aus dem Universum herab. Wir schöpfen Wasser aus dem Atlantischen Ozean und bitten um den Segen der göttlichen Kraft und verteilen das Wasser entlang der Küstenlinie. Wir können nicht viel ausrichten, die Mauer steht dort als solider Block. Wir fangen an dabei zu singen – das lockt riesige Wale aus dem Atlantik herbei – sie kommen zu tausenden und schieben enorme Wassermassen vor sich her. Eine riesige Welle strömt gegen die Mauer – die trotz allem standhält – doch das Wasser spült über sie hinweg – sie spielt als Mauer keine Rolle mehr. Das Wasser reinigt das Land und spült alles mit der zurückströmenden Welle in den Atlantik hinein. Das Meer weicht zurück und mit ihnen die Wale; das Wasser kommt wieder sanft rollend ans Ufer zurück. Während dieses Prozesses reagiert mein Körper heftig. Wir begeben uns wieder in unser wässrig-violettes Space-Shuttle.

Der Raum des Amazonas Urwalds ist unter großem Druck

Ich betrachte die Kosmogramme auf den Lithopunktursystemen und sehe wie diese Linien unter der Erde zu unterirdischen Wasserkanälen werden – Meridiane – wo sich das Wissen des Atlantischen Ozeans mit dem Wissen des Amazonas Beckens und dem des im Osten gelegenen Mineralreichs verbindet. Die Mineralien bekommen dadurch eine große Leuchtkraft. Ich werde hinuntergezogen in diese unterirdische Welt – die insgesamt sehr wässrig erscheint – trotz der vielen Mineralien. Eine sehr bewegliche, flexible Welt, die gewohnte irdische Festigkeit (Starrheit) fehlt. Auch die Meridiane sind lebendig – es sind riesige Schlangen, die sich unterirdisch durch das Erdreich schlängeln. Ich will die innere Schau schon abbrechen, werde aber noch zurückgehalten und sehe, dass ein Teil der Mineralien, die jetzt über das Amazonas Becken verteilt werden, mit der anfangs erschienenden riesigen Wasserfontäne ins All geschleudert werden, um dort zu befruchten, zu inspirieren.

Wir verbinden das Wesen des Amazonas mit dem Mineralreich Brasiliens

Unser wässrig-violetter Space-Shuttle landet in Brasilia, von dort bewegen wir uns rückwärts auf das Amazonasbecken zu. Als ich mich dort umdrehe, umhüllt mich eine feucht wohlige Hitze und ich erinnere mich, dass vor vielen Jahren, als ich dort tatsächlich körperlich präsent war – alle meine Atemprobleme verschwanden – auch jetzt spüre ich, wie leicht mir das Atmen fällt, als sei ich endlich in meinem Element. Ich habe zunächst kein inneres Bild der Amazonas-Göttin, spüre nur ihre feuchtwarme Atmosphäre. Ich kann leicht in die Tiefe unter die Erde tauchen – ja tauchen – denn irgendwie erscheint es wie unter Wasser. Auch das Auf- und Eintauchen in die riesigen Baumkronen fällt leicht. Da bemerke ich, dass ich mich innerhalb eines Wesen bewege, das unvorstellbar tief in die Erde hineinragt und weit über die üppigen Baumkronen ins All hinein. Ja, ich bin eine winziger Teil – ein Fraktal dieses Wesens, das sich mit mir umdreht und sich über das Portal Brasilias bis nach Rio de Janeiro hin ausbreitet – die Granitberge berührt und Wasser und Mineralien miteinander verbindet.

Auf der globalen Ebene stellt das Hochland von Tibet den mineralischen (Yang) Pol des Planeten dar und der Amazonas-Regenwald das Reich des Wasser-Elements (Yin Pol)

Tibet befindet sich hinter meinem Rücken; ich sehe die eisigen, schneebedeckten Berge hinter mir und mir wird klar, dass dieses gefrorene Wasser aus Amazonien kommt, hier niederregnet, zu Eis wird – dann wieder zu Wasser taut und die riesigen asiatischen Ebenen mit riesigen Flüssen zum Leben erweckt. Mir fällt Michelangelo ein, der sagte, alles Wasser der Erde sei eine konstante Menge. Ich ziehe diese eisige Wasserwelt durch mein Herz – eigentlich durch das riesige Herz der Erdgöttin – von der ich ein winzig, winzig, winziger Teil bin. Die eisige Atmosphäre umschlingt das Amazonasbecken in einer großen Spirale; es erwärmt sich dabei, das Wasser verdunstet und steigt wieder in die Atmosphäre – was mir vorher als Gedanke durch den Kopf ging, sehe ich jetzt als Bild vor mir. Wasser, das wiederum zurückkehrt zu den Bergen Tibets. Ich drehe mich um und gebe die Essenz dieser chymischen Hochzeit über das Portal Brasilias an die megalithische Landschaft Rio de Janeiros weiter. Das Wasser sinkt in die Erde und bringt alle Mineralien zum Leuchten. Eine riesige Welt voller leuchtender Steine.

Kopf, Herz und Bauch verbinden

Ich empfinde die angenehme Klarheit und Kühle im Bereich meines dritten Auges und gleichzeitig die feucht amorphe Welt meines und des Amazonasbeckens. Die Essenz des Kopfes verbindet sich mit der des Beckens in meinem Herzen. Eine ruhige Stille des Körpers. Ich nehme unsere Gruppe im Kreis wahr – die violett-wässrige Atmosphäre über uns – sehe wie die Gruppe sich über die Welt verteilt, diese Essenz von Kopf, Herz und Bauch mit sich nimmt. Da erscheint in meinem Innern wieder die Gestalt von Yansã – die Göttin des Windes, die all das gefangene Wissen wieder über die ganze Welt verteilt.

Bitte die einheimische Kultur Brasiliens und die Kultur ihrer Ahnen, den wieder verbundenen und ausbalancierten Körper ihres Landes zu beschützen

Langsam segeln verschiedene Bilder vor meinem inneren Auge vorbei: In den afrobrasilianischen Kulturen sehe ich die Essenz der afrikanischen Naturgötter mit denen der indigenen Völker Brasiliens (Südamerikas) verschmelzen – und auch die abendländisch-christliche Essenz hat sich dazugesellt. Sie haben sich zusammengetan zu einer subversiven Kraft, die die dominierende Kolonialstruktur langsam zersetzt. Diese Ahnen-Götter erwachen wieder zum Leben und beschützen Brasilien.

Abschluss des Workshop

Ich sehe uns wieder im Kreis unter der wässrig-violetten Membran; ich bedanke mich bei allen und lasse die Gruppe vor meinem inneren Auge entstehen; werde mir bewusst, dass auch Menschen aus dem hebräisch sprechenden Umfeld dabei sind, aus der eine Essenz des Lichts kam, die von den Kolonisatoren für ihre Machtinstinkte und grässliche Herrschaft über die Völker Süd-Amerikas auf den Kopf gestellt und missbraucht wurde. Davon wird sie nun befreit. Wir bedanken uns bei der großen Erdgöttin mit ihrem immensen Körper, bei Xansã, der Göttin des Windes und Repräsentantin der afrobrasilianischen Welt, die sich auflehnte gegen die Gewaltherrschaft der Conquistadores, bei den Riesenwalen des Atlantischen Ozeans, den Schlangenwesen der brasilianischen Unterwelt, den Kosmogrammen, die uns geleitet haben. Dank an Marko und Marika!


Telepathic workshop No. 3 – for Brazil May 31, 2020
Notes: Farah

Connection and attunement to the group

1. I have a little trouble locating our large group from many countries; then I see us circling over the Amazon basin.
2. First comes a goddess from the Yoruba universe to us, from the Afro-Brazilian tradition, called Yansã or Oya, an anti-authoritarian goddess: A story about her says that a greedy god of the Yoruba heaven wanted to possess the knowledge of the whole universe which was written down on tree leaves. So he collected them all in large sacks to keep them to oneself and Yansã sparked such a storm with her waving skirts that all sacks whirled through the air and opened up so that the leaves and the knowledge were spread all over the world again. But Yansã cannot do much here at first; she tries to break up the rigid energy above the Amazon basin, in which our circle is also stagnating; but this strange stiffness continues. Suddenly a huge fountain opens up below us and water shoots into the atmosphere which raised our circle into outer space.
3. The hemisphere of the violet-watery membrane becomes a complete sphere and we move into the outer space; carried by the energy of the huge water fountain.

The coast between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is blocked.

Our space shuttle moves towards the Atlantic Ocean where it slowly sinks down from the universe. We draw water from the Atlantic Ocean and ask for the blessing of the divine power and distribute the water along the coastline. We can’t do much, the wall stands there as a solid block. We start singing; that attracts huge whales from the Atlantic: they come in thousands and push enormous amounts of water in front of them. A huge wave flows against the wall, which withstands everything, but the water rinses over it so that it no longer plays a role as a wall. The water cleans the land and rinses everything with the backwashing wave into the Atlantic. The sea recedes and with them the whales; later the water comes rolling back to the shore. My body resonates during this process. We go back to our watery-violet space shuttle.

The Space of the Amazon jungle is under great pressure

I look at the different cosmogram on the lithopuncture systems and see how these lines transmute into underground water channels, called meridians, where the knowledge of the Atlantic Ocean combines with the knowledge of the Amazon basin and that of the mineral kingdom in the east of the region. This gives the minerals great luminosity. I am drawn down into this underground world, a very flexible world that lacks the usual earthly firmness (rigidity). The meridians are also alive; they appear as huge snakes that meander through the underground. I want to break off the inner view, but I am still being held back and see that some of the minerals that are now distributed over the Amazon basin are thrown into space with the huge water fountain, that initially appeared, in order to fertilize and inspire the universe.

To connect the being of the Amazon to the mineral kingdom of Brazil

Our watery violet-watery space shuttle lands in Brasilia, from there we move backwards towards the Amazon basin. When I turn around, a damp, cozy heat envelops me and I remember that many years ago, when I was actually physically present there, all my breathing problems disappeared; even now I can feel how easy it is for me to breathe as if I were finally in my element. At first I have no inner picture of the Amazon goddess, only feel her warm, humid atmosphere. I can easily dive deep underground – yes dive – because somehow it seems like to be under water. Diving in and also up to reach the tops of the huge trees also is easy. Then I notice that I am moving within a being that reaches unbelievably deep into the earth and far beyond the lush tree tops. Yes, I am a tiny part, a fractal of this being that turns around with me and spreads through the portal of Brazil to Rio de Janeiro where she and me touch the granite mountains and combine water and minerals.

On the global level, the highlands of Tibet represent the mineral (Yang) pole of the planet and the Amazon rainforest the realm of the water element (Yin Pol)

Tibet is behind my back; I see the icy, snow-capped mountains behind me and I realize that this frozen water comes from Amazonia, rains here, turns into ice – then thaws again and brings the huge Asian plains to life with huge rivers. I remember Michelangelo who said that all the water on earth was a constant amount. I draw this icy water world through my heart – actually through the huge heart of the earth goddess – of which I am a tiny, tiny, tiny part. The icy atmosphere wraps around the Amazon basin in a large spiral; it warms up, the water evaporates and rises again into the atmosphere – what was previously going through my mind now I see as a picture in front of me. Water that returns to the mountains of Tibet. I turn around and pass on the essence of this chymic wedding through the portal of Brazil to the megalithic landscape of Rio de Janeiro. The water sinks into the earth and lights up all the minerals. A huge world full of shining stones.

Connecting head, heart and belly

I feel the pleasant clarity and coolness in the area of my third eye and at the same time the moist amorphous world of my belly and the Amazon basin. The essence of the head connects with that of the pelvis and my heart. A calm silence of the body. I perceive our group in a circle, the violet-watery atmosphere above us, and see how the members of the group spread over the world, taking this essence of head, heart and belly with it. Then the figure of Yansã reappears inside of me: the goddess of the wind, who again distributes all the trapped knowledge all over the world.

Ask the indigenous culture of Brazil and their ancestor cultures to protect the reconnected and balanced body of their country

Various images slowly sail past in my mind’s eye: In the Afro-Brazilian cultures I see the essence of the African natural gods merging with that of the indigenous peoples of Brazil (South America) – and the Western Christian essence has also been added. They have teamed up to form a subversive force that slowly decomposes the dominant colonial structure. These ancestor gods come back to life and protect Brazil.

Completion of the workshop

I see us again in a circle under the watery-violet membrane; I thank everyone and let the group emerge in my mind’s eye; I become aware that there are also people from the Hebrew-speaking area, from where an essence of light emerged that the colonizers turned upside down and abused for their instincts of power and hideous rule over the peoples of South America. The shadows which darkened that light will disappear now. We thank the great earth goddess with her immense body, we call Gaia, and Xansã, the goddess of the wind and representative of the Afro-Brazilian world, who rebelled against the tyranny of the Conquistadores, the giant whales of the Atlantic Ocean, the snake beings of the Brazilian underworld, the cosmograms, who guided us. Thanks to Marko and Marika!

Nina, Slovenia

There are many of us, I immediately feel the affection and connection of everyone in the group. It’s kind of a festive atmosphere to feel. When we invite beings of other dimensions of this land, our circle expands greatly. I sense a full of small, tiny, cheerful creatures dancing around our feet and suddenly a huge, white-pink light silhouette of a deve appears in the middle, which is itself grace and acceptance. Above us is a whole chorus of angelic and other beings. Magnificent.

Connecting the Atlantic ocean and the South American continent. When I capture water from the ocean, I physically feel sudden movement in the sacral part of my body. Even before the workshop and even now, I feel pressure in my left shoulder spreading to my left breast. The water of the Atlantic is charged with the power of life, and when I pour it out so that the manipulated beings can finally reach and feel it in all its power, the process begins. First some sort of purification, as part of the black, dirty water flows back into the Atlantic, where it is purified. Part of it, however, is transformed by the creatures of the coastal belt into steam, which spreads inland and wears beautiful rainbow colors. I feel this freshness, the revitalization of the landscape, as a kind of awakening. When I repeat this gesture of pouring water a few times, a fine, light network is formed between the ocean and the land in the belt between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, turning the sea into drops and spraying nebula, rainbow vapor on all sides of the landscape and thus carry new qualities.

Grounding the mineral kingdom. With a focus on the cosmograms, at two locations in the landscape, a smooth flow of meridians is established, spreading throughout the eastern land. Black, hairy 1m-sized creatures with red cheeks and red long noses appear. They are funny and cheerful. As I follow them, I see them merging the yellow-orange capillaries coming from urban centers with the meridians of the megaliths with cosmograms. In this way, the overcrowded urban part is energetically distributed and a balance is established in the landscape.

Connecting the beings of the Amazon with the mineral kingdom of Brazil. I have never been physically in Brazil and all the beings and feelings are completely new to me. When I meet the goddess of the Amazon rainforest, I am overwhelmed by a feeling of happiness, joy, power. She is a beautiful giant, her dress is from countless waterfalls, amazing beauty and grace spread from her. She awaits me and offers me a drop of life that is magical in its crystal purity and potency of all possibilities. I take it into the heart space and through the portal of Brazile, which I feel manipulated, energetically sucked out, I transfer it to the granite mountains of Rio de Janeiro. There I hand it over to elemental beings, which transfer it to the interior of the mountains as a holographic particle. There, the qualities written in the magic drop of water connect with the mineral world and dance the dance of life. Everything goes very lively.

The marriage of the Amazon and Tibet
When I identify with the essence of Gaia, Tibet is solemnly reunited with the Amazon. Its icy slopes merge into one upon contact with the warm waters of the Amazon. They give it an impulse of strength, freshness, pure truth, and so they dance these qualities together with the qualities of the Amazon water into a perfect, holistic impulse of oneness that triggers life.

When all 3 basic dimensions merge in my heart center, a feeling is established that is difficult to describe in words. The perfection and potential of creating anything, anytime, anywhere. From the heart space, hummingbirds that carry these qualities to people all over the world fly into their heart space. I feel infinite gratitude.

When I open my heart to the cultures of Brazil and their ancestors, something in me moves, I literally hear a bang and the body begins to oscillate spontaneously in a kind of rhythm, a rhythm of forgiveness and reconciliation. Through the dance all the horrors are cleansed and in the dance we are united, the dance brings harmony. Very strong feelings of universal love. The pain in the left side of the body that was present throughout the workshop gone. All the creatures we co-create with and the ancestors of Brazil are with us. Infinitely grateful.

A heartfelt thank you to Marko and all dear co-creators for the initiative and cooperation.


Roman Böhringer


It was again a very effective and deep workshop. It had a really good flow for me, until we cam to 11.20-11.40

I got in real struggle. Why should I ask them to forgive the white emperor? Why should not we first apologise ourself for what we had done to their culture and their land and the subtle world?
So I didn’t asked the human and fairy ancestors of Brazil to appear in front of me.
I asked to hideout all beings from the past and the present who had brought pain, stress and ravage to the country and continent.

Hopefully they accepted our apology.



We chose a dragon place as work place, from which a dragon is also prevented from getting to the dragon in the Baltic Sea.

Connection and attunement of the group is becoming easier and I feel the circle clearly.

First I had to clear the elemental beings bound to the black iron plate and apologize in the name of humanity and for my soul and ask for forgiveness, forgive myself and take my guilt in love in my heart.
Then small plugs detached from the wall, which were held by the beings, and the wall could lift a little.
I took the Atlantic water and spread it over the wall, which slowly lost its narrow structure and widened. I also took water from the Baltic Sea and spread it over the coast here. Here too I had the impression that the mineral structure was expanding.

I felt the big pressure from Amazonia clearly. There was a connection to the acupuncture points at the coast of Brazil. But there was a clear resistance from the coast and the rock. The acupuncture points were activated, but the surface closed again and again, light began to shine from tiny openings (like a pin head) and slowly the openings widened, it seems to be a longer process.

The touch of the soul of the Amazonian rainforest touched me very much. The presence was very clear to me, but also soft, gentle and loving. There was no resistance on the side of the mineral kingdom and they gratefully absorbed this Amazonian energy.

