Additif à l’atelier télépathique de LifeNet pour le Samedi, 7.11.2020

Les expériences du dernier atelier de télépathie montrent que : tout comme nous créons un espace autonome pour celui-ci, il est nécessaire de créer un cadre temporel autonome. Sinon, des déconnexions peuvent apparaître entre nous, car nous sommes très proches des niveaux de l’Internet et les puissances étrangères peuvent influencer notre travail.

En partant du temps linéaire de nos horloges (1), nous nous déplaçons vers le temps cyclique (2) tout en nous orientant vers le soleil indépendamment des fuseaux horaires. Mais il existe aussi une troisième couche de temps appelée “temps créatif” (3). À ce niveau, il y a autant de temps qu’il faut pour accomplir une tâche – et tout ce temps n’est pas linéaire mais centré sur une forme sphérique.

Veuillez ajouter à la séquence d’harmonisation (9.00 – 9.10) au point 4 :
Imaginez ensuite une spirale tournant dans l’espace créé, représentant le temps que nous sommes sur le point de créer. Lorsque la spirale tourne, elle nous élève en tant que groupe avec notre espace autonome au niveau de fréquence souhaité. Pour vous libérer de la logique linéaire, gardez à l’esprit que le même processus se déroule simultanément à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur de vous.

J’ai hâte de co-créer avec vous samedi ! Marko

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REPORT by Galina Rainina
Russia, Sochi, Mirnij

“To protect the primeval atom of life!”
With Marco Pogacnik
November 7-Saturday, 2020 at 9 am.

9.00 – 9.10 Attunement with the group
Very Grand! Crystal blue sphere of entities and creatures of different incarnations! And what is significant is that we have a protective space inside the sphere. And to accept the spiral of interaction in our understanding will, of course, affect our actions.

9.10-9.20 protection of the telepathic method of operation
This joint action of all participants was presented as a process of tides, as a grandiose “breath” of the Planet and near-planetary space…
And, there was a tension on the word “intrenet”, which is associated more with the negative. Tonning – “U”. And priel eurythmic gesture of breathing circle-in the center-from the center… And it turned out so perfectly spherical!
(the Internet is an inanimate , inanimate, inanimate system that absorbs all the information energy… We have a LIVING space of the SPIRIT!)

9.20-9.40 Attunement with the process of transformation of the Earth
Creating an airborne environment-permeated by the Sun-aware of the many small rainbows being built and disappearing! Standing on the water is completely natural, there is no weight…
As well as being on thin ice – absolutely not a dangerous moment. No weight. You can slide, step, jump… Traveling on thin ice brings the realization that the sphere of air above me and the sphere of water below me have the same effect. The reflection of rainbows on the ice brings to the perception – conviviality. It’s cozy and joyful.
The earth, as a firmament, was important for stability, reliability and support, which means confidence. Confidence in … life!
Will the new state of the water-air process bring confidence?
And I still walk on the surface of the lake, on the ice, trying to understand what is happening with the circle-the sphere of participants. And, again, I use the “O” tone.
for the majority of participants – spiritual beings, unembodied ancestors and descendants, there is no need to project on ice! The metamorphosis of the Earth from a solid planet to an air-water structure is a natural transformation process for them!

9.40-10.00 the Primordial Atom of Life must be returned to Gaia
It was beautiful! Find a match and balance, and a common rhythm with the Matrix of life! The balloon appeared, snuggled between my palms and headed for my heart! At the same time, I realize that visualization of images is not necessary for all participants of this action! But the rhythm and inspiration is supported by everyone.
10.00-10.20 Break for a Cup of tea and a spoonful of honey…
The most beautiful mystery-the creation of the Temple of Life in different places of the Earth!
For me, like the last meeting on November 1, this is the land that is located at the foot of the Caucasus mountains, on the Bank of the Tsuskvadzhe river, which flows into the Black sea! According to the situation, this place is filled with all the elements and natural spirits!
Placing the matrix in the base of the temple-at the bottom of a 2-meter well in the center of the site, initially, becomes a protective action! Five places under rainbow coverings: orange, green, blue, yellow and lilac are places of calm and strength. Places where good spirits live and the houses of my three children, my house and …a bathhouse are built (or under construction).
General protection is very relevant for the village, the entire district, and the region… And these are spherical areas that encompass water, land, air, and heat.

1. Gaia’s Matrix Of Life – The Archetype Of Earth’s Cosmos
2. The primordial force of Gaia, stimulating the process of living – Water dragon
3. The Element Of Water
4. Nixie Nymphs (Undines *)
5. Ubiquitous water Hydrosphere
6. Plants
7. Primordial forces of the Universe-Air dragon
8. The Air Element
9. The Worlds Of FAE And Sidhe (The Sylphs *)
10. NOOSPHERE – consciousness is everywhere present
11. People
12. Primordial forces of manifestation-Earth dragon
13. The Earth Element
14. The Dwarves (Dwarves*)
15. Atoms – ubiquitous matter
16. Minerals
17. Primordial forces of transformation-Fire dragon
18. The Element Of Fire
19. Fire Elementals (Salamanders*)
20. The microbiome – the microorganisms are present everywhere
21. Animals

10.40 – 11.00
The mythological symbol of the Atom of Life is the Holy Grail
Tonning “A”.
the Planet’s Microbiome! My microbiome, every human being is related to what is happening to the Earth! That is why it was so important to preserve the PRIMORDIAL ATOM of LIFE-the MATRIX of LIFE – the microbiome of the PLANET!
What gives shape to my body, gives health to my body-correlates with the microgenome of the entire Planet. And all today’s work was aimed at creating a space of harmony!

11.00 Completion
1. we thank each other and all the creatures from the various parallel worlds of Gaia who have supported us during this workshop.
2. I feel the blessing of the spiritual world, its masters and souls that we are familiar with in this life, or in past incarnations.
3. Thank you all for participating in the common work! Special Thanks and trust to MARKO POGACHNIK, as well as those members of the Life Network (Jelka, Ying, Simona, Marika) who supported him in creating this program. I also thank those who translated this program into different languages.

I will send my notes about my experience in the comments on the page!

Dear Marko, dear Lifenet co-creators!
Wonderful work in all their aspects, I’ so grateful!
I’d like to express especially what I felt the primeval atom of life in my hand-palms: very pulsating, really beautiful and once in my heart (hold in the open hand of the outstretched arm of my elementary being) I felt and still feel a new watery life in all my being and a connection with the microbiome all around me with less and less borders between me and Gaia.
I do not feel that I need to protect the primeval atom of life. His vibration is on a level where other forces can not feel or “use” them. For me the focus is to be aware more and more in each moment of my daly life of the love potential in my acting with a manifestation of the life-matrix in my palms and in my heart.