Winter Solstice Telepathic Workshop

Winter Solstice Telepathic Workshop

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2OTH in the morning from 9.00 until 11.00

Repeated on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23RD at the same time

RENEWING THE CYCLE OF SEASONS is a one-year project from 2020 to 2021 proposed by biodynamic farmer Bernard Lainka and organized by Iveta Šugarkova, both from the Czech Republic. Iveta ( will send the workshop texts in different languages to those who have applied for participation at the Cyclic Workshop, created by Marko Pogačnik UNESCO Artist for Peace from Slovenia.

This workshop is telepathic and we orientate ourselves according to the course of the Sun. That means, no matter where the participant is, the workshop always starts at the given time according to the local time zone.

The Winter Solstice represents the great cycle of change within ourselves as human beings as well as in the world in which we live. The old cycle of evolution dissolves and the seed for the new beginning awakens. The end of the cycle meets a new beginning.

9.00 – 9.10  Group Attunement

1  Be grounded in your heart and body and feel the presence of our group, which includes elemental, angelic and spiritual beings who support us. Although we are widespread across the world, we come together in our love for Gaia and sense of shared responsibility for the life of Earth.

2  Next we create our workshop space – which is composed of fine spherical membranes that allow us to co-create and be protected. Feel love and gratitude in your heart as you hold the intention that these membranes will exclude any counter forces that may attempt to block the path of peace and Earthly creation.

3  Imagine a spiral coming out of the ground and turning inside our workshop space, lifting us to the level of the creative time where we are free from linear constraints.

4  During the course of the workshop if you get stuck or are unable to connect, you can use the toning of vowels and other sounds to overcome any blocks. Return to the circle we have created and remember that you are supported by our group energy.

9.10 – 9.40  To Free the Cycling of Life Force

By ignoring the cyclical (feminine) principle of life our civilization is deeply blocked and in a profoundly downward decline that manifests outwardly as Covid pandemics – but in effect this condition also touches upon and affects all levels of our existence, including the inner processes of individuals.

1  Be aware of the cyclic movement within you that connects the lower end of your backbone with the upper end and your front space with the causal world at your back space.

2  Imagine a circular movement of a stream of water that passes through the narrow opening at the coccyx, flows upward through your front space, passes through the next narrow passage represented by your throat, and then flows in an arc down your back space towards the coccyx passage…

3  We need to work persistently to renew this ancient but forgotten and neglected flow of life within ourselves as well as (in different forms) within the earthly cosmos.

4  Over millennia patriarchal oriented civilizations have created two deeply ingrained obstacles or barriers intended to stop the rich and outpouring streaming of life on earth and to impose and force a vertical hierarchical principle upon human societies.

5  First we must open the blocked passage at the lower end of the backbone. Imagine two gigantic rocks that represent the portal in the coccyx area, pushed toward each other so closely that only a thin trickle of water can flow between them. All the remaining water is blocked and forms a dark, crazed lake behind your back.

6  Next we create strong sounds together and move both rocks aside to enable the water of life to flow freely between them.

7  Now we need to concentrate on the blockage of the throat. Imagine, while rising through your front space, a stream of water within you is transformed into a stream of the Air element. The air passes freely through your vocal cords. The path is blocked because the sacred meaning of the Word and speech in general has been lost in our culture. A massive rubble has hardened the vocal cords so that the flow of air can barely pass. A dark cloud of blocked air hangs in front of our faces causing our breathing to be poisonous (Covid problems!).

8  Use the power of your breath to soften your vocal cords and open the flow of sacred breath toward your back space. Breathe in from the point of infinity in front of you, then pause in the area of your throat, and then breathe out into your back space towards infinity. Then breathe in, and direct and allow your sacred breath to flow in the opposite direction. Continue breathing like this!

9  Finally, as you breathe, let the whole circle move freely around and through your body. Give yourself enough time so that the dammed areas become clear. Touch your fellow human beings with the message to let life flow freely again, of how to allow life to flow freely again.

9.40 – 10.00  The Winter Solstice in relation to the Christmas Myth

In accordance with the cyclic principle the spark of the new light is born in the darkest moment of the year. Even more, the story of the birth of Christ locates this cosmic event in a cave, deep down into the pelvic cavity of the Earth.

1  Be aware of the causal dimension of your pelvic cavity inside your belly region. Then imagine that cavity walls are covered with crystals and precious stones. Instead of darkness the cave is filled with a mystical light.

2  Then direct your attention to a seed that Gaia has positioned at the bottom of the cave. The seed of the new cycle (the cycle of the year, of your development, of the new age in human evolution, and beyond) is still closed within its husk.

3  Then imagine turning your pelvic cavity inside out. Realize and understand that the light of the crystals and precious stones is identical to the light of the stars surrounding the Earth.

4  When the light of the stars touches upon the seed, the husk starts to open.

5  The impulse of the new life begins to grow as a young plant. With your subtle perception observe and follow this new life permeating all aspects of your body and spiritual presence.