Tibet pulled me deep into the earth and the Amazon flooded me with a very powerful river. In the planetary center it felt like it was displaced, like a safe lock, in which several locks / dimensions have to be placed on top of each other so that the path is open – there was a lot of dizziness here.
A powerful pulsation, like a heartbeat, began through the union.
The connection of head, heart and belly felt similar. But in the end the three dimensions formed a unity.

Again I should apologize to the ancestor cultures of Brazil and apologize myself, they were friendly and forgave me and the white conquerors.

Thank you very much for the guidance.

Vidar Vetterfalk, Sweden

Thank you again for guidance and for this beautiful opportunity to co-create. Thank you for the process and for all the steps.
I now just share one meeting, one insight, that was very important to me:
Meeting with the Goddess of the Amazon. Huge, white, soft and feminine. I was worried and asked myself if she did not need to become harder to protect her self. The answer from her presence was very clear and obvious: It is not her task. It is not her responsibility to become hard to protect her. It is the responsibility of the hard (in us and in the people and powers being violent to her) to see her value and respect and learn from her. She can not show it to us if she needs to change and become hard. We need to change.
When we brought her soft and sweet presence to the granite of Rio the contact gave life to the granite – to the hard. She is happy to give that care, that is part of her task, her love.
Thank you.

Vidar Vetterfalk, Sweden

(Continuation and deepening of my previous comment)
It was an important reminder to what we need to do with our soft, caring and loving abilities within ourselves. Becoming hard to protect it is not the way. Specially important in the work I do together with many others to engage boys and men for gender equality and care for people and planet, transformation of Patriarchy and destructive norms of masculinity.
Thank you

Agnes Hodel

Frohe Pfingsten an alle vom Vorbereitungsteam für den telepathischen Workshop für Brasilien.
Küste zwischen Sao Paulo und Rio de Janeiro: ich musste weinen und kam auf die persönliche Frage, welche Mauer in mir selbst zum Einsturz gebracht werden will. Nach der Durchführung des Rituals wahrgenommen, wie die Mauer aus nun hellen kleinen Backsteinen eingebrochen ist und eine grosse Lücke aufweist (sozusagen ist der Durchbruch gelungen).
Verbindung des Wesens des Amazonas mit dem Mineralreich Brasiliens: Wahrnehmung der Göttin (der Seele) des Amazonas-Waldes: Eine Art Wasserauge gesehen, spiegelklar und einmalig mit unterschiedlichen Erhebungen in Augenform gebracht. Ansonsten war für mich die Seelen-Göttin von Amazonien unsichtbar, jedoch habe ich ihre unsichtbare Präsenz wahrgenommen, die mich Frieden und Geborgenheit erleben liessen.
Planetare Hochzeit von Tibet und Amazonien: es war eine Delegation von Elementarwesenheiten Tibets, die zum Hochzeitsfest mit den Elementarwesenheiten von Amazonien zu tanzen begannen und somit den Akt der planetaren Hochzeit besiegelten. Das winzige Hochzeitspaar (so klein wie auf einer Hochzeitstorte), die Braut ganz in weiss, der Bräutigam in schwarzem Anzug mit Zylinder-Hut, begab sich zu Fuss auf Hochzeitsreise, um die erneuerte planetare Verbindung in den megalithischen Bergen von Rio de Janeiro zu verankern . . . also musste ich mich selbst auch beeilen mit dem Vollzug dieses Ritualpunktes.
Liebe Grüsse an alle von Agnes

Agnes Hodel

Ergänzung zum vorangegangenen Comment = Beim Kopf, Herz und Bauch verbinden folgende Körperreaktion: beim Aufsteigen der Essenz Amazoniens aus dem Bauch ins Herz haben meine Hände seitlich am Körper das Becken und die Hüfte kreisend berührt/massiert und damit diesen Ritualpunkt unterstützt.

Brigitte & Martin

Bevor wir unsere Erfahrungen hier veröffentlichen, haben wir uns miteinander ausgetauscht und einige interessante Parallelen festgestellt. Daher fassen wir unsere Erlebnisse hier in einem gemeinsamen Beitrag zusammen. Englische Übersetzung folgt.

Küste – Rio Sao Paolo

Die Verbindung zum Atlantik wurde wieder hergestellt. Ein Teilaspekt des Drachen war zwischen der Mauer und dem Land gefangen und drohte dort zu ersticken.

Der Drache im Atlantik (anscheinend ein anderer Teilaspekt) ist übermütig wie ein junger Hund. Das Abtragen der Mauer war leicht möglich, wir müssen dabei nur aufpassen, dass der Drache in seiner Euphorie die befreiten Elementarwesen nicht überrennt.

Quintessenz: dieser Teil der Aufgabe scheint für uns gelungen zu sein.

keine Wahrnehmung
Die Lithopunktursysteme scheinen keine Wirkung zu haben. Ein alter Häuptling sagt mir „diese Symbole sind zu europäisch, wir brauchen amerikanischere Symbole“.

Quintessenz: Vielleicht ist die Zeit dieses Systems vorüber und es sollte überarbeitet werden.

Portal Brasilia

Ein Tibetischer Drache hält eine weibliche Gestalt gefangen, zeigt sich als Bedrohung / Abschreckung für den, der dort aktiv werden will.
Die Seele Amazoniens ist resigniert, sie sagt „es ist zu spät“.
Es ist keine Verbindung zu den Granitbergen von Rio möglich.

Ich kann zurückgehen und mich zur Göttin umdrehen. Aber sobald ich mich zurückdrehe, bricht jedes Mal meine Konzentration ab und ich kann keine Verbindung herstellen.

Quintessenz: Uns beiden gelingt diese Aufgabe nicht, wie wir bei den nächsten Übungen sehen werden, scheint hier ein neuer Ansatz erforderlich zu sein.


Die Verbindung ist kaputt, die jeweilige Verbindungsbahn endet in der Erde, ohne sich im Herzen zu treffen.
Eine Heilung / Wiederherstellung der Verbindung ist nicht möglich und nicht sinnvoll, es ist etwas anderes notwendig bzw. es hat sich etwas Grundlegendes verändert.

Sobald ich Tibet ins Amazonasbecken gebracht habe, verbindet sich das Wasser mit den tibetischen Mineralien zu einer dicken, starren, toten Gipsschicht, die alles überdeckt. Es ist sehr schwer, das wieder rückgängig zu machen.
In einem erneuten Versuch übertrage ich ganz vorsichtig nur einzelne Teilaspekte, die als glänzende Kristalle erscheinen. Und auch hier nur einen nach dem anderen. Diese verbinden sich dann gut mit Amazonien und diese Information kann auch durch das Portal bis Rio gelangen.

Quintessenz: Beide Wahrnehmungen haben für uns die selbe Botschaft: es scheint hier ein neuer, dezentraler Ansatz erforderlich zu sein, eine große, zentrale Verbindung ist nicht zielführend.

Kopf Herz Bauch
Eine Verbindung über den Herzraum ist nicht möglich. Eine Verbindung über einen zentralen Punkt ist nicht mehr zeitgemäß, stattdessen viele Verbindungen über feine Netzwerke.
Das erklärt auch, warum die Verbindung Tibet – Amazonien nicht mehr möglich war.

In mehreren Versuchen bringe ich keine klare Verbindung zustande.

Quintessenz: die Wahrnehmungen bestärken uns in der Annahme, dass ein neuer, dezentraler Ansatz der Verbindungen erforderlich ist.

Kultur der Ahnen
Es war keine Kommunikation möglich, es kam klar die Aussage „Das geht Dich nichts an“ Es ist nicht gefragt, dass man sich hier von außen einmischt.

Keine wesentliche Wahrnehmung

Quintessenz: Es scheint an der Zeit zu sein, Brasilien – bzw. ganz Südamerika – in die Eigenverantwortung zurückkehren zu lassen. Wir können nicht immer von außen reparieren, der Weg geht nach vorne, nicht zurück.

Agnès Gauthier

MAY 31st
9h30-9h40 : The coast between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is blocked
The wall : Image of a sharp, black jaw at the level of my heart.
When I took the handful of ocean water, it became a fountain of lightfull water which flew out and spread on the coast. Then I felt the ground was cracking and I saw a germ spreading out of a seed, like a big, lightful bean.
Then a saw a mecanical hand or the hand of a jumpingjack(Pinocchio), and I saw a robot made of cans which became dislocated and fell into pieces.
9h40-10h : The space of Amazonian forest is under great pressure
I saw a very mineral mountain with a ring which enclosed it at the top.
When I visualized the acupuncture meridians, appeared a white, luminous snake in the core of the mountain which broke the summit of the mountain. From there flew out not fire but water, a fountain of streaming, luminous water. At that moment, I felt a heaviness at the back of my head , then my left side expanded, my teeth on the left side became sensitive and I saw a fleeting image of a jaguar
10h-10h20 : To connect the being of Amazonas to the mineral kingdom of Brazil
Brazilia : My heart got tightened.
Turning around and meeting the soul of the Amazonian forest : Image of a very sweet, smooth flesh and then I saw this flesh, was the flesh of the neck of the uterus. I felt that this sweetness was healing my heart.
Diffusion through the Brazilia’s portal : I perceived a kind of fogger which watered the mountain of Rio and which continued to take care of me very gently.
I had some difficulties to get back into work after the break
11h-11h20 : Connecting head, heart and belly
Connection Tibet/heart/heart of the earth : I saw a glass container like an alchemical retort which was put on a fire and a process was going on inside.
Connection Amazonas/belly/heart : I saw an egg in a nest. At one moment, the shell of the egg broke and a dolphin got out.
Then I saw a circle of dolphins at the edge of a fountain of luminous water.
11h20-11h30 : Ask the indigenous culture of Brazil and their ancestors to protect the reconnected body of their country
I saw deities and daimons like Tibetan and amerindian ritual dancers.
After the request of forgiveness it came to my mind that we, in occident, also had to do our job in order to work in collaboration with the ancestral beings of Brazil.
The following words came to my mind :

Agnès Gauthier

Agnès Gauthier

31 mai 2020
9h30-9h40 : la côte entre Sao polo et Rio de Janeiro est bloquée
Le mur : image d’une mâchoire acérée et noire au niveau du cœur.
Quand je prends l’eau dans mes mains, ça devient une fontaine d’eau lumineuse.
Quand je la répands le long de la côte, je sens la terre craquer et je vois le germe sortir d’une graine, comme un gros haricot lumineux.
Puis je vois une main mécanique ou comme une main d’un pantin type Pinocchio puis comme un robot fait de boites de conserves qui se désarticule et tombe en morceaux.
9h40-10h : La zone de la forêt Amazonienne
Les deux systèmes de Lithopuncture et les méridiens :
Je vois une montagne très minérale avec un anneau qui l’enserre au sommet. Quand je visualise les méridiens d’acupuncture, à un moment apparait un serpent blanc, lumineux au cœur de la montagne qui s’élève jusqu’au sommet et qui fait craquer le sommet de la montagne. De là, jaillit non pas du feu mais une fontaine d’eau qui ruisselle et coule tout le long de la montagne.
A ce moment, je ressens une lourdeur à l’arrière de la tête puis mon côté gauche s’élargit (disproportion G/D), mes dents du côté gauche deviennent sensibles et je vois l’image fugitive d’un jaguar.
10h-10h20 : Connecter l’être de l’Amazone au royaume minéral du Brésil.
Brasilia : resserrement au niveau du cœur.
Retournement et rencontre avec l’âme de la forêt Amazonienne : image d’une chair très douce, image du col de l’utérus. Je sens une très grande douceur qui est guérisseuse pour mon cœur.
Diffusion par le portail de Brasilia : je perçois une sorte de brumisateur qui dépose ses gouttes sur les montagnes de Rio et qui, aussi, continue à me faire un soin au niveau du cœur.
Un peu de difficulté à m’y remettre après la pause….
Connection Tibet/cœur/cœur de la terre : Je vois un récipient en verre, type cornue d’alchimie placé sur un feu et un processus est en cours à l’intérieur.
Connection Amazonie/ventre avec notre cœur : Je vois un œuf dans un nid. A un moment la coquille de l’œuf craque et au bout d’un moment il en sort un dauphin.
L’image se poursuit par un cercle de dauphins au bord d’une fontaine d’eau lumineuse.
11h20-11h30 : demander aux cultures ancestrales de protéger le corps reconnecté du pays
Je vois des déités et daimons type danseurs rituels tibétains et amérindiens.
Après la demande de pardon aux ancêtres du Brésil, il me vient l’idée que nous devons nous aussi faire notre part pour travailler en collaboration avec eux là où nous sommes.
Les mots qui me viennent sont :
Être à l’écoute

Agnès Gauthier

Uschi (Germany)

Our connection and the protection of the group over the whole area has been very strong like during the former workshops.

1. The blocked coast
I spilled the blessed water like a wave over the coast. After spilling the water my hands made the gaia touch: „tune to the new“ by moving both hands along the edges of the hands.
In the repetition the movement starting with the arms and hands grows bigger and faster. Then my whole body was moving like a wave and I had to concentrate to hold the balance.
The wall was gone – peace, tenderness and joy remain…

2. Connect the soul of Amazonia with the mineral kingdom
I was deeply moved by the next two exercises.
I travelled through parts of Amazonia (and near Tibet) and was overhelmed by its purity, power and beauty.
My first tears fell reading the instrucions, then some more followed after turning round facing the soul of the jungle.
Passing the portal of Brasilia I needed two trials. Calling indigenous ancestors we could pass.
Finally the watery Goddess changed in a soft cloud touching the rocks of Rio de Janeiro and parts of the rocks dissapeard into the fog.

3. Connection of Amazonia and Tibet in Gaia’s heart
I felt the connection very strong and saw the picture of magnetism when + and – came together. The magnetic field lines took more and more room.
Touching the mountains in Rio, the giants of the mountains awoke. The magnetic field lines changed in spiral motions to anchored more firmly.

4. I could feel and see the fusion of the tree basic dimensions as a lemniscate.

5. Forgiveness has not been granted at once. The murder, pain, ignorance, fraud, destruction, deception, manipulation, dependence from the industrial world and the most profound contempt for human beings formerly until to the presence I had been shown to the full extent.
After all forgiveness, freedom, peace, love and joy spread.

6. All / we all thank Marco and the organizers for this great job!!!
I saw the violette membran remaining for the protecion.
The water dragon expresses its joy very noisy with rattling, ringing and drumming like the Tibetan munks use to celebrate their holy feasts.
The thought that they might have copied that from the dragons let me smile…

Marko Pogačnik

I am deeply gratefull for your reports. They show that each of us has its own way to approach the theme and that the telepathic way of work gives freedom to this diversity to be expressed.
Thank you for your precious cooperation and hope to meet you the second time in Brazil next Sunday , Marko

Sylvie Oliva

Initially, I had an impossible time connecting. I was distracted with thoughts of my compost (or the need to compost my thoughts!), greedy neighbors, riots in my country, etc. I eventually managed to connect with the dragon of Atlantic, but only with great assistance from the Dragon mountain of my own local landscape. I was given the words ’seed of greed‘, which launched me into the meditation. I think I may have connected with the two circles of cosmograms, but I certainly had a somatic experience of the minerals and water of Amazonia!

And then it happened; I met the goddess of the Amazon!! Never in my life would I imagine that I could meet her… and from my home, in the Arizona desert! Any words I would use to describe her right now would be insufficient. More than Ancient. More than Huge. More than Ever-loving. She had thousands of pockets of medicine and the wisdom to know how to cure EVERYTHING! I bowed and wanted to lay prostate before her. I was surprised that I already had gifts to give her – seeds from my own landscape. In hindsight, I wonder if there is no better gift for her than seeds, showing her that we recognize the medicine of plants and our need to connect to Earth. Remembering her after the meditation brought me to tears and awe. I am honored to have had this experience. Thank you!

It was oddly comfortable for me to feel the link with Tibet and Amazonia; two very different places and yet they fit! It was like a lock and key, turning them just right together opens a whole new experience. Separate they are beautiful and powerful, but together they are greater than the sum of their parts!

After these profound connections, my original mundane distractions returned – compost, neighbors, riots. The ’seed of greed‘ was in my face again. It was a great challenge to ‚touch the hearts of people worldwide inspiring them to work on reconnecting their mind with their elemental essence within their hearts,‘ as instructed. I don’t believe I managed to do much there. Sorry. 🙁 Perhaps next week!?

The ancestors and indigenous culture of Brazil were immediately available. It was enough to just read the words on the paper asking for them, and they were already there. However, I was unable to ask them to forgive the conquerors for the pain and destruction they caused. It felt impersonal. When I connected my naive or greedy conquests and then my kin (whether in Brazil or elsewhere) to destructive and painful events, I was able to ask for forgiveness. I don’t recall the response, just the asking.

After the workshop, I had renewed vigor! For the first time in months, I was able to travel! It’s not just my profession, it’s my passion – but I’ve been grounded and grumpy! I was at last able to fly above quarantine, above fear, above viruses and infections, new rules and inconvenient changes… Thank you, Marko, for this format. I really did travel! To new wings and freedom!

Barbara Buttinger-Förster

so beautiful, dear sylvie! hugs to you, sister!

lea hennessy

This was a lovely meditation thank you everyone.
! After 6 attempts the divine spark of transformation imbued the water which cleared the black wall. Other areas particulary the southern part of South America were shown to me as having such walls. There was great cheering from the beings affected by this wall and the energy rushed in to connect with the land.
2 Saw wonderful colours being released as we connected with the lithospheres and these energies travelled all around the country.
3 When I connected with the Goddess of Amazonia I met with a huge white snake. I took her in to my heart and we travelled to the granite mountains where we met the God of that area. He was made of huge pink quartz crystals. I sat between tham and the energy flowed between us all. Later the goddess was carried back by runners to Amazonia.
4 When connecting with the various beings of Brazil I found myself holding up a large white rock which transformed in to something else and then in to a crystal skull which I placed on the ground. This is how this group can connect with these beings at any time . I was asked for prayers from us at least once a week if not once a month.
5 When I asked the ancestors to protect their country a huge condor appeared over us all.
6 At the conclusion a beautiful tarantula appeared and showed me her baby. I felt it was a mark of respect from the insect kingdom and an appeal also.
This work is sacred and I feel privileged to be part of it.

