Autumnal Equinox Telepathic Workshop

Autumnal Equinox Telepathic Workshop


We will meet with everyone present at the place of her or his choice.

This workshop is telepathic and we will orient ourselves according to the course of the Sun. This means that the workshop starts the evening of Saturday, October 3rd, at 8pm local time.

* To participate please send your request (and the language of your choice) to Iveta at (if you have not done so already).

Two themes regarding the Autumnal Equinox are important for our workshop.

  • The equinox is the time of equilibrium. Traditionally it is called “Michaelmas,” associated with the image of the Archangel Michael holding a pair of scales in his hand. Here we understand Michael as one of the cosmic beings that inspire the human path towards freedom.
  • In the western tradition the autumnal equinox is the time when fruits of the year are being collected – which we understand as the fruits of our inner creative work. Autumn is also the season when seeds for the future of humanity and the Earthly cosmos are being planted.

8pm – 8:10pm attunement of the group

  • Although we are widespread across Europe and beyond, we feel our community that has come together because of our love for Earthly creation and a sense of shared responsibility for the life of the Earth.
  • As next we become aware of the space composed of etheric membranes in which our workshop takes place since June this year. Ask that these membranes may also protect us and to hide us from forces that try to reverse the evolutionary path of the Earth and humanity and to block our creative efforts.
  • We ask for the support and cooperation of all beings from different realms of the Earth who ensure the cyclical development of life.
  • Use during the workshop toning, perhaps using vowels, especially if your work gets stuck!

8:10pm – 8:30pm

There is a wrong image in the Christian tradition that presents Michael as a dragon killer. Rather he represents the primeval creative power of the universe – the cosmic dragon power- which is the power and consciousness protecting evolutions of the universe from being misled.

  • Use the Gaia Touch exercise of detachment to detach Michael from the pattern of the dragon killer. (Please see the description of the exercise below.)
  • Together with the elemental and angelic participants we create a large circle and invite the presence of Michael to work through us. 
  • Imagine the cosmic presence and blessing of Michael descending through our bodies to touch the Earth and the love and blessing of Gaia ascending through our bodies to be fully present.
  • Now we are ready to confront that powers that try to destroy the causal background of humanity and life on Earth – right now operating through the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Imagine that power entering the space created by the group from the background of the circle. Give it an image of innumerable dark particles.
  • In the light of our hearts and the presence of Michael and Gaia the dark particles transform into a great flock of white butterflies leaving the Earth, heading towards those stars where their original home is.
  • Let as much of this power, foreign to life and freedom, be transformed, as it is possible as a gift of this cardinal point of the year. Give thanks.

8:30pm – 8:40pm

  • The scales in the hand of the cosmic Michael are not only associated with the autumnal equinox but also with the equilibrium between the different aspects of vital and spiritual powers.
  • Feel how the scales of your inner equilibrium move up and down in perfect equilibrium. The left (yin) side of your body and the right (yang) side swing in balance.
  • Imagine a perfect equilibrium between the back space behind your body, representing the causal dimensions, and the front space, representing the manifested world.
  • Balance these two axes of equilibrium within your body and within your environment.
  • Work on building a temple of universal equilibrium. Share the quality of equilibrium with the world that has lost its balance.

8:40pm – 8:50pm

In a dream dreamt on August 10th 2020 I was made aware that the ecological devastation of the Earth has advanced to such an extent that the fertility of the Earth can suddenly be lost.

  • It is necessary to detach electronic grids of all kinds (the G5 included) from the vital-energy fields of nature. Use the Gaia Touch exercise of detachment. Imagine the worlds of nature in one light ball and the electronic systems in another one so that their interaction is reduced as much as possible.
  • Then imagine standing in the middle of a field of wheat and caressing its golden ears.
  • You can also imagine yourself as a small brownie faerie walking amidst a gigantic garden of vegetables.

8:50pm – 9:10pm

It is necessary to heighten the level of the Water element in the landscapes of the Earth so that those beings that are capable of manifesting life power upon the Earth’s surface can awaken to their highest potential.

  • Imagine yourself standing within a dry and deserted landscape.
  • Then imagine pulling up a multitude of water drops from the depths of the Earth so that they can reach the soles of your feet.
  • Pull the water drops up to the height of your knees, then further up to your hips. Touch the water surface around you with your hands.
  • Pause when the rising water reaches your solar plexus.
  • Then imagine a crystal clear sphere of cosmic water rising from the water that you have lifted up to your solar plexus.
  • As the sphere encompasses your heart system it reveals itself as a divine consciousness, called Demeter by the Greeks, able to protect the fertility of the Earth. Imagine her leaving your heart and spreading its wings over the landscapes of the Earth.

9:10pm – 9:20pm   A break, to renew your creative powers

9:20pm – 9:40pm

Ursula, the president of the European Commission, a few days ago stated that our civilization is the victim of a virus that is 1000 times smaller than a sand corn (i.e., it is invisible). I translate this statement to mean that we are the victims of our culture’s ignorance towards the invisible dimensions of life. We are ignorant of the consciousness of the elemental world of nature on one side and the angelic world, representing the consciousness network of the universe, on the other.

  • Be aware of nature around you in its manifold appearance. Feel how it is imbued with the invisible presence of elemental beings. Beings of Water, Fire, Earth, Air and of the fifth Element (dedicated to the Earth transformation process) make us all alive, healthy and happy – human beings included – if we become aware of their presence.
  • Stay connected with different places of nature that are dear to your heart and observe how the cells of your body vibrate happily in resonance with the elemental world of these places.
  • Then open your awareness to the angelic network permeating the whole universe, the Earth and all its beings. Angelic beings are carriers of etheric and spiritual qualities that make life in our universe meaningful and beautiful. They stand for the freedom and spiritual development of each of us, members of the family of life.
  • Do you know that funny image of the heart with the wings at the side? I propose to use it as an entrance to the angelic presence in the following way:
  • Imagine that from your heart center two horizontal vibrating fields of golden micro- particles expand to the left and to the right. Feel their subtle presence.
  • Then be aware that these fields permeate your surroundings, humans and other beings in your vicinity and in the world. Try to feel which qualities they are sustaining inside and outside of you.

9:40pm – 9:50pm Conclusion

We thank each other and all entities of the different realms of the Earth and the universe that have accompanied us, and we dissolve our circle.

We give thanks to the translators of the workshop, Dagmar, Martin, Iveta, Urša, Orit, Dorian, Leslie, Irina and others who do marvelous work as volunteers!

We give thanks to Marko !

If you realized during the workshop that certain exercises are important to you and life, feel free to continue practicing them.

Please send your workshop reports to Iveta, who will distribute them among us.

Gaia Touch exercise of detachment

Hold your hands horizontally in front of your solar plexus, powerfully squeezed together, holding the purpose of the detachment in your mind. Then pull your hands apart with the optimum power to annihilate the given attachment.

Marko Pogačnik book including Ana Pogačnik messages from Michael:

Christ Power and Earth Wisdom, Clairview, 2019

Erdweisheit und Christuskraft, Neue Erde 2020

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