6  Share the experience with the fellow beings of your environment.

10.00 – 10.20  Break for a cup of tea and to write down the experiences.

10.20 – 10.40  Cleansing the Earth with the Help of the Sun–Moon–Earth Constellation

1  Be aware of the Sun high up in the sky. Its rays contain such a sweet power that all the atoms, cells, and microorganisms of the Earth’s body open their hearts, inspired by the divine love of the Sun.

2  Now the Moon enters the story to make use of those open hearts. The Moon has such a strong magnetic power that it can lift oceans. The magnetic power of the Moon sucks from the Earth body and from the bodies of nature’s beings all the foreign patterns projected by the human race upon nature and the Earth and all alien powers that exploit the Earth and nature for their selfish purposes.

3  Observe and feel how the Moon sucks all this poisonous rubbish into its mineral layers, storing it there so that it undergoes a long-term recycling process returning its alienated energy back to the source.

4  Now Gaia enters the process. Its elemental beings work swiftly to fill the emptied spaces with the fluid gold of Gaia’s wisdom and to renew the broken inter-atomic and inter-cellular links. The relationships between cells and microorganisms are renewed.

5  Follow this process with your imagination and rejoice because our home planet becomes free of alien influence and occupation.

10.40 – 11.00  Invitation to Step into the New

The past year that comes to a close was characterized by massive fear and loss of freedom. We anticipate that this ongoing disaster may continue also throughout the New Year. Standing at the threshold of the New Year represents a unique opportunity to change this pattern.

1  Standing at the threshold of the New Year you realize that not only one path leads toward the future – but two. Imagine these paths in the shape of a “Y”. If you follow the path to the right the story of the past year could repeat, even more so.

2  The path to the left offers new and inspiring possibilities. But a fierce wind blows from the left trying to push you upon the path of the old. It seems that apparently there is no choice but to resign yourself to the old path.

3  Do not resign! If you look at the path leading towards the New you will find that someone before you has already walked that path, leaving golden imprints upon the path. Was it Buddha? Was it Gaia? Was it Christ? Who knows?

4  Now stand and walk rhythmically in place. Lift one leg after the other – each time placing your foot into the golden imprint. As you follow your footprints along the path leading toward the New you feel strong, secure and grounded – you know the winds of anxiety, fear and doubt cannot take you away from this path toward the New!

5  After “walking” for a while like this, sit down and observe the changes in your body and spirit. What echoes have the golden footprints left within your pelvic cavity, within the space of your heart, within the cavity of your skull?

6  Then stand again and continue walking in the same manner…

7  Give thanks to those who have walked before you through the portals and passages of the New Year to ensure that the New Year will bring the New to us, to the Earth, to the beings of nature and of the universe.

11.00  Conclusion

We thank each other and all beings of the different realms of the Earth and the universe that have accompanied us, and we dissolve our circle.

We give thanks to the translators of the workshop, Martin, Iveta, Urša, Orit, Sara, Dorian, Kati, Leslie, Irina, Dagmar, Kata and others who do marvelous work as volunteers!

If you experienced during the workshop that certain exercises are important to you and for life, feel free to continue practicing them.

Please send your workshop reports to Iveta at, who will distribute them among us.

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В прошедшее воскресенье я совместно с ребятами приехавшими на празднование зимнего солнцеворота участвовал в очередном телепатическом семинаре. Не все из участников знакомы с Марко и геомантией, но моё предложение было принято единогласно. 

Работа проходила в зимнем шатре, установленном рядом с порталом в четвертое измерение, до этого в течении двух дней мы интенсивно практиковали разнообразные техники духовного и физического очищения(баня гонг, отливка состояний мешающих созиданию и развитию, славянская здрава, работа со стихиями и деревом перехода и т.д.) и формировали общее пространство, на третий день оно сладилось. Во истину океан состоит из капель! 

Участвовало десять человек, но было ощущение, что гораздо больше, мы явно взаимоусиливались да и местные лесные элементали тоже принимали участие. Сонастроились быстро. Во время работы, в лесу совсем прекратился ветер , шуршание снега о купол шатра и потрескивание дров в печке помогало уйти в глубокое созерцание , ныряю в это состояние и сразу накатывает волна радости и благости. 

Очень хорошо видел и чувствовал Марко, он сидел за письменным столом и улыбался. Когда мы ставили защиту из радужных мембран, то пели звуки А-У-ОМ-М-М, и было ощущение, что радужный купол резонирует. Из всех предложенных в этот раз практик мне больше всего понравилась соединяться с Солнцем и Луной и ходить по золотым следам. Был образ, что мы идём по следам в пустыне, а после выбора другого пути ступаем по воде, в теле появилась какая-то особенная лёгкость и сердечный центр интенсивно разогрелся. 

Жаль, что вы не видели( а вдруг видели?) лица и глаза ребят после завершения семинара Сети Жизни, это дорогого стоит. Большой привет и благодарность Марко и всем соратникам! Здоровья всем , Радости и всех благ в Новом году!!!

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