Boa tarde.
Sou a Nadia, eu e meu marido Ricardo realizamos o workshop aqui em Jundiaí, Brasil.
Foi muito harmonioso e amoroso.
no momento em que fazia descer a energia da cabeça para o coração uma abelha me picou no pescoço. Senti que foi como uma acupuntura na Terra, simbolizada no meu pescoço, como uma ponte que precisava ser restabelecida entre a cabeça e coração.
Obrigada, domingo estaremos novamente em sintonia.
Foi uma experiencia fantástica de muita energia, uma continuidade ao trabalho que realizamos anos atras juntos com Marko e Franklin no Rio de Janeiro.


Thank you Marko and the Lifenet team. I am grateful for this opportunity to collaborate.

Connecting to the elemental, angelic and ancestral beings of Brazil, the country of Brazil appeared to me as a large crystalline structure. During the exercise of spilling the water from the ocean onto the coastline, I felt strongly the arch of my back as though my back wanting to elongate whilst bending backwards. The crystalline structure of Brazil appeared stuck, like a translucent cage with elemental powers trapped inside. I tried to sense how the structure would loosen, but instead I saw an explosion in the structure that created a hole in the middle of it. There was some fire and smoke coming out of the hole. I felt disturbed as the image stayed in my mind without shifting. I decided to continue to the next exercise to see what would happen.

Connecting to the lithopuncture systems, I saw that the earth acupuncture connecting the meridian systems of Brazil was helping heal that explosion I saw previously which fragmented Brazil. With the lithopuncture treatment the hole of the explosion became smaller and the smoke dissolved but the land felt very dry like sand. It felt like it was asking for water. As I imagined the element of water going to the dry, sandy land, there was a feeling of calm and regeneration.

Connecting to the goddess of the Amazon, I felt my awareness descend to my pelvis and legs. I felt as though I was a large moving pelvis connected to the earth. Everywhere the pelvis moved, flowers would grow underneath. Going to the granite mountains of Rio with the large pelvis felt like a grounding of earth energy there. The top the mountains were spikey but there was a sense of connection at the base of the mountains.

When I first connected to the energy of Tibet behind my back, I saw an image of disturbed snowy mountains which was like a prison with fiery lights inside it. It was only when Tibet went through my heart space that I felt its beautiful true identity with prayer flags and golden plateau light. I connected it to the watery Amazon plain. But as these energies moved to Rio, the mountains of Rio felt like dark grey mountains which could not assimilate the energy of Tibet and the Amazon. I tried to sense a blending of the energies but the mountain range of Rio felt sharp and dense. I had trouble with this part and when this workshop is repeated I would like to work on this part again.

The essence of Tibet appeared to be me as glistening snow crystals and at my heart space there was a fire. It felt as though the snow crystals wanted to be present throughout my body especially my extremities such as my toes. As I connected to the essence of Amazonia it felt like there was tall grass growing in the belly and also in the space around my body. As these dimensions fused together, I became a peculiar dancing being with glistening snow in the head and throughout the body, fire in the heart with a grassy belly and dress of grass.

Connecting to the indigenous culture of Brazil and their ancestors, they appeared before me as a long rows of tribal people facing me. I am holding some sort of fire in my hands as an offering and we seem to be in a fire ceremony. Asking them to forgive, it seemed like we needed the element of water. I felt all of us taking a drink and this connected to the water within us. The water connected to our tears and the tears connected to rain around us. We then made a rain dance together honouring the ancestors and asking for protection for the country. I felt the love and connection in this ceremony.


Hello everybody,
now comes the translation… We wanted to post it on Monday, but somehow, we got an error message…
Before publishing our experiences on this website, we discussed them and found some interesting analogies. Therefore, we sum up our perceptions in a common post.

Coat Line Rio – Sao Paolo
The connection to the Atlantic Ocean was re-established. One aspect of the dragon was caught between the wall and the coast and was suffocating.

The dragon in the Atlantic Ocean (obviously another aspect) was jaunty like a young dog. Bringing down the was easy, but we had to be careful that the lively dragon does not crush the elementals in his euphoria.

Quintessence: This part of the exercise was obviously successful.

Lithopuncture Systems
Brigitte: no perception
The lithopuncture systems appear to have no effect. An old chieftain tells me “Those symbols are too European. We need symbols that are more American”.

Quintessence: Perhaps the time for this system is over and it should be re-done.

Portal in Brasilia
A Tibetan dragon keeps captive a female figure, it appears as a threat / deterrence to those who want to perform some activities there.
The soul of Amazonia is resigned and says “It is too late”.
It is not possible to create a connection with the granite of Rio.

I can walk back and turn towards the goddess. However, when I turn back towards the portal, my concentration always breaks and I cannot establish any connection.

Quintessence: We both are not successful, as we will see in the next exercises, a new approach seems to be necessary.

The connection is broken, the respective paths end up without meeting in the centre of the earth.
A healing / re-connection is not possible and does not make sense, as something essential seems to have changed which requires a new approach.

As soon as I have brought Tibet to the basin of the Amazonas, the water and the minerals of Tibet compound into a thick, stiff, dead layer of plaster covering everything. It is very hard to undo this.
In a second effort, I carefully transfer only single aspects that appear as shining crystals – one at a time only. Those join well with Amazonia and this information can reach Rio through the portal.

Quintessence: For us, both perceptions have the same message: a new, de-centralized approach seems to be necessary, one large, centralized connection does not have the desired effect.

Head – Heart – Belly
A connection through the hear space is not possible. Connecting via a central point seems not to be the correct way in the present time any more, instead a multitude of connections in a fine network.
That also explains why the connection between Tibet and Amazonia was not successful.

Despite several efforts, I cannot create the connection.

Quintessence: Those perceptions confirm our assumption the we need a new, de-centralized approach to create connections.

Culture of the ancestors
No communication was possible, I got the message “That is not your business”. It is not desired that we interfere from outside.

Martin: No significant perception.

Quintessence: It seems to be time to let Brazil – and all of South America – back in it’s own responsibility. We cannot repair everything from outside, the path leads forward, not back.

Report Brazil, 31.5.2020

Building the Circle
Our circle immediately feels very big, with great diversity.
There are beings with crowns of big leaves, or with heads of crocodiles.
It is quite powerful, almost overwhelming, also filled with joy.
It needs some time to get familiar with.
The sphere of violet drops: I see it also from far, it is very beautiful.

Wall Sao Paolo – Rio
There is great relief caused by dissolving the wall.
Light arises, transparency, joyful exchange, new vitality.

Restructuring the mineral part of Brazil

The lithopunctures function very well as anchors.
The vast region begins to re-structure in a new and fine way. Fine patterns arise, which remind me slightly of Emoto`s water-cristals (the ones which carry complex and pure informations).

Connecting Amazonia with the mineral kingdom

It is very helpful to stand in the strategic position of Brasilia.
I perceive the overwhelming beauty and abundance oft he Amazon-Goddess and the completely differnet quality oft he sweet water (compared tot the ocean) which expresses itself through the abundance of the plants.
Touching the granites of Rio: They begin to tremble, as if a hard skin would flake off, they shine from an inside light and get very soft and fresh like a snake in her new skin or the germ of a plant.
They begin to sing – fine sounds – and finally to dance.
The Christ of Rio receives the message as a kind of Sacred Wedding, he is being transformed, also loses his stiffness, becomes soft and moving and wearing a dress of plants. He transforms into Pan and bowes down deeply into the rock.

Connection of Tibet and the Amazon region

This is even an increase oft the Wedding witnessed before, I feel the deep desire of these two poles for one another.
Tibet tips over (like mirrored) downwards into the etheric space of Amazonia.
This causes sort of light bulb moment related to her own wholeness and greatness (not in a physical sense).
By receiving this information, the granites (especially the one with the Christ) begin to build an enormous, radiant Axis mundi. The Pan-Christ is simultaneously standing on the highest peak of Himalaya and delivers the message of Gaia`s identity to the cosmos. It is truely a renewed identity.
Connection of belly – heart – head
After the previous experience this is possible quite easily, but also brings in another completely new dimension. The emerging quality is infinite vastness and magnitude and freedom, paired with love.
It is a New Human, erected, awakened. This information gives the possibility to mankind to get into contact with ist own magnitude and vocation: A true experience of Pentecost, IN-SPIRATION!

Indigenous culture

Here followes, unexpectedly, a very painful part oft he meditation. Immediately i see the indigenous and the elemental ancestors, partly hardly to differentiate. I see the impressing face oft he actor Kay Sara, who currently, instead of acting on big western stages, is standing with her people in the amazon forests. So much pain, it makes me cry hard. I feel that, in order to be worthy of asking their pardon, first I have to find my own capability to forgive every injustice I experienced till now. The impressing film „The Shaman and the Snake“ comes into my mind. Finally the pain calms down and the request to be the keepers of Brazil´s integrity brings acknowledgement and appreciation. Nothing is possible without them. I feel that by being New Humans (through the connection of belly-heart-head) we are (allowed) to be new sisters and brothers of these older sisters and brothers of ours, and how it is possible to walk into the future together in this way.


There is big love and gratitude towards the other participants, being conscious oft the prescious role fort he earthly cosmos we are carrying together. Very deep love and gratitude also for Marko who created the meditation.

lea hennessy

Can you tell me what the Ritual Tear of Divine Grace is please?
Thank you

Sylvie Oliva

Thank you, Marko and everyone, for this deepening experience in the Amazon and with the world. It was different from last week, so I’m guessing things had evolved in the interim to make them ripe for this week’s fine tuning and found pieces! These telepathic workshops surprise me with a gift of time and space!

Everything started smoothly (the group connection, the wonderful shimmering violet droplets, the handfuls of water infused with divine power of transformation), but when I arrived at the two stone circles, there was a great surge of energy. I wasn’t able to determine what was happening. The sheer force of it, like the power from rocket boosters, originally made me question if something was unleashed, but now I’m wondering if the stone circles are operating at greater potential?

I didn’t meet the goddess in the same glorious way. She made me wait, but when she arrived it was with humor, showing off her pockets of medicines I admired last week and asking me what I brought her this time! It wasn’t seeds; I gave her the loving feeling I had from my experience this week of collaborating with good people (including one from Nepal!) who are unifying for a better world. I thanked her for the burden she carries from cities, tourism, damaging behavior, etc. She opened my chest wide and placed a large white flower over it, shoulder to shoulder. I carried it, like an initiate, all the way to the mountains of Rio!

Last week I was so pleased to connect Amazonia and Tibet, but yesterday’s images and feelings from interlacing the two places into one sphere delivered a more profound experience! Feeling the Himalayan snow fall in the Amazon basin… that in turn melt into rivers that wash Tibet… still enliven me with joy! Yes, this time I want and can „touch the hearts of people and inspire them to work on reconnecting their mind with their elemental essence in their hearts!“

Lastly, the ritual of the tear of divine grace to transmute traumas caused by colonization was well received, restorative and attended by many! Thank you for that, Marko.

I was sad to read yesterday’s email stating the cancellation of LifeNet 2020, but I’m grateful to have found a new way to work and travel with all of you! Stay Well, Sylvie


The healing Tear of Grace

1. Lift your hands in the prayer gesture to the level of your heart and let a drop of your compassion related to the person, place, or situation concerned, drop into the space between the palms.
2. Then bow to the Earth reaching in your imagination deep into the realm of Gaia, the Mother of Life. Create a vessel with your hands and ask Gaia for a drop of her forgiveness related to the distress or insult done to the place or its beings.
3. Straighten now and lift the vessel of your hands (containing already the drop of your compassion and a drop of Gaia’s forgiveness) to the heavens and ask for the tear of Sophia’s grace.
4. The healing water is now collected. Twitch the vessel a bit so that in your imagination you direct the healing water to glide towards its preconceived goal. Keep a firm heart connection with the chosen person, place or its beings to accompany the gift of grace on its way there. Continue for a while to be present there through the vibration of your open heart.
5. Based on the principles of personal faith and telepathy the ritual works over big distances. It can be repeated few times if needed concerning different aspects of the given situation. Give thanks.

Vidar Vetterfalk, Sweden

Thank you!
The wall between Rio and San Paulo was not there any more, just some rocks and pieces that were now part of the landscape and there were tracks showing that beings had passed through peacefully without problems.
The dragon of the Ocean came up on land with lots of energy, love and joy and greeted and played with all friends – they had been longing to meet and play and create together.
I did not see the new instructions for todays workshop until now – afterwards. I worked with the alignment of head, heart and belly by singing sounds vibrating in the head, heart and belly and it followed a process similar to what I now read in the instructions. All three vibrated together in the end, clear, beautiful and with lots of vibrating light and love. Integrity is to be in essence, in center, vibrating, no need to fight, no need to hide, just presence.
Thank you!

Maarja Joost Thorsén

– when we connected as a group to the elemental, angelical and ancestral beeings of Brasil, they were very happy to join in with us.
– the same happiness was felt when the coastal line of Brasil received the blessed water by the divine power of transformation. The reaction was really visibly felt.
-when moving into the Continent I was struck by the chaos of disfunctionality of the systems. Stagnation also. So to bring the Goddess of the Amazonic forest to the mineral realms of the granite mountains of Rio de Janeiro was a joyful and honourable task. Carrying the Goddess in my heart brought physical warmth there. And the happy reconnection of the water and mineral realms was a really joyful moment.
-reconnecting Tibet with the Amazonic plain outside/through our body was a strong and powerful experience. When we moved towards the portal of Brazil, I could feel the change of atmosphere. Before chaotic, dark, now lighter and calmer.
-when we connected Tibet and the Amazonas outside/through our body and united them in our heart, it was like a calm confirmation that everything was as it should be. The cleansing flood and the mineral snowfall were like offering gifts of love.
-the indigenous cultures of Brasil and their ancestors were thankful to be approached, transmuted from old transgressions and felt new hope.
Thank you Marko for this workshop and so many beautiful and powerful meditations. All the best to you and your family.


Thank you Marko, thank you the team of VITAA and thank you all for sharing this experience!
The first image by approaching Brazil was like getting connected to the purest heart energy, this was very touching and beautiful!
The black wall: I had the image that we participants and all other beings helping this healing process stood in a row pouring water from the Atlantic ocean to Brazil in the form of a cycle, gathering water, pouring water, gathering water, pouring it. Then our hands touched the wall and it started to melt…transformed into a massive black snake. With its/her mouth she took a huge sip of the ocean water then spread it over the country several times also forming a cycle. Then the snake herself started to move spiraling all along the coastline.
Suddenly the feeling came up that the wall not only was a blockage but also a protection against even worse human forces…???

Imagining the two lithopuncture cosmogramms was a profound relief.

I could deeply feel the indigenous people completely overwhelmed by the conquerers because it was beyond their reality!
I saw the men disorientated (no more roots to the land) by loosing their natural connectedness to Mother Earth therefor they were no longer able to provide sufficient protection for the women (this is a very new perspective for me…)

The Goddess of the Amazonas was immensely strong and a very kind and loving being. She wore a beautiful dress/coat which was like the „life dress“ itself: All beings, all animals, plants, rivers, elemental beings etc. were woven into her dress covering the whole region. There were holes in her dress like burnt by fire and destruction. These holes felt like wounds, patches of loss and sadness, but one could look through into a deeper layer of her dress….
then these wounds were healed by something I can’t name, like filigree and delicate threads of colorful light.
Her dress of life nourishing all humans and other beings for thousands of years on the planet seems now to transform.It seems like in a future state of the Earth her dress and especially these (transformed) wounds will nourish on a nonphysical level.

Experiencing the planetary marriage between Tibet and Amazonias expressed through our hearts was such a beautiful experience beyond all words…

I feel very grateful and very tired:)
Thank you all!!!

Rahel Enzler

7th June 2020

When I did the exercise with the water of the Atlantic Ocean, all of a sudden the water from the Ocean came up by itself as a fountain and sprayed water over the regions between Rio and Sao Paolo, and at some stage the Christ figure of Rio seemed to collect the water and spread it from his stigmatas over the regions, the wall didn’t seem to be there anymore or withered away and the elemental beings were dancing and were happy to be freed.
The exercise of the goddess of the Amazon : Strong energy from her through my heart towards the Granit mountains of Rio, also here I had the picture of the Christ figure who took the energy of the goddess and spread it into the Granit mountains.
The exercise of the marriage between Tibet and Amazonas: in the end when I tried to bring this essence to the people’s hearts and wishing lots of people may wake up and be aware of the essential things in their lives, where truth, goodness, love and light can live, I sincerely hope it will reach a lot of people.
Thank you Marko and all the preparatory team and I still hope that the Lifenet gathering can take place in July.

Anne Stuart

It was very moving to reconnect with our group. I felt full of gratitude.

The wall was dissolved. Only dust left which was carried out to sea with each wave. Incoming waves brought energy and light. Little crystal crosses danced on the waves.

A condor flew over the golden net of energy from the meridians. He was a spirit guide overseeing the work. Shamans perform ritual to support the workshop. Plant roots go deeper.

It was a joy to see the Goddess again with her smiling eyes. She exuded beauty, abundance, fertility and love. As I carried her essence to Rio. the condor flew over the statue of Christ, spreading his hugh wings accross the arms from behind.

During tea break, I looked for Tibetan Medicine Buddha chants to play softly for next meditations. I came accross a group of native grandmothers singing and dancing, teaching their grandchildren to sing to the water so they would not forget. Water holds memories.

Joining belly to head was joining blue for water and red for head. This changed to violet with the cleansing waters at the heart. Remind me of the colours usually associated with veins and arteries. Also reminded me of transmuting power of the violet flame of Saint Germaine. Body, mind and spirit in harmony in peace and love.

Thanks Marko and everyone for the workshops.

Anne Stuart Ireland.

