Kategorie: <span>Monatsmeditationen</span>

Kategorie: Monatsmeditationen


Meditation von 20. Juni – 20. Juli 2020

So wie sich unsere Zivilisation verhält, strukturiert sie die manifestierte Welt geistig komplett. Dadurch erscheinen auf der Erdoberfläche starre Muster, die den freien Fluss des Lebens durch den Organismus von Landschaften und Kontinenten verhindern. Gaia, die Schöpferin des irdischen Universums verliert den Kontakt zu ihrer Schöpfung.


May 20th 2020 – June 20th 2020

To be able to become individual beings of freedom we had at one point in our evolution to forget collectively the sense of oneness with our soul essence and with our elemental self. This happened presumably during the transition from the matrifocal Neolithicum to the patriarchally ruled Bronze Age. Not having any more the key to contact one’s own soul (eternal self) during our incarnation and listening to its advice, human beings became more or less egocentric and hostile beings. By suppressing our relationship to the elemental matrix that we share with all other beings of Gaia, human beings became destructors of the living Earth.