Translated to Hebrew by Michal and Orit

הנדסה םייקתת םויב תבש בורקה 8 , טסוגואב ,2020 העשב 00.20 דע 00.22 ברעב
ףסונב , היהת הרזח לע הנדסה םויב ןושאר 9 , טסוגואב 2020 , התואב העש


  1. Marko Pogačnik

    Report on the telepathic workshop AT THE CROSSROADS
    Marko Pogačnik

    I am surprised how green Grenland is under its surface as if there is the paradise of the plant world.
    Sweating exercise
    Our circle makes possible that sweating starts in the environment. After a while places and people continue by themselves. Saturn approaches similar to a young Buddha with the dance of transformation all around him.
    I wait when suddenly a strong geyser appears in the middle of Iceland. A shaman runs with great speed to the geyser and back to everybody in our group to activate the geyser within us. We do the same for the world. As a consequence above the Earth form “clouds” composed of drops of Gaia’s inspiration. While people breathe, they take into themselves also drops of Gaia’s inspiration. (Drops are nano-beings).
    Central Europe (Nördlinger Riss)
    Water first appears in front of everybody as a woman. Rivers and lakes send their water to our vessel in the form of arched water meridians.
    The touch of the oceans at our back in connection with the human heart changes the water in front of us into a creator creating with a specific soft power. (New technology!)
    The mountains absorb the water we have collected and then they send through their picks pillar of water towards the universe. A special kind of cosmic dragons (thin and long as needles) uses this water pillars to approach the Earth.
    Around the vertical axis of the Bosnian pyramids move balls of information (on Earth matrix presumably). The water field streams move around them to absorb their information.
    Drops of divine blessing become nano-beings that bring comfort and help to people.
    The background of the explosion needs to be addressed later to deal with the question of the foreign planets collision with the Earth long ago and what it means for pushing human civilization slowly upon the path that contradicts our essence and purpose.
    Red Sea
    To drink the water of the Red Sea, the Moon approaches so close that I feel it partly within myself. I understand that the momentary drying of the Red Sea can be done only in cooperation with the human consciousness (as in the case of the Jews escaping from Egypt). The birth giving organ of the Earth shows embellished with innumerable crystals. Toning follows. The awakened dragoness looks young (renewed). Moving northwards I see that in the Central Europe it enlarges its body to reach till Ural on one side and Gibraltar on the other. Reaching towards Iceland it becomes more and more narrow till it changes into a large blue bird levitating above Greenland and extending its wings over the whole Earth.

    The evening session may bring something else…Thank you for co-creation! Marko

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