Christel Meissner

The beginning was quite chaotic. I managed to stay put while my head wanted to sort things out. It finally gave in into the alignment centering my focus and the transformational heat set in.
Since I had visited Brazil 3 years in a row to spend time at the Casa Dom Ignacio de Loyola with Joao de Deus (14, 13, 12 years ago), I was glad to be able to participate in this workshop. Sorry to not having been able to be part of the group last Sunday.
9:30 The sphere-like membrane of violet shimmering droplets, which formed around our group I repeatedly called upon and it felt safe to move forward in our joined group.
The ritual of taking water from the Atlantic and having the blessed water spread over the coastline went well and was received. However, it felt very strange to have a serpent-like dragon in the depth of the Atlantic move repeatedly forward against the coastline to find an entry. It was pityful to watch the futile tries.
9:40 The lithopuncture systems at the Circuito das Aguas and Morro do Pilar in my vision kept running the energies through the acupuncture meridians, however, it felt somewhat like a „drop on a hot stone“.
10:00 Standing in the portal of Brasilia, I immediately „stood“ under the huge crystal in the Dom Bosco church in Brasilia, the centerpiece in the 7 ray-roof. (Underneath one enters the dark spiral, taking the energies to be transformed by the crystal, and leaving on the white spiral, cleansed by the crystal).
It was not so easy for me to connect with the Goddess of the Amazonian forest, the feelings were not so distinct. I felt heat at the lower back of my basin, the distinction of feelings were more in my back. Taking the transformed energies back through the portal of Brasilia and towards the granite rocks in Rio de Janeiro made my arms spread out like Christ on the Corcovado. Touching the rocks, the energies turned into soft grace.
10:30 Since my experience during this workshop was more pronounced in my back, the ritual of connecting Tibet and the Amazon played out likewise. It was as if my focus was held by the powers of the „back“ (ancestral line).
11:00-11:20 The connection with head and heart made me recite the OM AH HUNG Mantra from a Tibetan tradition, where Vajrasattva cleanses this connection… Again through the back of my basin the energies of the Amazon connected with the back of my heart. Sitting in the globe of the circular sphere of our group, I felt my hands touching the globe of the New Earth.
11:20-11:30 There was obstruction in the connection with the ancestors of Brazil. Honoring this and apologizing towards the ancestors was all that could be done.
I felt a bit restless at the end, checking the time… Wondering?
Revisiting the energy field of our circle, I am very grateful for this so necessary work and am eager to continue…

liza japelj carone

This work was huge, I share here just some of the strongest images.
At the beginning, a large planetary circle is formed, joined by the white snake of the Amazonas, some very tall dark beings of Rio and a rainbow eagle (as on a shamanic painting).
The wall on the Atlantic shore is shaken, the ocean dragon surges like a tsunami over the territory of Brazil and becomes a white maelstrom in an upward spiral.
The goddess of the Amazonas is so big that I do not see her, it is an immense nebulous presence, powerful and spread out, fluffy, nourishing, spherical and without defined forms, which pulsates. She just is, and has no will of her own. The tall beings in Rio accept a fractal of her force with gratitude.
The planetary marriage between the yin of the Amazonas and the yang of Tibet was a tantric experience. As I felt that the tunnel in the center of the Earth had already been made last Sunday, I totally identified with the body of Gaya. I became her : a woman sitting cross-legged with her head bowed, Tibet was my backbone and the Amazonas valley my vulva. When the mountains of Tibet slipped towards the Amazonas, they entered the swamps of the river valley, the two landscapes penetrated each other in a very erotic way. Then the Tibetans and the Indians of the forest in colorful costumes greeted each other with ceremony, and two couples formed, a young Tibetan man with an old Indian woman and an old Tibetan man with a young Indian woman, to proceed to the hieros gamos. After the ritual, they walked under the arches of Niemeyer in Brasilia and arrived in a procession in the bay of Rio, where the magnificent wedding was celebrated with a crowd dancing in circles.
After this marriage my body was ready for the heart-head-belly exercise (I didn’t know the addition): my heart became a large magnetic field, Tibet descended there in the form of a vertical diamond and the Amazon rose in the form of a horizontal diamond. Together they formed the compass rose. My heart has become a compass! (After the workshop, I found out that the horizontal diamond is on the coat of arms of Brazil…)

With gratitude from my heart to all of you out there for this inspiring and nourishing work.


Notes from Farah: (Text in deutsch unten!)

Connection and attunement to the group: We gather again in a circle over the Amazon basin. A fire-breathing dragon appears immediately, then quite a few; they want to support, but did not to gather with us under our violet-watery membrane. They stay above our circle, which is under the membrane.

The coast between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is blocked:
We move towards the wall and draw water from the ocean, which is impregnated with the divine power of transformation. The wall appears to me like a ruin; it looks weak. Suddenly, water floods into this area and floods all over Brazil, maybe even the entire continent. We are lifted up and dance on the waves. The country is cleaned by the floods and then flows back into the ocean. We are gently weaned off.

The space of the Amazonian forest is under strong pressure:
When I concentrate on the signs on the lithopuncture stones, I see their subterranean effects: like snakes they cut their way through the earth; I am pulled down with them and move along their path in an underground, huge realm with mountains of beautiful crystals and shining lakes. As I move through this underground world, I suddenly realize that the root system of the trees from the Amazon moves through these snake-like tubes and spans a giant network: The roots of the trees and the crystalline structures of the earth meet and fertilize each other.

To connect the being of the Amazonas to the mineral kingdom of Brazil
I’m standing at the portal in Brasilia, when someone suddenly joins me: Pierre Weil, the founder of UNIPAZ, a peace university in Brasilia. In fact, I met him at this point when I stopped over in Brasilia and he got on the plane that took us both to Manaus. I knew him from a meeting in Berlin. Now we’re going backwards towards the Amazon. When we turn around, this incredible sultriness embraces me again and immediately my whole body relaxes and I take a deep breath. I enjoy the shimmering green light that shines through the green roofs of the giant Amazon trees. As with the first exercise, I become part of this being, the soul and Goddess of the earth, dive into its depths and swim underground to the Atlantic Ocean. I still wonder that I can continue to swim there and see no mineral structures as if I were moving on an even lower level.
When I arrive at the Atlantic, I look out at the ocean and suddenly tropical rain falls on the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and on me. It feels like a great blessing, warm and sweet. I’m completely relaxed. For minutes I enjoy this stream of blessing water that falls from the sky. Now I am becoming aware of Pierre Weil again: He is standing next to me and assures me: We will help you, from a different, spiritual level. (Pierre Weil left this world in 2008.) I am emotionally overwhelmed to meet him here and remember the tale of the colibri he liked to tell:
Once upon a time there was a fire in the wood. All the animals ran away desperately. Only the colibri (a type of hummingbird) chose the opposite direction. He took water with his beak from a nearby lake and threw it into the fire. An armadillo, intrigued by his procedure, asked him, „Colibri, do you really think that you can put out the fire? The colibri answered him: »I’m sure that I cannot put out the fire alone, but I’m doing my part.«

Tibet and Amazonia are positioned exactly at two opposite sides of the planet. They are connected with each other through the heart of the Earth that reaches towards both poles, to Amazonia and to Tibet. Their link has to be renewed so that the planet can get strong enough to meet the challenges of the present Earth transformation process:
I stand in front of the portal in Brasilia and have Tibet behind me; as earth I draw Tibet through my heart and connect it with the amazon. Again I see the cold air of Tibet embracing the sultry atmosphere of the Amazon in vortices and they start their dance together, how the heated air rises, moves to Tibet, rains there, fertilizes the earth and freezes again to ice and the cycle begins anew.

Connecting head, heart and belly
I feel Tibet in the head area behind my back and the Amazon in the pelvic area. See how snowflakes (from Tibet) fall to the Amazon and how the water flows back from there to Tibet, a constant cycle. Blockages are loosened in my body, even as I as the earth strengthen the connection in my heart. I radiate this energy and would like to thank many who have accompanied me on the way up to here: It is also a process of forgiveness.

Ask the indigenous culture of Brazil and their ancestor cultures to protect the reconnected and balanced body of their country:

First, I perform the ritual of the divine tear of grace. I see indigenous people in front of me with the typical headdress made of colorful feathers from the birds of the jungle and become aware of their connection with the beings of the air, the world of the spirit beings. They protect the country: Above the green roof of the Amazon, I can now see the dragons from the start of the journey pulling a fiery ribbon across the Amazon, including the green ribbon of the giant trees and underneath the many colorful birds, which represent the airy beings and spirits. In the earth the roots of the giant trees run through the earth like snakes.
I repeat the ritual of tears of divine grace: it is about forgiving all the pain and deep injuries inflicted on the country and its people by the Conquistadores over the centuries. Only forgiveness creates shared responsibility for the shared earth.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and surprisingly joined!

Telepathischer Workshop für Brasilien: Wiederholung vom 7. Juni 2020
Notizen von Farah

Verbindung und Einstimmung auf die Gruppe: Wir versammeln uns wieder über dem Amazonasbecken in einem Kreis. Sofort erscheint ein feuerspeiernder Drachen, dann ganz viele; sie wollen unterstützen, aber nicht unter unsere violett-wässrige Membran kommen. Sie bleiben oberhalb unseres Kreises, der sich unter der Membran befindet.

Die Küste zwischen Sao Paulo und Rio de Janeiro ist blockiert:
Wir bewegen uns auf die Mauer zu und schöpfen Wasser aus dem Ozean, das mit der göttlichen Kraft der Wandlung imprägniert ist. Die Mauer erscheint mir wie eine Ruine; sie wirkt kraftlos. Plötzlich flutet Wasser in diesen Bereich und überflutet ganz Brasilien – vielleicht sogar den ganzen Kontinent. Wir werden hochgehoben und tanzen hoch oben auf den Wellen. Das Land wird von den Fluten gereinigt und fließt wieder zurück in den Ozean. Wir werden sanft abgesetzt.

Der Raum des Amazona Urwalds ist unter großem Druck:
Als ich mich auf die Zeichen auf den Lithopunktursteinen konzentriere, sehe ich ihre unterirdischen Wirkungen: Wie Schlangen bahnen sie sich einen Weg durch die Erde; ich werde mit ihnen hinuntergezogen und bewege mich entlang ihrer Bahn in einem unterirdischen, riesigen Reich mit Bergen aus wunderschönen Kristallen und leuchtenden Seen. Während ich mich durch diese unterirdische Welt bewege, werde ich plötzlich gewahr, dass das Wurzelwerk der Bäume aus dem Amazonas sich durch diese schlangenähnlichen Röhren hindurch bewegt und ein Riesennetzwerk aufspannt: Die Wurzeln der Bäume und die kristallinen Strukturen der Erde begegnen und befruchten einander.

Wir verbinden das Wesen des Amazonas mit dem Mineralreich Brasiliens:
Ich stehe an dem Portal in Brasilia, da gesellt sich plötzlich jemand zu mir: Pierre Weil, der Begründer von UNIPAZ, einer Friedensuniversität in Brasilia. Tatsächlich bin ich ihm an diesem Punkt schon einmal begegnet, als ich in Brasilia zwischenlandete und er dort ins Flugzeug stieg, dass uns beide nach Manaus brachte. Ich kannte ihn von einer Begegnung in Berlin. Jetzt gehen wir zusammen rückwärts auf den Amazonas zu. Als wir uns umdrehen, umfängt mich wieder diese unglaubliche Schwüle und sofort entspannt sich mein ganzer Körper und ich atme tief durch. Ich genieße das grün schimmernde Licht, dass durch die grünen Dächer der Amazonas-Baumriesen hindurch scheint. Ich werde wie schon bei der ersten Übung Teil dieses Wesens, tauche in ihre Tiefen und schwimme unterirdisch zum Atlantischen Ozean. Ich wundere mich noch, dass ich mich dort schwimmend weiterbewegen kann und keine Mineralstrukturen sehe, als ob ich mich auf einer noch tieferen Ebene darunter bewegen würde.
Am Atlantik angekommen, blicke ich auf den Ozean und plötzlich fällt tropischer Regen hernieder – auf die Städte São Paulo und Rio de Janeiro und auf mich. Es fühlt sich an wie ein großer Segen – warm und süß – ich bin völlig entspannt. Minutenlang genieße ich diesen Wasserstrom des Segens, der aus dem Himmel fällt. Jetzt werde ich mir wieder Pierre Weil bewusst: Er steht neben mir und versichert mir: Wir helfen euch – von einer anderen, einer spirituellen Ebene aus. (Pierre Weil hat diese Welt 2008 verlassen.) Ich bin emotional völlig überwältigt, ihn hier zu treffen und erinnere mich an die Geschichte, die er gerne erzählt hat:
Die Geschichte vom Kolibri: Es war einmal ein Feuer im Wald. Alle Tiere rannten verzweifelt weg. Nur der Kolibri wählte die entgegengesetzte Richtung. Er nahm Wasser mit seinem Schnabel aus einem nahe gelegenen See und warf es ins Feuer. Ein Gürteltier, fasziniert von seiner Aktion, fragte ihn: „Colibri, glaubst du wirklich, dass du das Feuer löschen kannst? Der Colibri antwortete ihm: »Ich bin sicher, dass ich das Feuer nicht alleine löschen kann, aber ich trage meinen Teil dazu bei.«

Auf der globalen Ebene stellt das Hochland von Tibet den mineralischen (Yang) Pol des Planeten dar und der Amazonas-Regenwald das Reich des Wasser-Elements (Yin Pol):
Ich stehe vor dem Portal in Brasilia und habe Tibet in meinem Rücken; als Erde ziehe ich Tibet durch mein Herz und verbinde es dadurch mit dem Amazonas. Wieder sehe ich, wie die kalte Luft Tibets die schwüle Atmosphäre des Amazonas in Wirbeln umarmt und sie ihren gemeinsamen Tanz beginnen, wie die erhitzte Luft aufsteigt, sich gen Tibet bewegt, dort abregnet, die Erde befruchtet und wieder zu Eis gefriert und der Kreislauf von neuem beginnt.

Verbindung Bauch, Herz, Kopf:
Ich fühle Tibet im Kopfbereich hinter meinem Rücken und den Amazonas entsprechend im Beckenbereich. Sehe, wie Schneeflocken aus Tibet auf den Amazonas fallen und das Wasser vom Amazonas wieder dorthin zurückfließt – ein ständiger Kreislauf. Es lösen sich Blockaden in meinem Körper – auch als ich als Erde die Verbindung in meinem Herzen bestärke. Ich strahle diese Energie aus und bedanke mich bei vielen, die mich auf dem Weg bis hierhin begleitet haben: Es ist auch ein Vergebungsprozess.

Indigene Kulturen / Bitte um Vergebung:
Zuerst vollführe ich das Ritual der göttlichen Träne der Gnade. Ich sehe Indigene vor mir mit der typischen Kopfbedeckung aus bunten Federn der Vögel des Urwalds – und mir wird ihre Verbundenheit mit der Welt der Luftwesen, der Welt der Geistwesen bewusst. Sie beschützen das Land: Über dem grünen Dach des Amazonas sehe ich jetzt die Drachen vom Beginn der Reise, wie sie ein feuriges Band über den Amazonas ziehen, darunter das grüne Band der Baumriesen und darunter die vielen bunten Vögel, die die luftigen Wesen und Geister repräsentieren. In der Erde die Wurzeln der Baumriesen, die wie Schlangen das Erdreich durchziehen.
Ich wiederhole das Ritual der Träne der göttlichen Gnade: Es geht um Vergebung all der Schmerzen und tiefen Verletzungen, die dem Land und seiner Einwohner von den Conquistadores über Jahrhunderte zugefügt wurde. Erst die Vergebung schafft die gemeinsame Verantwortung für die gemeinsam bewohnte Erde.

Dank an alle, die mitgewirkt und sich überraschend angeschlossen haben!

Mary McNerney

What I wanted to share with you is some information I received about what occurred, and is occurring, after our group work together with the Amazon, Tibet, and the Ocean.
As Marko and others in our North American group know, my role for awhile has been “taking dictation from the Earth”. After our recent geomancy work, I received some dictation from those places. So what you read below is not my words or my experience, it is from the Earth. Master teachers from the angelic realm speak here too; over the years they have often spoken to support the evolution of humanity’s understanding and relationship with Earth. Because the information here is not only for me, it is for all people, I am so glad to share this with you!
– Mary McNerney

(sometimes the words or sentences are a bit awkward or archaic, but I only take the dictation, I do not change the wording. I am told that a vibration also is carried on the words they give us)

“I am the essence of what you term the Amazon. I am about much more than you recognize. I am about Bringing in the Light. I enfold that into myself and thus can radiate that to my world. What you see as the planet Earth is also about much more than you recognize. Earth, too, brings in a Light, enfolds it into herself and then radiates that to the world. Do you see the parallel?
That is your essential nature too, but this Humanity has yet to recognize of itself.
When you join together with me, your Amazon region, you are simultaneously opening yourself, awakening your self, and hence your society, to this broader spectrum of Light, awareness, and knowledge.

So do not perceive yourself as solely tending to the Amazon region for you are simultaneously tending to yourself and the larger Humanity. It is all about our essential nature of Bringing in the Light, Bringing forth the Light, which we then radiate into our world.
This you and I do together now because your awareness has expanded, and this empowers me, your Amazon region.

Guides from the Angelic Realm, who speak collectively and sound to me like very wise, very serious professors, share more words about this:
The Amazon has so much to say to you and to share with you. By this process of your group work she has been opened up to you. Go forth and radiate this awareness to your world, for through it a new expanded essence is created and brought forward.

The mountains of Tibet, too, are proclaiming a new resilience. By your working together, your attunement to them, a burden has been lifted from them. This burden was like a heavy heart. It is akin to how you may feel when you have a heaviness in your heart or are around someone with a heavy heart. The Tibetan mountains are with that feeling, that sensation. That is not their essential nature, but they were burdened with carrying it.

So this is now changing for them, because you are bringing forth a new awareness. As you opened your hearts and your attention to the mountains of Tibet, in so doing you were releasing a restriction, a stuck energy, which bound them and hindered them from fulfilling their role as bearers of the Light. Their essential nature had been bound up and by freeing this you also bring forth a higher resonance for and from Humanity.

Do you see that by healing and caring for these aspects of this planet you are at the same time resonating a healing for yourself, your society, all of Humanity? One is not separate from the other.
Continue to bring these blessings forth into being.

