Dear participants of LifeNet 2020!

The situation around our Gathering is unclear. Countries inside EU open their borders but the severe rules stay in power at least at the place that we have reserved for our Gathering. “Our” place is under rule of the Ministry of Education that still demands a meter and half distance, not more than 2 persons in a room and to wear the mask. Under these conditions we do not have enough places in the hall and in bedrooms.

We must cancel the trip to Bosnia because Bosnia is outside of EU and it is uncertain when border will open and the rule one person per seat in the bus will be abolished.

Our proposal is to do the Travel to Bosnia and the Gathering in the telepathic way on Saturday and Sunday, July 11th and 12th 2020.

Secondly we postpone the Gathering for one year – if conditions will allow it to happen.

This means that the preparation process for the Gathering will be prolonged for 13 months – which is also good. We will prepare proposals to be active during this long period and ask you also to collaborate with the process actively.

We will refund the money you have transfered completely (for the gathering and for the trip). You can also choose to donate a certain amount for our costs, we would be very grateful. If you choose so, you need to tell us by answering to this message.

Please send us also your bank data (bank account number, name of the bank and BIC/SWIFT) – we need it to transfer money back.

Deutsch: wir müssen wegen Regeln die noch immer in Kraft sind unser Treffen auf nächstes Jahr verschieben und die Reise nach Bosnien absagen.

Bitte senden sie uns ihre Bank Daten (Bankkontonummer, Name der Bank und BIC/SWIFT) so dass wir das Geld rückzahlen können. Sie können auch einen bestimmten Betrag für unsere Kosten spenden, wir wären Ihnen sehr dankbar. Wenn Sie dies wünschen, antworten Sie auf diese Nachricht.

Even if postponed, we are happy that we discovered the power of telepathic work and are grateful to all of you who collaborate; please stay in touch, let us continue with supporting the Web of Life (LifeNet)

The next telepathic workshops will be on Saturdays, June 20th and 27th.

All the best from the LifeNet Gathering 2020 preparation group.

June 7th 2020

VITAAA Association for Coexistence of Humanity, Nature and Environment, Ljubljana, Slovenia