Category: <span>Telepathic travel to Bosnia</span>

Category: Telepathic travel to Bosnia

An addition to telepathic gathering

Dear Friends, I ask you for holding very clear awareness concerning the point 3 in the Sunday July 12th Telepathic LifeNet Gathering (from 9.40 till 10.00) when we will deal with those powers that have occupied minds of human race, trying to prevent the quantum leap of the Earth upon her and our evolutionary path.


Organized by VITAAA Association from Slovenia as part of the 2020 LifeNet Gathering
Program prepared by Marko Pogačnik in collaboration with Damir Sačiragić, Ljuba Južnič, and Barbara Buttinger-Förster

A group of 45 participants of the LifeNetwork Gathering 2020 should travel through Bosnia and Herzegovina from July 7th to 12th. Since the borders of the country are closed, we decided to create the travel in the telepathic form.