The Oceans, too, have been sparked; through your care and attention a Light has been magnified in them. The Oceans are beings of quiet; they do not express in the same way that the landscape does. But hey have inherent power and strength which is contained in their depths and muted as the waters surface.
As you attune to this and as you endeavor to release blocks you perceived, you allow the fruits of the Oceans to billow forth more fully; you allow the Ocean to show her essence more fully so that her dynamic radiance is seen and shared through all the beings who live within her. She is a Goddess bringing forth radiance, love, peace, tranquility, as are each of you. That too is your essential nature. Do you see the parallel of once again we speak? Nurture your Oceans, for in that too you nurture your

This is all about fulfillment of purpose for each of the regions you have attuned to: Amazon, Mountains of Tibet, Atlantic Ocean, and of yourself and your larger Humanity. In this work you do there is blessing to all. Thank you for engaging in this way. This thanks is radiating forth too.”


Dear Marko, dear people from Vitaaa

In the first meditation for Brazil on May 31, as we had to take water out of the Atlantic and spill it over the coastal line between Rio and Sao Paolo, suddenly our stone circle Staraquantis in front of the coast of Fuerteventura came into my sight. We had built it 2011 with the help of divers in the Atlantic at a depth of 18 m. Our aim was to strengthen the Atlantic and the other Oceans and their nature.

So, my actual ritual with the energized Atlantic water had already in the first meditation a special intensity and had, on my opinion, a big effect in tearing down the wall and liberating the elemental beings.

Last Sunday then, working again on the connection between Tibet and Amazonia, the stone circle Staraquantis called again my attention. Also the following days, it did not get out of my mind. It was as if the seven pillars with their kosmograms wanted to awake from a longer period of slumber and called to collaborate in this planetary healing process.

Also the other stone circle on the island of Fuerteventura, built with Marko and five other artists in the Centro Artis Tirma in 2009, showed at sudden its presence. So, besides connecting Tibet with Amazonia through the Earth’s heart, I could also recognize two big lemniscates on the surface of our Planet, reaching from Tibet over Fuerteventura to Amazonia. One lemniscate, leading through Staraquantis, had the watery quality, the other lemniscate, going through Artis Tirma with its big lava stones, carried the earthy quality of the minerals. Our big spiral-labyrinth, next to the stone circle of Artis Tirma, gave the whole process an immense swinging impulse.

So, I felt, that our projects on Fuerteventura, on the Canarian archipel, that leys geographically about half way between Tibet and the plains of Amazonia, could be a help for the equilibrium and transformation process of our planet, we are working for in our workshops.

If somebody wants to connect with the two stone circles, you can see their inauguration and construction on YouTube under: „Stone circle on Fuerteventura 2009“ and „Staraquntis 2011“.

Thank you all for the precious meditations!

thanks, dear mona, that is very interesting, what you write about the stonecircles of fuerteventura!

Brigitta Kluge

Workshop for Brazil on 7th june 2020

Many thanks to the organizing team for the clear instructions and timetable for this workshop and to all people who joined this work for Gaia and all her beeings!
I was surprised and fascinated how „real“ the telepathic working felt.
Very intensly I felt the gathering of head – heart – belly (11.00 -11.20) in my chest:
Whirling, lively energy when 3 very! different family tribes come to a gathering with much joy, powerful discussing and swirling around… so a burst of laughter came suddenly out of me.
I loved it to touch the heart of the other people on earth with this healing energy when the tribes of the „Christals“, the „Heart“ and the „Amazonien waters“ meet!

Thanks! Brigitta – Germany


What an incredible experience!

The essence of Amazon is a very ancient presence, watery and airy, with a cosmic dimension. I am infinitely grateful for this experience.

A heartfelt thank you to Marko, the VITAAA team and all dear co-creators for the initiative and cooperation.



Les Stečaks sortent à peine de terre et savent moduler le chant des oiseaux pour communiquer de cachette en cachette

lea hennessy

The meeting at the platform was a reminder of how fixed and dried out I am in my own life. The trip to the pyramids provided the necessary healing to break out of this pattern which can bring us all to a standstill.
It was connecting to the Stecak stones that has prompted me to write this post. As I looked at the picture of the stones I felt drawn to place my hand in front of one them and intuitively knew I was being allowed to enter in to another space. However i was advised not to touch the carving as it needs to be preserved but just hold it away from the stone. Mankind has tried to erode the memories of this culture making it a blank slate. However the energy patterns are still in the music of the area and the connection can also be made through it. People still know that and need to honour that. Another message was for gardeners and farmers. Hold the soil in your hand and ask it directly what it wants and you will get an answer.
Again many thanks for a lovely morning.


Danke sehr, daß ich ihm diesr Arbeit teilnehmen könnte. Ich fiende, daß war alles sehr kräftig, harmohnisch, ich habe immer die Eigenheit, die Present und die Hielfe gefüllt, und das, daß sehr wichtig war. Danke. Ich arme euch alle um, mit Liebe, aus Ungarn und Österreich. Zsolt

Dina Girardi

Il viaggio telepatico della mattina è stato molto intenso e profondo, con connessione ai popoli antichi.
Grazie a Marko e tutti per questa grande opportunità ed esperienza di guarigione. Dona Ada

Dina Girardi

Il viaggio telepatico della mattina è stato molto intenso e profondo, con connessione ai popoli antichi.
Grazie a Marko e tutti per questa grande opportunità ed esperienza di guarigione. Dina Ada


Thank you very much for making this workshop possible.
Connecting: I experienced the deva of Bosnia as big vital green deva and to our group came even a big green dragon and very higk angelic beings and many more.
And I saw Bosnia as a very big portal to the inner Earth, to the civilisations inside the Earth.
Visoko: (I’ve never been there physically) I landed on a kosmogram stone which is connected to inner Earth people. Through Ravne tunnel it was like being prepared/initiated in different steps befor entering the Pyramid. Inside Pyramid of the Sun, I experienced a mighthy temple, actually a whole big „city“ of light with many temples connected to inner Earth civilisations. And in Pyramid of the Dragon, a very deep contact Gaia and also part of this big inner Earth structure.
Zavidovici: Throug the sphere I nexperienced “ The Golden People“ and they have an enormous heart energy/love, and this is what they have to the world.
Sarajevo: There came a lot of Divine Grace when we did Tear of Grace, and all over whole Bosnia golden light start to pop up from underneath. At first small points and then more and more, it was not only light but also a very strong feeling of healing, it was so great. So it was like already the sun disc power.
Stecak culture: Going through a stone and inside the mountain it went very strong in my crown chakra, and I experienced the Stecak people as very very wise and good connected with their divine origin, with their connection to stars. And this was their message: be good connected with your truth self.
Neretva river learned to be more focused flowing with the etheric flow.
Mostar went less polarized.
Very peaceful to be touched at Medjugorje
At the end I was little tired, couldn’t hold the enegies at Stolac.
again thank you so much!


Tuning to the country of Bosnia at the foot of the waterfall, I first felt my awareness in chest. Then with the qualities of water from the waterfall and river, I saw a forest with iridescent coloured trees growing in the space behind my chest in the back. The sense of liberation from the drought is spaciousness and a sense of being able to breathe.

I was challenged by the projections inside the pyramid. When the projections passed, inside the pyramid of the Dragon there was a dragon which revealed a hall with a full view of the outside and a triangular pool of water on the ground. This room was man-made but in alignment with the nature qualities of around it. It represented the harmony that can exist between the creativity of humanity and the beings of nature. In the pyramid of the Moon I saw a curtain and behind the curtain a similar room as above but in night time. It felt like it was a place of private rituals.

Connecting to stone sphere at Zavidovici, its parallel reality appeared to me as fluid energy in many colours. Distributing these qualities to Bosnia and the larger world, the rigid structures of the world seemed to drink this energy and there was a sense of flow, spaciousness and softening.

Offering the tear of grace to Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the mountains and tall rock faces absorbed the healing waters. I experienced the place as a feminine being frozen in fear and grief and the tears of mercy allowed her to be released from this frozen state. The sun disk was like waves of golden energy from the earth, it created widespread deep peace.

Entering the Stecak stone, I was surrounded by many tall flowing etheric sheets that were light coloured, almost white. These etheric sheets wafted me into the mountain and created a magical sense of flowing connection from the heart of the mountain. The sheets from the Stecak stone were like keys for interacting and cocreating with the mountain. To my surprise I was also shown the valley of Petra.

The distribution of the blessed waters over the Neretevz river awakened beings inside the waters. They looked like large sea creatures and I felt their powerful movement going deep into the water beyond the dammed parts. They traversed across the lands from the depths of the earth. Their energy opened a kind of energetic waterway for us to glide over the river to Mostrar. Our connection to love under the bridge created little bridges of love. I saw the water covered with hundreds of little bridges between people’s hearts from the two sides.

Connecting to Medjugorje, the sphere of Gaia appeared to me as a large bubble that became many little bubbles. The bubbles floated to different places within the landscape and to the hearts of people. When the bubbles popped they released golden raindrops which gave qualities that were needed such as passion, clarity and peace.

At Stolac I encountered some challenges with the lifting of the places to the sky and also into the earth. The places felt very heavy and the movement was very slow, I was not sure we could get to the stars or the core of the earth. I asked for the watery creatures to help me and also the sheets from the Stecak stones. Still it did not move very well. Finally the threads became a vortex, a golden vortex going up to the sky and a silver vortex going into the womb of the earth. That initiated a process for many patterns from these places to be transmuted.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to participate and collaborate, thank you to Marko and everyone in our circle.

Margaret Lange

Good morning. I have connected at the Lake this morning for our meeting at 9 am AEST. I have enjoyed the energy there of a great Being and many excited nature spirits anticipating our arrival. We’ve shared notes with those of Lake Rhoda – wild, and Lake Pedder – dammed, here and rejoiced with much gratitude to Marko and you all for this nourishing work. Every blessing on the meeting. I shall continue with my day at home, church and in nature – Snug Falls unless it rains too much. With many thanks and much love for our wonderful planet, our special time with her and the caring people working with her.

Jan Vaňura

Předně velice děkuji za pozvání na tuto snovou cestu do míst, kam jsem se již dlouho chtěl vypravit – a za pozvání na palubu se vskutku vysněnou posádkou v čele se světelným kormidelníkem Markem. Cítím velikou čest a též vděčnost duchovním bytostem a ochráncům Bosny, našim předkům a andělům, ale i dalším průvodcům ze všech koutů Gaie.
Můj astrální autobus má podobu jakéhosi kulovitého světelného ufo, kde pohodlně sedíme ve stupňovitých kruzích a odkud můžeme ovládat pohyb pouhým záměrem a při tom vyhlížet průhlednými kopulemi vzhůru do nebes i dolů do země.
Ladění s vodopádem se událo ve vskutku velebném duchu. Cítím duši obou řek i posvátnost místa jejich splývání, kde dochází k výměně informací sbíraných a nesených vodou, a také kvalitativní proměně energií. Též je to místo mísení elementů vody a vzduchu, které krásně oduševňují a produchovňují zemi – toto je vskutku božským nektarem osvěžujícím naše mysli vyprahlé negativními vlivy moderních technologií a vzorců odcizení od sebe sama, navzájem i přírodních a elementárních dimenzí života.
Vstup do centra pyraramidy slunce proběhlo zcela náhle – snad díky síle hned prvního uvedeného kosmogramu – a asi i díky technice přistání našeho ufa shora na kamenech vizualizovaných na tekutém lávovém poli. Tento střed má velkou sílu – a když pak cestuji do pyramid draka a měsíce, jako by všechny jejich středy byly v jednom společném centru. Z tohoto středu cítím obří pyramidu slunce čerpající kosmickou energii a informace a zároveň je zpracované vysílající zpět. Měsíční pyramidu cítím jakoby zrcadlově obrácenou středem dolů do středu země – takže spolu vlastně vytváří jakousi gigantickou merkabu. Zde cítím ženské kvality – magnetické, absorbující, zvnitřňující, produševňující a kruhovitě transformující. Spojení kosmických – mužsky solárních a ženských lunárních kvalit je zde na zemi manifestováno a dále formováno a distribuováno skrze dračí síly a kvality Gaie. Vše toto jsou však konceptuální mentální záznamy úžasného prožitku tance a propojení energií a kvalit stvoření a tvoření.
Stejně tak prožitek vstupu do obří kamenné koule byl velmi mystický a těžko uchopitelný slovy. Sféra je symbolem všeho i prázdnoty, je jednotou a zároveň izolovanou monádou. S úsměvem si uvědomuji, že prostor uvnitř koule je zároveň i vnitřkem našeho cestovního prostředku – onoho kulovitého ufa. Byly snad tyto „gule“ podobnými dopravními prostředky k cestám do budoucnosti? Minimálně nám připomínají, že jsme s podobnými vizualizacemi a aktivitami na spráné cestě.
Naciťování traumatizovaných vrstev Sarajeva bylo zpočátku vskutku dosti náročné a vyčerpávající – pocítil jsem i spoluúčast a spoluvinu za lidské násilí nejen vůči sobě navzájem, ale tím pádem i vůči silám stvoření – elementárním bytostem a Gaie jako takové. Díky rituálu však skrze slzy božské milosti mohlo dojít k velikému odpouštění a léčení. Nechť dojde skrze solární paprsky boží a pozemské lásky a vědomí i k obrodě a znovuzrození nové galaktické a gaianské hyperkultury!
Během návštěvy záhadných kamenů starobylé kultury stečak a kdovíjakých dalších megalitických kultur si uvědomuji, jak málo toho víme o vlastní minulosti a jak chabé jsou tzv. oficiální verze historie. Vidím chaotické pestrobarevné střípky starobylých kultur jako v kaleidoskopu…
Žehnání skrze vody – v tomto případě řeky Neretvy – je vždy krásná a vděčná záležitost. Uvědomuji si, že umělé přehrazování vodního toku je vždy problematické a přináší energetické a posléze i kulturní, sociální a politické blokace a blokády. Nechť voda vstřebává boží milost a rozádí ji do míst, kde je jí třeba. Jedním z nich je jistě nábožensky rozdělený Mostar s pohnutou historií. Cítil jsem zde velký kulturní i spirituální potenciál, který je ovšem stále blokován starými křivdami a zraněními. Meditace a žehnání jako ta naše jsou pro město a místní lidi velikou příležitostí k odpuštění, léčení a transformaci.
Do Medjugorije se chystám již dlouho vypravit – a poklonit se zde panně Marii, snad proto byla má vize spíše mariánská než gaianská, ale možná v tom vlastně není ani takový rozdíl. Cítil jsem zde každopádně mocný zdroj moudré, milující a soucitné mateřské energie, jež jsem dle instrukcí vizualizoval jako stříbrnou kouli, která se posléze rozpadla do tisíců menších sfér rozlétajících se coby požehnání do srdcí prosebníků a potřebných.
Poslední imaginace ukotvování klíčových míst Bosny a Balkánu zlatými vlákny ke hvězdám a stříbrnými k oceánu hlubinné paměti mi, snad kvůli menší soustředěnosti či oscilaci zadáni mezi lokálním, balkánským či celoevropským regionem, nešla tak hladce. Pomohl však náčrt světelného kužele – a objevila se hned celá řada podobných energetických kuželů odpovídající evropským čakrám, kde oblast Bosny potažmo Balkánu reprezentuje snad sexuálně – sakrální centrum čili lůno. Zajímavé je, že všechny tyto kužely pramenily v jednom místě – středu země a centru Gaie, a směřovaly taktéž do jediného bodu „omega“ kdesi v centru naší galaxie či snad celého kosmu…

Maarja Joost Thorsén

Thank you all, specially you Marko and your assistants for making this trip and beautiful exercises a reality, although in a telephatic way. For me it has worked in an excellent mannen and I feel deeply grateful for all the new experiences and closeness to our circle. A good try of work in the long process of transmuting our planet. I feel hope for the future!
Some highlights in my journey:
Firstly when we connected with our groupe and invited all the beings concerned in Bosnia, I was overwhelmed by the joy they accepted the invitation.
– at the waterfall a sensational feeling of freedom, happiness and lightness. When we were sharing this with the outer world, a big wave of energy sweeoing us along to all places on the planet. It was forceful and pushen on, cleansing, bringing happiness and freedom
– Inside the Pyramide of Sun I felt the eternity of the universe, still, golden athmosphere.Inside Pyramide of the Moon I met the feminine quality. It whispered: Be present, listen constantly.
– The Stecak culture: again I was surprised at revealing my precinceptions. Full of pity for them that had to move away from the humans underground. Black, cold in my imagination. No, bright, soft, golden, moving athmosphere with fairylike beings floating in happiness just being. Their message: Always listen to your heart and follow its messages.
– At Stolac, the new planetary space for Europe and the world, I experience like a shield for negative influences. And it helps us to concentrate and understand our task.
12 July 2020
– The wirwl from lake Bohinj was really strong and energetic, clealy noticed by the strange cultures around us. Making the energy channels was very successful and this started to spread all over our planet.
– No difficulties in leading the strange cultures to enter the tunnels. Masses and masses were drawn there by the golden light of love that was like a magnet for them. Thank God!
– our task consists among other things to awaken people’ s hearts. To understand its importance in guiding us to live.
– so thankful that you included our working with the transgressions made to children. Our children are part of making the transmuting of our planet. We must give them the tools they will need.

Thank you again for everything and have a good life!

