A one year program composed of five telepathic workshops 2020-2021 

Proposed by the bio-dynamic farmer Bernard Lainka and managed by Iveta Šugarkova both from Czech Republic 

Created by Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace, Slovenia 

The purpose of this collective art work is to support Gaia, the creator of the Earthly universe and her elementary beings in their effort to uphold and to renew the cycles of life upon the planet. 

We live in a linear structured culture that proceeds upon its path form minute to minute, from day to day…ignoring the fact that life of the Earth and the universe follows the cyclic principle. If the cycle of the year – as well as cycles of the inner development of the human being – be broken down, life cases to exist. 

The Cyclic Workshop takes place at the turning points of the year starting with the summer solstice on Saturday, June 20th 2020 and finishes at the corresponding date in 2021. 

The Cyclic Workshop is a telepathic workshop. The participants will receive a work program created by Marko with exact times when we will practice certain perceptions or exercises, including the needed instructions. 

The program will be sent to the participants at least three days before the workshop in German, Czech and English per E-mail. 

The workshop starts each time at 9.00 and lasts approximately two to three hours. We orientate ourselves according to the movement of the Sun which means to start according to the local time at 9.00 no matter in which time zone you are. Each participant is free to choose the place from which you wish to collaborate. 

Each participant is also free to further this invitation or the program of the workshop to individuals who would be interested to cooperate. 

Please reserve the following dates for 2020. Saturday June 20th 2020, Saturday September 19th 2020, Saturday, December 19th 2020. 

There is no fee for the Workshop but the joy of creating together something valuable for life of all beings visible and invisible. 

If you are interested in collaboration you are asked to apply by sending your e-mail address to  prior to June 17th 2020 so that Iveta can complete the list of participants. 

We look forward to create together, Bernard, Iveta and Marko 

Marko Pogačnik (1944) lives with his wife and collaborator Marika in Šempas, Slovenia. During the years 1965-71 he worked in Conceptual Art and Land Art as member of OHO group. After 1971 he works in the field of art combined with integral ecology (geomancy). He has developed a method of Earth healing called “lithopuncture” with stones standing on specific points and complemented with carved cosmograms. He developed “Gaia Touch” body exercises to tune to the essence of the Earth. In 2006 he started the project of Geopuncture Circles. His books among others: Sacred Geography, Universe of the Human Body, Christ Power and Earth Wisdom.  

Marko developed the method of telepathic workshops as an answer to Covid 19 quarantine. It turned out to be effective and also satisfying for participants so it became a component of his Earth healing praxis.