Summer Solstice Telepathic Workshop 2022: »THE MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM«

Summer Solstice Telepathic Workshop 2022: »THE MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM«


SUNDAY JUNE 26 in the MORNING at 09.00

Repeated on TUESDAY, JUNE 28 in the EVENING AT 20.00

If you have not yet applied to participate and wish to collaborate, please email Iveta at Let her know the language that you require from the different languages offered on LifeNet; Iveta will send the workshop texts to participants.

This workshop is telepathic and we orientate ourselves according to the course of the Sun. That means no matter where the participant is located, the workshop always begins at the given time according to the local time zone.

Since we each have different rhythms of how we engage in our spiritual work we no longer need to propose specific timeframes for each exercise of the workshop. Take as much time as you need for each sequence.

Group attunement

Be grounded in your heart and body and feel the presence of our group, which includes elemental, angelic and spiritual beings who support us. Although we are spread widely around the world, we come together in our love for Gaia and our sense of shared responsibility for the life of Earth.

Sequence 1: To experience your personal elemental being

Imagine a wide and shallow lake in the space between your hips.

Water drops fall rhythmically from your breastbone, one after another, into the lake creating rippling waves.

Feel how the ripples create resonance at different levels of your body.

Begin to perceive yourself as a member of the elemental world.

Sequence 2: The midsummer night

Choose a sacred place of nature that you know and love.

Go there in your imagination. It is the midsummer night and the full Moon is hidden behind the clouds. Your place is almost in total darkness.

As you arrive in darkness listen inwardly to the sound of the place and its beings. Distinguish different sounds vibrating within your body and psyche as an expression of the place and its beings.

At a certain moment the clouds retreat and the full Moon appears.

Then the inner sounds you experience gradually transform into distinct forms. Attune to this experience as often as needed – the moment when the Moon appears and the sounds turn into beings.

In this way you can know and become familiar with the elementals and other beings that inhabit places of nature – bringing all the kingdoms of nature alive, vibrant and holy.

Invite these elemental beings to renew their links with the human race. Ask them what kind of barriers can and must be removed so that our co-existence and co-creation will flourish again.

Sequence 3: We support the natural cycle of life

Imagine the primeval ocean of life rises upward along your body, extending up to your navel.

A golden wheel appears out of the ocean at your navel. The wheel rolls slowly and upward along your body and touches the region of your heart, with the quality of Spring!

Now the solar wheel passes upward to and through the region of your head – it is once again the time of the Summer Solstice – it is Now!

The solar wheel then rolls down your back as we approach the moment of the Autumn Equinox.

The wheel of life continues downward and is submerged into the ocean of primeval powers of Gaia – to be regenerated and renewed – it is Winter!

Following the Winter Solstice the golden wheel again appears out of the ocean and ascends to your navel once again, and continues upwards.

Repeat the cycle several times to support the cyclic quality and rhythms of nature, which are under great stress in this era of unprecedented changes.

Conclusion: create a lovely concluding ritual

Be present within your body at the level of your elemental heart, which is identical with the plexus area.

There you find yourself among a crowd of elemental beings of an unusual kind – some are small, some large – you recall meeting and getting to know them in Sequence 2.

They invite you to dance and to celebrate Midsummer night. Your solar plexus area becomes a large place of celebration!

Do not be shy! Dance and celebrate with them! Enjoy!

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David Cooper

Good morning dear friends around our beautiful Blue/Green planet. It was a joy to connect with you all this morning in the seen, the sensed & the unseen worlds! Outside our windows here in Scotland, torrential rain was, (and still is!), pouring down. As always – at the beginning of the meditation – we invited our ancestors and our growing group of dear friends who have crossed over the threshold to join us. Especially it was good to invite our dear dear friend Kolbjorn who just made this transition in early May. It is really beautiful to connect and to feel their loving presence.
My wife Nagako and I know a special forest glade by a rocky stream that is very close to our house. One senses here that the veils between worlds are very thin – almost transparent. This is where I found myself in Sequence 2. My connection with everything was very strong through my crown chakra. When the moon came out, I ‘met’ a tawny owl, a forest deer and a red squirrel being. Also, in the glade were all of the fairy beings of the forest and of the river.
It was especially good also to experience the cycle of the seasons with the golden wheel (of life!) flowing around my body. A powerful imagination – and connection.
After the workshop, Nagako asked “Where did you visit in Sequence 2?” When I told her, she smiled and said “I went there also.” (Maybe one day, we will physically connect from that forest glade!)
In deep gratitude to Marko – and the whole LifeNet Team! ( ……. and the unseen worlds).

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