Jan Vaňura

Opět děkuji za možnost zůčastnit se této revoluční transformační práce pro Novou zemi a lidstvo. Také děkuji za možnost prožití překrásné krajiny posvátných jezer okolo Triglavu s touto skupinou lidí nejen probuzených, ale sdílejících i stejnou vizi právě skrze tento způsob imaginace.
Skrze náš kruh a záměr, a též díky silné podpoře všech bytostí byl vytvořen vskutku mocný transformační maelstrom. Ten dále přitahoval pozornost dalších a dalších podporujících elementárních a andělských bytostí, ale též všechen přežitý odpad a nepotřebné haraburdí. Zprvu jsem se až trochu zalekl, jak bude možné obří masy tohoto „svinstva“ zlikvidovat, ale oddechl jsem si při sestupu pod hladinu, a když jsem viděl ony magnetické světelné tunely vysavající všechny staré nefunkční vzorce strachu, ignorance a odcizení, traumata minulosti, ale i všechny mimozemské a nové zemi nepřátelské formy do jakéhosi paralelního vesmíru jakési černé díry, odkud není návratu. Přesto to byla dosti náročná a únavná práce, ale radost z jejího konání ještě mnohem větší. Cítil jsem i kontinuitu transformačních let 2000 – 2012 – 2020 a obrovskou úlevu definitivního konce starých časů.
Další práce už pak byla doslova „hračka“ a radostné tvoření – jistě také díky úžasné energetické podpoře magického jezera Bled a jezírek Zelenci, kam se – věřím – budu moci brzy vypravit i v těle:) Světelná solární síla čistého srdce a vědomí se šíří do všech směrů a dimenzí nové skutečnosti a ony fluidní membrány nyní léčí, regenerují a sytí naše vyprahlé buňky, těla a mysli. Modleme se i nadále a žehnejme nejen všem současným lidským dětem, ale i dětem minulým a budoucím a také dětem vnitřním jako i mláďatům zvířecím a elementárním, všem vnímajícím a cítícím bytostem – na naší cestě ke světlu, lásce a svobodě. A radostně opatrujme a utvářejme novou zemi a novou síť života. Děkuji!

Christel Meissner

What a journey… The energywork we did throughout the telepathic bus ride and today at the Gathering is reverberating in me and I am still with the group at Lake Bohinj.
Thank you so much, Marko and the VITAAA Team, for having organized such an immense task and to every fellow traveller on the journey!!! I am deeply moved and touched and not the same as before. My whole being seems to reorganize itself and the „exercises“ along the way have been mind-blowing and heart-opening. The Gaia Touch exercise of the Divine Tear of Grace in Sarajevo and for the children of the world; the Bled exercise of the mirroring of the complex heart energy and spreading it into the world; the guiding of the powers to be transformed into a temple in a parallel universe through the bottom of Lake Bohinj, to name just a few… What a huge task we could not have done without the help of all present Beings who are with us in this, I bow in awe and respect, my envelope still shaking… I see and sense the new sphere we are in, similar to the drawing of Stolac, however, now with the New LifeNet sphere around it, where each of us has their network brought into the sphere, open to new influences.
Love and Light,
Christel, Berlin

Anne Stuart

Yesterday when calling in anscestors, ele
mentals and angels I saw white robed figure of Christ.
Today as we sang vowels l realized vowels were the life of words especially verbs and the importance for me to be mindful of the words I use in truth. Clearly they are made flesh for good or ill.
I invited St. GERMAIN,and ST. FRANCIS to help with transmutation of old alienated patterns of entrapment. As we decended into strong vortex
Multitudes crammed the tunnels. Old patterens were made of geometric forms of triangles, circles and exes as codes. A cauldron appeared and transformed these and multitudes into blue liquid flowing freely through tunnels
This changed into golden light tinged with torquoise and light green as it exited tunnels on the way to halls of Transmutation in universe.
Angels gathered up any leftovers in a net so nothing remained in Gaia’s centre.
The new membranes were amazing, healing every cell through skin and organs.At Bled the Sacred heart was mirrored in every
human heart and the light spread to all humanity reminding us all of our divine origins and our purpose to spread our light to all. Children always show the light before it is oppressed in them and it was good to give back to them. I felt sad at this part but humbled and softened by the whole ritual.
Thanks Marko and all the group for the privilege to participate.


Sounding out with vortex of transformation, I realised my tones stayed very high and I tried to ground them. As I reached the lower guttural tones I saw things that were embedded in the earth that did not belong there. They appeared like large pieces of metal deep in the ground and it was difficult to bring them into the vortex. I then felt the urge to make a series of deep breaths, through the nose and then out through the mouth with sound. These breaths of renewal shifted the things embedded in the earth.

The controlling powers tried to escape by disappearing into the waters of the lake. They appeared as large metal insects that tried to slither away in the water. With the intention for the group to hold the energy of our circle, some of us had to catch them with our hands. Once we caught them we used violet light to direct them to the tunnels for transformation.

Standing in the circle on the waters of Lake Bled, I felt something wonderful in water under us. The lake was shining and the water is making gentle waves with spots of sunlight. My attention was drawn to under the water and I saw a mirror image of the castle under the water with its own world of elementals and creatures. Facing the mirroring island above the water with the awakening of the heart, my physical form is turned into shining waves. I move as a wave-like being. Turning to face the world, I see these shining waves moving beyond and the world taking on these wave forms.

The spherical membranes of Zelenci first had a quality like the waves at Lake Bled but then they were too thick. I saw a part of my body form a circle which did not move. The mountain then showed me how it ‘wears’ the membrane, it was a very fine membrane of gold dust that allows it to move and interact.

This fine membrane of gold dust then connected to the minerals and sand on the shore of Lake Bohinj. Doing the tear of divine grace for the children of the world, I felt the happiness of the children and the sounds of their laughter.

Recreating the Network for life, the knots of the network became like the specks of the sparking membrane. The happiness and laughter of the children was present with us, I was very touched to feel their support.

Thank you all for making this possible. With much love and gratitude, Ying

Sandi Churchward

Thank you to Marko and all who participated in putting this workshop together.
It was a rich experience working in the beautiful landscape.
A few of my experiences follow, from July11
The 3 pyramids were very different for me. In the Pyramid to the Sun, as I entered I was immediately drawn in by a reverential feeling and saw a large sun disc which appeared to be held up or cradled by a form from below, with upraised arms. I imitated the gesture and felt a powerful strength, stillness and dedication. I was drawn to go down on my knees and get as close to the ground as possible. Stillness prevailed here.
When I entered the Pyramid to the Dragon Power I saw an electric blue colour and a dragon thrashing about filling the large space. I thought he was tied down but maybe not physically. I moved to a wall to just observe what was happening, an active and chaotic atmosphere. As I leaned against the wall I became conscious of my breath, and its effect on the dragon. As I consciously breathed he became less agitated and quieted down., we breathed back and forth to one another, as we exchanged breathI. I sensed that his agitation was from not being recognized for his vital role in Gaia’s creation.
In the Pyramid to the Moon, the space was luminescent with veils of transparency and movement. My arms wanted to move gracefully around the space. I was engaged with a mystical dance, whose movement revealed deep mysteries of dreamtime and imagination.
The Great Stone of Zavidovici
When I stood in front of it, I was pushed back away from the stone to observe it from a distance. I began to move in an elliptical orbit around the stone. Through each revolution as I circled, I got closer to the far side of the stone. Eventually I entered in from the far side. I became still to orient myself to this new space which was unfamiliar. It was as if I was walking by images of people working at various tasks. I was then taken apart piece by piece, air was blown on to remove dust, and I was reassembled in a lighter form. Then as I continued to move around I moved through the scenes I witnessed. The mood was joyous with a sense of dedication. I noticed that the people had an equal place to the nature around them, they blended in and had a similar feeling of harmony. I allowed this mood to extend through the sphere which had now become transparent, as I had become transparent and open as well. This mood expanded throughout the landscape and world at large.
The Stecak Culture
As I descended from the air bus, I passed through layers of vibrant colours – Violet, turquoise, magenta and yellow. I was drawn to a rectangular flat stone to land upon.
I felt that by descending through the colours I was cleansed and reorganized, so that I could pass into the mountain easily. I was immediately approached by light beings who were drawn to my colours and seemed to interact or communicate with them. A group of children approached me and took me by the hand to play a game with them. There was a circle on the ground with intersecting lines and smaller dots or circles. We were to move from one circle to another in a unified movement or dance. There was a sense that we moved as a group through this.
There was an elder sitting by the circle watching. I went and sat at her feet with my back to her. She put her hands on my shoulders and opened my spine. I sensed an electric violet current from this adjustment.
I realized that the children had an honoured role in this community and that their form of play operated on a high, by our standards, level, and was practised for the sale of the whole community.
July 12
Spherical membrane of our new reality.
As the water droplets surrounded me and the group, I had the image of being encased in the chalice or calyx of a waterlily, but transparent and mobile. Each was closed and contained, slightly open at the top, but connected to the source by a deep but floating stem like an umbilical cord. We could move freely while still being connected to the source. As more people became aware of this the waterlilies would open up to the world.
Sacred lake of Bled
The thin layer of mirror over the island, shone like a giant crystal or star. As my heart awoke to this power of Love, I recognized that I could take in and receive only a fractal of what was being offered. I was aware of my limitation here. This spark now lives within me to be nurtured and to grow and share.


Thank you, everyone, for making this journey possible. I woke up this morning with souvenirs in my heart of yesterday’s beautiful places and wisdom on my mind of the powerful exercises. I’ll name a few here in the hopes they may continue to resonate with our group and spread over Bosnia & Herzegovina today.

* the significance of HYDRATION during these ‚mental‘ times! Thank you, Jajce.
* my ’secret password‘ (which was actually just resonance) that opened the beautifully changing organic patterns at the Pyramids was I AM READY.
* the three gifts from the Big Sphere at Zavidoviči to distribute to the world were: a DEEP DESIRE to collaborate with other non-physical beings (not out of obligation but by truly recognizing the need for unity); TRANSCENDENCE (by seeking to be lifted out of anger and fear); increased TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION (by just being willing to listen, we’ll know solutions!)
* Sarajevo’s ’shrugging of the shoulders‘ at us, as if it were shooing off a fly, not recognizing that we are hummingbirds. Yet. I was pleased to have a reaction from the landscape, a place so deeply unreachable after all the disconnect humans have created there. A great first!
* the gift from the Stečak culture was EMERGENCE; what great ability it is to be invisible until the optimum time. (A creature showed itself to me. Later, I read that an olm or salamander living in a cave there hadn’t moved its body for 7 years! It will wait for a mate!)
* what JOY from the waters at Neretva being whole again!
* the BRIDGING energy at Mostar emanates like a rainbow, overlapping arcs bigger than the bridge are beginning to reach people.
* the message from Gaia at Medjugorje came in a song:
I will never forget you
I will never forsake you
I will never just leave you
never ever replace you
REPEAT… Endlessly. In the heart… Now without lyrics.
* the womb of Europe was mangled. The most unspeakable crimes committed here against love and innocence, nurture and nature, health and revitalization required re-constructive surgery… with GOLDEN and SILVERY threads! It was when I placed the whole event – the landscape connected to the ocean and to the cosmos – into my own womb that I felt a great sigh of relief, outside of me. It was sparkling and spacious. It ignited other creations. A womb with an ocean and a universe of stars in it is infinite possibilities!

It’s time for me to board our magical bus again! See you soon!


I am happy to be traveling with you in Bosnia in this colored light bus. Thank you all for the travel community and Marko, Damir, Ljuba and Barbara for the loving preparation.
On this journey through the Bosnian landscapes, I had the feeling that I could spread my wings. Such a touching landscape. The meeting with the Stecak culture touched me deeply. Light beings come towards us and one greets me in the inner kingdom. I am touched by a peace culture that guards the tree of life. It was like „thawing“ me inside and I was inspired and returned with gifts. I am very grateful for that.
Thank you for the note, consciously pay attention to the tunnels at the moment of transformation.
And thank you for thinking about the children and looking at their needs. This is particularly important to me as a teacher. I was glad that we noticed the difficult path our education system offers the children and saw what it will need in the future.

Manfred Blieffert

Zum telepathischen Treffen am 11. Und 12. Juli 2020
Am Samstagvormittag konnte ich leider nicht teilnehmen, da ich schon zugesagt hatte, mit meinem zur mobilen Druckerpresse umgebauten Fahrrad auf dem Osnabrücker Markt zugunsten der von der Coronapandemie betroffenen freien Künstler*innen zu drucken. Im Rahmen einer Friedenswerkstatt hatten wir zusammen mit Marko diesen Platz im Jahr 2018 besucht. Von der dortigen Rathaustreppe wurde im Jahr 1648 nach jahrelangen Verhandlungen der Westfälische Friede, also das Ende des 30-jährigen Krieges, verkündet. Ich habe dort von 10 bis 14 Uhr mit kleinen und großen Passant*innen etwa 30 Plakate gedruckt, „Ohne Kunst, ohne Musik, ohne… Wie wollen wir leben?“
Ziemlich abgekämpft bin ich also um 15 Uhr in unser Treffen eingestiegen.
Ich kann den Nachmittag nur unter dem Wort VERBUNDENHEIT zusammenfassen. Verbundenheit mit Euch, den Teilnehmer*innen des Netzwerktreffens, Verbundenheit mit den Teilnehmer*innen meiner Druckaktion und, am meisten gegenwärtig, Verbundenheit mit unserer Künstlerkollegin Christine, die vier Tage zuvor gar nicht weit weg von unserer Wohnung unter einen LKW geraten und gestorben ist. Verbundenheit mit den Trauernden vor allem mit ihren verwaisten Kindern, denn der Vater ist vor eineinhalb Jahren verstorben.
Hier waren dann die Übungen zu den Städten, die den Herzraum betrafen, ob aufnehmend oder sendend, ganz wichtig. Wichtig, sich in Verbundenheit mit euch zu stärken und auch bestärkt zu werden, dass ich selber auch stärken kann.
So war es dann auch heute, am Sonntag, mit der verspiegeltem Insel und der Stärkung für die Kinder dieser Welt, die ich noch zweimal für Christines Kinder und ein weiteres Mal für die Onkel, Tanten und Großeltern, die sich jetzt um die zwei Kinder kümmern, wiederholt habe.
Dazu habe ich eine Zeichnung gemacht, die zeigt, wie sich die Dinge aufgebaut haben. In der Mitte der Bohinisee, wo ich telepathisch war, und der Markt in Osnabrück, wo ich wirklich, leiblich war. Ganz im Vordergrund Christine, die Verbundenheit mit Euch, den Trauernden und den Bürger*innen Osnabrücks. Das Ganze dann vor dem Hintergrund von Corona, dem Klimawandel, der Migrationsfrage und dem damit einhergehenden Rassismus.
Manfred Blieffert, Osnabrück

Leider kann ich die Zeichnung hier nicht einfügen


Eine bemerkenswerte Erfahrung dieser telepathischen Arbeit war, dass mein physischer Körper unterschiedlich stark daran beteiligt war. Ich kann sagen, dass er am Vormittag der Bosnienreise bis zur Erschöpfung mitarbeitete, während der Nachmittag ein sanfter Fluss war.

So reagierte meine Atmung am Jajce Wasserfall, ich begann tiefer und freier zu atmen.
Im Tunnelsystem von Visoko wurde ich regelrecht zur Teilnahme des ganzen Körpers aufgefordert. Meine erste und zugleich letzte Station unserer Erkundung war einer der Megalithen. Ich „hörte“ seine Klänge, schöpferische Klänge. Dies geschah zunächst auf der Ebene der Ohren. Dann wurde ich aufgefordert, diese Klänge mit dem ganzen Körper aufzunehmen, alle Zellen des Körpers dafür zu öffnen. Dabei sank ich immer tiefer in eine Entspannung und verlor den zeitlichen Reiseplan.
In Zavidovici erlebte ich die parallele Welt als eine, die die Vollkommenheit des Kreises und der Kugel lebt. Um mir eine physische Ahnung dessen zu geben, hatte ich das Gefühl, dass meine Mundhöhle zu einem kugelförmiger Raum geformt wurde, welcher Kugeln, gebildet aus Licht und Wasser, entließ. Dies war wie eine Sprache und es war eine große Freude, in dieser Weise zu kommunizieren. Die vielfältigen bis tief in den Körper empfundenen Eindrücke in der schnellen Sequenz unserer Reise erschöpften mich aber auch und so war mir die Mittagspause sehr willkommen.

Am Nachmittag entschied ich mich bewusst, die intensive Beteiligung des Körpers zu reduzieren und dies passte perfekt zum Programm, denn das Segnen, Liebe ausstrahlen, die Begegnung mit Maria (sie zeigte sich mir vor allem im Aspekt der Trösterin) und die Schaffung des neuen Raums – all dies lässt sich auch ohne starke Einbindung des Körpers tun.

Einen herzlichen Dank an unsere Reisefüher*Innen und die ganze Gruppe! Es liegt ein großer Reichtum darin, die vielfältigen Erfahrungen zu lesen und dabei entsteht auch so manche schöne Erinnerung an persönliche Begegnungen und frühere Lebensnetztreffen.

Agnès Gauthier

Samedi 11 Juillet 2020
9h-9h20 : Connexion avec le groupe :
Bus éthérique, sensation de gaité, je nous sens comme dans les chenilles des foires de mars. Ambiance joyeuse et légère.
9h20-9h40 : Cascade à Jajce :
Je sens une résistance dans mes mâchoires puis une grande fraicheur qui me pénètre par le bas du corps comme une imprégnation progressive qui s’étend au corps entier.
9h30-9h50 : Pyramides Bosniaques à Visoko
Sensation d’un grand malaxage entre la lumière et l’ombre. Il me vient l’image du travail du gros intestin et celle d’un immense serpent qui malaxe, broie, digère. Comme si on était pris tous ensemble dans un grand champ de transformation puis de décantation.
Nous formons ensemble comme une montagne sombre et dense avec le haut totalement lumineux
Pyramide du Dragon.
Resserrement au niveau du troisième œil, j’appelle la lumière violette. Sensation de décomposition d’atomisation.
Il me vient : „Je ne suis rien“ suivie d’un allègement.
Puis, „je suis la terre“ et je me retrouve comme prise dans le magma des origines.
10h-10h20 : Grande pierre à Zavidovici.
Je sens un allègement et une dilatation. Notre groupe devient comme une sphère de lumière.
Puis je ressens comme une polarité avec la montagne Triglav?
Je me sens imprégnée de douceur, de délicatesse, d’humilité et d’effacement de soi.
Présence +++au niveau du cœur. Vision d’un œuf lumineux.
Difficile, sensation d’une terre aride et sèche, j’ai besoin de demander de l’aide à la cascade.
Et là je sens la terre sèche se craqueler et les qualités commencer à pénétrer.
Sarajevo et le disque solaire
Grande présence au niveau du cœur
Le disque solaire fait craquer une croute et de la lumière sort des craquelures. En fait les croutes sont comme une protection qui permet de s’habituer à la puissance de cette lumière.
Puis la lumière se répand par vagues rythmiques comme s’il fallait prendre le temps de l’apprivoiser.
11h-11h20 : la culture Stecak.
Auras : Travail au niveau du cœur, dilatation, sensation de flottaison.
Je vois une rose lumineuse puis tout de suite derrière une rose avec les pétales fanées et durcies et en fait les êtres de cette culture se trouvent derrière les pétales fanés.
Plus on se lie à l’éthérique, plus ils reviennent.
Il me vient :
„Sous la mort il y a la vie, la vie ne se trouve pas dans la matière, la matière est l’aspect coagulé de la vie“.
Après midi
15h-15h10 : La rivière Neretva.
Je ressens un tiraillement entre l’espace avant dans la lumière et l’espace arrière dans l’ombre.
Le lac artificiel : rétrécissement, assombrissement dans la zone du cœur. Quand je répands l’eau, elle devient une eau courante puis elle s’enfonce profondément dans la terre.
15h20-15h30 : Mostar
Quand nous envoyons les milliers de soleil, le pont disparait mais il se passe comme une refonte en profondeur de tous les éléments de cette terre. C’est un processus qui s’opère lentement et tranquillement.
15h30-15h50 : Medjugorje
Très grande douceur quand apparait la sphère argentée. Je vois comme des balles en mousse imprégnées de douceur. Elles roulent, jouent, contournent mais ne heurtent pas, ne blessent pas.
Je sens mon cœur devenir comme cette balle en mousse.
Les balles roulent comme des jeux d’enfant, innocents et joyeux.
15h50-16h10 : Stolac
Les fils dorés sont reliés à une coupe qui recueille la lumière de l’étoile. Les fils argentés forment comme un tissu argenté très léger (tissu elfique???).
Connexion avec la matrice de l’Europe très difficile. Je ressens comme une grosse plaque de béton qui empêche l’accès à la matrice, j’ai un resserrement au niveau de la gorge et il me vient la statue d’EUROPE enlevée par Zeus, puis le mot viol et guerre.
J’appelle les Larmes de la grâce Divine.
Me vient le mot pardon et je sens la nécessité de continuer ce travail dans les semaines ou les mois à venir.
J’ai l’image d’une petite furette terrifiée et prête à mordre qu’il faut apaiser et apprivoiser.

Rassemblement télépathique
9h-9h20 : Connexion
Sensation de dilatation et de gravité. Forte présence au niveau du troisième œil.
9h20-9h40 : Lac de Bohinj
Apparait un centre noir qui au bout d’un moment se met en mouvement qui se met à faire comme un siphon. J’ai mal au cœur, tension plexus/pinéale.
Puis, les voyelles chantées ensemble font comme un bain sonore qui pacifie cette masse sombre et la met en forme.
9h40-10h :
Je ressens comme une aspiration très puissante en forme de vis qui d’enfonce dans un trou noir. Je nous sens unis.
Puis monte un sentiment de gratitude pour ces puissances qui avaient un rôle à jouer dans la grande orchestration. Je ressens comme un bercement envers elles, comme si elles pouvaient maintenant aller se reposer.
Et tout de suite après j’ai senti un nouvel ancrage puissant et profond avec le cœur de la terre et aussi entre nous tous.
Des chiens ont aboyé, j’ai senti qu’il fallait encore envoyer de la reconnaissance à ces êtres, très rapidement les chiens se sont tus.
Lorsque nous sommes tous remontés ensemble, j’ai senti qu’une nouvelle alliance s’était faite avec la terre et entre nous. Une alliance faite de puissance et de douceur.
10h20-10h30 : S’éveiller au pouvoir créateur de notre cœur.
Au centre de notre groupe se trouve une rose lumineuse puis après le retournement je vois la diffusion de formes géométriques (cf les cristaux de Masaru Emoto).
10h30-10h50 : membranes sphériques.
Je nous sens tous en travail…
C’est en cours et ce n’est pas fini !!!!
A Troyes nous avons tous ressenti le besoin de refaire le workshop de ce dimanche avec notre groupe en entier. Ce week-end nous n’étions que la moitié du groupe à travailler ensemble.

Nous avons senti tellement de gratitude et de joie après ce travail et aussi un sentiment de gravité et de responsabilité.

Alors oui, MERCI, MERCI à Marko et à l’équipe d’organisation.

Agnès Gauthier


Von Herzen Dank an Marko, das Vorbereitungsteam und Euch alle!
Ich habe eine große Verbundenheit unter uns gespürt, eine hohe Bereitschaft gemeinsam in dieser schwierigen Zeit der Wandlung das Licht zu wahren. So haben wir unsere Stationen sehr ernst und in aufmerksamer Konzentration gemeinsam durchreist.
Unser Fahrzeug ist wundervoll. Danke dafür!
Der Wasserfall brachte mir die Luft zum Leben, ein Labsal. Ich habe gespürt wie ausgetrocknet unsere Welt ist und wie sehr wir das Wasser brauchen.
Visoko: das Lavafeld hat mich ausgerichtet wie ein Magnetfeld.
Besonders in der Drachenpyramide fühlte ich wieder das Wässrige, hier gab es keine Austrocknung wie auf der „mechanistischen“ Erde. Es war dunkel, und ich sollte mein Ohr auf die Erde legen und lauschen. Große Anziehungskraft.
Mondpyramide: sanft, fahl, reinigend, Wandlungskraft
Zavodovici. Ich erlebte die Kugel wie das Märchen von Frau Holle. Voll weiblicher Huld.
Durch einen Brunnen komme ich in ein Land der Freude, um die alten Kulturtechniken zu lernen: melken, säen, ernten, backen… Ich bin innerlich mit den Tieren und Pflanzen verbunden. Es ist genug für alle da, Genügsamkeit ist Freude. Es geht um die Fähigkeit zu dienen.
All das verströmte sich in Liebe und Verbundenheit wie reines Quellwasser.
Sarajewo: Abtragen der Schichten bis zu den europäischen Ureinwohnern. Diese Rückanbindung scheint sehr wichtig zu sein.
Stecak: die alte Kultur lebt die ganze Zeit weiter, bleich und tief verborgen. Ich höre die Frage: “Wo seid Ihr?“, spüre das Gruppenbewusstsein dieser alten Kultur. Das Wissen, EIN Körper zu sein. Verstehen ohne Töne, ohne Worte, hohe Qualität der Stille. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass wir die Qualitäten dieser alten Kultur nicht versprengen können wie Wasser, sondern dass wir sie in uns tragen müssen. Wir selber sind die Quellen. Die Quellen der Transformation.
Mostar: ich habe eine liegende Acht mit Knotenpunkt unter der Brücke gesehen, mit weiten Schwüngen.
Stolac: wunderbar heiliger Raum aus Fäden in Klarheit und Deutlichkeit: meine eigene Erinnerung ist die Erinnerung aller, ist die Erinnerung der Welt.
Die ganze Zeit war es sehr hilfreich, den liebevollen Zusammenhalt in unserer Gruppe zu spüren, unsere Gemeinschaft.
Am Bohinjsee: wo gehen wir hin als Menschheit? Halte den Fokus, sei ausgerichtet.
Kräftiger Wirbel der Veränderung, das Tönen umfasste und unterstützte ihn wie ein Choral.
Der Prozess geht durch unseren Körper und durch Gaias Körper.
Unter Wasser baue ich eine transparente, zielgerichtete Tunnelröhre zur anderen Seite des Universums und leite die dunklen Kräfte direkt dorthin. Der Prozess, den diese dunklen Kräfte ausgelöst haben, ist beendet. Wir können ohne Angst fühlen.
Bled: wunderschön. Pures, helles Licht strömt durch uns und tritt in die Welt.
Zelenca: ich sehe mit jeder Zelle meines Körpers klar. Wir sind mit den heiligen Quellen verbunden.
Die Kinder: danke! Besonders die hungernden Kinder haben die Träne unmittelbar aufgesogen, sie sind so ausgetrocknet! Wir sagen ihnen: es ist genug für Euch da.
Wir sollten diese Übung oft machen. Sie scheint mir sehr wirksam zu sein. Sie wird extrem stark gebraucht. Die Kinder hören wie wir ihnen sagen: Ihr seid nicht allein! Ihr seid nicht verloren!
Danke, Ihr lieben Mitreisenden, für diesen Prozess! Ich spüre die Unterstützung aller Wesenheiten. Wir treten in eine neue Phase der Transformation und werden dabei von den geistigen Kräften in Liebe kraftvoll unterstützt. Ich spüre die ganze Zeit den Ernst der Lage.
Immer mehr Lichter leuchten auf in unserem Netzwerk, das die Erde überzieht. Wir sind gerufen die Liebe unserer liebenden Planetin zu erwidern.
Ich freue mich, Euch bald wieder zu treffen. Danke Euch allen.

Barbara Buttinger-Förster

schön, danke!

Building the group
It is a beautiful, strengthening feeling to be in the circle of those who dedicate their lives to the same aim.
We build a very big circle together with all the other beings – of solemnity and beauty.

Lake Bhoinj – Transformation of the alterated patterns
A dramatic situation, it gets very dark, a thunderstorm comes in, lighting bolts fall into these alienated patterns. I vizualize portals of violet light in the depths.
By our sounding we create another quality, the drama is accompanied by mourning and empathy.

Ending the ruling epoche of the foreign beings of might
Our circle has a very big strength, and apparently the moment has really come, that we may/can do this step. The tremendous forces and beings of alienated power are torn into the tunnels, first I see them entering quite slowly, one after the other like schemes. Then I concentrate on their arriving and transformation beyond the earthly cosmos. I feel the words „All is fulfilled“ of Christ and an enormous carmic power in operation.

Lake of Bled: Awakening of the loving heart-power
Deeply moving and beautiful.
The explosive love-power of Rumi and San Francesco.

Water-membranes / Zelenci
A feeling that is not unknown to me … the water membranes enable me to glide in the new space of life, in which now the old rigidity and fixation are dissolved. The membrane protects me and make me able to react in the flow.

For the children
Starving children: It is so painful that it needs long time, till I can really receive Sophias grace.
Children suffering oppression – I consciously expand this dedication to (sexual) violence and exploitation: An endless ocean of painful monstrosity, I concentrate very much on our common strenght to confront this.
Children under excessive rationality of school system: Drill and self-alienation, especially chinese school system as a peak of it, the subtelty of soul-robbery worldwide: Gaia´s forgiveness for this institutionalized child-robbery is of special importance.

Conclusion: Recreating Life-Net
According to the words „truth of Gaia`s wisdom“ and „the manifold hands of love“ I follow the spread of the Life-Net and its very specific energy of grounded, loving consciousness. I am very thankful to be part of it and affirm my will to be worthy of it.
Deep grateful connection with the circle, which we are going to disband.

Opening of the circle and building the bus
In the beginning there is a strange feeling of exaltation regarding the light bus, which however gets more and more coherent.
We are warmly welcome by the beings of the Bosnian landscapes and their ancestors. We are an enormous circle of humans and other beings.

The watery sphere is one of total power and love in one, of deep joy of life.

The stones of the Geopuncture installation appear as of light, not in their material form, and the cosmograms are sparkling, shining signs of light.
What is going on in the sun pyramid is of enormous magnitude and meaning. I meet a huge megalith, which presents itself like a field formed of many layers of coloured light. Then suddenly an endless well opens into the depths, with many beings and powers rising and descending. But there is no opening above, it is blocked. I remember the advice to work with violet light, but this here is such a big dimension, that I i do not know, if this would be allowed. I fill the upper part oft he pyramid with violet light, without aiming for a breakthrough.

The qualities oft he sphere, in which I am allowed to enter by my heart-opening, are:
Infinity, vastness, light, eternity, absolute peace.
I distribute one handful of it over Bosnia and the world, and i am deeply touched especially by the reaction of the elemental world: Deep gratitude.

Sarajevo / Bentbasa
The light-bus brings me to Jekovac, a place on the rock over Bentbasa and the river, and then even a bit higher. Our circle stands around this kind of etheric dome, which however is blocked. The ritual of „Tear of Grace“ is very strong, especially the grace of Sophia. I can perceive the original paradise-qualities of Bentbasa, fine colours appear insinde the grey.
The sun rises slowly and solemnly out oft he depths, but the word „disc“ is a bit irritating for me. Its light is blending with the already present colours inside this prescious cauldron. When it passes over the ridge of the rocks, it seems to be the beginning of a New Day for Bosnia and far over this land. First I feel Greece. I hear the phrase: Everything is good. I pass through all the countries and regions around Bosnia and I feel Sarajevo as this huge center in which east and west merge. I feel a deep mystery of this place.

Already from the bus I recognize this so special landscape behind Sarajevo. When arrived at the given place, I choose a Stecak in form of a house, through wich I get into the depths.
The beings whom I meet there are of sublime dignity, their movements are very slow. They are in contact with the stars. I watch them accomplish a round dance.
Suddenly a totally unexpected inspiration comes to me concerning the solution of a quite complex private problem, which I am carrying on since years. This solution is characterized by fraternity, overcoming of egoism and trust into the power of visions. I give thanks from my heart to the beings of the Stecak-culture.

The presence of Gaia´s silver sphere indeed can be described with following words: Love, grace, mercy, peace, healing, miracle.
It is deeply healing and inspiring to be touched in the heart by the small spheres und in endless love they connect with the open hearts in the country – there are very many oft hem.

I need some time to capture the solemnity of this potential which arises out of the pattern we created by the golden and the silver threads and their connections. It is quite easy for me to enter this space, but I lack of words to describe it. The only thing I can express in words: A perfect balance between the earthly and the cosmic universe. It is of such an overwhelming novelty, that my whole system has to learn to adapt to it before I will be able to grasp it.

Return / Lake Bohinj
After experiencing all these superlatives, now I am surprised that Lake Bohinj represents another quality, which absolutely has the power and the dignity to receive our results.

Maria Cristina Borselli

MariaCristina Borselli.
È stato interessante preparare un pullman eterico.
9,20 Sintonizzazione con la Bosnia alle Cascate di Jajce.
– Liberazione dalla siccità della cultura moderna:
– Il gruppo era immerso in goccioline d’acqua, poi abbiamo raccolto l’acqua e ci siamo battezzati (rovesciandoci l’acqua sulla testa), l’acqua era dorata, e poi abbiamo battezzato anche altre persone. È stata una sensazione di semplicità e unione.
9,30 piramidi Visoko.
– Benessere fra i Megaliti e radicamento sentendo la lava sotto i piedi.
– Sono stata prima nella Piramide della Luna: scioglimento degli ostacoli femminili negli umani.
– Si è sciolta la staticità e incomprensione.
– è arrivata: gentilezza, presenza e risveglio.
– Piramide del Sole: tanta luce e rarefazione delle cose pesanti attraverso la luce abbagliante del sole e le sue infinite particelle.
– Piramide del Drago: una grande forza mi teneva diritta e fortemente radicata fra terra e cielo.
10,00 Visita a Zavidovici.
Sono entrata dentro ad una delle sfere di pietra, era uno spazio magnetico e risonante, mi sono seduta in meditazione e è arrivato nelle mie mani una piccola pietra “Boji”, il mio stato meditativo si è approfondito e irraggiavo qualità di magnetismo e risonanza; resilienza, espansione, bellezza dello spirito, radicamento e sacralità.
10.20 Sarajevo.
– rituale della Lacrima della Grazia: quando è scesa la mia lacrima mi sono sentita come un germoglio che scendeva nella terra, ero in mezzo al fiume e sono andata sul fondo del fiume, in una posizione di prostrazione e li ho lasciato la mia lacrima (sferica); la lacrima è stata assorbita dal fondo del fiume. Poi è salita una lacrima dal fondale del fiume, una goccia l’ho presa fra le mani, avevo la mia lacrima sfera e la goccia insieme. Lentamente sono risalita dal fiume, srotolandomi, ho messo le mani verso il cielo ed è arrivata una scintilla di grazia nelle mani. Tutto si è mescolato ed è diventato una sfera grande, una medicina omeopatica, e l’ho soffiata nel mondo.
Poi è salito il Sole dal fondo del fiume sulle pareti della diga, poi tutto si è illuminato e poi tutta l’Europa si è illuminata di Sole.
15.20 Mostar
– Eravamo tutti in fila sul ponte, mano nella mano, girati uno da un lato e uno dall’altro e abbiamo mandato dai nostri cuori come mille Soli, tantissima Luce d’Amore.
15.30 Medjugorje
Dal cerchio della piazza, è arrivata la sfera con tante piccole microsfere di benedizione, tantissime. Poi tenendoci per mano siamo usciti dalla piazza e siamo andati sul monte vicino a Medjugorje, l’abbiamo scalato rimanendo in fila e per mano, e poi siamo scesi, sempre per mano ed in fila.
Uno spazio naturale d’amore e di unione.
15,50 Stolac
– I fili discendenti d’argento, e i fili ascendenti d’oro, hanno creato un pattern di energia come una fitta pioggia di energia oro e argento; delicata e leggera. Mi sono sentita come dentro uno Spazio Sapiente, rilassata e serena.
Domenica 12 Luglio 2020
9,00 Lago Bohinj.
– Molto vivo il cerchio intorno al Lago, ed è andato molto bene il vortice che raccoglieva la cultura alienante, di tutti noi e di tutta Europa e forse del mondo. A volte ero disturbata, e altre sentivo la schiena che diventava leggera. Noi eravamo uniti e sincronizzati, siamo andati in profondità nel lago e tutto è andato nel tunnel, quando siamo tornati in superficie, avevamo intorno a noi una membrana protettiva molto forte. Io mi sono fatta male dentro la scapola destra e ginocchio destro, poi nella pausa è passato il dolore.
10.20 Lago Bled e chiesa dedicata a Maria.
– L’esercizio è andato molto bene, riguardo alla proiezione della bellezza del cuore. Invece è stato difficile comprendere la memoria atomica, e inoltre qualcosa mi disturbava, poi ricominciava la bellezza dei cuori a risplendere, si formava un mandala con i raggi delle energie dei nostri cuori.
10.30 membrana della nuova realtà. Sorgente del fiume Zelenci.
Grande stabilità e semplicità nell’unione con tutti noi. Come una cosa abituale.
10.50 per i bambini. Esercizio: Lacrima della Grazia.
1) è venuto un rimedio corposo, nutriente d’amore che guarisce il dolore fisico e interiore, e la cecità del cuore.
2) è venuto un rimedio viola leggero e fluido; guarisce l’ignoranza, la tirannia, l’oppressione e scioglie le cristallizzazioni dei cuori; scendevano lacrime di adulti, per il loro bambino interiore.
3) è venuto un rimedio dolce come l’ambrosia, dalla grazia è sceso un piccolo neonato d’oro, il rimedio è diventato luminoso e ha creato leggerezza e sofficità.
Fine. Grazie. A presto.


The meditations on July 12th left me in awe and temporarily speechless! Near my home today, the watery mirror of a calm canal in the desert re-awakened my experiences of our powerful journey last Sunday in Slovenia. It made me realize the importance of writing about it, now, to anchor the events.

At LAKE OF BOHINJ: also in attendance were great ascended masters, large planetary angels and devas of every species, ‚extinct‘ ones too. Each of these stood behind their ‚patients,‘ who are facing the lake. Broken or disconnected beings desiring reconnection (‚to the essence of life and truth‘) come in between and through LifeNet participants as we stand above the lake. Angels, elementals and ancestors support our connection to the lake and in turn get re-vitalized from the lake. It’s a continuous cycle of enhancment: lake giving to supporter who is giving to patient who is giving to lake, etc. At first, each kind of being (animals and insects were there too!) has its own rhythm and sound. It feels chaotic but then all comes into symphony, working well both independently and together. Cave wind breath (vowels) assist the process.

We all hold hands and wait until each one is ready, and then we lower into the lake, together. It seemed we stayed in the water a very long time until each power that needed to release into the tunnels (returning to a temple of transformation on the other side of the Universe!) actually left us. We surfaced as a group – wet and exhausted but somehow also cleansed and revitalized. Each kind of being checked its members to see if all were present. There were some casualties; but the angels looked bigger; the ancestors seemed more wise; the dolphins and whales were joyous. Only the humans looked weary and bedraggled; but also relieved.

At BLED: fabulous and beautiful! I don’t have more words yet for the feeling I had scrying at all our inner potential, but I get how it protects us. It is our saving grace.

At ZELENCI: each droplet is a rainbow. It’s easier to absorb moisture if you’re already somewhat wet (like a sponge). So, I was informed, with this rainbow membrane now in our cells, it will be easier to navigate new watery paths. Life won’t feel like quicksand if we are less attached to earth. We’ll now be able to find a way to glide upon it or hover above it! I was told to have a daily practice of holding a multi-colored bubble along the skin, in organs, under the feet, on eyes, palms, heart… everywhere! Each body of fresh water around the world received a droplet from Lake Bohinj, expanding in size to fit the memory needed there. The last sentence in my notes was to myself: Remember to start every prayer, every wish from this re-vitalization energy.

Thank you, deeply. S


Telepathische Bosnien-Reise: 11. Juli 2020
Notizen von Farah

Verbindung und Einstimmung auf die Gruppe: Wir versammeln uns in dem sphärischen Raum oberhalb von Bosnien und stehen im Kreis. Als wir unsere Ahnen einladen, bin ich erstaunt, welch große Anzahl von Ahnen sich versammelt; auch fällt mir nun um so mehr auf, welche Diversität unsere Gruppe aufweist: Hinter den einzelnen stehen unglaublich viele Ahnen. Auch die Wächter und Hüterinnen der Landschaft erscheinen in großer Zahl, ebenso eine große Engelschar. Es scheint um eine große Mission zu gehen. Unser »Lichtbus« erscheint und ich frage mich noch, wie wir alle da hineinpassen sollen, als ich merke, dass unsere Ahnen inzwischen alle auf Atomgröße geschrumpft – in unseren Körpern anwesend sind, und weder die Engelschar noch die Wächter und Hüterinnen der Landschaft ein Vehikel zur Fortbewegung brauchen. Ich fühle mich beschützt von der farbigen Membrane, die uns umhüllt. Auf geht‘s!

Unser »Lichtbus« bringt uns an die Stelle, wo die beiden Flüsse sich vereinigen; wir bilden einen Kreis, um uns herum ein donnernder Lärm von den in die Tiefe stürzenden Wassermassen des Jajce. Überall um uns herum schwirren kleine Wasserwesen, die sich köstlich zu amüsieren scheinen, dass wir in ihrem Wasserreich auftauchen und schütten dabei winzige Eimer von Wasser über unseren Köpfen aus. Die Engel über uns genießen einen eher ätherischen Wassersegen. Körperlich spüre ich plötzlich eine innere Aufrichtung und Entspannung.

Weiter geht‘s zum bosnischen Pyramidenkomplex in Visoko, wo wir aussteigen und versuchen auf den Stelen zu stehen – eine etwas wacklige Angelegenheit, die große Heiterkeit hervorruft. Aber schon sind wir auf dem Ätherfeld, das sich – uns dabei mit bewegend – zum Eingang der Höhle führt.
Die Sonnenpyramide erscheint von innen ungeheuer groß und leuchtet wie mit Gold ausgeschlagen. Ich suche Jana und Ana; zusammen gehen wir zu einem Seitentunnel, der uns in die Drachenhöhle führt. Dort ist es dunkel und still und an den Seiten gibt es steinige Einlassungen, in denen perfekt ein menschlicher Körper Platz hat. Wir legen uns in je eine dieser Kammern auf den Rücken. Es ist wie in einer Transformationsmaschine – wir werden wieder eingestimmt auf unsere innere Matrix. Ich fühle mich erinnert an eine Zeit, als ich tatsächlich drei Tage und Nächte in einer solchen Höhle verbrachte – auf einer spanischen Vulkaninsel. Es ist eine sehr kraftvolle Erfahrung; wir drei Frauen finden uns wieder und gehen zusammen durch einen anderen Tunnel zur Mondpyramide: Dort ist alles in silbriges Licht getaucht – ätherische Wesen schwirren um uns herum, die wir fühlen, aber nicht sehen können. Sie werfen uns Umhänge über, aus einem Stoff, der aussieht wie aus Silberfäden gewirkt. Die Umhänge, die wir natürlich nur mit unseren inneren Augen sehen können, sind wie ein Schutz für uns. Wir verlassen die Höhle und kommen wieder zu den Stelen mit den Kosmogrammen, wo die anderen schon auf uns warten.

Als nächstes landen wir bei der großen Steinkugel in Zavidovići – sie schwebt im sphärischen Raum und wir bewegen uns wie Planeten um sie herum. Plötzlich entsteht ein starker Sog und wir werden in die Kugel hineingezogen: zuerst ist es sehr dunkel und nichts ist zu sehen. Dann erscheint ein Licht und eine Art Ausgang: Vor uns breitet sich eine sehr grüne Landschaft mit vielen Hügeln aus – und einem silbrig schimmernden See, dem wir uns nähern. Wir werden in den See hineingezogen und landen unterhalb des Sees wieder in einer Höhle; sie ist voller Edelsteine: Amethysten, Rosenquarze, Bergkristalle, Chrysoprasen … sie leuchten in allen möglichen Farben und beinhalten Botschaften und bestimmte Qualitäten für die Menschheit. Ich nehme von jeder Farbe einen mit mir. Wir werden durch den See hindurch wieder nach oben gezogen und nehmen denselben Weg zurück durch die Kugel und landen wieder in unserem Planetenkreis. Wir werfen unsere Schätze nach oben in die Atmosphäre – es gibt keine Schwerkraft, die sie wieder zurückbringen würde –, wo sie von den Engeln in Empfang genommen werden, um sie über Bosnien und die ganze Erde zu verteilen.

Unterwegs nach Sarajevo: Wir kommen nach Bembaša, sehen den gestauten Fluss in seinem zylindrischen Bett, gelangen nach Sarajevo und versammeln uns hoch über der Stadt und vollführen das Ritual der Träne der göttlichen Gnade. Beim Sammeln der Tropfen der Vergebung ziehen Szenen aus meinem persönlichen Leben an mir vorbei; beim Hinuntertauchen in die Erde sehe ich blutige Szenen aus der Erinnerung der Erde an mir vorbeiziehen. Beim Einsammeln der göttlichen Gnade – sehe ich uns wieder alle versammelt mit unseren Ahnen aus allen Weltgegenden mit ihren Erinnerungen an monströse Ereignisse eines weltweiten Genozids, die Wächter und Hüterinnen der Landschaften, in denen all das Leid eingeschrieben ist, deren Zeugen sie waren. Wir stehen alle zusammen, während ein Sturzregen der göttlichen Gnade über uns herabstürzt – und auf die Stadt Sarajevo. Während der Regen aufhört, erscheint eine strahlende Sonne zwischen den zylindrischen Felswänden des Canyons. Gleichzeitig formt sich ein riesiger Regenbogen, und noch einer, ganz viele, die sich zur Form einer lebendigen Kugel krümmen, in der alle zusammen schwingen. Die Engelscharen nehmen diese Energie auf und verteilen sie über Sarajevo und die ganze Welt.

Die Stećak Kultur: Hoch über den Stećak Steinen steigen wir aus unserem Lichtbus und nähern uns dem riesigen Steinfeld, dessen Energiefeld bis weit in die Atmosphäre hineinragt, in die wir jetzt eintauchen. Wir umkreisen das Steinfeld; ein Stein zieht mich in seine Atmosphäre hinein: Mit einer ungeheuren Geschwindigkeit geht es steil abwärts. Schließlich gelange ich in einen lichten Raum, bin aber wie von Wolken umgeben – es ist fast wie in einem Wasserdampfbad – ich gehe ziemlich orientierungslos weiter, bis sich die Wolkendecke öffnet, ähnlich wie in einem Flugzeug sitzend, sehe ich unter mir eine gläserne Stadt – bunt, da aus farbigen Kristallen erbaut. Wir steigen nach unten – offensichtlich sind auch andere mit mir gekommen – und gehen durch die Straßen dieser Stadt, riesige, schöne Bauten um uns herum und quirlige Wesen, die aber nicht zu sehen sind. Irgendwie aber berühren wir immer wieder ihre ätherischen Körper. Sie fangen an, uns Geschenke zuzustecken – auch die sind nicht zu sehen oder anzufassen, aber wir nehmen sie irgendwie in unseren Körpern auf. Wir bedanken uns und verabschieden uns – es geht denselben Weg zurück: durch das Dampfbad, dann mit dem Lichtexpress zurück zum Steinfeld. Dort geben wir wieder unsere Geschenke an die Engelscharen, die sie über Welt verteilen wird.

Herzegowina: Ich mache mir klar, dass Zeit nur eine Illusion ist (ich bin nämlich wesentlich früher unterwegs), und treffe mich mit den anderen beim Lichtbus. Wir schweben über den Fluss Neretva und bewundern seinen Verlauf und die vielen künstlichen Seen dazwischen. An einem steigen wir aus und nehmen eine Handvoll Wasser in unsere Hände. Dort mit ausgestreckten Händen stehend, fällt goldener Regen in unsere Hände, als wir um göttlichen Segen bitten.
Mich zieht es noch zu dem mächtigen Felsen von Drežnica im Neretva Canyon. Seine riesige Kulisse zeigt keinen Eingang, also versuche ich es mit einem Salto rückwärts und lande mitten im Berg. Dort gibt es ein reges Treiben; es wird gehämmert und geschliffen – eine, tatsächlich wie Zwerge aus dem Märchenland aussehende Schar, werkelt dort herum. Ich sehe mich ein wenig um, habe aber das Gefühl zu stören und werde in den Gipfel des Berges gezogen und durch seine Spitze ausgespuckt. Ich schwebe über dem Neretva Canyon, sehe unseren Reisebus und steige wieder ein.

Mostar: Unser Lichtbus nähert sich der Bogenbrücke von Mostar und hält darunter an: Die Atmoshäre ist dicht, dunkel, nebelig, sehr schwer und wir haben das Gefühl, dass wir hier das Ritual der Träne der göttlichen Gnade wiederholen müssen. Wir stehen alle im Kreis und sammeln die Tropfen des menschlichen Mitgefühls für all das Schreckliche, was hier Menschen durch Menschen widerfahren ist, bitten die Erde um ihre Vergebung und um göttliche Gnade. Erst dann können wir unser Herz öffnen und goldene Sonnenstrahlen von Liebe und Friede über diese Stadt und ihre Bewohner ausstrahlen. Die Atmosphäre wird licht, die Schatten verziehen sich und die neue Brücke erscheint und leuchtet wie ein Friedenssymbol.

Medjugorje: Wir versammeln uns an dem Platz, wo immer wieder Marienerscheinungen bezeugt wurden: Jetzt sind wir alle körperlich anwesend, unsere Ahnen, die Wächter und Hüterinnen der Landschaften, die Engel – wir bevölkern den Platz, wie wohl damals zu den Zeiten der Marienerscheinungen. Eine silbrig schimmernde Kugelsphäre erhebt sich aus dem Boden heraus; sie schwebt erst zwischen uns und steigt dann hoch über uns hinaus. In meinem Herzen höre ich die Worte: „Du bist meine Tochter, Ihr seid alle meine Kinder – wie könnt Ihr meinen, Ihr könntest unabhängig von mir existieren? Ihr sprecht von Umwelt, doch ich ich bin keine Umwelt, ich bin die Welt – Ihr seid in mir und ich bin in Euch. Nur gemeinsam können wir die Welt erschaffen, wie sie schon immer war: vollkommen und in strahlender Schönheit. Lasst uns zu dem werden, was wir schon immer waren und zu unserer wahren Bestimmung erwachen!“
Die Kugel zerbirst in viele Teile, die uns berühren und dann weiterfliegen – nach Bosnien und Herzegowina, um auch andere Menschen in ihrem Wesenskern zu berühren.

Stolac: Dieses uralte Heiligtum von Doarson strahlt eine ungeheure Kraft aus; wir befestigen goldene Fäden an all den Orten, die wir besucht haben und auch an anderen und befestigen diesen Strauß von goldenen Fäden hoch oben am Himmel. Wir wiederholen den ersten Teil der Prozedur mit silbernen Fäden, die wir aber zum Schluss gebündelt tief in die Erde führen, um sie mit ihrer Matrix des Mutterleibes von Europa zu verbinden. Sie bilden jetzt die Form zweier Kegel, dessen eine Spitze nach oben weist, die andere nach unten. Ich betrete diesen Raum und werde abwechselnd vom oberen Kegel in den unteren befördert und umgekehrt: Es fühlt sich für mich tatsächlich so an, als bewege ich mich in einem Mutterleib – von einer Existenz in die nächste.
Schließlich werden wir herauskatapultiert und sind wieder mit unserem Lichtbus auf dem Weg nach Slowenien zum Bohinj See.

Abschluss: Wir stehen im Kreis über dem See – zusammen mit unseren Ahnen, den Wächtern und Hüterinnen der Landschaft, den Engeln. Wir bedanken uns, verbeugen uns voreinander und verabschieden uns bis morgen.


LifeNet Gathering – Lebensnetztreffen 12. Juli 2020

Wir versammeln uns über dem Bohinj See; ich begrüße einige, die ich kenne und nehme auch all die anderen wahr. Aus dem Bergen kommen Riesen dahergestapft und aus dem See tauchen ätherische Wasserwesen auf; unsere Ahnen kommen hinzu, einige kann ich identifizieren, und Engelwesen umgeben uns. Wir sind eingehüllt von der vielfarbigen Membran und schweben über dem See. Da kommt zum Schluss noch ein Feuervogel mit goldenen Federn.

Fokus des Wandels und der Transformation: Ich empfinde diese Kräfte und Monster einer entfremdeten Zivilisation als Teile von mir, als Teile von uns – unsere Vorfahren miteingeschlossen. Wenn wir nicht selbst an Massakern beteiligt waren, so haben wir doch als Menschen zugesehen, oder erst gar nicht hingeschaut und es verleugnet, weil wir zu sehr in unsere eigenen Probleme verstrickt waren. Viele dieser Abscheulichkeiten kommen jetzt an die Oberfläche: die Auswirkungen von Kolonialismus, Sklavenhandel, Ausrottung ganzer Völker im Kooperation mit kirchlichen Institutionen, die sich – herabblickend auf andere Völker und Lebensweisen – einer sogenannten Missionierung verschrieben haben. Während wir tönen, sehe ich viele dieser Szenen kaleidoskopisch an mir vorbeiziehen – unser Tönen wird zu einem Klagegesang, der langsam aus den Tiefen der Trauer hervorsteigt; gleichzeitig verschwinden all diese Merkmale einer entfremdeten Zivilisation – in die Kanäle der Transformation. Die Töne werden voller und klarer, mein Körper fühlt sich leichter an.

Die fast vollständige Kontrolle über Herz und Verstand der Menschen ist vorbei.
Wir stehen alle zusammen: Ahnen, Wächter und Hüterinnen der Landschaft, Engel, der Feuervogel.
Wieder entwickelt sich ein Wirbel unten im See; er drückt das Wasser zur Seite, sodass ein Tunnel entsteht, der uns durch den See hindurch in eine unterirdische Welt führt. Sie erscheint als riesige unterirdische Höhle – an den Seiten führen Tunnel zu anderen Seiten des Universums. Es entsteht ein ungeheurer Sog, der alles, was nicht klar und rein und von Liebe durchdrungen ist, in die Tunnel hineinzieht. Wir halten uns alle fest an den Händen, so können wir gemeinsam – mit den Riesen, Wasserwesen und Ahnen sowie den Engeln diesem Sog widerstehen. Über uns fliegt der Feuervogel, der ein leuchtendes Lichtgewand über unseren Kreis wirft – als Schutz.
Mein Körper schüttelt sich – Blockaden lösen sich auf. Der Wind, der Sog lässt nach; wir werden wieder durch den See an die Oberfläche gezogen. Wir bedanken uns.

Einladung an unsere Mitmenschen, zur schöpferischen Kraft ihrer Herzen zu erwachen
Wir schweben in unserer sphärischen Kugel zum Bled See, dort bilden wir einen Kreis um die Insel – auf dem Wasser steh